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12 Jul 2018 02:13:06
Since the 76ers couldn't beat the Celtics without heyward and Irving, how much better are the Celtics then the sixers now. Easily favorites or close. I say easily favorites

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12 Jul 2018 04:53:51
ll, . what's with the middle school sixer hate? I've noticed it in a number of your posts. Hey, I'm all for supporting your own team, but just trying to understand your need to throw shade?

12 Jul 2018 05:54:29
Chandler and maybe gasol or even Leonard would even things up considerably. And Fultz getting over the yips.

12 Jul 2018 11:59:31
Even with trade boston better. Philly needs to trade for a star and sign one to get on boston level.

Don't hate on Philly there just getting over valued because the east so weak, I think there process failed because they drafted wrong in the beginning like with Noel annd okafor so there not deep they should be especially building through the draft.

12 Jul 2018 15:53:40
jvong, seems a bit like a pot calling the kettle black here. Pretty certain your hatred for the celtics and the knicks is unending.

12 Jul 2018 22:36:01
Welcome back Hamburger.

12 Jul 2018 01:57:11

Sixers get:
Kawhi Leonard
Pau Gasol

Spurs get:
Bradley Beal
Myles Turner
Cory Joseph

Pacers get:
Dario Saric
Danny Green
Richaun Holmes

Wizards get:
Robert Covington
2019 1st round pick via PHI
2021 1st round pick via MIA

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12 Jul 2018 05:55:14
Pacers should say no.

12 Jul 2018 08:22:52
Pacers could do this, Saric could be a better fit next to Sabonis.

12 Jul 2018 01:40:47
Building Celtics super team:

Hawks send: '23 2nd that won't convey
Receive: Dieng, Ojeleye, '20 2nd (Bos)

Wolves send: Butler, Dieng
Receive: Hayward, Rozier

Spurs send: Leonard
Receive: Morris, Brown, Yabusele, 19 1st (Bos)

Celtics send: Hayward, Morris, Brown, Rozier, Ojeleye, Yabusele, '19 1st, '20 2nd

Irving, Butler, Leonard, Tatum, Horford would be a great starting 5 for years to come.

Next off season; If Irving, Butler, Leonard agree to resign. Throw Horford + 4 1sts at the Pels for Davis

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12 Jul 2018 09:35:05
Would be a great team I just think with the Celtics team last year add Kyrie and Hayward healthy improving young talent like Tatum, Brown, and the Emergence of Scary terry it’s right there.

13 Jul 2018 05:41:49
How could KI KL JB and AH be a great starting 5 if you trade Horford the following year. All 4 w/ AD instead of AH will be over the Luxury Tax not counting the remaining 9 players on the bench if they all resigned.

12 Jul 2018 00:43:33
OKC receive: Bazemore
Hawks receive: Melo (Buyout), '19 & '20 seconds

Hawks get a couple of seconds and get rid of the final year of Bazemore's contract.
OKC receive a serviceable 3&D wing and save up to 50m in salary and tax this year.

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12 Jul 2018 05:56:57
If melo is 90 mil with taxes then bazemore will have a similar effect for not much production.

11 Jul 2018 23:51:24
Trade between spurs and mavs
SAS: barnes,brunson,ft 1st rd
DAL: leonard

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11 Jul 2018 20:07:58
Who would you consider the best wing defenders in basketball?

My list
1. Leonard (if he can get back to his preinjury ability)
2 Roberson
3 Covington
4 Anderson
5 Butler
6 George
7 Green
8 Giannis
9 Durant
10 LeBron

Honorable mention- Tatum, Brown, Middleton, Porter jr, Thompson, Igoudola, Bazemore, Winslow, Richardson, Mbah A Moute, Ariza, Ingles, Sefolosha, Allen, and Olidipo in no order.

You could probably put the last 3 in the top 10 higher, because when they're locked in defensively, they can do so many different things on defense. That said, they also don't always play hard on that end.

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11 Jul 2018 21:07:05
Lebron isn't top 10. If Tony Allen healthy, Aaron gordon?

