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26 Jun 2017 06:08:30
Pelicans - Khris Middleton, Mathew Dellavedova

Bucks - Jrue Holiday S&T, 2018 top 5 protected 1st rounder



PG - Dellavedova
SG - Middleton
SF - Hill
PF - Davis
C - Cousins


PG - Holiday
SG - Brogdon
SF - Antetokuonmpo
PF - Parker
C - Monroe

Pels get a legit SG while adding pass first, defensive PG

Bucks backcourt with Giannis could be pretty good.

26 Jun 2017 06:16:52
bucks cannot trade middleton he has very good contract and a very good 2 way player.

26 Jun 2017 06:32:56
Love it for the Pelicans as they get two 3 and D players. Not a fan of it for Bucks since I don't think Holiday is much better than Middleton, he'll probably get over 20 mill and is injury prone.

Pelicans would be wise to shop 2 for 1 trades with Holiday since they need more help and I don't think he is all that.

26 Jun 2017 12:53:56
Milwaukee says No!

26 Jun 2017 12:56:58
Milwaukee sys No!

26 Jun 2017 05:18:35

Nuggets get DeMarcus Cousins and Alexis Ajinca
-Trades depth for another star to help become a contender

Pelicans get Kenneth Faried, Emmanuel Mudiay, Will Barton, Trey Lyles, and a 2018 2nd
-Pelicans are not contending with current core and probably wouldn't even make the playoffs so they go young and deal Cousins before losing him for nothing next offseason.

26 Jun 2017 05:44:26
Maybe a few weeks into the season. I doubt Pelicans traded for Cousins to not even give them a realistic chance to play together. Integrating a top 10 player at the end of a season is difficult, Pelicans should at least give the duo a chance to show something in first few games. Pelicans aren't a lock to make the playoffs but I expect them to be in the conversation. Depending on how offseasons of Nuggets, Jazz and Clippers go they could have decent odds.

21 Jun 2017 20:12:12
Pelicans offseason

Trade #1

Pels - Wesley Mathews

Mavs - Quincy Pondexter, Omer Asik, pick #40 and future 2nd rounder

The Mavs then stretch Asik and save a bunch of money vs. Matthews, gain a ton of cap room to be aggressive with too

Trade #2

Pels - Ricky Rubio

Wolves - Tim Frazier, Alexei Ajainca, future protected 1st

Clear salary dump for Min while Pels play with pass first PG who will probably cost half of holiday contract

With remains cap sign

CJ Miles 3 yr 20 mil
Patty Mills 2 yr 12 mil
James Micheal Mcadoo 3 yr contract


PG - Rubio-Mills
SG - Mathews-Moore
SF- Hill-Miles
PF - Davis-McAdoo
C - Cousins-Diallo.

21 Jun 2017 23:44:02
Why does Minnesota need to clear salary? Besides, that is a terrible return for Rubio.

20 Jun 2017 01:51:09
Celtics Trade: #3, 2018 BOS 1st, 2018 Brooklyn 1st, 2019 Memphis 1st, Crowder, Mickey

Receive: Butler, Vucevic, 2018 Orlando 1st

Chicago Trade: Butler and Mirotic

Receive: #5, 2018 BOS 1st, 2019 Memphis 1st, Mickey, & Hezonja

Sacramento Trade: #5 & #10

Receive: #3 and Mirotic

Orlando Trade: Vucevic, Hezonja, 2018 ORL 1st

Receive: #10, Crowder, & 2018 Brooklyn 1st

20 Jun 2017 02:11:50
Not enough value for the Kings or Bulls in my opinion. Orlando should just keep their first and the Brooklyn 1st should be going elsewhere.

20 Jun 2017 02:40:00
most delusion trade I've seen.

19 Jun 2017 21:41:23

Utah: Alexis Ajinca
New Orleans: Alec Burks, Number 55

Utah eat their backup big while giving both first rounders position to make the team.
New Orleans gets help on the wing and another's pick which they desperately need

19 Jun 2017 03:12:39
Pelicans trade Moore, Ajinca, Frazier, Diallo, first round unprotected 2018 pick, and 2017 second round pick

Pacers trade George

19 Jun 2017 05:07:22
Not unless the front office of Sac is running Indy now.

19 Jun 2017 06:18:55
Don't think salary works out but its the right idea. Some team is going to take a shot on George as a season rental with the hope that he likes it and resigns long term.

