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06 May 2019 00:14:35
Leonard need to come to Lakers and win 5 straight rings with lbj. Them two together is domination. Best opportunity for him to win. Unless he sign and trade somewhere.or him and durant join Knicks or nets or clippers

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06 May 2019 04:40:06
I don't see it happening but he'd be a perfect fit on the nuggets.

06 May 2019 05:26:49
He makes almost any team a contender. Add him to Portland, or the clippers, or Utah, or the Bucks, or Denver, or Boston, or Indy. I think any of those teams would be better than the Lakers.

06 May 2019 17:42:04
Even Sacramento? lol.

06 May 2019 18:04:41
Utah would look good with him.

06 May 2019 18:47:43
Your delusional as a old person bro if you think that bmil. If Leonard joins Lbj they can win 75 games. Them two would be the best duo in history. Just like durant joining Lbj. If the Lakers wouldn't had all those injuries they still be playing. They had tenth most injuries and lost there key players. Finished seaon with ball Ingram and hart hurt. Rondo and kcp had worst defense in league as in back court guards when ball and Ingram and hart hurt . Soon ball got hurt the opposing pg was having his way with Lakers. So if u think a line up of
Mcgee or dj
Kuz sixth man
That would be Leonard best option.
That team has enough defense and offense to stay with any team in league plus have Leonard and James to close games that's hard to stop.

06 May 2019 20:34:39
That team wins 50-55 games, not 75. Lebron is another year older. Ball and Ingram are average starters. McGee is a below average starter. Leonard would be the best player on that team, but would have to defer to Lebron. It seems like a very similar situation to OKC.

That's not the best duo Lebron has been part of. Or the second best. Peak Lebron with Kyrie is better than old man Lebron and Leonard. And Peak Lebron plus peak Wade is head and shoulders above that.

And yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think that his fit in Utah would be amazing. Small ball of Rubio, Mitchell, Ingles, Leonard, and Gobert would be hard to slow down, and would be one of the best defensive teams in recent history.

06 May 2019 22:16:01
Why do I respond to him? It's blink homerism, and there's no arguing with that.

07 May 2019 01:24:10
I would love to see him on the Pacers.

07 May 2019 01:24:43
This not a homer. It's only saying Leonard signing with his home team. It's his best option. That has no obstacles cause king james already there and going to play at a high level for next 3 years. Only team is bucks can be a true contender without signing others.

Side not dude bought a house in LA. It's either clippers or Lakers with Lakers in more win mode now with james.

07 May 2019 02:18:14
Which team made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years? Clippers or Lakers? Hell, Clippers made the playoffs WITHOUT Lebron James on their roster. I could see Leonard enjoying himself playing with the scappers on the Clips.

07 May 2019 05:14:45
He bought a house in the city he’s from?!?!?! OMG, obviously he’s singing with the Lakers!

07 May 2019 05:18:17
Take all injuries away and Lakers would been In. And not clippers. James is reason Leonard would join.

07 May 2019 05:57:16
The clippers are in a far better position than the Lakers. The Lakers are a mess and Lebron is only getting older.

07 May 2019 06:33:18
Watch out for Lakers next season. Everyone can hate but they could rise.

07 May 2019 06:39:31
Clippers Cinderella of the NBA. Age has nothing to do with production. James was very productive this year. Just got hurt and missed 25 percent the season along with there other 3 best players.
Lakers have ball Ingram wagner hart kuz caruso who showed lots of potential James and 2019 lottery pick to build around plus 38 mil in cap. Lakers are in way better shape then clippers moving forward.

07 May 2019 15:34:31
If Ball, Hart, and Ingram being hurt is the reason the Lakers didn't make the playoffs, they're nowhere near competing for a title considering none of them have even 1 game of playoff experience.

07 May 2019 18:02:58
So if Leonard joins you don't think they be competing. Or even sign 3 or 4 fit players.
Do u remember the teams LeBron carried to playoffs and finals.

07 May 2019 21:42:13
Sorry, I would not want to be the better player and saddled with being Lebron's little buddy. Leonard has shown he doesn't do well with confrontation (see last season in San Antonio) . Clippers are obvious because I have faith in Jerry West more than Magic Johnson. I mean, Jeanie Buss.

07 May 2019 22:57:46
I got called delusional by the most delusional homer on this site. I'm speechless.

08 May 2019 03:01:02
I think lakers end up with Irving or butler but Leonard on Lakers would be killer with lbj all I think. Not saying will happen or likely to butt they will not be stopped.

08 May 2019 14:48:09
BMiller, pot calling the kettle black?

08 May 2019 16:58:30
Am I that bad? I try to stay away from Blazer talks because of that for the most part. But I've never posted anything like "Leonard signs with Portland and they go 75-7" have I?

I try to stay in my lane of poking holes (and fun) at the crazy thoughts here.

