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08 Aug 2018 22:34:19
I love some of the headlines coming out of Cleveland . Cavs still open to moving J.R. Smith . Wow we are all surprised by that the Cavs would love to punt him , his Lebron helped contract ,his bowl of soup and his brain fades to where ever they could

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08 Aug 2018 14:59:02
Knox - 2nd Melo potential
Ntilikina 2nd Gary Payton potential
Robinson - 2nd Capela potential
Porzingis athletic Dirk if he avoids injuries.

NY should highly consider dumping kanter and Mudiay and bring the deng and ball family including his 1 brother for minimum wage. Draft young brother in 2 yrs.

Thats 5 player 22 yrs and younger at 5 position with star potential.

Wait an extra yr for free agency, to see who reach potential add better pieces and continue with 2 more lotto picks. Show case noah and deng for trade in midseason if they blossom back to form. Regardless avoid paying an older butler with 2 knee injuries, avoid paying an undersized walker or avoid irving of long term. This plan also avoid dumping thomas and Lee. But hardaway is necessary.

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08 Aug 2018 15:24:50
You are a terrible knicks fan. By the ways, Ntilikina is gary payton? In what world? Yes they both play great defense, but Payton had years averaging almost 25 pts and 9 assists per game. You are insane if you think that's anything Frank will produce. You need to start watching basketball some time soon.

08 Aug 2018 17:53:19
Real comparisons:
Porzingis - LaMarcus Aldridge
Ntiilkina - Pat Beverly
Knox: Sure, maybe Melo or Paul George best case scenario (You could say the same thing about any lottery pick before their rookie year though) . Most likely scenario: Jeff Green.

Star potential? A second round pick has star potential? In that case, all second round picks (and first obviously) have star potential. Good thing, I'll let Neil Olshey know that Collins and Simons are about to be the second comings of Duncan and Jordan!

08 Aug 2018 19:57:23
You forgot Ron Baker is he next Jordan and Burke is the next Curry.

08 Aug 2018 23:46:25
1st learn the word potential, use your phone for something useful, letsgoknicks. Frank is 20 yrs old. Payton came in this league at 22. let's see how good he will get in next 2 yrs. Jeff green would of been great if it wasnt for heart problems. Bmiller your mad bc your blazers peaked can't win nothing but summer league. Collins is nice piece and simons is a project hope they work out for you. Blazers don't have any rim protectors. Defense wins championship. Rkenne your future is only sexton, kevin love and the Kardashian curse. don't be mad. Knicks draft 18 and 19 yrs old the last 2 yrs and will take time to develop. Whether you believed in their potential or not, those are not my comparison, But comparison of experts when the players came to the league. let's see ntilikina does euro champ and than during season. Like i said our future plays defense and I love defense.

09 Aug 2018 11:35:44
Melo potential?
Knox is better now than Anthony was in his prime.

09 Aug 2018 15:41:48
shizzee, you lost all credibility (not just claiming the potential of these 18 and 19 year olds being hall of famers) above when you ranted about how the knicks management frustrates you for using the stretch provision on 2 years of salary instead of waiting a year and using it on 1 year.

To repeat, the knicks wait til after sept 1 so this years salary counts on this years books, and they only stretch 1 year.

Perhaps you should be using your phone for something useful instead of hysterics.

07 Aug 2018 07:00:50
My predictions for 2018/ 19 All-NBA Teams

1st Team-
G: Russell Westbrook
G: James Harden
F: Giannis Antetokounmpo
F: LeBron James
C: Anthony Davis

2nd Team-
G: Steph Curry
G: DeMar DeRozan
F: Kevin Durant
F: Kawhi Leonard
C: Joel Embiid

3rd Team-
G: Kyrie Irving
G: Victor Oladipo
F: Paul George
F: Jimmy Butler
C: Rudy Gobert (Nikola Jokic)

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08 Aug 2018 23:57:14
How can you not say predictable, it pretty accurate.

06 Aug 2018 17:21:58
I saw Deng play dude can ball out still and played great defense. Plus team Africa leader, he not negative value just no value because no one seen him play last year

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06 Aug 2018 18:18:21
He's still overpaid by triple and has two years left on his deal. He definitely has negative value.

06 Aug 2018 19:22:58
He gets paid half of his Max if you can play solid defense and average 14 points that's worth 18 mil. Plus he got veteran leadership. I want to see him play before I under value him. What I saw him play with team Africa was shocking.

06 Aug 2018 19:40:06
Mrs. Deng is that you?

06 Aug 2018 21:09:16
Don't think you saw the africa game and they lost. So Deng did great against the better team is y it's so shocking.