Pacers are going to want something for George and aren't going to get anything too significant after George publicly saying he won't resign with them. They have no leverage and would be wise to deal him to highest bidder. I think their hope is that Lakers get scared and give up something like Clarkson and Randle for him. Its a far cry from what he would've gotten before but its something and likely more than most contenders could afford to give up.

19 Jun 2017 15:40:55
This would be a win-win scenario for Pelicans It makes them a top 3 Western team automatically and even if George departs for LA after one season, it clears money off cap.

18 Jun 2017 17:02:21
Pelicans offseason

Trade #1

Pels - Wilson Chandler

Nuggets - Solomon Hill, pick #40, future 2nd rounder

Upgrade shooter at SF and use at stretch 4

Trade #2

Pels - Gerald Henderson

Sixers - Omir Asik, 2018 top 10 protected that turns into 2019 unprotected

Philly regains a pick they sent to Boston while eating asik contract which they can use the stretch provision and wave him

Sign Tim Hardaway 4 yr 70 mill
Sign Kyle Korver 2 yr 15 million

Use bird rights to go over the cap and resign Jrue ( yes benson will have to pay the tax but he has said he wants to win now)

2017-2018 lineup

PG - Holiday - Frazier
SG - Hardaway - Henderson - Moore
SF - Chandler - Korver
PF - Davis - Diello
C - Cousins - Aijanca.

19 Jun 2017 03:16:25
Nuggets don't make that Chandler deal.

19 Jun 2017 15:48:14
Sant12 If Benson goes over cap why would he not make a bigger splash than Hardaway and Chandler? Why not chase Lowry or Paul.

15 Jun 2017 12:01:33

Pelicans trade A.Davis, Asik
Celitcs trade 1st pick, Brown, Smart, Zeller

- draft J.Jackson with 1st pick (Jackson-Brown duo on the wing)
- resign Holiday to near max(4y), Cunningham(3y)
- draft best available PF/C with 40th pick

- much more balanced roster with this trade
- Brown(3y) and Smart(1y) still under rookie contracts
- bench mob: talented and experienced at the same time with Smart, Moore, Hill, Cunningham, Crawford ...
- the best roster Cousins played with

- trade Asik to Nets or 76ers along with 2x 2nd round picks
- sign Hayward (best argument = A.Davis)
- resign Olynyk(4y) and Green(1y)
- bring over Yabusele, Zizic and Nader
- still own Nets pick 2018

IT/Rozier/#37 pick
- dynasty

15 Jun 2017 13:07:29
Davis is worth more.

15 Jun 2017 13:45:12
I'd swap Brown for Bradley and Crowder, and if it's Davis, you'll have to include at least the 2018 Nets pick. which I'd do.

15 Jun 2017 14:00:24
Boston would have to add the 2018 nets pick, Rights to Zizic, and another future first.

15 Jun 2017 15:16:38
It would be nice for C's to get AD but they'd have to give up to much of their future to get him and not sure they want to do that. Boogie or Drummond would be better for Boston, the later would be cheaper. Drummond didn't work well around SVG, or anyone else for that matter, so I think he could be better under a B Stevens system.

15 Jun 2017 19:53:02
Not close.

15 Jun 2017 21:56:16
Forma, listen carefully-pick up the crack pipe, open the window and throw it as far as you can. Better yet I have a trade proposal-Crowder, #1 for LeBron.

15 Jun 2017 23:03:43
Farma must be short for Pharmaceutical Because you've got to be high if you think Pels would trade Davis for that just to get Asik out. Repeat after me. AD will n-e-v-e-r be a Celtic.

16 Jun 2017 16:47:25
Drummond doesn't fit Stevens system. They want their bigs to shoot 3'S.

14 Jun 2017 20:25:08
Pelicans offseason

Let Holiday walk

Trade #1

Pels - Corey Joseph

Raptors - 2 future 2nd round picks

Raps try to clear cap to resign Lowry

Trade #2

Pels - Jeremy Lin

Nets - Tim Frazier, E'twann Moore, future protected 1st

Nets don't gain contracts while adding a first rounder

Sign Tim Hardaway 4 yr 70 mil
Sign Kyle Korver 3 yr 18 mil

Draft pick #40 - Josh Hart


PG - Jospeh - Lin
SG - Hardaway - Hart
SF - Hill - Korver
PF - Davis - Diello
C - Cousins - Asik - Aijanca.

