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20 Jun 2017 21:19:11

Celtics receive Jimmy Butler
Bulls receive #3, 2018 Brooklyn first pick, and 2019 memphis pick

21 Jun 2017 01:55:51
Good trade could see this exact trade being done.

20 Jun 2017 05:14:37

Celtics receive Jimmy Butler

Bulls receive #3, 2018 Brooklyn pick, 2019 Memphis pick

20 Jun 2017 01:51:09
Celtics Trade: #3, 2018 BOS 1st, 2018 Brooklyn 1st, 2019 Memphis 1st, Crowder, Mickey

Receive: Butler, Vucevic, 2018 Orlando 1st

Chicago Trade: Butler and Mirotic

Receive: #5, 2018 BOS 1st, 2019 Memphis 1st, Mickey, & Hezonja

Sacramento Trade: #5 & #10

Receive: #3 and Mirotic

Orlando Trade: Vucevic, Hezonja, 2018 ORL 1st

Receive: #10, Crowder, & 2018 Brooklyn 1st

20 Jun 2017 02:11:50
Not enough value for the Kings or Bulls in my opinion. Orlando should just keep their first and the Brooklyn 1st should be going elsewhere.

20 Jun 2017 02:40:00
most delusion trade I've seen.

19 Jun 2017 19:19:35
BOS gets: Jimmy Butler and #16

Bulls get: #3, PHI pick, MEM pick, LAC pick, Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown

Bulls get picks and force a Wade opt out. Draft Jackson

Rozier/ Grant
Jackson Zipser

Young enough to run. Skilled enough to design an offense around. Quicker rebuild. Lots of playing time available. Cap space to add shooting..Thoughts

19 Jun 2017 21:34:23
That's a pretty hefty price to pay for Butler, not a fan of it for the Celtics especially when Hayward isn't much worse and they could possibly get him for nothing.

14 Jun 2017 18:23:10
Cavs get Melo and Gasol

Memphis gets Love and Fry

The Knicks get 18 Memphis 1st , Shump, Felder, and Wright

14 Jun 2017 18:49:00
Memphis is not trading Gasol for Love.

14 Jun 2017 19:20:11
I think last year they wouldn't have, but with the age of the roster, lack of scoring, and no financial flexibility it could be a good move for them. Love could be their number one option in an offense that fits him and the team would still be pretty solid defensively around him. Gasol will be 33 and the team is still a player or 2 away from really contending. Love has 5+ years left at his current level giving them time to build.

14 Jun 2017 19:26:58
Salary doesn't seem to work. Gasol makes close to what Love makes but Melo before even factoring in his trade kicker makes significantly more than Frye and Shumpert combined. Not positive value works either; although Memphis could benefit from getting younger Love isn't a great fit and not sure I'd swap them directly let alone include a future 1st and backup center too (Grizz are going to need a solid center if they dealt their starting one since Love isn't a full-time center) .

14 Jun 2017 19:48:35
Salary worked on trade machine, but I'm not if they
factor in the kicker.

10 Jun 2017 14:11:44
Boston: A Drummond
trade: Bradley+ Memphis and Clippers pick

Philly: Bradley+ T Harris
trade: 3rd+ Henderson

Detroit: Zeller+ G Henderson+3rd pick+ Memphis and Clippers 2019 picks
Trade: Drummond+ Harris

10 Jun 2017 14:21:54
Philly doesn't trade # 3 for an upcoming FA like Bradley. If they could get a long term commitment from him, it would be more reasonable.

10 Jun 2017 15:54:39
I agree Triangle, Bradley's knows this is a business and now having the taste of winning he can go to whomever he wants. I'm sure top teams would love his services. With that being said, Philly could become a winning team, they do have the pieces to be one. They just need veteran leadership and lots of luck on being healthy enough to archive it, might a couple of years but it's possible. They'd be drafting a guard anyway.

Boston would be in a difficult position. If they do want to sign Hayward then taking Drummond would make it hard for that to happen, his cap hit would change taking Hayward. They would have to go hard and pay dearly for Butler without giving up Crowder, or put Brown right into the starting rotation and hope he flourishes. And still be way over the cap and have no bench, just D-leaguers .

