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12 May 2019 19:46:44
What's the Rockets next move?

Trade Cp3, Capela, or Gordon?
Coaching change?
Run it back one more year since Warriors might split, add more vets?

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12 May 2019 21:12:09
Personally, I would trade CP3. But I don't think the Rockets would get much in return.

12 May 2019 14:29:51
Is it time to say Harden won't lead a team to the Finals?
Ive been saying it for a while. His playing style is great in the regualr season but come playoffs he doesn't perform the same. You might get a few games out of him where he looks like regular season Harden but he can't be consistent in the playoffs. Part of that has to do with the change in officiating come playoff time and also teams can better gameplan for a series vs just 1 game in the regular season so teams plan for him better. This year they choked and couldn't beat a Warriors team without KD. When KD got injured they had the perfect window but couldn't capatilze.

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12 May 2019 14:52:40
He put up huge numbers. The loss is on everyone but Harden and Tucker. Harden scored less than 30 once and shot under 40 percent one time despite taking 14 3s a game. He wasn’t far off his regular season averages and the reason the regular season averages were even as high as they were was because of Paul and Capela missing a ton of time, Gordon being terrible, and them not having any decent rotation players until after the trade trade deadline.

12 May 2019 15:37:39
No, that’s completely unfair to say he can’t win in the playoffs. That’s unfair to both harden and GS. Houston had won 3 playoff series in the last two years.

They’ve lost to the same team, that just happens to be one of the all time great teams. This feels like Ewing and the Knicks failing to get past the Bulls.

Houston is a great team. Harden is a great player. GS is an all time great team (even without Durant) and they're just simply better than Houston.

12 May 2019 17:16:19
It is unfair. One person does not make a team. You put Harden on the warriors and Curry on the Rockets and the results probably are the same wih the Warriors winning.

Plus, I think D'Antoni got out coached in Game 6. got to put D'Antoni's name in there as well.

13 May 2019 19:00:45
He has 4-7 good years left. I think it is time to get a coach.

12 May 2019 07:46:42
I'm from Canton Ohio real close to Akron and I'm 33. Been watching LBJ have his way in high school and the nba since 99. At my school everyone wanted to go transfer and be his teammate so I know one of these stars feel the same from playing with LBJ at team usa and all sta r games

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12 May 2019 13:03:24
Plenty of people wanted to play with Raymar Morgan in high school too and most NBA players probably don’t know who he is now.

12 May 2019 13:22:30
Valid point. And I’m sure 20 years ago he was fun to play with and a winner. Now his team is awful and he yaps more than any coach. No vet wants to deal with his crap.

12 May 2019 13:41:27
so its Kyrie's fault that he had had enough and wanted to leave Cleveland? Perhaps, but its not completely Kyrie's fault either.

Also, why weren't stars signing with Lebron during his 1st tour in Cleveland? Your belief has some holes in it.

12 May 2019 16:34:48
You got to get paid serious money to stay in cleveland.

12 May 2019 18:33:57
Fredman, you make a point, but it wasn’t exactly as simple as the Cavs signing someone. By the time Lebron was really Lebron. The Cavs were already capped out. In the end year the could have had Amari via trade, but he wanted to know Lebron was staying Lebron wouldn’t commit to it. So the Cavs passed because he was going to be a free agent. They went out and got Jamison instead. They also signed Hughes, who was coming off his only allstar appearance. He was a mess though.

12 May 2019 22:26:48
Cleveland is a horrible dirty city. Players would never want there kids going to these schools I know throughexperience.

12 May 2019 23:24:41
What are you all talking about. No one wants to play with Lebron minus people past their prime or maybe Kyrie. Everyone wants the clippers or any team not with Lebron. He isn’t the same player which validated all his talk. He believes he is the president. Gm. Coach. And team leader. He’s more annoying than worthwhile at this point. No true star worth a max will sigh because they are at his level. Not trying to be his apprentice like he treats everyone.

13 May 2019 11:24:33
ll, sure if you live in Cleveland, but there are plenty suburbs that are nice. Plus, It’s not like they can’t afford private schools.

