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24 Sep 2017 01:35:20
Cavs Spurs Phoenix

Cavs receive

Spurs receive
2019 from Cavs (Minnesota)
2020 second round pick Cavs (Miami)

Phoenix receives
2018 first from Cavs

24 Sep 2017 03:01:37
2019 a second round pick.

24 Sep 2017 12:11:13
In other words, the Cavs get rid of every crappy player on their roster and pick up two starters. Can't see any problem with that.

24 Sep 2017 14:10:51
In all fairness Supercollider, it worked for the Thunder.

23 Sep 2017 07:26:30

PACERS : Chriss + Warren + 1st

SUNS : Turner + Young

23 Sep 2017 18:34:43
I would do Bender+ Jackson+ 1rst for Young and Turner.

23 Sep 2017 02:11:21

ATL : D.Bender + E.Mudiay + 1st round pick DEN


DEN : E.Bledsoe


PHX : D.Shroeder + K.Faried + M.Beasley


16 Sep 2017 02:27:37

PHX get Myles Turner , Corey Joseph & 2nd round pick from DEN
> get their center of the future to go along with their young core of Booker, Jackson & Chriss

Pg Joseph/Ulis/Knight
Sg Booker/Dudley
Sf Jackson/Warren
Pf Chriss/Williams
Ce Turner/Chandler

IND get Emmanuel Mudiay, Wil Barton (exp), Dragan Bender, 1st round pick PHX (top 4 protected) & 1st round pick DEN 2018 (unprotected)
> get plenty of return for Myles Turner and stay young

Pg Collison/Mudiay/Young
Sg Oladipo/Barton/GR3
Sf Bogdanovic/Stephenson
Pf Young/Leaf
Ce Sabonis/Bender/Jefferson

DEN get Eric Bledsoe & 2nd round pick IND
> get an upgrade at PG

Pg Bledsoe/Nelson
Sg Murray/Harris
Sf Chandler/Hernangomez
Pf Millsap/Faried/Arthur
Ce Jokic/Plumlee/Lyles

18 Sep 2017 09:42:58
It makes sense for both denver and the suns, but the return voor Turner is way to low.

18 Sep 2017 19:44:30
i can't see the pacers doing this, but i also couldn't see them trade PG13 for oladipo and sabonis.

15 Sep 2017 03:48:41

DET P Beverley, D.Bender, T Chandler, 1st round pick LAC


PHX A Drummond, S Dekker, R Jackson


LAC E Bledsoe


15 Sep 2017 09:09:57
I like the idea, but i think Suns don't want R Jackson. Maybe throw in some picks instead.

13 Sep 2017 10:49:25

Cavs get Whiteside , Singler & Warren


Thunder get Love & Chandler


Suns get Thompson & Heat 1st


Heat get Nets 1st, Thunder 1st & Adams


13 Sep 2017 12:52:17
The Cavs probably get slightly worse here while also giving up the Nets pick.

13 Sep 2017 20:59:48
I don't like it for the thunder. They are losing young adams who still has plenty of time to improve and a 1st round pick for kevin love who often has health problems and is not consistently effective against the warriors which the Thunder would need in the playoffs.

14 Sep 2017 01:05:04
Sun's already have heats pick.

13 Sep 2017 03:49:13

PHX get Gary Harris, Corey Joseph & 2nd round pick from DEN

Pg Joseph/Ulis/Knight
Sg Booker/Harris
Sf Jackson/Warren
Pf Chriss/Dudley/Williams
Ce Chandler/Bender

DEN get Eric Bledsoe

Pg Bledsoe/Nelson/Mudiay
Sg Murray/Barton
Sf Chandler/Hernangomez
Pf Millsap/Faried
Ce Jokic/Plumlee/Lyles

IND get 1st round pick DEN & Darrell Arthur

Pg Collison/Young
Sg Oladipo/Stephenson
Sf Young/Bogdanovic/GR3
Pf Sabonis/Leaf
Ce Turner/Arthur/Jefferson

13 Sep 2017 05:00:11
Dont think Denver is going to give up a young stud shooter like Harris AND a 1st rounder and a 2nd rounder for bledsoe. I like bledsoe, but that's an overpay.