10 Jun 2017 17:58:10
You are not even close to valuing #3 draft pick in a loaded draft.

10 Jun 2017 03:11:41
Celtics: Aaron Gordon

Magic: Marcus smart, yabusale, Memphis pick, our pick next year, and 2 second rounders this year.

10 Jun 2017 05:03:47
Take our pick out next year.

10 Jun 2017 11:51:46
I look at it this way: Gordon really doesn't check too many boxes for Boston.
Celtics need rebounding, and Gordon is ok but not great.
Celtics love 3-point shooting, and Gordon is no better than Smart (who is awful) .
Gordon definitely has more upside than Smart, but Smart is a much better defender right now.
Forced to choose between them, then Gordon. But two No. 1s throw the deal out of whack.

10 Jun 2017 03:00:42
Celtics: Willy cauly Stein

Kings:Terry rozier, Jordan Mickey, Memphis pick

10 Jun 2017 06:59:41
I'm not sure Bos would do this, unless they are trading down and WCS, 5&10 for #1 and Mickey and 17 2nd rd. The rest of the night would now become interesting if this were to happen

#5- Isaac
#10- Whoever Orl. wants and Zeller or for Vucevic at a later date.

Kings get #1 and Mickey

Boston ends up wit WCS, Isaac and Vucevic.
If they plan on signing IT4 they don't need Fultz. Issac is probably the most complete player in the draft.

10 Jun 2017 11:57:44
billj -- Wouldn't do it, but if the Celtics do go through with it, I like the idea of flipping the 10 for Vucevic. Vucevic could be an impact player in the right spot.
And if the Kings get Fultz, imagine a Fultz-Hield backcourt in about 3 years.

10 Jun 2017 18:04:10
I like the idea of getting WCS. I like the idea of getting Vucevic. I don't see the need to get both right now, as they have Zizic coming over. I don't mind the original package for WCS, as someone in the 5 guard rotation of IT, Bradley, Smart, Rozier and Fultz is going to get squeezed out. I don't see IT going anywhere, and it would take a great player for me to move #1 for Fultz. The other guy I don't see moving is Smart, mostly because I can see Crowder on the move and a Hayward signing, and if I'm Stevens and DA, I want to keep one of the two around to be my bulldog. That leaves Bradley and Rozier. Rozier could be moved in a smaller move for a guy like WCS who hasn't proven anything but could be a great fit, or Bradley could be moved in a bigger deal. both of those moves possibly combined with Crowder, and all for some sort of starting caliber big man.

08 Jun 2017 23:39:08
Boston doesn't want to give IT and Bradley a max contract and they don't want to trade their picks for a superstar like Butler or PG13
So they should go in rebuilt mode

Boston-NY- Philly

Boston: Porzingis+Noah+ # 3 pick
NY: IT+ Bradley+ Horford
Philly: Crowder+ 8 pick+Memphis 2019 pick

Boston draft Fultz and J Jackson

Boston: Zizic/Noah
PF: Porzingis/Yabusele/Jerebko
SF: J Brown/ Green
SG: J Jackson/ Smart
PG: Fultz/Rozier

C: Hernangomez
SF:C Anthony

Philly draft Monk
SG: Monk

09 Jun 2017 00:30:29
Bradley Crowder and Horford would not get pozingis and the # 3 pick.

09 Jun 2017 01:17:39
U basically told took Boston in rebuild mod. Made NY the division winner. Sixers have Covington who is equally to crowder.

09 Jun 2017 02:24:23
What does Boston do when all of those players hit restricted free agency?

09 Jun 2017 06:51:36
Think Boston is going to go after Blake Griffin and try and make a run at the Cave. BTW Horford is way overpaid for a 14 and 8 kinda guy. He was the weak link in the ECF's (besides IT getting hurt) .

09 Jun 2017 10:22:06
Let me get this straight.
Danny is Ainge is going to trade four starters from the team that reached the Eastern Conference finals, basically exchange places in the standings with the New York Knicks, and still keep his job?

