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23 Jun 2017 08:23:33
Great draft by the Kings. Finally they drafted smart. Traded away #10 when Isaac and Markkanen were gone and they had no need for Monk. Fox clearly a starter, Jackson not so sure but should see big minutes in his first year already, Giles is a gamble but was probably the best player if not for the injuries, Mason perfect backup PG. Maybe brighter years are to come for the Kings.

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23 Jun 2017 13:12:15
I felt Kings were positioned nicely with #5 and #10 since they were both kind of the last picks before a drop in talent in next tier of prospects. At #10 I probably would've taken Monk as the best player available and since Kings backcourt is lacking (Monk could've played 6th man combo guard role getting minutes at both guard spots) . However, I think trading back wasn't a bad move either. I think they did a good job of balancing Jackson who seems to be a fairly low-risk player with Giles who is a high-risk, high-reward player. I would've liked them to possibly get OG Anunoby who is a lotto-level talent who defensively could've been a rock for that team. Overall tho it was a very logical draft for the Kings and overall their outlook is looking a lot better than it did a year ago with Cousins. I think having a character like that as you best player is draining to a franchise and moving him was certainly an addition by subtraction.

23 Jun 2017 16:18:47
Kings also got College Basketball Player of the year Frank Mason in the 2nd round. If he was a few inches taller and a little younger he'd probably be top player in this draft class. He is a winner and tough competitor and could be an offensive force after shooting an unreal 47% on over 5 3s per game in college. Hopefully Kings learned their lessen with IT and will keep Mason around since he may not be IT but he should have a solid career.

23 Jun 2017 19:38:50
Lol. Like luke harongody. Or Tyler hansborough? He's second round for a reason. Let's not over sensationalize here.

23 Jun 2017 19:41:36
McDermott. Hield. Fredette. Kaminsky. Turner. Burke. These are recent players of the year. COllege most definitely does not translate to NBA. At least not in a clear direct way.

23 Jun 2017 02:55:55
How likely do you think Wade to the Cavs is after buyout season?

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23 Jun 2017 13:44:42
I think Wade is a potential buy-out candidate although its an awkward scenario since he opted in and he has the most to lose by staying on that Bulls team (Bulls likely aren't going to effectively use that money elsewhere and having Wade's veteran presence would be valuable) .

I don't think Wade is really what Cavs need (youth, shooters and defenders) but he should be a relatively cheap option and if it helps keep Lebron happy its worth it. He would probably have to alright with coming off the bench tho since I think his lack of shooting and defense would really hurt the starting lineup where his scoring and ability to create his own shot would be more valuable off the bench.

23 Jun 2017 15:48:17
From the metrics I looked at, his defense was average last year. He could fall off next year, but if the Cavs could limit his minutes off the bench I imagine he could play with a little more intensity on that end (along with not having to be the 2nd option in a fairly bad offense) . He's not a great shooter, but he had possibly the best 3 shooting year of his career last year and I doubt he has seen the open shots that he would see with the Cavs. If he could provide bench scoring and be a plus defender, it would be fairly big for the Cavs. Obviously more would need to be done to have a chance at a healthy Warriors squad, but Wade could be a great bench addition if he doesn't regress.

The fact that he has been at odds with Hoiberg at times makes me think that he might not be great for the young players. I assume it's more about Hoiberg than Wade since he's been a pro's pro for his entire career, but its probably better for everyone if Wade is let go.

Also, like you said, it doesn't hurt to appease Lebron. I think Wade coming off the bench may be the sticking point, but if he's let go there aren't many viable options where he would be a sure fire starter. The only other option I could see would be the Spurs. His play making and ability to create shots is the one thing they were in dire need of without Parker and then even more so once Leonard went down.

23 Jun 2017 01:10:59
Wolves get Butler and 16th pick

Bulls get robbed

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23 Jun 2017 04:57:02
That was a terrible trade for the Bulls. Moving up 9 spots in the draft, a guy coming off an acl tear and Dunn who had a terrible rookie year for one of the premier two way player in the league.

23 Jun 2017 12:36:46
It should've been Wiggins, Jones and #7 for Butler and #16.

23 Jun 2017 15:55:53
NBA, I think the 16 would have been out of the original trade it wouldn't have been terrible for the Bulls. Maybe not the ideal package, but understandable. Once you at that's 16 though, it's kind of baffling. I really don't understand the hurrying on their part. They had Butler for 2 more years. The only thing I can think after that trade (and the Cousins trade) is that the Warriors and to a lesser extent the Cavs and the disparity between the contracts from drafted players and players after being resigned have made teams think staying young and building through the draft is their best option long term. I assume being capped out just to get beat down in the playoffs isn't a great motivator to make a trade for a star.

23 Jun 2017 17:21:14
Do I wish we could've gotten more? Of course.

But if this was the best offer on the table, it was a deal they had to make. This was the most leverage they were ever going to posses in a trade for Jimmy, having 2 years left on his deal. Rebuilding was the right move.