06 Aug 2018 22:37:12
You were watching a scrimmage that nobody playing cared about. The guy has been consistently worse each year for the past 4 or 5 years. He’s not going to give you 15 points and good defensive in NBA games. The Lakers started the year last year trying to win games and he didn’t touch the floor. The year before that he was terrible. He’s a minimum player at best and he’s currently making 18 million with 2 years left. That is one of the worst contracts in the league.

06 Aug 2018 23:13:20
One exhibition game isn't skyrocketing his value. He can't average 14 ppg anymore, no way. And his defense is above average, he's not a lock down guy any more.

07 Aug 2018 15:34:08
He scored 14 pts, against a team which the best player was gallinari. Seriously, you are such a dillusional lakers fan. Deng has insanely negative value.

Lets talk facts about playing in real games, not a scrimmage against mostly midlevel players.

hes turning 34, going on his 15th season.

He played only 1 game last year, for one of the worst teams in the league.

The year before, which he played 56 games, he averaged 7pts, 5rb, playing over 26 minutes a game, shooting 38% from the field. He is at best, and end of the bench rotation player. Likely a 3rd string player. To try and profess him as a quality player, worth half a max contract, because he had an ok 20 minutes in a single scrimmage against mostly decent players is hysterical. Just stop.

07 Aug 2018 18:35:03
Dengs agent is my MVP man that guy could sell snow to Eskimos.

07 Aug 2018 18:49:34
For someone really wanting to play I don't think he be the last bench player or what's the point in wanting to play.

07 Aug 2018 19:48:20
I really want to play. Should I start?

06 Aug 2018 15:38:22
What are some big names y'all see available at trade deadline?
Love if he is playing good and Cavs still aren't in the top 8.
Walker if hornets don't want to pay him a lot of money to stay in the lottery and he won't take a pay cut
Butler, Irving, and leonard if they say they r leaving after the season no matter what.

Who else am I missing anyone? Where do y'all think some of these players might end up?

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06 Aug 2018 23:20:51
I could see Memphis blow it up and move Conley and/ or Gasol.

Love will definitely get interest.

McCollum will be talked about, but I expect Portland to want a massive haul for him. I could still see it happening.

I think GS will listen to offers on Klay. I wouldn't be shocked if he got moved. But they'll want a ridiculous amount of assets for him.

The clippers are interesting. I think they should start over and move Harris, Bradley, Williams, and Beverly. All 4 would get them decent assets.

07 Aug 2018 02:11:26
Wiggins, McCollum, Conley or Gasol if Grizzlies are still bad.

07 Aug 2018 14:07:26
I could see Conley being available if he comes back healthy but Memphis can't crack the top 8 in the west.

McCollum will be out there, but the asking cost will be huge.

Love and Walker if neither team is in the playoff picture.

I also wouldn't be shocked if GS took calls for Klay and Draymond. They wouldn't actively put them on the trade block, but if they get a massive offer of young talent for one of them (unlikely, but more likely for Klay), I could see it happening.

08 Aug 2018 22:58:08
Kawhi, Lowry, Middleton (though I think they would want a star in return), Dragic, Drummond, Griffin, Irving, and Heyward are potentially some others that could become available.

06 Aug 2018 02:27:27
Vegas has the Spurs at 43.5 and missing the playoffs. That's seems ridiculous. The Cavs at 30.5 seem low as a homer. Someone has to win the game in the East.

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06 Aug 2018 06:20:04

Are those the top four according to Vegas.

06 Aug 2018 15:32:51
Vegas makes odds on how people bet, not how good a team is. Cowboys get higher over under win total than most teams because lots of stupid fans bet and vegas makes money.

06 Aug 2018 17:06:29
Yeah, I think SA is being overlooked. With that team, I expect them to be better than OKC if they stay healthy. SA as the 3 seed shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

Agree about Cleveland too. They will fight for a top 5 seed in the east. There's so many average teams in the east, they could end up 5 or 12 and neither would be surprising.

06 Aug 2018 17:42:42
Shiller, I get how betting works, but these are opening lines. The public hasn’t had a chance to actually change the line. I’d assume that Spurs line goes up.

06 Aug 2018 19:19:43
West is going to be hard to predict. Kings will finish last is about the only sure bet.

06 Aug 2018 01:54:28
I like the Cavs being aggressive late in the offseason. They've added 2 young players that have some upside in Nwaba and Dekker. Assuming they get Hood back in the fold, i'd have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with the offseason sans Lebron. If Love has a big 1st half of the year and they can turn him around for some assets, I'd be pretty excited. If they could do that and some how keep their pick, they have some decent pieces to start a rebuild around considering the roster this time last year.