15 Jun 2017 22:59:05
Why would you let Holiday walk? It opens up next to no additional cap space.

13 Jun 2017 18:33:18
Pelicans Pacers

Pelicans trade Cousins , Hill
Pacers trade George , Jefferson

13 Jun 2017 19:19:54
Pelicans aren't trading Cousins anytime soon.

13 Jun 2017 22:38:54
Don't think Pacers would be interested in this since its the same issue with Cousins in final year of his contract and potentially leaving for nothing.

12 Jun 2017 23:16:13
Pelicans offseason

Solomon Hill, and 2021 1st rounder (lottery protected) for Stauskas.

Alexis Ajinca for #55 (Jazz).

Bojan Bogdanovic 4 year 45 million (starting with 10 million).
Shelvin Mack 2 year 12 million.
Marreese Speights 3 year 25 million.
Reggie Bullock 3 year 8 million.



76ers can afford Hill's contract, it will be off the books by the time Simmons, Saric and TLC hit free agency.
Utah needs backup center and Ajinca is great for backing Gobert up.
Mack is a starting PG only for his defense, because offense will be run by Cousins and Davis.
Whats more important Pels are below the cap with this line up.


13 Jun 2017 03:28:00
Why would anyone give a future first for stauskas.? I don't care if its 1-29 protected.

13 Jun 2017 11:18:39
The pick is to dump Hill's $12m salary, Stauskas is just a throw in.

Doubtful Sixers take on that money for a pick in 4 years.

12 Jun 2017 18:41:47
Pelicans offseason

As much as Pels fans love him it may be better to let Jrue leave and spend money on multiple players for depth


Pels - Alex Burks SG

Utah - Alexei Ajianca C, future 2nd round

Utah needs a back up C (Withey is FA) while saving money on the cap and New Orleans gets a quality SG


Patty Mills 3 yr 50 mill
Kyle Korver 3 yr 24 mil


PG - Mills - Frazier
SG - Burks - Moore
SF - Hill - Korver
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Asik

Mills is a solid PG option with cousins and AD running the team and hit the 3.

12 Jun 2017 22:17:35
Pelicans certainly need more help than Jrue Holiday can supply and they have major depth issues. The problem is they don't have much cap space or trade assets to improve talent-wise. They only have about 11 mill in cap space if they were to renounce the rights to their free agents. The mid-level non tax player exception is expected to be around 8.4 million and bi-annual exception starting at 3 mill so Pelicans wouldn't be much worse off just keeping Holiday. For the long term implications I could understand not wanting to commit that much money to Holiday who has a long injury history and is likely going to be grossly overpaid.

12 Jun 2017 22:18:59
Only problem I really see is that they need someone who will be able to facilitate. Holiday is a great passer and they won't have anyone on that roster that will be able to set up Davis and Cousins like Holiday would be able to.

Mills is a great addition but he isn't a point guard that is great at running offenses. He can shoot and the Pelicans definitely need that around two bigs but they also need a point guard.

I think that since they have Holiday's bird rights they will be better trying to sign other players and then resign Holiday using those bird rights.

12 Jun 2017 22:19:39
Problem is Jrue leaving does not clear up a lot of cap space.

08 Jun 2017 17:47:18

GETS- cousins/ deng/ winslow
OUT- aldrigde/ gasol/ green/ anderson/ 2017 1st rd pck
sas get 37millons and out 50millions cap space to sign paul

GETS- aldrigde/ anderson
OUT- dragic/ winslow
mia get a allstar pf and take away dragic contract

GETS- dragic/ randel/ spurs pick (29)
OUT- ciusins
nop get a pg that can make pick-and-roll with davis and a young talented pf. pelicans not also sure if cousins re-signing with them

GETS- gasol/ green
OUT- deng/ randel
lal gets two winner vet. that mentoring youngs also expring contract for the next season cap space to sign geogre or any body also they can take out deng contract

SIGN- paul/ korver/ amir johnson
korver and johnson can sign to chase a ring (cheap contract)
also sign thomas robinson and rookie- adam hanga and milutinov

PG. paul/ murray/ parker
SG. winslow/ korver/ ginobili
SF. leonard/ deng/ hanga
PF. lee/ bertans/ robinson
C cousins/ johnson/ milutinov.

