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20 May 2017 06:09:24
Sooooooo, i have a theory!

Markelle fultz the consensus #1 pick in this years draft is projected to go to the celtics. Danny ainge himself has said he doesn't see a 19 year old coming and and leading a team to a championship and if they take fultz i have every reason to believe they'll trade him for an established star. Now any team trading with the celtics say the bulls or pacers would be trading for the most assets they can get to jumpstart they're rebuild. So instead of trading for that pick and say abery bradley or marcus smart/ terry rozier? Why not trade for multiple pick which i don't think the celtics would be willing to give unless they traded that number one pick for additional picks to a team with an abundance of picks liks say ehhhh the SIXERS!!! There isn't a team in the nba who that markelle would fit i'm with like the sixers. With them tanking for so long and have already believe to have their franchise cornerstones in embiid and simmons i don't think trading say this years 3rd pick the lakers 2018 pick and a protected top 5 2019 pick along with jahlil okafor would hurt their future and i don't see the celtics saying no. They can aquire the star they desire like a jimmy butler without giving up some of their core players and still have a strong possibility of adding a guy like gordon hayward though free agency. I really only see them having to give up a few picks and say jaylen brown and marcus smart for jimmy butler, add hayward in free agency and those picks/players they gave up mean nothing.

Again just a theory but i would love to see fultz on the sixers. As for the celtics i don't believe they'll be the same team next year and i don't think fultz is going to be apart of that franchise, i think its a smart move to move that pick for more picks and flip those exact picks and jaylen brown/marcus smart or terry rozier for butler. You get your young center in okafor through that philly trade. Aquire jimmy buckets, sign hayward and i think they could actually challenge the cavs.

Share your thoughts.


1.) 20 May 2017 10:34:45
Celtics very well may trade Fultz, whether or not they include 76ers in the deal depends heavily on the team involved and their preferences/ existing roster. I think its definitely a possibility especially with a lot of teams high on Jackson who likely will be there at #3. Lakers pick is a bit of a gamble with the George rumors tho and 76ers project to be much improved by 2019 so its questionable how much value there really is there.

Celtics as is don't have the cap space to sign a guy like Hayward

celtics blog

and will likely need to move a guy like Bradley to do so as well as make a few smaller moves. For this reason its highly unlikely Celtics add both Hayward and Butler (its likely an either or) especially when what they really need is an upgrade at center/ pf position with a better rebounder. I think ideal situation for Celtics would be to keep Fultz, move Bradley for a big man (has to be relatively low salary which makes it tough) to clear cap space to sign Hayward and some smaller moves to bolster their bench.

Trading for Butler however since he'd make only 17.5 mill compared to Hayward who would start at 30.6 mill would give Celtics more cap flexibility where they could add a better more established big man. I think investigating what Horford's value is wouldn't be a bad idea either (I think they should keep IT longterm) since although skilled on both ends he is on wrong side of 30, due a lot of money, a poor rebounder for his position and not the biggest body down low (Lebron is basically his size and much more athletic which is why he is killing them) .

2.) 20 May 2017 12:50:58
I see what you're saying but of the moves you suggested gets them past the cavs. Mark my words danny ainge is a greedy guy. The celtics are going to add hayward and butler. As far as the center upgrade. The can aquire robin lopez in that jimmy butler trade. Even if the can't keep guys like Bradley or crowder they're going to do what they need to do to get past the cavs. Keeping fultz does not do that.

3.) 20 May 2017 16:16:23
DA is not a greedy guy, he's a smart guy. Just because Brooklyn got the short end of the deal doesn't mean Danny was greedy, it meant that King and Prokhorov were the not so smart guys. This is a business and at the time the nets thought they had won the lottery, but in reality Boston won the lottery.

A trade of Horford would be a dumb idea, he's not the problem. That would only hinder the process in which they are on. Although it may seem like Hayward has the lead up to this point of becoming a Celtic I wouldn't look at it that way.

In what Jaws said, I mentioned that last week or the week before that trading for Butler made the most sense because of his 17.5 salary for 2 years gives them the flexibility to add another player of size that will shut down the lane. And R Lopez could be somewhat of that presence if they wanted to go that way. But Lopez is not a dominant rebounder, nor is he one for steals.

