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14 Dec 2017 14:37:36

MEM get: Kent Bazemore, Dennis Schroeder, Miles Plumlee, Dwight Powell, Ersan Illasova (exp), Nerlens Noel (exp), Josh McRoberts (exp), Mike Delaney (exp), and 2018 1st DP ATL

pg. Schroeder
sg. Evans
sf. Bazemore
pf. Powell
c. Noel

DAL get: Marc Gasol

pg. Smith Jr.
sg. Curry
sf. Matthews
pf. Nowtizki
c. Gasol

ATL get: Mike Conley, Harrison Barnes, Ben McLemore, and Chandler Parsons

pg. Conley
sg. McLemore
sf. Parsons
pf. Barnes
c. Collins

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14 Dec 2017 14:43:06
i think Dirk retires afther this year, Otherwise Gasol in Dallas would be great.

Memphis should try to get picks, it's good value, but those players aren't good enough to make the playoffs en boston owns the 2019 pick.

14 Dec 2017 18:46:59
questionable move for atl who seem to be knee deep in a rebuild, they take on 3 enormous contracts (parsons being the worst) and give up their 1st. maybe this team makes the playoffs (devaluing the pick) but they aren't getting out of the first round, basically a move to cement them as a first round exit team at the expense of their future.

14 Dec 2017 20:10:55
I like the Parsons for Miles Plumlee trade off. Parsons appears to be more serviceable, than Plumlee, but it looks fair if Memphis is looking to start over. If Memphis were okay with this season, and used their Lottery pick, and Landed Doncic, keeping their team together doesn't look too bad either for next season. Tough decision, owner will decide.

14 Dec 2017 13:31:40
A trade dealine deal, if OKC keep strugling.

OKC: B Griffin+ clarckson

LA Lakers: Westbrook

clippers: L Ball+ Ingram+ Deng+ A robertson

PF: B Griffin
SF:C Anthony
SG:P George
PG: clarckson

LA can go after two free agents next year

Clippers start a rebuilt. They propably keep the 2019 and 2020 pick, so they only have to give 2 2rnd picks. Ball stays in LA and can get a fresh start(hopefully without his dad)

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14 Dec 2017 14:48:13
Lakers would probably want some or at least one pick.

14 Dec 2017 18:55:46
okc would want a lot more than the most injury-prone star in the league and a role player to move the face of their franchise. quite frankly, russ isn't getting traded.
furthermore, how are the clippers getting arguably a better package. just for the sake of entertaining this deal, i'd say send steven adams to la and lonzo to okc (even tho lonzo is about as likely to be traded as russ)
maybe randle to okc also.

14 Dec 2017 11:59:30
Bulls: Monroe, 2019 2nd from Portland. (Port has MIN 2nd too)

PHX: Vonleh, E.Davis

Port: Mirotic

Bulls need to hit cap floor, this does that, and they get a future asset. PHX saves some cash in the deal, and Vonleh, and Davis expire same as Monroe.

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14 Dec 2017 12:20:12
PHX is perfectly at the salary floor. This wouldn't work. Bulls need 6 mil to hit their floor.

14 Dec 2017 09:02:34
Bulls: Jon Leuer and Stanley Johnson

Pistons: Nikola Mirotic and Justin Holiday.

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14 Dec 2017 11:40:27
Bulls need to add about 6-7 mil to make cap floor, and want short term contracts, and/ or future assets for Lopez, and Mirotic. So goes the rumor. Mirotic would be a great piston. Help them tremendously.

14 Dec 2017 06:32:41
Bulls: Monroe

PHX: Mirotic

Bulls are below cap floor, this would put them right there. Good deal for PHX I would think. Helps Bulls too. Monroe is better in the post than Lopez too. Meets Bulls rumored criteria of short term contracts.

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14 Dec 2017 05:41:53
Bulls: Shroder, 2019 2nd

ATL: Mirotic, Felder

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14 Dec 2017 18:59:31
so here you get one of the brighter rising stars in the league for mirotic, but in the trade above it, he’s moved for an expiring contract. pretty big difference relative to trade value. i'd say it’s somewhere in between but closer to the latter.

14 Dec 2017 04:34:05
ATL: Lillard, Vonleh

Port: Bazemore, Shroder, 1st. Hawks choice when to convey. (within 2 years though) unprotected.

Portland needs SF/GF help, Vonleh makes salaries work, has expiring contract as a bonus, Port. Gets a solid starting PG.

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14 Dec 2017 05:52:01
If that’s Atlanta’s unprotected 2018 first, and another first thrown in, Portland might consider. Even then I can’t imagine they do it. Schroeder is an average starting PG at best. Bazemore isn’t any better than what Portland already has in Aminu. This is a massive step backwards for Portland. They basically hope that the player they get with the pick is almost as good as Lillard already is.