13 Sep 2017 02:49:19

PHX get Adams , OKC 1st

SAS get Bledsoe , Grant , Singler

OKC get Chandler , Aldridge

12 Sep 2017 02:35:57

NY : E.Bledsoe
keep Melo fight for playoff spot

PG Bledsoe-Nkitilina-Sessions
SG Hardaway-Baker
SF Anthony-Thomas
PF Porzingis-Oquinn
CE Hernangomez-Noah

IND : 2nd round pick NY + M.Kuzminkas
-get young wing guy and 2nd for Joseph

PG Collison-Young
SG Oladipo-Stephenson-Robinson
SF Bogdanovic-Kuzminkas
PF Young-Sabonis-Leaf
CE Turner-Jefferson

PHX : C.Lee + C.Joseph + 1st round pick NY (top 12 protected)
they lack back up SG, Lee provide good vet presence while getting a 1st for Bledsoe

PG Joseph-Ulis-Knight
SG Booker-Lee
SF Jackson-Warren-Dudley
PF Chriss-Bender
CE Chandler-Len

12 sep 2017 05:32:51
you aren't getting bledsoe without giving up nkitilina and a first round pick.

12 Sep 2017 11:46:48
The Knicks say they are done with patching, so a complete rebuild is in the works. That means the draft picks stay, which means the only trade chip they have to get Bledsoe is Porzingis -- and that's not happening.
As difficult as it may be, NY will have to go with kids and tank, bring Anthony off the bench and hope that he's so embarrassed that he agrees to expand his trade options.
Jackson put them in a terrible spot with that CA no-trade clause, and they have to start digging their way out sometime. The good news is that new management seems to understand what has to be done.

12 Sep 2017 13:18:24
Holy moly, I'm going to comment on how well that's written Super, never thought I would say that about a post of yours.

Separate of that, why would Indy agree to this deal? Joseph has a bunch more value than Kuz.

12 Sep 2017 19:38:08
Agree with Triangle-when did collider get so smart? Never thought I'd agree with him on ANY post. Did he take smart pills? Everything he posted I agree with.

09 Sep 2017 06:58:12

Knicks get Bledsoe, Parker

Rockets get Melo

Bucks get Anderson, Warren, 1st from Rockets

Suns get Nkitilina, Gordon

09 Sep 2017 10:15:38
Knicks add henson.

09 Sep 2017 14:41:47
Great deal for the Knicks, but huge overpay for Houston.

09 Sep 2017 17:45:12
Melo for Tatum and Brown (would have been the Brooklyn 1st, but that's already gone) .

Huge overpay for the Knicks, but they do want to get younger.

09 Sep 2017 04:42:39
If ever these players are to be traded what are the best offer by each team for them or who will offer the best package?

1. Stephen Curry
2. James Harden
3. Anthony Davis
4. Giannis Antetokounmpo

all deals should either keep them a contender or rebuild

only fantasy deals

I'll give my shot

for Steph

Suns offer Bledsoe, Jackson, 2 1st round picks

for Harden (with Anderson)

Brogdon, Middleton, Teletovic, 2 1st round picks

for Davis

Bledsoe, Chriss, Jackson, 1st round pick

for Giannis (with Delly)

Lillard, Harkless, 1st round pick

09 Sep 2017 04:49:24
Cavs offer to warriors BKN pick, Thomas, Thompson for Curry and Pachulia.

09 Sep 2017 04:57:50
Boston offers the La/ Sac pick, Tatum, Rozier, Memphis pick, Boston pick, and filler for Giannis.

09 Sep 2017 14:43:34
That's not a bad proposal but if I'm Milwaukee I say no.

10 Sep 2017 03:19:37
It is very hard to ever find any legitimate trade for superstars of this level. They are not only extremely productive, but they have too much value to their home team, since they are the focus of their marketing efforts.

Maybe you can find some offers once the bloom is off the rose a little, but I think all four of these guys are firmly in the "more valuable to us than you" camp, and untradeable.

10 Sep 2017 03:20:59
Maybe Anthony Davis could get traded first, but only if he gets tired of the losing and makes it clear to the front office and fans that he is ready to go elsewhere.

08 Sep 2017 21:59:37

SAS get: Chandler Parsons, Eric Bledsoe, and Tyson Chandler
Sign: Dwayne Wade after buyout

pg. Bledsoe
sg. Wade
sf. Leonard
pf. Gasol
c. Chandler

MEM get: Lamarcus Aldridge and Danny Green

pg. Conley
sg. Green
sf. Evans
pf. Aldrdige
c. Gasol

PHX get: Tony Parker (exp) and Brandon Wright (exp)

pg. Parker
sg. Booker
sf. Jackson
pf. Chriss
c. Bender/ Wright

08 Sep 2017 23:16:32
Why would Phoenix give up Bledsoe for absolutely nothing. Moving Chandler's deal is not that important.