08 Jun 2017 20:23:35
Wouldn't give up the upside of Cousins and Davis to get Dragic (they already have Jrue Holiday who better fits their timeline) and Randle (if Cousins can't work alongside Davis, Randle would be an even worse fit) and #29 pick. They knew Cousins may not resign there when they traded with him and that's the risk they took and it was factored into the price they got him for. He is a top 10 player in the league I wouldn't get rid of him before giving him a real shot to fit into the team.

Spurs getting way too much, its meh for Miami especially when there are a few top pf that will be FA (Griffin, Millsap, Ibaka) and they need a point guard. Don't like Lakers moving Randle for expensive veterans although they don't have long left on their contracts.

08 Jun 2017 23:25:18
I agree with above comment Pels would need a lot more than an aging PG, Randle and a late 1st rdr.

09 Jun 2017 06:57:22
Lakers aren't going to take on Gasol's contract and green (Ingram plays sf and so does every player involved in their trade rumors like PG13) so idk why they would be interested. Seems like they'd be more inclined to dump salary looking g forward to 2018 FA)

08 Jun 2017 01:15:34
Pelicans - Elfrid Payton, Evan Fournier

Magic - Jrue Holiday S&T, 2 2nd round picks

Magic upgrade at PG and with the contract he'll sign the money would even put with Payton's rookie deal with Fourniers current contract

Pels new starting lineup

PG - Payton
SG - Fournier
SF - Hill
PF - Davis
C - Cousins.

08 Jun 2017 04:53:38
It's alright for Pelicans since both Payton and Fournier are relatively young and it would provide them with some more depth. My concern is that Payton is a poor shooter which will hurt Pelicans offense with his man always sagging off to double Cousins and Davis in the post. Fournier on the other hand is a good shooter and would give Pelicans a reliable option at shooting guard that they don't have currently.

Its not bad for the Magic but not good either. I guess Holiday is young enough to go with that team and they don't seem enthralled with Payton. However it diminishes the upside of a team without that much upside (despite being young they don't have anyone with star potential) which I don't really like. It would open up minutes at the wing for whomever they draft at #6 as Ross could likely play sg or sf.

01 Jun 2017 09:31:42
So this is something i am thinking for quite a while now. It probably won't happen but i want to see what others think of it. My opinion is that Clippers have to restart it this year because they are stuck in the middle of nowhere with that 'super' team.

Clippers sign Paul to a max contract and then trade him to Pelicans for Holiday ( signed max by Pels ), Hill, Asik and future 1st rounder.

01 Jun 2017 10:10:17
This would be a dream come true for Pelicans. Not certain why Clippers would do this. Dealing Paul for Holiday straight up is bad enough but also taking on two of Pelicans bad contracts and only getting a future 1st in return is pretty bad return for Clippers. Holiday is younger than Paul so in that sense a swap may make sense but when factoring in his large contract and injury woes I think Clippers would ultimately be better off just letting Paul walk in FA than this offer.

01 Jun 2017 14:02:19
Paul to the Pelicans is one of those pipe dream pull your heart-string stories, but I'm not sure if it'll happen. This trade doesn't make a ton of sense for the Clippers, for the reasons Jaw put out there. They can just sign Holiday, and let Paul sign elsewhere without taking any contracts on.

01 Jun 2017 14:48:45
Man i wish. But no chance in hell anything remotely close to that could happen.

01 Jun 2017 15:09:43
People, we have to realize that sign and trades are hard to come by. It also is not possible to have more than multiple players involved in a sign and trade, or 2 sign and trade players in the same trade.

01 Jun 2017 07:47:20
New Orleans / Washington trade

Washington gets:

PF Boogie Cousins
C Omer Asik

New Orleans gets:

SF Otto Porter Jr
C Ian Mahinmi
PG Trey Burke
2018 Wash 1st round pick

Washington lineup for next year

PG - Wall/Jennings
SG - Beal/FA sign Kyle Korver
SF - Bogdanovic/Oubre Jr.
PF - Cousins/Morris
C - Gortat/Asik

Washington is instantly top 2 teams in the East.
New Orleans gets a superstar to play the 3 next to Davis and a 1st round pick

01 Jun 2017 08:03:15
Who the hell is that superstar 3?

01 Jun 2017 10:14:04
I wanted to see Cousins and Wall reunited but don't think it makes sense now. Pelicans aren't getting enough for Cousins.