Ill be the last person to defend Gar/ Pax believe me, and any other GM would've gotten that deal without giving up 16 (not sure Wiggins was ever on the table) . But in the big picture, this move wasn't the absolute worst thing they could've done. Not great, but at least we picked a direction.

25 Jun 2017 00:11:58
Real reason they traded jimmy Jerry owner is so cheap didn't wanna pa him the super max.

23 Jun 2017 01:04:05
Wow, Wolves team become more exciting. Need to add shooters now.

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23 Jun 2017 04:20:30
Yes they definitely could use shooting but I think it was a great trade for them especially with Issac being off the board at #7. Adding Butler makes them a sure playoff team and provides them with leadership of a veteran two-way player who along with Thibs can help Wiggins and KAT become the defensive forces they have the ability to be.

Twolves reportedly are still shopping Rubio which I believe is a smart idea since Rubio, Butler and Wiggins on the perimeter would kill spacing. They then plan to sign a point guard via FA. They are rumored to be interested in bringing Drose but I'm not a fan of that and probably still tension between he and Butler. I'd prefer them to go after George Hill or Jrue Holliday who are both solid two-way players who could fit Twolves defensive identity as well as stretch the floor some.

For the Bulls I think trading Butler was the right move and Celtics reportedly weren't willing to beat this offer so if they were going to move Butler its the right move. I still think moving him was the right move but with this underwhelming offer (its not bad but Dunn and LaVine's values are both fairly low right now) I may have waited to get a better feel of how FA would go since there is no real rush to deal Butler and ideally you build around him as a top 15 player in the league and one of top 5 two-way players.

23 Jun 2017 00:22:11
Jahlil Okafor for Sean Kirkpatrick and maybe a filler if needed



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23 Jun 2017 04:23:27
I like it for Nets since adding young talent is what they should be doing and Kirkpatrick at 27 and in last year of his contract probably isn't in their longterm plans.

Its alright for 76ers but with Kirkpatrick having 1 year on his contract I'd explore other avenues. Danny Green is reportedly being shopped so I'd try to move Okafor and some 2nds for him first since he is not only a great shooter but terrific defender.

22 Jun 2017 21:32:19
Cavs off-season

Resign korver Williams
Waive jones jones Tavares
Sign bogut tucker collison sefolosha brooks

Cavs get faried chandler
Nuggets get love shumpert felder 2nd

Irving collison brooks
Smith korver sefolosha
James chandler Jefferson
Tucker faried Williams
Thompson frye bogut

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23 Jun 2017 00:06:23
That trade is terrible for the Cavs. They aren't adding depth, Love can do on his own what Chandler and Faried do, and they lose their best perimeter defender. They would need to get way more in that trade.

23 Jun 2017 04:29:01
I like the idea of moving Love to Nuggets but they'd need more in return. In any move Cavs need to consider Lebron potentially leaving next summer so I think targeting some young talent wouldn't be a bad idea. Adding a guy like Gary Harris who is a solid two-way guard who is young but after his game taking a big jump this past year can contribute right now as a starter or off bench.

I'd prefer something like Love and Frye for Chandler, Faried, Harris and Hernangomez/ Arthur. If I'm Nuggets I'd be quite interested in consolidating talent to get a star (I still consider Love a star and think he'd be much improved as #2 offensive option on that team, maybe even #1 since Jokic is more of a facilitator) .

22 Jun 2017 18:00:37
I am a HUGE Knicks fan but I am so tired of the self-inflicted wounds. Noah.4 years? Melo could have been a franchise player that would have transitioned into KP being the franchise player. Now they are both unhappy because of the Phil Jackson BS. Dolan has always proven himself to be an idiot. I mean how much longer can I justify even following this travesty of a team? The early 90s were great even though we didn't win a title. Now it just sucks to even admit you follow them. Every hopeful element that arises gets squashed by EGO. Pathetic excuse for a franchise at the current moment.

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22 Jun 2017 19:28:32
You could become a Nets fan.

23 Jun 2017 04:32:28
Ya KP and Melo aren't really the issue Phil Jackson has been. He has to go since his actions are not only upsetting guys on the team but will discourage FA from coming to NY. I don't think he ever really wanted the position just the money and after things haven't really gotten any better the past few years he is just trying to get fired so he can take his money and try to reconnect with his girl Jeanie Buss in LA who is now the sole head of that franchise and is building something much better than what is going on in NY even if they don't score big in FA.

22 Jun 2017 16:59:03
Porzingis is gone.
How can the Knicks bring him back now?

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22 Jun 2017 17:46:23
Easy. He has 0 other options. Unless he is willing to retire, what leverage does he have?

23 Jun 2017 04:40:48
Get rid of Phil Jackson. He is who KP, Melo and probably prospective FA aren't happy with. Even the coaching staff probably don't like him since he is forcing the triangle offense down their throats. He doesn't have an MJ or Kobe on this team and they need to run an offense that fits their team and players not try and force square pegs in round holes cause "I have 11 rings". Jackson and his ego has gotten out of hand and his statements are literally hurting the team now and discouraging FA from coming.