08 May 2019 20:07:31
If curry can lead his team to 73- 9. James and Leonard can win 75 7. You can't make homers about Portland because there not a homer team. But with lbj being in LA with 38 mil there signing another star. I'm just saying Leonard would be perfect.

08 May 2019 20:18:42
Your delusional because you can't add Leonard to all those teams. just a couple.
What's delusional about me saying Leonard best chance is to join with james or team up with Durant. But you only talk about the laker part but not the fact about Durant just a delusional laker hater 😂😂😂😂😂.

08 May 2019 20:30:25
I definitely wasn't talking to you II, your opinion is meaningless.

09 May 2019 16:27:23
"You can't make homers about Portland because there not a homer team. "

Are Laker fans so arrogant that they think that small market teams can't have homer fans? If that's not your point, then I don't understand the statement.

09 May 2019 19:34:21
Come on BMiller is one of the most reasonable fans on this site. As for ll, this stuff is just ridiculous. Lebron, Kawhi and a bunch of spare parts that have never really played together are going to win 75 games? That’s more games than anyone in that starting line up will even play in next year. Not to mention that Lebron hasn’t cared about the regular season since his first title win. Lebron still probably a top 5 player, but he isn’t hands down the best player in the world anymore and that’s only going to get worse. That team would be lucky to get to the West Finals and has little chance to win a title unless Lebron still can go to the level he did in 15, 16, 17 and the first game of 18. He likely can’t or atleast can’t do it for an entire series. Hell, if Kawhi is interested in joining a star, go wherever Durant goes or team up with AD. Not to get shizzee too excited but why not go to NY with Durant and have them trade everything else for AD. At this point Lebron just isn’t a good option.

09 May 2019 21:45:52
I say for Leonard to play with lbj is a good option because lakers have all young talent to gain experience from them after james retire. So they can still be that number one team or sign another player. Like how Leonard gained experience from Timmy manu and parker. Then when they left spurs was still good till Leonard got hurt. Me personally think lbj going to play at a high level for next 4 years. he spends to much too condition body.

09 May 2019 21:51:03
How many more all star players did lakers signed compared to the all star players Portland mis drafted I mean
How many more all star players did lakers sign compared to Portland sign. Its y portland not a homer team.

09 May 2019 23:08:31
The Lakers have signed 1 all star and drafted 2 (both were traded before they became all stars, Gasol and Russell) in the last decade right?

Portland has drafted 2, signed 0. They also drafted McCollum (better than anyone the Lakers have drafted or signed outside of Lebron in that time) .

How many all star free agents have the Lakers struck out on in the last decade? A lot. You talked about Lebron when he went to Miami, then Durant when he went to GS, Aldridge when he went to SA, Lebron again when he went back to Cleveland, Paul George was a shoo in to go to the Lakers. Need I go on?

10 May 2019 03:13:08
That's the difference Lakers get a chance but portland didn't get an interview. Last 30 years how many stars la sign to Portland.
Last decade how many banners portland got.

10 May 2019 16:25:47
I think in the last 30 years, the Lakers have signed 2 all stars? Shaq and Lebron? Correct me if I'm wrong. Pau was a trade, Howard was a trade, Kobe was a draft pick/ trade, Nash was a trade (and washed up), Bynum was a draft pick (and was one of the worst all star selections of recent memory) .

The point I'm making isn't to compare Portland with LA. But to say the Lakers are the #1 destination for free agents is to ignore history. The Lakers are GREAT at acquiring guys via trade. They were great at the draft (that has cratered) . They're not great at luring all NBA free agents.

10 May 2019 21:32:37
When you trade and resign a player you basically signed that player. So they signed shaq gasol artest lbj "resigned Kobe so didn't need to sign a star" and sure they signed other all stars.

11 May 2019 23:37:37
If you are going to use that standard, II, then you also have to look at the All Stars that left the Lakers. Shaq and Gasol versus Aldridge for Portland.

12 May 2019 07:49:20
Shaq got traded and Lakers where rebuilding so gasol left.
Aldridge Just bounced on Portland so that makes it better for lakers.

05 May 2019 13:33:51
Just a question rather than a trade. What will OKC do in order to become a real contender? They obviously can't keep the same team and expect better performances. Trades? FA?

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05 May 2019 14:36:40
Try to get some veteran shooters on the minimum. Shop Roberson, Adams, and Schroeder. They really don’t have much to worth with. It’s fairly likely that just add a guy or two that can shoot and essentially run it back hoping that they can be better with a healthier George.

05 May 2019 16:47:28
To be a contender next year? I don’t see a path to get there. Not everyone can do it, and I have no faith in Westbrook being able to win a championship.

Long term, convince NY to trade the #1 pick for Westbrook, and hope Zion is a top 5 player.