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05 Aug 2018 18:48:24
my prediction for playoffs..

Yup, LeBron finally beat the Warriors.. but Rockets beat the Lakers in west finals and advance to nba finals and face the celtics..

Finally, NO MORE LEBRON AND WARRIORS in the Finals..

new Champ will be crown.. Rockets vs Celtics..

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06 Aug 2018 15:16:59
I disagree. I don't think the rockets will make it to the conference finals unless they get lucky with injuries to other teams. If all of the key players for both teams stay healthy this is my prediction. I believe the 2 and 3 spot will be thunder and rockets it doesn't really matter which is which. Thunder and rockets will both win the first round by how many games depends on the team they face a team like jazz, spurs, Lakers, nuggets could finish in the 6 or 7 spot in the west. The thunder will then win the 2nd round in 6. We have seen Roberson shut down harden several times. harden will struggle in the series, and Melo will be Melo ball stopper and terrible defense. Thunder will try and switch Melo on to Russ or George on the perimeter or Adams in the paint who ever he is guarding it won't be easy for him any of those 3 score on him easily. We finally get a conference finals rematch between thunder and warriors. If everyone is healthy including cousins warriors will win in 6, but it won't be an easy 6. Warriors will then go on to play Celtics or raptors in the finals. If raptors warriors in 5 maybe 6. If Celtics with everyone healthy Celtics in 7. That would be a great series.

08 Aug 2018 07:02:54
if lebron beats the warriors best believe he's not losing the rest of the way.

05 Aug 2018 18:44:09
To a rebuilding team Deng is pretty valuable and really usable.

First a team taking Deng from the Lakers get a first round pick and maybe a second. Then after season Deng will be an expiring contract. So since the team is rebuilding they can trade Deng expiring contract and take on salary for another pick. Like the Cavs, atl, Orlando, or even the Suns

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07 Aug 2018 15:37:30
Best part of this foolish post is, he has value, because after a year hell only have a year. Great thinking.

07 Aug 2018 18:53:49
So by trade deadline when most that 18 is Eaten up or by draft night when just 18 left, when the value really starts.

07 Aug 2018 19:49:51
I don't think you understand basketball at all. First, you are trying to prove he has value because he scored 14 pts in a mediocre scrimmage. Now you are claiming he has value because what, he's an expiring contract in a year. You really make no sense.

08 Aug 2018 04:36:21
You must can't read I never said he had value. I said he had no value because no one seen him play. I said I think he can play with what I saw. yeah by the deadline his contract can be valuable to a team. Different in saying his play has value.

08 Aug 2018 15:29:01
You talked about not wanting to undervalue him. You need to watch him play.

Remember, you want to ignore the 14 years of professional basketball experience, including the most recent 2 years in which one he played none and the second he was horrendous. But you saw a scrimmage against a mediocre team, and now you think the jury is out on whether a player who performed HORRIBLY earning a half max salary is of neutral value instead of negative value?

Ill go with the 880 real games in which he played against quality teams and you were able to analyze the arc of success and eventual decline as opposed to basing my judgment on 20 minutes of a mediocre scrimmage for team africa.


08 Aug 2018 23:15:15
You the type who get tricked by tricked questions because you don't read. The biggest word in the sentence is if. I said if he can play great defense and average 14 points even 12 points he be worth his contract. But no one saw him play. I assume that he can play and by what I saw, if he want to play he can play so why embarrass yourself if you really can't cause no matter what he getting 36 million over next two years. I never said he going to average 14 points and have fair value. I said if he can. That be fair But the Lakers drafted Ingram and developed him and randle benched Deng. I believe he got hurt first year with Lakers.

05 Aug 2018 15:55:55
Would the wolves future be better if they didn't trade for butler?

Starting Lineup

Almost a big 5 Wiggins would be a lot better without butler and so would towns

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05 Aug 2018 16:17:54
They’d most likely have a better future, but who knows who they would have taken there and that team would be pretty awful defensively. I think the real question is what if they could have gotten him for something close to Wiggins straight up?

06 Aug 2018 17:16:44
A Wiigins for Butler trade could have been great for the Wolves. Was that on the table for the Bulls?

PF: Markannen
SF: LaVine
SG: Butler
PG: Dunn.

07 Aug 2018 01:13:37
There were rumors at the time I believe. I’m not sure if they were willing to do it straight up or not though and the Wolves seemed pretty dead set on keeping Wiggins.


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