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17 May 2017 14:37:00
If Minnesota wanted to trade Wiggins, how high of a pick to you think they could get in this years draft?

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17 May 2017 14:46:44
1st overall plus more.

17 May 2017 17:23:54
Um. no rkenne. just no.

Wiggins is starting to look like far less than what people made him out to be. The problem is, while he is a pretty solid scorer, at this point, that appears to be it. He is actually a negative on the defensive end. He doesn't rebound particularly well and he isn't much of a passer.

And he is already completed his third year. I don't know how much more complete of a player he will become. If he was in this draft and you knew this is where he would be after year 3, I see him going 3-7.

Absolutely not worth the 1st overall and more. Just stop.

17 May 2017 22:56:47
Wiggins hasn't been and doesn't project to be the heir to Lebron like some projected him to be coming out of Kansas and has been considerably worse on the defensive end than many thought but dude is still only 22 and one of the top prospects in the league. He has been extremely healthy (playing in all but one game in his first 3 years) and has scored over 20 ppg his past two seasons. He also made a big jump this past season improving his 3pt % from 30% to a respectable 35.6%. Issue is he doesn't do much else besides scoring with only 4 double doubles in his entire career.

I see no reason why Twolves would want to trade Wiggins for a pick in this years draft but for point of reference Jackson has been heavily compared to him and many regard him as 2nd or 3rd best prospect in the draft. You have to factor in the unknown factor (Jackson could be better than expected or much worse than expected) and the contract situation as well as the adjustment period and age in the value. If Wiggins was in this draft I think he'd be minimally #4 pick and maybe as high as #2 behind Fultz due to the increasing importance of point guards and shooters in today's game.

However, for it to make sense for Twolves to trade him they'd want #1 plus more since Twolves already have a promising team and with KAT they don't need Wiggins to be the next Lebron for them to be successful. There is always the risk that whomever they trade him for is not as good (Wiggins has been pretty darn good thus far) or worst a complete bust so they'd have to be compensated for that.

I'm not sure Celtics would be willing to do that (although maybe they would since Wiggins could help them to win right now and still keep the future bright while Fultz it remains to be seen if he can have an immediate impact) .

17 May 2017 02:00:11
So the big question is does Boston take the pick or trade it?

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17 May 2017 05:00:06
Draft Fultz. Trade one or two of Crowder/ Bradley/ Smart for a big.

17 May 2017 07:25:03
Since I think most teams agree Fultz is the #1 pick I think Boston should take him and get to see him up close in practice, in lockeroom and in weight room to get a better understanding if he is destined to be a great one or not. All the while they should have their ringers on and if any teams give them an offer that blows them out of the water they can make a move on it. I don't think Boston is in any rush. Draft Fultz, try to sign Hayward, shop for a bigman (doesn't have to be Drummond or a big name) .

The Cavs series should give them a better sense of where they need to improve to specifically get past them.

17 May 2017 09:09:47
I think they should trade no 1 pick for either George ( ideally if he resigns ) or butler!

Maybe trade jalen brown for vucevic

Line up of
Pg - Thomas - rozier
Sg - Bradley - smart
Sf - george - crowder
Pf - Horford - olynyk
C - vucevic - Johnson.

17 May 2017 22:17:27
Draft Fultz, try and sign Hayward, and then package Smart and Crowder with draft picks for a defensive big, like Jordan if the Clippers decide to blow it up or Drummond if he is still on the market.

Thomas/ Rozier
Bradley/ Fultz
Hayward/ Brown
Horford/ Olynyk
Drummond or Jordan/ Zizic.

17 May 2017 22:59:46
Jaylen Brown for Vucevic? I like Vucevic and think he is a very good big man that is on a reasonable contract and still relatively young but I don't think he has anywhere near that value especially when you factor in that inept Magic front office. With the way Rozier has been playing I think they could probably get Vucevic for Rozier and Celtics 2018 1st.

18 May 2017 12:23:48
I think jaylen brown is overrated, plus he is buried in this Boston team damaging is value already! Boston are in need of a good big man that rebounds! Agree Orlando front office suck so whose knows what they'd offer.