Suns hang up laughing.

08 Sep 2017 23:27:10
That's terrible for the Spurs. Yes I do think that they should move Aldridge and Eric Bledsoe would be an okay fit but adding Chandler Parsons instantly makes it a bad trade.

09 Sep 2017 02:50:30
too good for Memphis. lol.

07 Sep 2017 18:10:47
Klay Thompson to Suns
Jackson,Bender,Warren to Warriors

07 Sep 2017 19:46:29
The Warriors would have to think about it. I'm not sure if it's worth breaking up their big 4 for. It looks like they'll be able to keep their core together for a long time.

For the Suns, it doesn't seem worth it. Thompson is going to be 28 this season and their best player is a sg, which would be Klay's best position. Even with Thompson, they probably aren't better than a first round out, if that. They're better off continuing to rebuild for the next two years. They already have a nice group of young players. If they can add a top 5 pick from this years draft, they could end up with 3 future all stars.

07 Sep 2017 22:22:31
I think the Warriors will hold on to Thompson at least for this season to make another run, so I don't see a scenario in which he's dealt, unless it's for something stupid good and offers the short term impact that he offers.

I do agree with rkenne as well regarding the Suns end. Klay is possibly outside of Phoenix' window for competing.

07 Sep 2017 12:25:01

DEN- bledsoe/ chandler/ warren
PHX- plumlee (s&t) / faried/ mudiay/ lydon/ beasly.

07 Sep 2017 13:34:06
pg. bledsoe/ nelson
sg. murray/ barton/ harris
sf. chandler/ warren
pf. millsap/ hernangomez/ lyles
c. jokic/ chandler/ arthur
solid contender line up special if all are healthy.

07 Sep 2017 13:48:23
Not sure for Denver.
Why should they trade for an older pg.
Mudiay still has potentiall. and the West is to strong, so they better develop young players and get some extra talent in the draft

I like this one for Phoenix

Maybe a swap option on the Miami and Denver pick could do it for Denver.

07 Sep 2017 14:50:25
Denver also get warren in the process, he is young also and could be a building block especially if barton and chandler are gone.

08 Sep 2017 19:10:36
Bledsoe is a big upgrade for DEN, and should work well with both Milsap and Jokic. Warren is the best prospect. I don't see DEN giving up anything of real value.

09 Sep 2017 08:09:30
Denver already offered muiday and their 1st rounder this past draft, and phoenix turned it down.

06 Sep 2017 15:43:16
The Cavs get Danny Green and Dudley

The Spurs get Bledsoe and a Cavs 2nd

The Suns get Shumpert, Osman, Frye(waive), Jefferson(waive), Tavares, Murray, Anderson, the Cavs 2021 first lottery protected, the Spurs 2018 first, and a Cavs 2nd.

The Cavs add to excellent 3 and d players who can both guard multiple positions. They also keep the Brooklyn pick potentially giving them chance to make a bigger trade down the road and save 4 million in the process.

The Spurs get what could be their long term answer at pg. They give up Green, but he seems like a guy that they've seen as expendable for a while. Their first should be pretty late and both of the young players that they give up are fairly replaceable.

The Suns get a bundle of assets to continue their rebuild and they'll end up with 7 million in extra cap room next summer (it balloons to over 17 if Shumpert opts out) after the trade.

06 Sep 2017 20:18:22
Not good for the Cavs. No way I'm including draft picks in a deal for two journeymen past their prime.

06 Sep 2017 20:21:09
Not good for the Cavs. No way I'm throwing in any kind of draft picks on a package for two journeymen past their prime.

06 Sep 2017 20:25:48
I don't see what assets the Suns get.
Looks like the Cavs just put all their junk in the back of a dump truck, drive 2,000 miles to the southwest and dump it in Phoenix.

06 Sep 2017 22:33:36
Two late firsts, a second, and a rookie that was an early second rounder is nothing at all? Seems like a few decent assets. They bring in a few contracts as well, but none that are terrible. The worst is shumpert, who's contract is about the same as Dudley.

07 Sep 2017 16:24:36
I'm not sure how the Suns only get junk? Murray and Osman are both solid prospects with upside, they get two firsts, they end up with more cap space next year, and they can bring Anderson and Tavares into camp to see try them out and if they don't like them they're both in the last guaranteed year of their contracts. Neither player they give up looks to be part of their future and another year of tanking makes sense.

