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22 May 2017 13:12:48
boston: J Butler

Chicago: E Bledsoe+ 1rnd pick 4+ 1rnd pick 2018 Miami+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021+ swap rights 2018

Phoenix: 1st pick Nets (Draft Ball)+ T Zeller

C: Chriss
SG: Booker
PG: Ball

22 May 2017 14:22:43
Celtics have enough future assets to get this done without PHX included. besides that, Suns giving up way too much.

22 May 2017 14:50:22
The Celtics are NOT trading the #1 pick for Butler.

22 May 2017 18:14:10
Nobody realize that Bledose is another knee injury away from being D. Rose.

21 May 2017 11:42:18
Suns trade 4th pick, 32th pick, Bledsoe, Knight, Bender, Heat 1st round pick 2018
Suns get George, Turner, Ellis

Jazz trade Exum, Burks, 30th pick
Jazz get Bledsoe, 32th pick

Pacers trade George, Turner, Ellis
Pacers get 4th pick, 30th pick, Exum, Bender, Burks, Knight, Heat 1st round pick 2018

- sign Lowry to max

- sign Milsap and resign Mack
- resign Hayward
- with the addition of Milsap and Bledsoe + the new playoff experience, Jazz will be a force and a reason for Hayword to resign

- resign Teague
- 4th pick Jackson or Tatum will be future replacement for George (both top3 talents)
- Turner is a young talent Pacers could need, but without him as well, they can tank "better", instead develop Bender (4th pick 2016) and Exum (5th pick 2014) and Jackson/Tatum (2017), Knight and Burks also still have room for development

21 May 2017 12:23:31
Not good enough for Pacers if they're including George and Turner.

21 May 2017 15:08:44
Suns say no to this one. ICYMI, they are trying to go with youth and a vet or two. PHX does not want Ellis nor Lowry. Suns would like to get Turner. but George is a no deal. No way he would not sign a long term deal in PHX. There are better deals to be made with Bledsoe and maybe one of those Miami picks.

18 May 2017 15:42:25

NY trades: Noah-Porzingis-O'Quinn-Kuzminkas-#8pick

BOS trades: Horford-Thomas-Mickey-2017 Minny 2nd-2018 top 5 protected C's 1st-2019 Clippers 1st-2019 detroit 2nd-2020 Miami 2nd

Boston can build a super team with all these great young players.

Knicks get two veterans and with Melo form a great big 3 that could push Cleveland for the East.

18 May 2017 17:24:18
swap 1st round picks and uniforms. even trade.

18 May 2017 17:33:22
That would be one direction the Celtics could go, and it could give them a crazy core with Porzingis, Fultz, Brown, Yabusele, Smart, Zizic, Rozier, maybe Monk or Isaac at 8, etc.

Fultz/ Rozier/ Jackson
Bradley/ Smart/ Monk
Crowder/ Brown/ Kuzminskas/ Nader
Porzingis/ Yabusele
O'Quinn/ Hernangomez/ Zizic

That's a very interesting young team, even while taking away the two top players. I don't see DA going for it though, since they're already near the summit with assets still coming in. If Porzingis was actually available, I think they'd be foolish not to look into sending NY a package that DIDN'T include IT, Horford, Brown or the #1. Send just about anything else. They have enough assets that Jackson might be willing to take bulk over individual quality.

18 May 2017 17:50:09
Celtics are not going to go into a rebuild situation with young talent. They are in a win now mode. They need to stay the course and acquire Hayward, or Butler who I'd prefer and get a big (Drummond, Whiteside) .

18 May 2017 05:22:49
heat : russell, muhammad
lakers : rubio, richardson #7 pick
wolves : dragic, clarkson.

18 May 2017 06:15:51
Awful for Twolves. Rubio isn't much worse than Dragic and Muhammad isn't much worse than Clarkson. Surely isn't a big enough gap to warrant Twolves giving away #7 pick in a deep draft.

Lakers are getting a bit too much and so are the Heat.