13 May 2019 23:39:08
Noah was not lying what he said about Cleveland. No one comes to Cleveland they get drafted and want to leave. I understand you a cavs fan but Cleveland is a horrible city flatout.

14 May 2019 04:16:22
So what about all those Brownies?

11 May 2019 11:43:40
What's up with the bandwagon fans? Lakers and Cavs fans? Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Pacers fan? How? explain how that is possible on here guilty parties? Despicable

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11 May 2019 15:39:44
I don’t think you understand the term bandwagon fan. It means a fan when they are good. How can a Knicks fan be a bandwagon fan?

11 May 2019 16:55:58
Kind of like being a bandwagon fan of TX's trolling. Just doesn't work.

11 May 2019 23:25:00
I bet you’re a fan of whatever Texas team has the better record.

12 May 2019 01:03:29
Do you mean homer? Bandwagon is different than a homer.

12 May 2019 00:21:55
Wasn't talking about Knicks fans individually, maybe explanation of the post would help notdrainer? Rooting for multiple teams creates opportunity to root for a winner when others are losing. Dishonesty is trolling how am I trolling? Where is the lie? I'm just doing what everyone else has done to me on here offering up an opinion.

12 May 2019 01:58:17
Trolling is different than lying.

10 May 2019 22:45:29
Would it be ironic if Lebron got traded for Anthony Davis? I would literally LAOF.

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11 May 2019 00:03:34
Lebron is worth about a quarter of Davis and I wouldn’t imagine the Pelicans would put much value in him.

09 May 2019 22:27:30
A question, do you think a 2 guard line up of Ball-Walker or Ball-Irving or someone else could work for Lakers? This is purely because of Ball's defensive ability and the scoring of those guards like Rubio/Mitchell combo?

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10 May 2019 00:14:12
Yeh because ball has size to guard a st. Just like they both will work with simmons.

10 May 2019 02:18:03
With Ball’s inability to shoot doesn’t make it ideal, but it doesn’t not work.

10 May 2019 03:46:17
See roberson-westbrook.

10 May 2019 05:32:51
I think Ball/ Walker would be a really good duo. Both good passers. Walker is a great shooter that makes up for Ball’s lack of shooting. Ball’s defense covers Walker’s deficiency there. They’re both good with and without the ball. Very similar to Utah’s duo.

11 May 2019 05:32:20
Ball is solid 30 games a year. Why do laker fans not just admit the bust and move on?

11 May 2019 15:42:35
Because he isn’t solid for 30 games a year. He only plays 50 games a year. And of those maybe a quarter are good. He is a flat out bust. But then again. Certain lakers fans feel like Ingram is a superstar, Hart is a lethal 3 and d and kuzma is already an all star. Not worth discussing.

11 May 2019 20:45:41
Ball is a solid NBA player. I think his future is PG version of Aminu. That’s not a horrible thing. Don’t give up on a guy that’s a decent rotational player. Also, don’t expect that guy to become a superstar.

11 May 2019 22:06:14
He was picked second overall. SECOND. To say he isn’t a superstar. He isn’t a star. He’s essentially a rotational player. SECOND. That’s epic bust.

11 May 2019 23:27:13
Ball was never going to be a scorer in the NBA. He’s a great defender and passer. Hopefully he can at least improve his scoring around the rim and spot up shooting.

11 May 2019 23:27:37
Its a horrible thing, BMiller, if you are the #2 pick in the draft. And this is coming from Kings fab so I know all about drafting busts.

12 May 2019 01:02:56
You are bashing the kid because he was picked 2nd overall and not performing like one. It’s not his fault, it’s the front office for picking him. So what are we going to do? Lakers try use him, you are bashing, if we trade him here, same thing. What can we do to the kid?

12 May 2019 03:35:19
Most stars aren't an all stars in second year. Like butler and George but now there top 15 players with George top ten.

12 May 2019 13:52:31
Personally, I am not "bashing" him. All I am saying is that the expectations were high for Ball because he was the #2 pick and he hasn't lived up to it. Is it his fault? Who knows? Is it Fox or Mitchell's fault that they have developed faster than Ball? I don't know. Maybe Ball puts it all together this summer. All I do know is if he remains the same, Ball will be squarely in the Markelle Fultz category and have a similar trade value.