Trading picks with Orlando makes some sense as they could get the #6 pick in return and also get Vucevic, as it was known midway through the season he could be had. Use that #6pick, 18 Boston 1st pick along with Crowder to acquire Butler.

TRADE IT while his value is high. IT for Bledsoe would be my choice.

Bledsoe/ Rozier
Bledsoe/ Rozier/ Smart?

4.) 20 May 2017 16:59:42
Bledsoe/ Rozier
Bledsoe/ Rozier/ Smart?



17 May 2017 13:28:31
76ers/lakers trade

Lakers trade: timofey mozgov, d'angelo russell

Lakers receive: tj mcconnell, jahlil okafor. 2017 2nd round pick

76ers trade: jahlil okafor, tj mcconnell 2017 2nd round pick

76ers recieve: timofey mozgov, d'angelo russell.

This trade fills needs for both teams. I see the lakers taking lonzo ball with the second pick, creating a logjam in the backcourt, they could send Clarkson instead but i see clarkson as more of a fit alongside ball. They rid themselves of mozgovs contract and bring in a young scoring capable bigman and a decent backup point guard in mcconnell. For Philly they finally rid themselves of okafor who isn't a bad player just on the wrong team and while he may be a defensive liabilty at times he fits much better on the lakers as a traditional dominant low post scoring big. And while mozgov will be a decent backup center for embiid and holmes the real prize is russell. He will fit well next to simmons in the backcourt, and while coach brown has repeatedly said that the team plans on playing simmons at point russell is great insurance is that doesn't work and they decide that simmons is better off as a point forward.either way russells sweet jumper and shot creating ability is ideal next to simmons. Plug in josh jackson from kansas to that young and you have a potential devastating lineup in the making, not even touching on what the 76ers could add in free agency this summer or the coming years. Same goes for the lakers, pg13 is a lock to join them whether it be through trade this summer or by free agency next summer, and getting rid of one pf mozgov or dengs contracts pretty much assures that super max contract he'll demand and theyd still have some room to sign some serviceable bench and role players to fill needs.

Share your thoughts.

GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!


1.) 17 May 2017 16:30:37
A deal like this is the only way I see them being able to dump mosgov or deng.

2.) 17 May 2017 17:18:18
There are other teams who are willing to take salary dumps. Lakers should pass on that.

#3 pick and Okafor.

3.) 17 May 2017 22:23:52
If I'm Lakers I would never do this. Although Russell isn't quite worth the #3 pick he is worth more than just someone to help stomach Mozgovs contract and Okafor and McConnel who both will likely be solid pros but look destined to thrive more in a backup role.



07 May 2017 14:00:04
Sixers/warriors/nets trade

Sixers trade:jahlil okafor, own 2017 1st round pick.
Sixers receive: klay thompson.

Warriors trade: klay thompson
Warriors receive: brook lopez, sean Kilpatrick.

Nets trade:Brook lopez, sean Kilpatrick.
Nets receive: jahlil okafor, 76ers 2017 pick.


1.) 07 May 2017 14:37:09
Golden State is not going to give up Thompson for a backup center and a draft pick.

2.) 07 May 2017 15:39:54
In what world is brook lopez a backup center? Also the trade eases their cap room to sign steph to a max and add depth o their bench which they badly need regardless of how well they're playing this season. Klay has his ring why not raise his stardom?

3.) 07 May 2017 16:21:19
lopez is a starting center, but you are 100% wrong on everything else.

Lopez makes $5M more than Thompson, how is that helping to ease cap space? Once they re-sign Curry, they're won't be enough cap space to add to the bench, and based on the way they play basketball, Klay is a much better fit than Lopez anyways.

4.) 07 May 2017 18:14:38
Lopez is not a backup by no means. 20/ 5/ 2 w/ 1.7 blk. is definitely not backup stats.

More like Nets are not going to give up Lopez for a backup ctr.
Although they would love to have that pick.

5.) 07 May 2017 19:55:25
The Warriors wouldn't move Klay for Lopez. There is no salary cap relief in this for them and is Lopez even a good fit for them? If he were an athletic big that could run the floor, it would make more sense, but he would slow dowm their offense. Not to mention they could get way more than Lopez for him.