18 May 2017 13:25:00
what if i switch the twolves #7 pick w/ the heats #14 pick.

18 May 2017 14:05:09
The 14 pick would be good and then a protected 18 1st from Minnesota to the Lakers.

18 May 2017 03:15:32
Celtics have too many guards and NEED another big man


Det trades: Drummond

Boston trades: Bradley-Zeller-Rozier-Mickey 2018 Brooklyn (Top 5 protected turns into 2018 C's 1st and 2020 C's 1st) 2019 Clippers 1st 2017 Clippers 2nd 2019 Detroit 2nd and 2020 Miami 2nd


Detroit gets 2-3 1st round picks, a all nba defensive player who scores 17 a game, a growing prospect in Rozier and two players totalling 10 million in salary that can be cut at anytime, and 3 2nd rounders. All this together they can rebuild and continue to grow.

Boston gets their rim protecting/rebounding big they NEED as well as relieve the log jam of guards

C-Collins (12 pick)/Baynes/Boban


What do you think?

18 May 2017 20:43:37
You hold the guns to their heads and I'll be lookout from my computer. Detroit Doesn't want to be in limbo for 3 years while this plays out. But hey, I'm all for it. Then trade for Butler.

18 May 2017 02:07:27
heat : russell, muhammad
lakers : rubio,richardson #14 pick
wolves : dragic, deng

18 May 2017 04:37:09
Timberwolves say no.

17 May 2017 23:20:30
bulls receive: tyler johnson, josh richardson, 2017 pick 14
heat receives: jimmy butler

18 May 2017 00:34:41
Not enough for Jimmy.

18 May 2017 01:53:51
Only Whiteside could make it happen.

18 May 2017 03:33:49
Don't think it would be enough if they threw in Winslow as well. Miami doesn't really have the pieces to get Butler. They should try and get Melo as he will be extremely cheap asset wise to get.

12 May 2017 16:46:01
Miami Heat dream off-season

Bosh ruled clinically unable to play by a doctor chosen by the league and union, which means 100% of his salary is taken off the Heat's books

Haslem retires.

Pre-draft trade:
Heat get 39th and 50th picks
76ers get Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington

14th: Jarrett Allen
39th: Edmond Sumner
50th: Dwayne Bacon

Pre-free agency:
Waiters and Reed opt out, Heat release Josh McRoberts (2 mil penalty for 3 years)
Cap room before free agency: ~49.2 million

Free agency:
Sign Gordon Hayward to max 5 years
Re-sign James Johnson for 2 years 25 mil
Sign Deron Williams, Michael Beasley, and Jeff Withey to 2 years 4 mil apiece
Final cap room: 200k

PG: Dragic/ Williams/ Sumner
SG: Hayward/ Richardson/ Mcgruder
SF: Winslow/ Beasley/ Bacon
PF: Johnson/ Allen/ White
C: Whiteside/ Withey/?

12 May 2017 17:20:18
2 million a year for any of those guys seems really low. If they are willing to sign for that little, there are better teams they could sign with if they are looking for a ring.

12 May 2017 17:54:19
Only Jazz can offer Hayward a 5 year contract, all other teams can offer 4 yr.

12 May 2017 18:54:48
Okay then, maybe Heat sign one of them with the remaining 7 mil in cap after they re-sign Johnson, then sign one of those 3 with the MLE, then don't sign the one remaining player.

And my bad on the Hayward years for his contract.

12 May 2017 22:18:21
I don't think anything is crazy unrealistic other than the FA signings. Its unlikely Hayward goes to Miami but they may get a meeting at least. The other signings are probably a little too low on the salary side especially since Miami isn't likely to be a contender for a ring.

12 May 2017 15:24:24
Heat get Melo Noah
Dal get Bosh Thomas 14th
Knicks get Mathews Powell McRoberts Ellington

Sign Holiday brother 1yr 20 mil and 8 mil


12 May 2017 16:38:50
I don't think Heat will trade Bosh since they can potentially get him to medically retire and get his contract off the books. I like the idea of Melo to the heat but don't think they should be giving up a lotto pick for him if they are taking back Noah's contract.

If I were the Knicks I'd much rather have 14 pick than getting Mathews and those other pieces so I'd probably cut out Dallas entirely from trade. A player with Jrue Holidays injury history will want more than a 1 year contract and I think there will be plenty of other teams happy to do so.