11 Jul 2018 08:14:18
I know it’s way ahead, but as of right now, this is where I’d like to see the top UFAs of 2019 sign:

Kevin Durant- Warriors

Kawhi Leonard- Clippers

Kyrie Irving- Nets

Jimmy Butler- Nets

Klay Thompson- 76ers

Al Horford- Celtics

Marc Gasol- Lakers

Demarcus Cousins- Clippers

Deandre Jordan- Mavs

Kemba Walker- Hornets

Kevin Love- Mavs.

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11 Jul 2018 13:41:22
You missed Lonzo to Lithuania.

11 Jul 2018 15:44:14
Tobias Harris- Pacers

Khris Middleton- Bucks.

12 Jul 2018 02:08:55
Love to see Butler And Irving to nets make more competition. Celtics already to good in the east.

15 Jul 2018 04:15:07
I see cousins and kyrie in brooklyn.

11 Jul 2018 00:02:31

Sacramento-Melo+1st round pick 2019


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11 Jul 2018 03:43:25
Not bad for the kings. Okc should minimize long term damage the pick extends it.

10 Jul 2018 23:53:44
Atlanta: L Ball+ J Jackson+ deng

LA: T Young+ t Chandler

Phoe:Schroder+ 1rnd pick LA

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11 Jul 2018 03:44:26
Suns wouldn't go for this I'd guess.

12 Jul 2018 18:36:37
Suns say no.

10 Jul 2018 15:37:20
Which player has you most excited during summer league?

As a Cavs fan, Osman has looked how you would want him to look in the Summer league. He looks like an NBA player playing against Fringe guys. Zizic has been solid and Sexton hasn't been perfect, but he's definetly shown a ton of potential and seems to have a great attitude towards the game.

Outside of the Cavs, Knox, Gilgeous-Alexander and Jackson have looked great. Knox is an amazing athlete and has shown more skill and aggression than I think he was able to show at Kentucky. For SGA, he's exactly what he was hyped as being. He seems to understand the game more than you would expect out of a 20 year old rookie that hasn't even had an NBA training camp yet. Jackson looks further along on offense than expected. The guy just looks like an ideal big man in today's NBA with a ridiculous ceiling.

As for disappointments, Young has to be the clear favorite. He seems to be struggling with athleticism and size of summer league players. You obviously can't write him off, but with a bigger sample size than most players, Atlanta has to be pretty concerned. They passed up the most proven player in the draft for him and only got a top 5 protected pick for it. From some of the quotes coming out of Dallas, it seems like Atlanta could have atleast gotten more and might have been much better off keeping Doncic.
Bagley has been pretty bad. I think you would expect him to put up big numbers in the summer league similiar to in college against guys that can't overwhelm him with size and that athletically can't match him. That just hasn't happened. I think you've seen a lot of the reasons that most experts weren't as high on him as you would expect for such a dominant college players. He can get pushed around, he has perimeter skills but he's not going to light it up as a shooter and he's not much of a defender. He just has a long way to go before he's a real impact player in the NBA.
Not exactly a disappointment, but Ayton looks like the same ultra talent and apathetic guy he was at Arizona.

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10 Jul 2018 16:18:42
DeAnthony Melton looks great, could be first PG from the bench for the Rockets, since they don't have a ear backup for CP3.

10 Jul 2018 17:11:04
Preston for a 2-way looks good, pacers have a few guys looking great including holiday, Knox is tearing it up. Knox has been really good. Young is exactly what I thought he'd be. Not saying the jury is out but young has a long way to go before he's an nba'er at a high level.

10 Jul 2018 17:30:56
Yeah, I like the Preston addition for the Cavs. He looks like he has a long way to go, but he has shown some upside.

11 Jul 2018 14:01:16
From my team's side:

Trent Jr looks like a nice rotational guy for the next decade. 3 and D.

Simons is closer to playing than expected. He's raw, but there's a huge amount of talent there.

Zach Collins with 8 blocks in two games looks like a defensive beast. If he keeps improving, he could be a top tier defender in the NBA.

11 Jul 2018 17:33:26
Collins will be just fine can't figure out why hart or he are even playing summer league. Baldwin has been a shining point for blazers.


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