05 May 2019 21:32:40
Blow it up. Russ and PG for picks and expiring contracts.

06 May 2019 00:33:43
I say blow it up put everyone on the market except Paul George. He is a top 5 2-way player arguabbly top 3 in the nba and he would attract more FA than Westbrook. Blow it up and build around george. Realistically though sign some cheap 3 point shooters and run it back.

And Finally... Multi-Sport Athletes

04 May 2019 17:54:30
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, And Finally... Multi-Sport Athletes

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04 May 2019 06:28:27
I wanted to post on here about okc thunder wanting to pick up Seth curry in the off-season. I don't like it he might shoot a good percentage but he doesn't score much.

Okc needs to sign Reggie bullock over anybody.

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05 May 2019 01:14:05
He’ll probably get more than they can afford. Curry is a more reasonable target. They really just need as many shooters as they can get.

06 May 2019 00:35:54
Someone like wayne ellington could also be a realistic cheap option. If they could convince JJ Reddick to agree to a mid level exception contract he would b great, but that won't happen he will get more than a mid level exception.

07 May 2019 05:59:35
I think Ellington could get more and Reddick is in a better situation now than he would be in OKC. Better team, more upside, more potential money, and more familiarity. I don’t see why he would go to OKC.

03 May 2019 19:18:44
Veteran free agent fits for potential playoff teams

Drose - Wolves, Pacers
Beverley - Clippers, 76ers
Rondo - Pistons, Magic
Lin - Rockets, Blazers

Ellington - Warriors, Thunder
Shumpert - Kings, 76ers
Green - Rockets, Thunder
Matthews - Lakers, Pacers
Temple - Raptors, Bucks
Bullock - Lakers, Thunder
KCP - 76ers, Pistons
Hood - Blazers, Raptors

Carroll - Nets, Rockets
Ariza - Lakers, Rockets
J.Green - Clippers, Nuggets
Green - Lakers, Rockets
Mark. Morris - Thunder, Pacers
Gay - Spurs, Pacers
Aminu - Blazers, Lakers

Faried - Lakers, Rockets
Davis - Bucks, Nets
B.Lopez - Bucks, Spurs
R.Lopez - 76ers, Pistons
Gasol - Lakers, Bucks
Gibson - Rockets, Thunder

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03 May 2019 17:48:59
If the Kings waive all their cap holds, they will have $37 mil in available cap space. Can that get Vucevic from Orlando and Bogdanovich from Indy? Then Kings use their 2nd rounders to fill out the bench.

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04 May 2019 04:35:49
If fox and Bagley take next leap then this team be leathal. got to trade Barnes and a future pick for a upgrade player would be even better.

04 May 2019 15:46:17
Would love to trade Barnes in a S&T for Durant (yes, total homer vision) . But will settle for a Jimmy Butler if Philly decides they cannot pay him.

Just curious. What does Barnes and a protected 1st get the Kings? Definately looking at the forward positions.

04 May 2019 16:38:36
Fredman, I doubt very much. Gallinari, Otto Porter, Love, or with a little more thrown in a guy like Aaron Gordon maybe?

04 May 2019 20:24:08
So basically someone who is overpaid (Porter/ Barnes straight up? ) . Might as well have added Wiggins to the list. PASS!

05 May 2019 01:16:38
I can’t see Porter for Barnes straight up. Porter is the better shooter and defender. He’s a guy anyone could use, if you don’t take into account salary.

02 May 2019 20:03:58
Okc thunder should draft

Cam Johnson- he is a good shooter from deep making 45.6 percent from 3

Tyler herro- no idk why okc would consider him he is a terrible shooter.

Brandon Clarke- he is a top ten scorer making over 64.2 percent of his shots.

Bol bol- it's a risky move due to foot injury but I'd take the risk

luguentz dortz- good defensive player a identical player of Marcus smart

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04 May 2019 18:59:01
Clarke and BoL Bol aren’t going to be available. Herro at the very least seems like he’ll be a good shooter at the next level.

02 May 2019 06:46:49
When are we going to see these teams rise consistently?

PHX- they have a core of young talents but just can't seem to find formula to win
SAC- they have one of more talented backcourts
MIN- Towns
MEM- only JJJ looks bright and Conley is old

LAL and LAC have the better chance for FA's but if you are going to choose a star or 2 to carry those teams above who will fit them?

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02 May 2019 12:52:04
PHX- when they draft morrant they will have great young core, but i still don't see them making playoffs until they have a coach for more than 1 year. they need a consistent coach. They have been going through way to many coaches and young players need a consistent coach to develop better they have a different person telling then something different every year.

SAC- i think they will make playoffs next year. They add another lottery pick this year and maybe a couple cheap free agents to round out the team. They showed a lot of potential this year and should improve this off season.