11 May 2017 22:26:25
Knicks Whiteside

Heat top 5 pick lee Noah

Sign Reddick and a starting cheap pg

11 May 2017 23:39:36
The Heat have no reason to move Whiteside and that is a terrible package for.

10 May 2017 15:20:04
miami heats offseason moves
get rid of boshs contract, let babbitt walk and waive mcroberts
re sign waiters, jj, reed, ellington
draft day trade
heat : pg13, joe young
pacers : dragic, richardson, t johnson, #14 pick
sign chris paul, terrence jones, briante weber, and tony allen
chris paul/weber/young

05 May 2017 03:40:16
Bulls get Fournier Biyombo Thomas
Knicks get Wade Bosh
Orlando get Lee Rondo Noah Payne
Heat get Augustin O'Quinn Watson-Released



Bosh won't retire so Heat move on to pay Gallo & Milsap 20mil


CP3 joins forces with Bosh Melo and Wade for 4yr 100mil


05 May 2017 04:29:09
Why would Orlando do that? They give up their best player and get nothing of value.

05 May 2017 07:49:45
Bulls landing Fournier and Biyombo are guys who have potential to help build around Butler but they could do with a better pg.

Fournier is a good starter in the right system or a 6th man at worst on a playoff team. Why would Orlando trade that for Noah whose contract maybe as bad as Biyombo's but Biyombo has more value as he can stay healthy and if he's used right could be a productive starter in today's go small NBA. Rondo is bad locker room guy and they have a player like him in Payne. Lee is on a steep decline and Payne has failed to make any impact.
Orlando would need a lot of picks after taking those four players.

This would be great for the Knicks if both wade and bosh were in their prime otherwise why do it they should be adding young guys to build around Porzingis use their pick to add someone to complement him say a pg like Fox and trade Melo to fill their other needs.

Heat add two backup players who both had bad seasons which out of all the deals does make sense considering they can't play bosh so they get something for him adding depth but still don't think anyone will wanna trade for Bosh if he can't play.

04 May 2017 18:29:40
Suns NBA Champs 2019

Suns trade: Bledsoe, Warren, Ulis, Barbosa, Chandler, 2018 1st (via Miami)
Suns Receive: Deandre Jordan and Jimmy Butler

New York Knicks trade: Carmelo Anthony
New York Knicks receive: Bledsoe, Rivers, Brice Johnson

Clippers Trade: Deandre Jordan, Austin Rivers, Brice Johnson, and Wesley Johnson
Clippers Receive: Carmelo, Tyson Chandler, and Barbosa

Bulls trade: Jimmy Butler
Bulls receive: Tyler Ulis, TJ warren, Wesley Johnson, 2018 1st via Miami

Suns get 2 big name players. Draft Lonzo.
Lonzo, Booker, Butler, Bender/Chriss, Jordan is an athletic starting 5 that can push the ball and score points. Jordan and Butler are both outstanding defenders as well. They still have Knight, Dudley, and Chriss/Bender off the bench. And they have $24 million left to fill out the bench.

Clippers switch things up. Get a scoring SF which they've been lacking for years. This trade also reunites Chandler and Paul. Chandler is past his prime but he can still rebound, act as a lob threat for Paul, be a defensive anchor/leader, and most importantly shoots a better FT% than Jordan. Barbosa is a good veteran who fills the hole left by rivers.

Knicks get an established attack-oriented PG with Bledsoe. I think he could carve out a lot of space for Hernangomez and Porzingis. Rivers is a young, energy guy who could be a good bench player for the Knicks.

Bulls might not be happy with this offer, but they get two young players. Ulis, a local Chicagoan, who showed at the end of the season that he could be a starting PG in this league. He is undersized but he is crafty and understands the game very well. Warren is only 23 and he has great scoring instincts. He needs to work on long distance shooting, but he has a knack for getting the ball in the basket, which is a good skill to have for someone his age. A 2018 Miami 1st is probably a lottery pick (maybe not though). If this isn't enough, PHX could always throw in their own 2018 pick to sweeten the deal.