16 May 2017 23:27:22
If 76ers get #3 and #4 pick

-> draft PG Fox or Ball and SG Monk
- let Stauskas, Splitter & Rodriguez walk

- dynasty potential starting 5 and very strong bench mob led by Covington, McConnell, Okafor, Holmes, Luwawu, Bayless...
- contender after year 1

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17 May 2017 09:17:26
76ers at #3 should be able to snag josh Jackson to start at a guard spot

Sign patty mills

Pg - mills
Sg - Covington
Sf - Jackson
Pf - Simmons
C - embiid.

16 May 2017 13:42:05
If Pelicans don't do good until the trade deadline next year, do you think they would trade Cousins to Celtics for only 2018 Brooklyn pick and maybe one more Celtics own first rounder lottery protected?

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17 May 2017 07:28:15
It depends heavily on what other moves the Celtics make between now and then. In theory tho I think if Pelicans were in that situation and Cousins was unhappy and unlikely to resign they would need to consider dealing him since with their cap situation if he walked they wouldn't be able to restock on talent in FA.

16 May 2017 00:05:17
New Orleans Pelicans Offseason

- (Sign and Trade) Gordon Hayward - 5yrs/Max (Send Solomon Hill to Utah)
- Asik and a future 2nd to Philly for Gerald Henderson

- Jrue Holiday - 4yrs/100M
- Vince Carter - 1yr/Vet Min
- Mario Chalmers - 1yr/Min

PG - Holiday/Chalmers/Fraizer
SG - Moore/Jordan.Crawford/Carter
SF - Hayward/Henderson/Ponderxer
PF - Davis/Cunningham
C - Cousins/Ajinca

Getting rid of Asik and Solomon Hill's contracts gives cap space to go after Hayward and keep Jrue. Bench is filled with vets and young players

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15 May 2017 22:32:02
Boston: P George+ M turner

NY: Bradley+ C Zeller

Indy:Noah+ 1rnd pick Nets 17+ 1rnd pick Knicks 17+ 1rnd pick Nets 18+1rnd pick Memphis 19

C: Turner/ Johnson
Pf; horford/Jerebko
SF: P George/ J Brown
SG: Smart/ J Brown
PG: I Thomas/Rozier

NY dumps Noah's contract and they receive a great defender and 3-point shooter.

Indy can rebuilt loaded with draft picks

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16 May 2017 01:56:24
Why would the Pacers want to give up Turner if they are rebuilding. One or the other could be moved, but not both.

16 May 2017 16:17:39
Because that's what the Celtics want for three good draft picks.
They need a second starr, next to IT and they need a rebounder.

16 May 2017 16:50:26
I would assume, the Pacers are worried about what makes their team better. They aren't concerned about what the Celtics want. George is worth both Nets pick and another less pick or prospect on his own and Turner probably has similiar value given his age, level of play, skill set, contract, amount of years controlled and potential. Why trade Turner?

17 May 2017 02:30:29
Johnson is a FA and honestly I don't think Boston will resign him. They have to let KO, AM, TZ, JJ, JY all go if they plan on signing Hayward.

They will definitely be looking for 1 Center that will be their starting big. Zizic will come of the bench.

15 May 2017 21:13:26
Hornets Dream Offseason

-Get lucky and land a top 3 pick in the lottery

•Draft Josh Jackson

-Trade MKG, Marvin Williams, and whoever is drafted 41st to LAC for Blake Griffin (3yr 80m)

-Decline Ramon Sessions team option

•Free Agency:
-Sign Sergio Rodriguez 2yr 13m
-Sign Thomas Robinson 1yr 3m
-Sign Alan Anderson 1yr minimum

PG: Walker, Rodriguez, Weber
SG: Batum, Bellinelli, Graham
SF: Jackson, Lamb, Anderson
PF: Griffin, Kaminsky, O'Bryant
C: Zeller, Plumlee, Robinson.

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15 May 2017 00:11:22
What do you guys think about game 1 between the SAS & GSW? I'm with the SAS with this one. Sadly Kawhi went down again.

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15 May 2017 02:05:27
Warriors sweep.