09 Jun 2017 13:09:13
Once again supercolider is right Thomas for Melo makes sense.

09 Jun 2017 15:35:15
Pitbull, I have to respectfully disagree with you on the Horford comment. He's much more than a 16 and 8 guy as he does a LOT of little things that just don't show up on the stat sheet. He's a main reason they wound up playing the Cavs at all. He absolutely took over in a few of the games against the Wizards. His game isn't flashy though. He does it all pretty quietly. I think the best way to see it is how the Hawks production would dip whenever he would get hurt during his tenure in Atlanta. You don't really notice how big a piece he is until he isn't in the lineup.

10 Jun 2017 07:50:30
Horford does do a lot of the little things and is a really good passer and can play D. I do think he got way to big of a contract for a guy best suited as a #3 option offensively and his game missed IT's presence on the court more than anybody. Even with the intangibles that he brings while on the court, he is not a player of equal value to the young NYK star that is being sought after in exchange. Imo Horford isn't going to be making any all star teams as his playing career winds down, while Kristof Porzingus very well could see multiple. Can't fathom a scenerio where the Knicks consider moving him, especially to a divisional rival. The Zen Master defining moment thus far as Knicks President was drafting him. Maybe make the trade for Melo instead and it makes more sense while vastly upgrading the Celts offensively and ability to space the floor to allow IT the space he needs to get easy buckets. Even at 32, Melo's game can rival the NBA's elite players for the next 3 maybe more years. And he gives Boston a realistic shot to beat the Cavs in a 7 game series next year.

12 Jun 2017 16:19:57
Covington >>> Crowder.

06 Jun 2017 09:04:04
If CP3 signs with the spurs and the Clippers need a rebuilt.

Boston: D Jordan
trade: J Brown+ Zeller+Bradley+ 1rnd pick Clippers 19+ 1rnd pick Memphis 19

LA: B Griffin
trade: Russell+ Deng+ Mozgov+ 1rnd pick 2020

Philly: Bradley+ Russell+ 1rnd pick LA 2020 (top 5 protected)
trade: 3rd pick+ LA pick 2018

Clippers: J Brown+Deng+ Mozgov+ Zeller+3rd pick+ LA 2018 first round pick+ return 1rnd pick 2019+ 1rnd pick Memphis 2019
trade: B Griffin+ D Jordan

06 Jun 2017 09:33:39
Clippers lose a lot of leverage once CP3 leaves and would have an uphill battle just to get Griffin to come back. Getting value back in a sign and trade would be even tougher especially to a team like the Lakers who I believe have enough cap space to sign him outright (I think Russell is rich price to pay to dump Deng and Mozgovs contracts) .

I doubt the Celtics would want to give up that much for Jordan and although he is likely worth that much as a top echelon center and elite rebounder it becomes more difficult to get good value for him once everybody knows that Clippers are shopping him (and with his player option he is potentially in final year of his contract)

I don't hate that trade for Philly especially if Lakers already got Griffin (who will add wins and probably lead Lakers to make more win-now moves like dealing for George) . Russell and Bradley are both great off ball players who would fit a lot better than whoever they selected at #3 and would be able to contribute right away.

06 Jun 2017 13:54:54
I can see the Celtics do this trade.
They still keep the bothe Nets picks and they get an elite rebounder. The Clippers an Vancouver pick are both protected, so they will be late lottery (in best case scenario), Bradley is going for a big contract next year and they lose Zeller's contract (that's why they have to give up J Brown), They can use some capspace.

they could sign Hayward and draft fultz
And if they fail to land a big free agent, they still can shop Crowder and the Nets 2018 pick for PG13 or Butler.

C:D Jordan/ Zigic
PF: Horford/ Jerebko
SG:Fultz/ smart
PG: IT/ Rozier.

06 Jun 2017 15:23:32
I don't see the Celtics giving up Brown for Jordan. Zeller is non guaranteed, so they can just drop him if they want. The reason he has that salary is to be trade filler. I love Jordan on the Celtics, but I don't think Brown winds up being involved. Crowder on the other hand, could be in the mix. Especially with Hayward as a possibility for the SF spot.