As for this not being good for the Cavs, calling Danny Green a journey man is ridiculous. He's probably just under an elite catch shoot player and he's an elite perimeter defender. Dudley is a really good and versatile defender, who also shoots the 3 really well. When a team tries to play small ball against the Cavs, they could realistically with a lineup of Smith Green Crowder Lebron Dudley and would have an elite defensive unit and just let Lebron attack and kick it. you either have to choose to bring an extra defender off of a 40 percent 3 point shooter or let Lebron go one on one with a player to the hole.

06 Sep 2017 00:22:44

•Cavs get Danny Green
PG: Thomas, Rose, Calderon, Felder
SG: Green, Smith, Osman
SF: James, Korver, Jefferson
PF: Love, Crowder, Green
C: Thompson, Zizic, Frye

•Spurs get Eric Bledsoe, Sean Kilpatrick, and Suns 2nd rd pick
-Sign Andrew Bogut
PG: Bledsoe, Mills, Parker
SG: Kilpatrick, Ginobli, White
SF: Leonard, Gay, Paul
PF: Aldridge, Bertans
C: Gasol, Bogut, Lauvergne

•Nets get Kyle Anderson and Alex Len (s&t)
PG: Russell, Lin, Dinwiddie
SG: Crabbe, LeVert, Whitehead
SF: Carroll, RHJ, Harris
PF: Anderson, Booker, Acy
C: Len, Allen, Mozgov

•Suns get Dejounte Murray, Iman Shumpert, and Cavs 2018 1st
-Trade Jared Dudley for Cole Aldrich and 2nd
PG: Murray, Ulis, Knight
SG: Booker, Shumpert, Reed
SF: Jackson, Warren, Jones
PF: Chriss, Williams, Peters
C: Chandler, Bender, Aldrich.

06 Sep 2017 03:40:00
Terrible for the Suns.

04 Sep 2017 22:47:44

Bledsoe, Warren, Dudley

For TT, shump, Frye, Bkn pick

Cavs add more depth, cut taxes, can add vet level C for depth, and have a SF in Warren should LBJ bolt.

Suns take on a young center in TT, and add 2 exp deals (assuming By shumps opts out) and will have 2 top 5 picks in next year's loaded draft

05 Sep 2017 01:50:25
No way Cleveland trades the Brooklyn pick unless it's a star level player. Bledsoe doesn't fit that.

05 Sep 2017 02:07:48
Why would the Cavs do that, they will end up having too much PG and no center.

05 Sep 2017 02:35:41
Cavs 1st.

05 Sep 2017 04:46:39
It's not worth the Brooklyn pick and it leaves the Cavs with a long jam at point with 3 point guards who for one reason or another can't play big minutes at sg. Bledsoe might be the only one who can really effectively play shooting guard at all and he's to small to play it against the Warriors. It also leaves the Cavs with no real center on the roster. I think the Cavs will play significant minutes without a center this year (some without a traditional big man at all), but they can't get away with it all the time and absolutely need one on the roster.

04 Sep 2017 03:48:24

SAC get Iman Shumpert

CLE get Tyson Chandler

PHX get Kosta Koufos & Kay Felder

03 Sep 2017 18:14:41
Cavs get Dudley

The Suns get Felder and Shumpert

02 Sep 2017 21:30:12

•Cavs get Tyson Chandler
-Sign Dante Cunningham 1yr 2.5m
PG: Thomas, Rose, Calderon, Felder
SG: Crowder, Smith, Osman
SF: James, Korver, Jefferson
PF: Love, Cunningham, Green
C: Thompson, Chandler, Zizic

•Pelicans get Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, and lesser of their own and Miami's 2018 1st (via Suns)
-Sign Derrick Williams, Anthony Morrow
PG: Holiday, Rondo, Jackson
SG: Clark, Morrow, Crawford
SF: Shumpert, Miller, Hill (hurt)
PF: Davis, Frye, Williams
C: Cousins, Diallo, Ajinca

•Suns get Omer Asik, E'Twaun Moore, and better of Miami's and Pelicans' 2018 1st (via Pelicans)
-Re-sign Alex Len
PG: Bledsoe, Ulis, Knight (hurt)
SG: Booker, Moore, Reed
SF: Jackson, Warren, Dudley
PF: Chriss, Williams, Peters
C: Bender, Len, Asik.

02 Sep 2017 22:16:28
Not terrible, but I think either the Suns would need to get the Pelicans first outright or they get Frye (expiring) and NOs keeps Asik.

04 Sep 2017 01:10:33
Pretty good.

05 Sep 2017 21:31:46
Thank you NBA for showing the Cavs fans there is a viable trade without Cousins being sent out.

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