15 May 2017 04:19:49
Rough loss for the Spurs. If Leonard doesn't go down that games completely different. Without Leonard and Parker they have no one that consistently create offense for themself or create open shots for other players. Aldridge is to inconsistent at this point. He had a decent game, but he was missing a ton of makable shots late in the game. Their poor offense was giving the Warriors a ton of easy shots in transition. That let Durant and Curry get in rhythm. Not to mention that without Leonard, Green and Simmons have to expend more energy on the defensive end as the primary defenders on Durant. If Leonard is out it's almost impossible for them to pull out a game. Aldridge would have to have be dominate in the post, their shooters would have to shoot lights out, they have to limit their turnovers, and dominate the boards. As for the Warriors, if Leonard plays, they need to slow down a bit. They seem to get in to much of a hurry and careless with the ball. They stop their own offense with turnovers at times. I think they also need to stay away from their small ball lineups. The Spurs size was creating so many 2nd chance points and the Spurs were scoring st will inside.

15 May 2017 20:39:37
We all no that was a dirty play from Zaza and the spurs will lose game 2 but will come fired up in front of the home crowd and even the series at 2 a piece.

13 May 2017 18:21:52
Which big man trade target makes the most sense and is the most realistic for the Celtics?
-Kenneth Faried
-Gorgui Dieng
-Myles Turner
-Kristaps Porzingis

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13 May 2017 18:33:54
Accidentally submitted before I was done, also meant to add:
-Nikola Vucevic
-Julius Randle
-Derrick Favors.

13 May 2017 19:41:15
If they could get Turner or Porzingas, they should do it and then make the rest of the front court fit them. Both look like guys who'll be stars for a long time. They would have to give up a ton for either though and I'm not sure Ainge would be willing to do that if New York or Indy would even be willing to even listen to offers.

I think for the price Vucivic probably would be a solid fit that they could probably get for less than he's worth.
Favors is a solid player that they could pick up in free agency and could provide a lot of what they need, but he's going to get severely overpayed, he is solid but isn't going to put the team over the top, and has a pretty spotty injury history.

Honestly, Jordan or Drummond would probably be their best bet. The Pistons were listening to offers for Drummond who's already a borderline allstar and is still really young. He can do everything the Celtics big men lack. He can help now and fit with all of their young guys dowm the line. He would probably be significantly cheaper than Turner and KP.
If the Clippers break up this offseason Jordan is a little older than Drummond but might be slightly cheaper and pretty much everything else I said about Drummond could be said of Jordan.

I think they would have to over pay for Randle and Dieng and neither provides everything they need. Faried couls probably be had cheap, but again doesn't provide everything the Celtics need.

14 May 2017 00:02:15
Dieng would be a good fit as he's youngish, good defensively and solid rebounder. Don't think his value would be more than a mid to late 1st.

Its worth trading for Porzingis or Turner because they are nearly as young as rookies and are still on rookie deals but have proven to be able to contribute at a high level. Unfortunately the price may be a bit too high since they'd have to give up 1 maybe both Brooklyn picks.

I'm not really a fan of Faried or Randle since although good rebounders they lack prototypical size. Favors kind of falls in this boat too and he has had injuries woes recently. However, besides Randle I think these guys would be relatively cheap to get so for the right price it could make sense.

I'm not sure Vucevic is the right style center for Boston (more offensive than defensive center) but I do like Vucevic and think some team should steal him from orlando.

As rkenne_16 Drummond and Jordan are probably the best options available. Both are elite rebounders which is the Celtics biggest issue. Their prices will be significant but not as much as Porzingis and Turner.

14 May 2017 01:44:38
Jaw, while I agree that's about what Dieng is worth, I don't think one first motivates Minnesota to move him. I also think while Vucivic isn't the elite defender that some of the other guys are he can provide rebouding, a decent presence in the paint, and his offensive game could take some of the pressure off IT. If they could get him cheap it might be worth it. Agree with everything else though.

14 May 2017 01:46:03
I don't like Drummond or Jordan for Boston though because of their free throw shooting. It hurts late in games, especially in playoffs.

14 May 2017 15:12:19
I don't think the free throws are as big of a deal now that they've made the rule change.

17 May 2017 02:47:55
I would say Turner. But would love to see Drummond there.

13 May 2017 18:19:18
Who is a realistic second star sidekick to James Harden the Rockets could target?

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13 May 2017 19:53:01
It's fairly hard to think of a scenario where they end up with a 2nd star without losing mutliple starters and most of their future draft picks. The team isn't very deep and already capped out. So I'm not sure there is a deal that would bring a super star to them that makes sense. Unless Dantoni is willing to bring Melo in, which seems unlikely.


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