06 Jun 2017 15:41:46
Chris Paul is not leaving. let's think about this logically. The Spurs would have to do quite a bit in order to get him. That would put the roster worse than what the Clippers have. 2nd, why would he leave LA? He loves the new lifestyle. 3rd, being the NBA players association president, he just negotiated a deal that increases the veteran max level contract an extra 50 million. why would he leave and give up on an extra 50 million in what may be his last contract that he worked so hard to get that deal approved in the first place.

06 Jun 2017 16:12:27
Celtics never do this in a million years. They can try to pry Hassan Whiteside who is better for much less. Be realistic with your trades. DJ can't spread the floor and is a terrible free throw shooter.

06 Jun 2017 17:11:20
CP3 would pay less taxes in Texas.

05 Jun 2017 22:32:29
Boston: H Whiteside
trade: Bradley+ Zeller+ 1rnd pick Memphis and clippers 19

Miami:1rnd pick NY+ 1rnd pick Memphis and Clippers 19+ Zeller+ Noah
trade: H Whiteside

Trade:Noah+ 1rnd pick 8

04 Jun 2017 09:15:15
Bostons superteam and possible if Boston is willing to compromise and give up more if deal aspects aren't completely satisfied.

Bos- Chi - Indy

Boston receives

Chi receives
Bostons 2019 first round pick from Memphis

Indy receives
1st pick (Fultz)

04 Jun 2017 09:22:15
PG is more willing to leave than Butler, plus he only has 1 y left on his contract, so either the 1st round pick or Brown must go to Bulls.
and in order to Keep some important role Players, celtics would trade one more late first rounders than Crowder, Smart.

04 Jun 2017 11:18:35
Any deal that has George going to any team besides the Lakers would require him agreeing to a long-term contract. No team would give up significant assets for a one-year rental.

04 Jun 2017 15:00:39
Bulls get an AWFUL return. Were you serious?

03 Jun 2017 18:06:44
Phoenix:2rnd pick Miami

Boston: H Whiteside

Indy: G Dragic

Miami: t Zeller+ T Chandler+ return 1rnd pick 2018+ 1rnd pick Nets 2018+ 1rnd pick Memphis 2019+ 1rnd pick Indy 2017

Miami draft Leaf and Justin Jackson

03 Jun 2017 20:25:00
So. PHX gives up Tyson Chandler. and a 1st rounder for a 2nd round pick? Yeah. that's close. not.

03 Jun 2017 09:25:30
Boston: D Jordan

Clippers: D Howard+ Crowder+ Bradley

Atlanta: Zeller+ Crawford+ 1rnd pick Memphis 19+ 1rnd pick clippers 19

Boston signs Hayward and draft Fultz

C: D Jordan/ Johnson
PF:Horford/ Jerebko
SF:Hayward/ J Brown
PG: IT/ Rozier

C: D Howard
PF: Griffin
SF: Crowder
Sixth: Reddick

03 Jun 2017 16:36:20
That's actually a pretty good trade all around. Maybe return the 2019 first to LAC.

03 Jun 2017 19:24:27
comme on, who's disliking this trade?

D Howard is a good replacement for D Jordan and the Clippers also receive a good SF and SG, so they win in this trade.

Boston receive a great defensive center without trading the Nets picks, so they win too.

And atlanta receive draft picks so they can go for a rebuilt.
They also have the wolves pick next year, so they can draft some talents.

03 Jun 2017 20:51:29
Howard doesn't have any where near that value.

04 Jun 2017 00:18:00
Celtics don't have cap space to get Jordan and then sign hayward to the max (Crowder and Bradley are on cheap deals and they'd have to not accept Zeller's option to sign Hayward without even getting Jordan's 20+ mill contract) .

I like it for the Clippers depending on how their FA goes. If they resign Reddick they won't really need Bradley and regardless wouldn't be able to keep him past next season if they resigned Paul and Griffin so maybe introduce another team to take him for a draft pick.

Hawks are getting a bit much for Howard especially since they aren't taking back any big long deals.

03 Jun 2017 04:55:23
Celtics: Noah Vonleh

Trailblazers: Terry Rozier, Memphis and our first next year mabye throw in a second.