04 May 2017 19:13:32
Chicago and the Clippers should be getting more and the Suns need to be the ones giving it.

04 May 2017 19:14:37
How come the Suns avoid getting Anthony in that deal?

04 May 2017 19:27:23
Clippers say no.

04 May 2017 20:14:29
I just think the clippers clearly aren't working together. The talent is there but for some reason it doesn't translate to wins. Their core has never even made a conference finals. Before blowing up their entire roster, maybe they should try something different and switch it up. Carmelo has had his problems but nonetheless he is immensely talented. Paul could keep him in check and bring out the best in him. Paul and Chandler already have great chemistry from their days in New Orleans. I think this trade offers the clippers a third option. The first two being 1. blowing it all up and 2. Holding on to the same underperforming squad.

To please your demands, how about the Knicks send O'Quinn to the clippers, the Suns send Bender to the Bulls, and the clippers send pierce to the Suns (they have the cap space to absorb pierce's contract even though he'a retiring) .

05 May 2017 01:04:39
I think the suns would need to add their pick this year to get Butler and then something significant to the Clippers. The Clippers wouldn't do Jordan for Melo straight up and the extra players they're giving up in the trade have more value than the extras they're getting back.

05 May 2017 06:19:32
I'm trying to make something work where the Suns won't have to give up this year's pick. And for the clippers, the two johnsons hardly ever play so the clippers aren't losing much with them. So it becomes a DJ and rivers for Carmelo, Chandler, and Barbosa. I think Chandler still has some left in the tank. He doesn't get much respect around the league anymore because he has been on lottery teams or bad playoff teams for awhile now. But I think people should remember that he was a starting C for an NBA Champion. I think he'd be a solid replacement for DJ. And for Barbosa, he has contributed in the last two NBA finals. He plays a similar role to rivers. Both attack the basket hard and can knock down an occasional three. This trade definitely involves some risk-taking for the clippers but i think it's worth it. Because if it fails, they just rebuild, which they are already considering now.

02 May 2017 17:43:46

San Antonio - Afflalo (waive), Tolliver (waive), Kyle O'Quinn (backup C)

New York - Tony Parker, Pau Gasol (must opt-in), Rodney McGruder

Miami - Carmelo

Sacramento - Bosh and 2017 1st round pick from Miami

San Antonio saves $24 million so they can sign Chris Paul.

New York drafts Frank Ntilkina (Phil Jackson is not afraid to draft foreign prospects). Tony Parker can mentor Ntilkina (both french) and Gasol (former Jackson player) can mentor Hernangomez (both Spanish). Knicks will not be contenders next season so they can use these veterans to help build up their youth. And then after next season, their big salaries will be off the books. Mcgruder is also a young player is a nice piece to sweeten the deal.

Miami gets Carmelo, who would be happy to waive his no trade clause. Miami now has a big 3 of dragic, Anthony, and whiteside. They also have some solid young guys in winslow, tyler Johnson, and Richardson. And most importantly, they get rid of bosh's contract. I believe this team is capable of making the conference finals.

Sacramento absorbs bosh's contract for 2 years during their rebuild but they get another lottery pick (giving them 3 this year). Kings make this move and trust the process of stockpiling assets.

02 May 2017 20:08:20
I think Miami and Sacramento would probably jump at this. I think NY would definitely do it, even if it just puts butts in the seats. The holdback I have is San Antonio. I really don't see Pop moving Parker unless he asks, and even with Paul a possibility, I'm not sure if he would move those two guys for him. It might make total basketball sense as Paul and O'Quinn probably fit the rest of that squad better. but I just don't see him making that move. This is one of the few "complex" trades out there that actually makes some sense though.

02 May 2017 20:31:46
I understand the reservations Pop may have in dealing Parker who has grown up before his eyes and been his starting pg for past 15+ seasonss but the playoffs thus far have shown Spurs need to do something if they want to stay competitive. Adding Paul who is still the best pure point guard in the league would be a very good compliment to Leonard and hopefully would lead LA to be a more consistent contributor. If Paul is truly interested in going to SA then I think its too difficult to say no to him. I could see Pop saying no if it were a player of a lower caliber or different style but we are speaking of Chris Paul who appears to be the last great traditional, pass first pg who was made for Pops system.

