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20 Nov 2018 20:09:13

Detroit get Wall, Smith
Washington get Jackson, Galloway, 2019 top 10 protected 1st

This might be the only chance for the Pistons to add a 3rd - also highly overpaid - star to compete the next 3-4 years in the east. Detroit can have Wall, Griffin, Drummond and stay under the tax line, but they will have little money to spend.

Washington get rid off Wall's monster contract, they get a mid high pick and two servicable players. It looks like they can't have more for Wall.

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20 Nov 2018 23:21:34
I don’t think Pistons can trade this years 1st due to trading their 2018 1st in the Griffin trade.

20 Nov 2018 19:24:36
Cavs Trade Jr Smith 2021 first round pick (Top 10 Protection)

Warriors Trade Andre Iguodala

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20 Nov 2018 19:41:18
Why would the Cavs want Iggy or be willing to give up picks?

20 Nov 2018 20:53:52
I can't see either team going for this. Trading picks when you're rebuilding is a mistake, trading for JR Smith is also a mistake (especially in a locker room that already is not the best) .

20 Nov 2018 21:32:23
Warriors hoping JR comes up big for them again?

20 Nov 2018 23:18:45
Because Jr Smith on very low Values on Trade Cavs unloads Draft pick to move him.

21 Nov 2018 01:23:07
Why not just buy him out instead of wasting the pick?

20 Nov 2018 19:14:18
*Pelicans get: JR Smith
PG Holiday/Frazier/Payton
SG Moore/Clark/Jackson
SF Smith/Miller/Johnson
PF Mirotic/Randle/Diallo
Ce Davis/Okafor

*Cavaliers get: Solomon Hill, 2021 2nd
PG Hill/Sexton/Harrison
SG Hood/Clarkson/Nwaba
SF Osman/Korver/Hill
PF Nance Jr./Dekker/Love
Ce Thompson/Zizic/Frye

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20 Nov 2018 19:10:19
*Bucks get: JR Smith
PG Bledsoe/DiVincenzo/Morris
SG Brogdon/Smith/Connaughton
SF Middleton/Snell/Wilson
PF Antetokounmpo/Illyasova/Wood
Ce Lopez/Maker/Henson

*Cavaliers get: Matthew Dellavedova, Jodie Meeks, 2022 2nd
PG Hill/Sexton/Dellavedova
SG Hood/Clarkson/Meeks
SF Osman/Korver/Nwaba
PF Nance Jr./Dekker/Love
Ce Thompson/Zizic/Frye

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20 Nov 2018 19:42:04
The Cavs would be better off buying out JR than taking on Delly’s deal.

20 Nov 2018 20:25:38
Take out J. R. Smith, And put in Kyle Korver! No one wants JR Smith. The Bucks could use Korver.

20 Nov 2018 16:36:04
Markelle Fultz and 2nd for Josh Jackson and Bender?

- Phi has McConnell and Shamet for backup PG. Jackson adds wings defense and depth, can also play small ball 4 if needed. Bender also adds depth and can replace Sarics shooting

- Suns has a ton of young wings and can get another in the draft. Suns can afford to wait on Fultz to develop and he gets a chance to be the facilitator. Suns didn't pick up Benders option so they will more and likely won't resign



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20 Nov 2018 16:58:06
I catch a few suns rumors being in the area and most have the suns still really high on Jackson and warren long term. I don't think they have any interest in Fultz. Started booker at PG the other night and it went pretty well.

20 Nov 2018 17:23:12
I really like the idea of just starting Booker at point and use that stable of wings. I wouldn't move Jackson for Fultz, even if Jackson's stats are down a bit this year.

20 Nov 2018 20:19:43
And with the announcement of Fultz having an independent doctor look at his shoulder, any trade value he had left is 100% gone. I was on the side of believing in his potential, but not with that coming out.

21 Nov 2018 13:15:19
Yep. Yips!

20 Nov 2018 15:55:50

DET gets Vuc, Gortat, Lou Will and 1st rd pick via LAC

LAC gets Drummond

ORL gets Galloway, Ish Smith, and 1st rd pick via DET

Reggie Jackson
Lou Willl
Stan Johnson
Vucevic/ Gortat


Mo Bamba.

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20 Nov 2018 17:14:09
Clippers can't trade their No. 1 this year because it will convey top Boston if LAC makes the playoffs.

20 Nov 2018 19:43:12
Detroit trades a first to get rid of an allstar?

20 Nov 2018 19:43:29
Loubwilliam and a first is better than all else mentioned.

20 Nov 2018 15:47:23

MIA gets Beal, Oubre

WAS gets Richardson, Whiteside, MIA 2019 1st rd pick, Grayson Allen, Rubio, UTA 2019 1st rd pick

UTA gets Wall

Kelly O

Rubio/ Sato
Richardson/ Rivers
Porter/ Allen

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20 Nov 2018 19:43:41
It’s not terrible.

20 Nov 2018 15:23:01
Was and Orl

Was get Mozgov and a future 1st and 2019 2nd

Orl get Wall

Was are going to find it hard to get rid of Wall's contract so taking back a contract that expires next season and some picks is in their interest it's a low ball offer but is Wall worth the 40 mill he's going to be getting each year for the next few years.

Orl get a solid pg who can run with their current roster.

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20 Nov 2018 16:24:25
I think wall would stay and the wizards would rebuild until Wall expires before anything this extreme. Wall is very difficult to trade, no doubt.

20 Nov 2018 12:23:14

Cavs get jaren jackson, Parsons n a pick

Grizzlies get k love n korver

Cavs get a future C to pair with
Sexton, maybe trade Thompson, Parsons only has 2yrs on his deal

Grizzlies don't seem to want to tank n start all over this gives them a better cahnce to compete

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20 Nov 2018 15:31:16
I can’t see the Grizz doing that, but as a Cavs fan, I’d be giddy.

20 Nov 2018 19:44:56
Grizz say no. They are inning and the kid is developing well on the job.

20 Nov 2018 09:48:38
Hou: J Wall

Was: CP3

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