03 Jun 2017 08:24:01
Noah Vonleh is too raw to be of much assistance to the Celtics. It may be worth taking a gamble on a big on a rookie deal tho (I don't think Vonleh is the one) since salary will soon become an issue for Celtics with IT, Bradley and Smart in final year of their deal (Butler too if they get him) and they need improvement there.

03 Jun 2017 15:53:18
Butler isn't in the final year of his contract, he has 19.8 mil in 18-19 then the same value player option the year after in which he'll opt out of.

Celtics have no desire for Noah, especially for what your proposal is asking. Even know he did perform well after the AS break his #'s don't pop out. He does not turn the ball over much and is young enough to grow into possibly a good player. I see Portland playing him more and getting rid of bad contracts like Turner and Crabbe, possibly even McCollum or Lillard. They need to create cap space

Wouldn't surprise me to see Rozier playing more minutes the 1st half of the season and if he shines then an IT trade could become a possibility, especially if Fultz is drafted.

03 Jun 2017 03:33:06
Celtics trade Terry Rozier Memphis first, Celtics own 1st 2018 draft, 2nd round pick from Brooklyn 2017 draft.

Trailblazers trade Noah Vonleh to celtics

Trail blazers can't pay everyone like cj or Lillard they screwed up the Crabbe and Turner's deal and can't pay Vonleh too.

03 Jun 2017 10:54:54
Vonleh doesn't appear to have made much progress in three years in the league.

31 May 2017 16:51:17
NO is screwed up, going in a win now mode, the day they drafted A Davis was stupid. They traded away draft picks and signed free agence like R Anderson. So they couldn't get any other young talents.
They lose Cousins in free agency, If next year doesn't work out.
And now they must give J Holiday a big contract to stay. Holiday is a great player, but injury prone.

So NO should go for a total rebuilt.

Boston: A Davis+ Cousins

Portland: A Horford

NO: Crabbe+ Zeller+Turner+ 1rnd pick Nets 17 and 18+ 1rnd pick Memphis 19+ 1rnd pick Clippers+ 1rnd pick Portland (15 and 20)

NO could draft Fultz, Leaf and Giles (or Justin Jackson)
And they will have two lottery picks in next years draft, so they have a big chance drafting Porter.

Portland can trade two big contracts and receive a good PF.

Boston will have a superteam
C: Cousins/ A Johnson
PF: A Davis/ Jerebko
SF: Crowder/ J Brown
SG: Bradley/ smart
PG: I Thomas/ Rozier

31 May 2017 17:44:31
They have Davis locked up for 3 more years and the guy is 23. He's already a top 10 player and the best big man in the league. Trading him for picks makes no sense. If Cousins isn't working out around the trade deadline they can probably move him for atleast what they gave up for him.

31 May 2017 18:29:30
Sounds good, just doesn't look god after next season. To have Boogie for 1 yr and then watch him leave would not be a good feeling for Bos after giving all those picks and Horford away. It's not worth it even know AD is a great player

Boston will call and see what it would cost for AD before the draft. Doubt if they give a Nets pick for a 1 yr. player in Boogie

We all can speculate what may or may not be but the overall picture won't be clearer till Free Agency is over.

Ainge will be open minded and hopefully creative on the future of the C's or else he'll be running for the rest of his life.

31 May 2017 21:37:35
If the Celtics wanted Boogie, they could have and would have at the trade deadline. They don't want him.

01 Jun 2017 01:54:02
Pelicans did kind of rush things trying to build a winner around Davis right away but they did have some misfortune as well. Trade for Jrue Holiday who at the time was a 22 yr old all-star hurt them due to his injuries (Philly got sued by NBA for not releasing his injury history to Pelicans prior to trade) . Eric Gordon another guy who flashed potential and was a 20+ ppg scorer before coming to Nola couldn't stay healthy.

However, I think trading for Cousins was a worthwhile risk. Hield although he showed flashes wasn't the instant contributor they thought he'd be and #10 pick wouldn't likely be a contributor within Davis' timeline. The Cousins and Davis pairing could easily end quite miserably and he could leave for nothing as a FA but the upside of pairing two top 10 players who are also big men in a league going small could be revolutionary. I think this risk is better than trajectory Pelicans were heading prior to the trade.