6.) 07 May 2017 21:06:36
He was meaning the sixers don't get Thompson for okafor and a pick. Okafor is a back up center.



22 Dec 2016 10:52:19
76ers/ kings trade

76ers trade jahlil Okafor, Robert covington

Kings trade rudy gay, Aaron afflalo, Ben mclemore.

76ers/ bulls trade

76ers trade: jahlil Okafor, Hollis thompson, ersan ilyasova.

Bulls trade: Doug mcdermott, Nikola mirotic, Michael carter williams, future 1st round dp. l.


1.) 22 Dec 2016 14:15:52
I hate the first trade a ton. So no one that one.

The second one makes sense if the sixers find that Noel and embiid is the better combo. They can keep mirotic. Replace him with someone else. we don't need big men.



30 Oct 2016 13:49:47
Warriors trade: klay thompson, Patrick mccaw

76ers trade:nerlens noel, Robert covington, Hollis thompson, 2018 1st rd. pick, 2019 1st rd. Pick.





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09 Aug 2016 14:12:11
I need some logical trade targets for the sixers to clear up their frontcourt, any ideas?
Let's keep it realistic!


1.) 09 Aug 2016 14:57:55
Knight for Noel. Len could get too expensive for the Suns in FA next year and he would be a nice fit next to Chriss or Bender,

2.) 09 Aug 2016 15:14:37
Honestly. I still like Phoenix as a partner. Bledsoe and knight and booker and warren all could be legit starters for them. Goodwin was a high prospect for them as well. It would make sense for them to clear their log jam for a center from the Sixers log Jam

Knight for Noel makes sense

Bledsoe for Oakfor makes sense.

3.) 10 Aug 2016 13:23:21
The issue with the Suns is these trades made sense before they drafted 2 big men with the top 8 picks. They need to see how they develop before adding even more big men.

4.) 11 Aug 2016 20:23:45

Let's be honest here. Bender is a completely project player. From what I've seen he barely looks like he can make it in the NBA. And Chriss is considered the biggest riser in the draft class. I think he's a work in progress at best. Either way they both play pf not center so Noel or Oakfor could slide right in.

5.) 14 Aug 2016 13:40:32
Both play pf. But I fail to see your point. Bender belongs in the nba. He's 18 and just started playing American ball. Calm down. Chriss is a riser, but so what? They are a rebuilding team. Were you expecting all stars in the first year or else trades?

Don't the Suns love Len? Aren't they on the hook for a few years with chandler? Where do they just "slide in"?

The Suns don't need this. They would be trading their starting pg for a back up big man. Awesome.




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20 May 2017 16:13:37
Take out lowry and replace him with reddick and its solid. Just because lowry is from philly doesn't make him a fit. with the addition of fultz and simmons already in place there's no need for lowry and the massive contract he'll demand.




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20 May 2017 12:50:58
I see what you're saying but of the moves you suggested gets them past the cavs. Mark my words danny ainge is a greedy guy. The celtics are going to add hayward and butler. As far as the center upgrade. The can aquire robin lopez in that jimmy butler trade. Even if the can't keep guys like Bradley or crowder they're going to do what they need to do to get past the cavs. Keeping fultz does not do that.




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17 May 2017 14:56:41
I have the celtics signing hayward and trading that pick along with assets for jimmy butler and robin lopez. Giving them a lineup of:

Pg. I. Thomas
Sg. J. Butler
Sf. G. Hayward
Pf. A. Horford
C. R. Lopez.




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17 May 2017 06:38:27
I think philly should make a play for d. russell.
Maybe okafor and mcconnell and a few 2nd rounders for russell and mozgov.

I see the lakers taking ball in the draft. This trade allows them to avoid a backcourt logjam, while also getting mozgovs contract off their books which philly can easily absorb and getting some insurance for embiid at the same time. I think russell would thrive alongside simmons and embiid.





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07 May 2017 15:39:54
In what world is brook lopez a backup center? Also the trade eases their cap room to sign steph to a max and add depth o their bench which they badly need regardless of how well they're playing this season. Klay has his ring why not raise his stardom?





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