Trading Porzingis is the wrong move. You don't trade guys as good as him as young as him when you are a bad team. He is signed long term and soonest he could leave is in 3 years after accepting the qualifying offer in RFA (where he'd be giving up 10+ mill) and becoming an UFA for a year. He likely signs on for 4 years in RFA to get his money so that is 6 years to build around Porzingis. Knicks have some cap space so if FA actually wanted to play for you (Jackson discourages this) they could likely put together a decent team.

22 Jun 2017 16:49:39
Not a trade, but I just wanted to gauge how happy people would be if the dominoes all fell correctly and Ball wound up not getting picked by the Lakers, falling to Orlando or Minny later on. He's already been recruiting LeBron to a team he's not even on.

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22 Jun 2017 17:02:42
Anything that gets Lavar to shut his mouth makes the world a better place.

22 Jun 2017 14:06:28
Around NBA teams:
If I were the Cavs or Celtics, i rather have Butler than George..

Butler is more upgrade on defense and athletic scorer
George maybe athletic but not much like Butler and better shooter

Butler has more years left in his contract than George whose contract will be expired next year..

I don't think bulls will get far in the playoffs because Rondo and Wade are foes since the Celtics-Heat Big 3 era.. Rondo and Wade get their money then will ask to be waive so they can go to better teams..

About LeBron, Butler or no Butler, George or no George, the cavs need to improve defense.. If ever they want a trade, Butler is a better choice, if LeBron fail to get the championship then go to LA just like the rumors says and have the banana boat roster or with russ and george, Irving and Butler will be the new faces of Cavs..

On Spurs, it will be the right choice to trade Aldridge and Green to clear some capspace, Chris Paul is the ideal PG for this franchise, and they could get better and cheaper big men at free agency..

Warriors will focus on retaining their Big 4 players, after that, they will focus on signing veterans for minimum wage..

Lakers should they trade the number 2 pick?? I would say yes with those picks and young players.. they need to get Russ and George this year so they could attract and sign LeBron next yr.. but if they going to use this years pick, take Jackson a much low risk to be a bust, then Knicks wanted to trade porzingis to a top 4 pick, suns could draft ball and trade to knicks..

For the other LA team (Clippers), major changes need to happen trade Griffin and Jordan, some capspace next year, "voila", banana boat team assemble.. paul to wade to melo and to lebron!!

CP3 stay, CP3 to Spurs, CP3 the return (pelicans), this and that, CP3 is not a bad fit for the Pelicans, with Davis and Cousins, a better version of Grffin and Jordan

Celtics pride to retain the pick is a good thing, getting Hayward or Butler would make them contenders again for East finals..

Sixers trust the process probably will be a success, Fultz, Simmons and Embiid.. same with the T-wolves, Rose reuniting with coach thibbs.. I will definitely watch these two young teams..

Rockets are finding a better point guard and a scoring big man..
Thunder, I hope they could get Griffin(oklahoma native) or Love(russ ucla teammate) to pair with westbrook..

Nets and Suns will probably at the bottom 5 next season, add the Magic and Kings too..

Raptors number one priority is finding a new point guard..
Knicks on rebuilding process, what they could get from Melo and Porzingis plus how to get rid Noah..
Bucks still finding a perfect fit starting center, love to see greek freek again in the playoffs..
Pistons and Pacers wants to trade their MVP players.. Drummond and George..
Hawks and Hornets trading players but still on the same level of being a contender team or not..
Heat have some capspace to pair with whiteside, winslow and dragic, eyeing Hayward in the market..
Wizards coming out short in the nba playoffs is only a beginning for them, fun to watch Wall and Beal..

Dallas team, not so much hype for this team and will be the last year of Dirk
Memphis, Gasol brothers could possibly happen..
Nuggets, I like the teams developtment, Should they let Gallinari go?? I would say YES and please trade Faried too..
Jazz, same with Nuggets, should they let Hayward go?? But i would say NO instead trade Favors please..
Blazers, Lillard wants out if they could not get a helpful teammates except for McCollum..

I forbid a Warriors vs Cavaliers part 4.. its not fun to watch NBA anymore..

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22 Jun 2017 17:17:20
For the Celtics, I agree that Butler makes more sense. They have the assets to go get him and they're a team that is still young and still developing. Butler would be much less risky since he doesn't have a preferred destination and is signed for multiple years. He would probably be their best player and could place players around him that complement him.

The Cavs would be better off going after George. It's risky, but they need to match up better against the Warriors and they don't have a ton of options to be able to do it. The position the Pacers are in would make him cheaper. They're similar players. They can both do a little of everything, can play the 2 or 3, and the 4 in small ball line ups. Butler is a little more athletic and a slightly better passer. George is longer, much better shooter, and has come up big in the clutch far more often than Butler (with more opportunities) . Saying one is a better defender is splitting hairs. Their defense is second only to Leonard and a motivated Lebron for wing players. The Cavs need more lengthy wings to guard Durant and Lebron and Kyrie need as many shooters as they can get. That in combination with the price and clutch performances makes me think they would be better off going with George.


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