I think it would be foolish for Nola to do this trade before seeing how Davis and Cousins work together. Cousins value is probably going to only be lower than when Pelicans got him so Davis has most of the value himself and they have him locked up so if Cousins does leave (or looks like he is going to) they can always deal Davis and get a great package to rebuild with. Dealing a team prematurely since things may go poorly isn't a good plan.

01 Jun 2017 04:27:04
Supercolider know Thomas for Melo is close.

01 Jun 2017 15:16:12
Davis/ Cousins pairing had 24 games last year total, of which they played maybe 17 together. they were highly successful as season winded down. This is a playoff team that is one piece from a top 3-4 playoff spot. The only thing more ridiculous than the lame offers of Davis to Boston for a bunch of midlevel players back is Davis AND Cousins for the same yield. My God it gets old to have to tell you guys AD is NOT going to Boston especially for what you propose.

27 May 2017 20:04:38
1) Clippers- Boston

Boston: D Jordan

Clippers: Zeller+ 1rnd pick Memphis 2019 and Clippers 2019


Portland: LM Aldridge

Spurs: B Griffin and CP3

Clippers: T Parker+ Turner+ Zeller+ 1rnd pick 15( H Giles) and 20(Justin Jackson)+ 1rnd pick spurs 2018 and 2020

3) Clippers-NY
Clippers: J Noah+ 1rnd pick Knicks 2018
NY: Rivers

27 May 2017 21:38:12
1st and 3rd are bad for the Clippers. Jordan has more value than that and Rivers is probably worth a future first on his own. The middle one is an over pay by the Spurs in a s and t.

27 May 2017 12:31:29
1)Indy- Boston

Indy: IT+ Memphis pick

Boston: M Turner

2) Indy-Nets

Indy: B Lopez

Nets: Jefferson+M Ellis+ 1rnd pick Indy

C: B Lopez
PF: Young
SF: PG13
SG: Miles

27 May 2017 13:11:37
I'm on the trade-IT bandwagon, but if he's headed to the Indiana, then George is moving to Boston. Turner doesn't get it done.
Big difference between Thomas and George is that Thomas wants to stay in Boston and PG can't wait to leave Indiana.

27 May 2017 13:45:00
If Indy is rebuilding they are not trading turner.

27 May 2017 15:10:38
They're not rebuilding if they go for Lopez and IT

IT is an expiring contract, so no way you will have equal value for him.

Turner is a young talented center on a good contract for two more years. So that's a pritty good return for IT, if Boston wants to trade him.

26 May 2017 04:32:46
Boston Offseason

Do not Bring Back: Zeller, Johnson, Jackson, Young, Jerebko

Indy - Boston

Indy: George
Boston: Bkn 2018 pick, boston 2018 pick, memphis 2019 pick, crowder, smart, olynyk

Sign Chris Bosh assuming healthy for MLE
Draft Markelle Fultz
Bring Over Yabusele, Zizic


Who says no and why? Keep in mind George's stock went down and Crowder is on team friendly contract for the next three years.

Bosh only comes through if no more blood clots.

26 May 2017 04:43:27
I like it, but i think PG is a Laker. Bring him in for one year would be a high risk.

26 May 2017 04:58:03
Yeah, i'm assuming that Ainge gets a commitment from George. I doubt the dude wants to be on a losing Laker team, despite him saying he wants to be back in his hometown.

26 May 2017 05:07:19
I wouldn't take the risk on Bosh. I've already gone through the Len Bias and Reggie Lewis tragedy's . Not going through that again.

26 May 2017 07:17:24
There is no risk on Bosh. He will get the veteran minimum, not more.

26 May 2017 12:55:30
Harry, billj wasn't talking about the business aspect. He's talking about the fact that some doctors are telling Bosh if he plays again he might die.

26 May 2017 13:17:30
I rather have the 2017 pick
Could boston also trow in the Clippers pick and J Brown for Crowder.

1rnd pick Net 18/ Memphis 19/ Clippers 19+ J Brown+ T Zeller.

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