01 Jun 2017 14:48:17
Are the Pelicans trading that package for a superstar 3?

In all seriousness though. I really like Porter, and I think he's got a chance to be a really solid player, which is fantastic after how slow his start was. I don't know if that's enough for Cousins though. It really all depends on what Davis wants. He's one of the few players I'd actually ask about a trade like this. Cousins was the first big addition they made for him, and while this group could be an upgrade over what they sent for DMC, it's still not as good as DMC himself.

01 Jun 2017 15:02:41
I actually do not think its that bad for the Pels if maybe a third team is brought in and Pels get more.

30 May 2017 02:35:15
If Pelicans failed


LAL- Cousins

NOLA- Russell , Clarkson & Mozgov

30 May 2017 11:13:15
Nola needs much more to consider breaking up Cousins and Davis duo that could be deadly. LA should just target Cousins as a FA in 2018.

30 May 2017 15:02:55
Take on a bad contract and get a couple players and give up an all-star? Wow, why don't you just dump the Deng contract on us too while you are at it.

31 May 2017 08:16:32
Garbage trade for Nola!

29 May 2017 01:47:54

Blazers send : Lillard , Aminu
Blazers get : 1st pick , Crowder , Zeller


Pelicans send : Davis , Hill
Pelicans get : Lillard , Bradley , BKN 2018 1st


Celtics send : 1st pick 2017 , BKN 1st 2018 , Bradley , Crowder , Zeller
Celtics get : Davis , Hill , Aminu

sign Hayward


29 May 2017 05:02:35
NO probably wouldn't even talk a Davis trade and Portland wants no part of that deal.

29 May 2017 14:45:32
No thanks from NOLA and Portland.

26 May 2017 19:55:23
Pelicans offseason

40- Dillon Brooks

•Free Agency:
-Sign Tim Hardaway jr 3yr 45m
-Sign Rajon Rondo 1yr 8m (MLE)
-Sign Khrs Humprhies 1yr 3m

PG: Rondo, Frazier, Cook
SG: Hardaway, Moore, Crawford
SF: Hill, Pondexter, Brooks
PF: Davis, Humphries, Diallo
C: Cousins, Asik, Ajinca.

26 May 2017 23:07:37
Pelicans already have 89 mill committed in contracts for next season. Ignoring cap holds of Holiday, Cunningham and Motiejunas they'd only have like 12 mill in cap space. For this reason resigning Holiday using Bird RIghts is probably their best option.

I think Rondo (or any point guard who can't shoot) would be an awful match with Cousins or Davis since defenders will sag off him and double in the post often. Ideally Pelicans would have as many shooters as possible to maximize spacing around Cousins and Davis.

26 May 2017 23:22:37
Rondo will get no less than 15mil.

27 May 2017 14:21:32
Rondo will get more than the MLE from someone. I wouldn't give it to him, but he'll get it. He proved in the two playoff games he was healthy that he still has it when he wants to. that's the problem though. He still hasn't grown up, and thinks he's a lot better than he actually is.

25 May 2017 15:21:58
With rumors of twolves and Rose, Rubio needs a new home.

Minnesota sends: Ricky Rubio and # 7 pick
Receives: Tobias Harris

Det sends: Tobias Harris, Reggie Jackson
Receives: Rubio, #7 pick, Solomon Hill

New Orleans sends: Solomon Hill
receives: Reggie Jackson

This is also dependent on Jrue Holiday leaving.

What do you think?

25 May 2017 15:51:43
His game would replace Holiday well, but I don't know if I want Jackson's attitude coming into NO with Boogie. That's just a recipe for disaster to me.

25 May 2017 16:04:13
Not bad. Think MIN is giving slightly too much. They may need a future protected 1st back.

25 May 2017 17:57:14
I'd rather see Pels sign Teague if they let Holiday go. Plus they would need a SF if they trade Hill.

25 May 2017 18:40:57
This is terrible for Minnesota. I would not trade Rubio for Harris straight up, much less include a top 10 pick.

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