At 35 and numbers that are near all-time lows for him maybe Parker considers retirement (his days as a starter are nearing an end but he seems to have a few years left in him) . A bit of a stretch but it would be a way for him to go out a Spur and help Pop make this complicated decision.

01 May 2017 16:28:48
Clippers offseason

Lac - Nyk 1st, Mia 1st, Winslow, Noah, and Bosh

Nyk - Jordan

Mia - Griffin and Speights

Lac drafts Fox and Leaf

Lac - Middleton

Mil -CP3 (s&t)

Offer Noel a 3 year max

Fox - Rivers
Middleton - Crawford
Winslow - Johnson
Leaf - Bass - Bosh
Noel - Noah

01 May 2017 18:00:10
Why would CP want to go to Milwaukee? Leave LA, and go to Milwaukee. doesn't make a lot of sense.

01 May 2017 18:11:03
Eew, I wouldn't pay Noel anywhere near a max deal. He's a nice backup center, but he doesn't have the ceiling of a max deal kind of guy.

01 May 2017 01:03:38
With Bosh gone Heat lack front court depth. With great perimeter depth, this trade give Heat good balance team in for years to come. Jackson has failed up to now and Knicks have more urguncy to win sooner than the heat. Ny needs to create cap space to add more 2 more stars.

Heat get Porzingis Hernangomez Leuer Thomas
Bulls get Noah Harris Jackson 14th
Knicks get Whiteside McRoberts Ellington
Pistons get Rondo Wade

Jackson for Arthur Nelson



CP3 and Milsap Maxed out contract McGee for MLE


27 Apr 2017 00:35:21
draft day trade
heat : pg13, bledsoe
suns : richardson,ellis, mcroberts(waive), #18 pick
pacers : dragic,bender,chriss, #14 pick

27 Apr 2017 05:39:47
Absolutely awful for everyone except the Heat. Suns are getting it the worst, not sure I'd except that offer for Chriss or Bender individually (maybe for Bledsoe) let alone all 3. Pacers could likely do better than that especially since Bender and Chriss couldn't both work with Turner already in place.

27 Apr 2017 08:46:12
How ridiculous for Suns! They never consider it!

27 Apr 2017 13:01:29
Wait am I reading this wrong. Heat get George and Bledsoe for dragic and a pick?

26 Apr 2017 22:58:27
okc thunder offseason

sign griffin max
roberson 3 year 23 mil
gibson 2 year 14 mil

Okc TRADE abrines sobonis syngler bulls 2nd
okc RECEIVE Jae crowder

Heat Trade whiteside
HEAT receive sobonis abrines syngler bulls 2nd brown/smart and clippers 1st 2019 pick

celtics get whiteside

heat get rebuild with brown abrines and sobonis 3 promising players while geting picks

celtics cet lethal rim proterctor and great center while kepping brooklyn picks and assuming they sign GORDON HAYWARD

OKC get contendor and shooter around russ and blake while getting a deaper bench

Please share what you think.

26 Apr 2017 23:52:05
OkC is over the cap.

27 Apr 2017 00:28:17
no they can go into luxury tax and they will be fine.

27 Apr 2017 02:37:24
rkenne is correct, the Thunder are already over the cap next year, and you have them adding another $40M - $50M worth of salary. There is a cap you know.

02 May 2017 02:30:39
Why would you sign Roberson if your getting another all defensive small forward.

26 Apr 2017 03:09:47
Heat get Porzingis Noah Hernangomez Thomas
Knicks get Whiteside McRoberts Ellington

Knicks sign CP3 and Milsap max deal
McGee for MLE

Both teams top 4 seed.


Dragic Noah for Lopez Rondo-release


26 Apr 2017 14:24:51
This actually seems like the kind of trade I can see Jackson making. I don't think he's there for the long haul, so he might be willing to sacrifice the Knicks future on a get rich quick scheme.

25 Apr 2017 20:01:20
Lakers Lopez nets late pick

Nets top 3 pick Deng Mozgof


Lakers Whiteside

Heat top 3 Deng Mozgof


Lakers Pg13 extension

Pacers top 3 Randle Deng

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