MIN- i think with Towns it is just mind set and effort. He has great talent and is a beast on the glass and offense but he doesn't play great defense and just doesn't seem to have a winning drive. that's 1 reason why Butler wanted out the young guys there don't have a very good drive to win.

MEM- I think it may be 2 or 3 years of they play their cards right. JJJ is a great young talent and they need to put more young talent around him. Conley isn't prime Conley but he is still good if he can stay healthy. I wouldn't be surprised to see Conley traded this off season. I think Grizzlies have been trying to push it off but i think the Gasol trade was the sign they are finally accepting its rebuild time.

LAL- depends on how things play out up stairs who gets what job and how well they operate things. And also if they get another big FA or make a trade to bring in another all star. If They add an all star or 2 and hire the right people they will make playoffs next year.

LAC- i'm excited to see who the Clippers get this off season i think they look better right now to FA than Lakers. Kawhi or Kd would be first choice but if they miss out there Butler would be a good fit They play tough, aggressive, and energetic Butler would fit there.

02 May 2019 13:38:11
Sac doesn't have a lottery pick this year to add. However, they do have a max salary slot so if they can sell a Kevin Durant or Jimmy Butler, then they will really have something for years to come.

30 Apr 2019 22:39:58
Butler would be a fool to stay in Philly with injury prone embiid and Simmons who can't shoot. He joins either Knicks nets clippers with someone or go to Lakers. I go to dallas before staying in Philly. Just its my last chance to win don't wanna risk playing with an injury prone player as your best player to compliment you.or philly trade embiid and resign harris and butler but doubt that one.

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01 May 2019 15:45:21
He has a better shot at winning in Philly than any of the places you named and they can pay him more. They may also be the only team willing to pay him after the media drug him through the mud. The Knicks are shooting for higher level free agents and if/ when they strike out on those, the appeal to go there is gone. I seriously have no idea why he would want to go the Nets. Guard heavy team that is about to max out Russell and regret it for the rest of Jimmy's career. Clippers- fine but if Kawhi goes there like we all expect, Jimmy is no longer 4th quarter guy which is where he thrives, the East opens up, and he's still on a better team in Philly. And I think most players with any brain will avoid the dumpster fire that is the Los Angeles Lakers. He'd be a fool to go anywhere else.

01 May 2019 18:43:25
I said nets Knicks and clippers because they have cap to build a team after signing butler and have strong youth players. Knicks can sign walker/ irving and. Butler plus trade. Clippers can sign butler and Leonard plus trade. Nets can sign butler and someone else and be better then the Sixers.

02 May 2019 12:01:26
and still none of those teams would be as complete or talented as the sixers.

02 May 2019 16:11:07
If Butler and leonard both went to clippers nets or knicks either team would be better then the Sixers.

02 May 2019 21:03:04
Talent mean nothing when your best player hurt.

04 May 2019 18:09:41

Joel Embiid

05 May 2019 14:17:01
Smunro: Trust the Process brother. Nice to see the Philly support.

05 May 2019 21:37:38
Legitimately feel people only are annoyed with the sizers because they keep going with this whole trust the process. Just say what it is. You tanked and purposefully lost. Astros did it. Teams do it all the time. It’s just annoying hearing how it’s this original concept. Sixers intentionally lost for years. And now have a contending, likely not good enough to win, team. Doesn’t negate the point. After this season the two best players are a guy who can’t shoot from 5 feet out and a guy who can’t stay healthy. Is what it is. Just not a championship recipe.

06 May 2019 17:23:34
Embiid, Simmons, and Butler are all pretty hate-able personalities. Combine that with the tanking and the overall horribleness of the Phili fanbase, and it's easy to see why so many people hate Phili.

30 Apr 2019 04:15:33
Do you guys think this is the Warriors' last of their dynasty?

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30 Apr 2019 11:54:49
I hope Clay leaves. I would live to see him as a number one option to see how he does.

30 Apr 2019 13:16:33
If not this year then next year for sure unless they decide its worth going way into luxury tax to keep them together but between this year and next i see 1 or 2 of them leaving not including cousins that's 1 or 2 of green, Durant, Thompson, Curry.

30 Apr 2019 17:07:57
I think Durant walks, Klay resigns, and Green extends or resigns next year. The Curry/ Thompson/ Green trio seems like a tight group who's chemistry is strained by the presence of Durant. They won't be as good next year, but they'll still likely be one of the best teams in the league.

30 Apr 2019 18:44:26
Durant looks to be gone. They’ll still be good with Klay, Steph, and Draymond, but it’s hard to figure out how they can replace Durant or rebuild their depleted bench. They really haven’t had much success developing young guys around their core. They have all of their picks, but unless they want to move Draymond (I think that might hurt their chances of resigning Klay), it’s hard to put enough salary on the table to get veterans back with it.

01 May 2019 01:09:54
Dont underestmate the impact if Iggy decides to call it a career as well.


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