14 Dec 2017 06:11:38
After I posted I realized it should be another 1st. Bazemore is SF/ GF. Aminu is PF, or 3,4, but plays an athletic 4 for Blazers usually. Your absolutely right about another pick. I went too fast. Excited I found a good trade.

13 Dec 2017 21:45:36
DAL: Lopez

Bulls: Mathews, 2nd. Whatever 2nd Dallas wants to give.

Bulls can absorb salary difference, and relieve themselves of Lopez, while getting a pick. Mathews has 1 more season on the books. Maybe would be good for mentoring, he used to be pretty tenacious. Played with a lot of heart. DAL could use the cash savings, and Lopez is a talented passer, works hard. Wouldn't mind Carlisle probably. Everything is a joke to him.

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14 Dec 2017 14:20:35
So the bulls take on money, and trade the better player, all for a 2nd round pick? I don't think so.

14 Dec 2017 16:57:37
The Bulls have to pay whatever they don't spend on themselves to the players union if they don't hit the salary floor. They are 6-7 under right now. That 6-7 mil they would have to pay to NBPA. Greg Monroes's contract is almost perfect. Except then PHX would be under cap floor if they don't take back an exact salary match. Bulls and PHX want to be right at floor, not too far over, or too far under. Mathews is not ideal. I realized this after.

13 Dec 2017 20:51:57
Bulls: Curry, Mcroberts, 2018 2nd via SAC from Blazers

DAL: Mirotic

How desperate are the Bulls?

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13 Dec 2017 22:33:39
i don't dislike this trade.
The bulls getting a second. Curry can start untill young players are ready.

And Mirotic- Smith is a good combo to built arround.

13 Dec 2017 18:00:40
Knicks: Schroeder, Babbit

Hawks: Noah, 2018 1st, 2019 2nd

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13 Dec 2017 18:19:22
A first and a 2nd aren't enough to convince the Hawks to trade trade Schroeder or take on Noah let alone do both in one trade.

13 Dec 2017 20:08:15
Shot in the dark. Shroder was benched in a game the other night in the final eight minutes similar to Gasol. The thuggish street fight altercation, that we don't have all the information on. Those 2 incidents are my reasoning. I stand behind it.

13 Dec 2017 21:04:04
You know how long that was ago? Schröder won't be dealt for mid- or late-round first and a second. You also need two firsts or even more to get rid of Noah alone.

13 Dec 2017 21:25:49
@ps3077 Yes, I do know how long ago it was. Just this last year, still hasn't been settled in court either. The altercation thingy, along with the benching the other night. Knicks could be lottery, it's still early. Noah's contract is bad. If shroder is divisive, and benching is where you are at with him, what are your options? Hence previous post "shot in the dark"

13 Dec 2017 23:24:30
As a knicks fan, i would love to have schroder.

13 Dec 2017 23:26:53
He was benched one game recently where he played bad. Other coaches bench their players as well when they play bad. How often do you watch him? Can't see any true valuation. You give him a negative value in this trade, assuming getting rid of Noah costs 2 1st rounders (what teams will have to pay) . I mean your spelling of his name isn't close to correct (Schröder would be correct) . For all other Hawks fans I talk to he is also the best player of the team. He's still young and a lot of room to develop. Because of one mistake in his free time you don't trade a player.

14 Dec 2017 02:35:19
Reports say shroder shoved a guy outside a hookah bar, altercation ensued, security cameras show shroder hitting, and kicking the other guy. Won't release video because of court stuff. Not good. Maybe not a big deal if other guy was instigating, and shroder can settle, or not need to settle. It was reported sept. 30th. What I read.

14 Dec 2017 04:14:44
ps3077, you really can't hold the "o" thing against me I scoured the keyboard menu options, and there is no option for the special "o". I swear. I'm not petty, and this isn't personal for me.

14 Dec 2017 06:33:44
@ ps3077, people propose all sorts of trades others disagree with on here. I firmly disagree with jumping to any conclusions about what happened with shroder and that altercation, I wasn't there. I said that already, along with the trade proposal is a shot in the dark. I am typing on a phone, and not searching for the special "o" you require out of speed, not a slight on shroder, who he is, or where he comes from.

If he did do the things reported, and video evidence is accurate, along with eye witness account? That is not okay in any way. Society says so, and there are laws. People do make mistakes, and earn forgiveness. Owners do care about these things. I have done nothing, or said anything other media hasn't already stated. Given it a rest. This is a trade site. NOAH is probably not tradable with his contract. SHOT IN THE DARK.


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