12 May 2019 14:29:02
Theoretically, if he ends up being more athletic Ricky Rubio on offense and on defense, he’s longer Marcus Smart is that a bust? Like that’s probably not an allstar caliber player, but an all nba defender that can run your 2nd team offense isn’t anything to sneeze at. He probably has the lowest ceiling out of him, Kuz, and Ingram, but he also has the highest floor. Ingram needs to be on the ball to be an effective offensive player and is a middling defender at this point. He could be a star or he could early career Rudy Gay that points up empty stats and doesn’t help his team win. Kuzma is a legit scorer, but his lack of defense could really limit the amount of time he can spend on the floor in the playoffs.

12 May 2019 23:28:14
Butler and George are entirely different players and styles. The comparison makes no sense.

Also, neither was picked number 2 overall. It wasn’t his fault that he was picked second, but that doesn’t negate him being a bust for that slot. Simple as that. Top 3 picks need to be franchise pieces, otherwise it’s a bust. Simple as that.

13 May 2019 04:46:06
Comparisons are for fan and journalist “what if” fodder, not for how the front office should approach the player’s future.

And his trade value being low is a reason to keep him, not cut bait. Don’t ever sell at the absolute lowest point.

He’s still one of the 5 best players on that team. He’s still trending to a solid role player. Embrace what you have and build for the future.

13 May 2019 07:54:56
The point about Butler and George is they both became all stars by developing not there first two years.

07 May 2019 21:31:25
Updated mock draft

1. Knicks - Williamson F
2. Cavs - Barrett SG
3. Suns - Morant PG
4. Bulls - White PG
5. Hawks - Hunter F
6. Wizards - Clarke C
7. Pelicans - Culver SF
8. Grizzlies - Porter Jr SG
9. Hawks - Hayes C
10. Twolves - Garland PG
11. Lakers - Reddish SG
12. Hornets - Langford SG
13. Heat - Little F
14. Celtics - Hachimura F
15. Pistons - K.Johnson SF
16. Magic - Alexander Walker G
17. Nets - Doumboya F
18. Pacers - Washington PF
19. Spurs - Bol Bol C
20. Celtics - Edwards PG
21. Thunder - Horton Tucker SG
22. Celtics - Bassey C
23. Jazz - Herro SG
24. 76ers - C.Johnson SF
25. Blazers - Thybulle SF
26. Cavs - Williams PF
27. Nets - Grimes SG
28. Warriors - Okpala F
29. Spurs - Schofield SF
30. Bucks - Fernando C

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09 May 2019 10:36:56
Porter Jr and Edwards are too high. Bol and reddish are too low. Otherwise, it looks pretty goof.

11 May 2019 11:40:01

07 May 2019 15:16:25
What realistic team up of FA would yall like to see and on what team?
I would like to see Kyrie and Leonard team up on Clippers. Idk if they have enough cap for 2 max contracts but i know if they move Gallinari they will so if they don't currently the could.
I also wouldn't mind seeing Harris and Vucevic or Walker and Vucevic to the Lakers. I don't see Lakers getting a top tier free agent i could see them having to settle for 2 of the 2nd tier FA then moving their young pieces for the best win now return possible.

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07 May 2019 21:48:36
I don't know why, but I always see DMC on the Lakers.

Maybe a Beal trade and DMC to the Lakers would be my best guess.

08 May 2019 04:46:18
I can see DMC on Lakers they likely wouldn't have to give him a max i doubt he gets any max offers.

08 May 2019 16:56:02
I'd be surprised if he got any offers longer than two years, let alone anything resembling a max deal.

10 May 2019 14:35:19
Has there been a timeline put on the cousins injury? Last I heard, he could potentially miss the entire season next year. If that is the case it’s probably best for everyone, if he just sits a year. I guess maybe there would be enough upside for a team to give him a 1+1 at the tax payer mle. He probably needs to do everything possible to slim down and maybe work outside a little more. Taking the Lopez route and just concentrating on being a big that can shoot and guard some of the bigger guys in the league could extend his career.

10 May 2019 16:19:01
He mentioned he's trying to get back before the end of the playoffs, but no, there's no timetable. That might just be wishful thinking.

11 May 2019 23:30:41
Reports say he could be back for the WC Finals to compete against Jokic or Kanter.

07 May 2019 07:19:06
With me thinking Leonard should sign in la not a homer.
First LBJ there who is the second greatest player ever still playing at a high level. Oh well he getting older they can still have a four year run together with James at a high level and win 2 to 4 rings.
Like shizee thinking Durant and Irving going to Knicks. That would be good for league and for themselves to compete win and make tons of money. Knicks have young players and excellent coach. So Durant and Irving can lead them. That's not a homer that's logical.
Like Leonard going to la is logical to play with James. Especially if everyone stays with there teams and get max money with there teams. So Leonard going to clippers would never beat warriors so Leonard joining james is more logical because they would beat warriors Durant Thompson curry green with Leonard James Ingram ball.

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07 May 2019 11:47:34
It’s funny how absolutely no one wants to play with LeBron.

07 May 2019 17:57:36
I never heard any player say I don't want to play with James but Irving just wanted out. but know Irving apoligizing to James because he know that he messed up and should of stayed. look at the karma Irving got. First he got hurt now he had the worst 3 game playoff ever he really miss king James lol.
Durant said he toxic but to me durant hating because he can never get the attention james get and want people to join him in NY.
I think if james was not an all star captain he would be the first one picked because he the greatest and makes his team better and passes the ball to them instead eating for himself.

07 May 2019 19:02:47
In no way does James, Leonard, Ball, and Ingram beat Durant, Thompson, Curry, and Green. Warriors in 5.

07 May 2019 20:48:11
If Lakers sign Leonard. They would kill the warriors.
2019 pick still a mystery.
Plus 6 mil in cap and mid and bi exceptions.

Warriors going to have two max out Durant and Thompson have the same team minus cousins and not sure who else free agents. So I think Durant go to Knicks either way.

10 May 2019 02:22:17
So just adding Kawhi to a bad team will help them get past one of the best teams in league history? You’re delusional.

10 May 2019 15:56:53
Ken I'm delusional but before james got hurt Lakers were climbing looking better and better. So how Lakers a bad team. Like if Houston come back and win series it Don't make Houston better its because durant hurt. I don't think Lakers a bad team they just need to be healthy.

10 May 2019 15:58:00
Just like if Irving and love stayed healthy cavs would won back to back championships.

10 May 2019 17:35:52
Lebron 5 years ago isn’t Lebron next year and the Cavs gave him a bunch of pieces that fit well next to him. Outside Hart and to a lesser extent Kuzma, none of the Lakers young guys fort next to Lebron. No one of roster outside of Bullock can shoot and they likely have to let him walk to get Kawhi. Then add in that even with Kawhi that team wouldn’t be all that good defensively and it would be one of the most injury prone teams in the league.

10 May 2019 18:33:56
Use your own words lbj a top 5 player so someone is joining him. If Leonard does they can Make trades too get better they have all future picks and young players plus a top 12 pick in 2019 draft to get better. Lbj and Leonard have pull players will take less for them because it's too win.
Lakers can trade ball and Ingram for a experienced point guard. Keep hart carusa and kuz.

07 May 2019 07:03:53
Who are the top 5 best and worst untradeable contract/players today?



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07 May 2019 15:29:46
Lebron was not top 5 this year either. Kawhi and Embiid were better than him.

07 May 2019 19:19:33
Giannis, Curry, Harden, Durant, Leonard, Lillard are the top tier to me. I don't care if it's 6, they're all in a tier together.

Westbrook is inching towards the toxic group. His mentality will never change, even if his effectiveness dips. That's a dangerous combination. It's what happened to Melo.

But your top 5 is probably right. I feel bad for Wall and Hayward, because it was all due to injury. I still have some hope for Hayward to come back to being a legit 3rd option. Not worth his max deal, but not too far off either.

07 May 2019 21:37:34
Smunro, you are assuming Embiid has perfect health. Jokic>Embiid mainly because I know Jokic will be on the court 82+ games.


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