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20 Jun 2018 00:14:51
Covington & Fultz for

Salaries match almost perfectly, blazers get 3&eliteD and fultz to develop next to lilliard as 2nd scorer, Philly gets elite scorer next to Simmons and Embiid.

Noel for
Turner & 18' 1st rounder

Clears 10M and gets backup C for POR, gets 1st rounder in exchange for taking on Turner contract to DAL

Blazers let all FAs walk and sign Rudy Gay+ Mle veteren PG

New Blazers
Lilliard/FA on MLE

20 Jun 2018 00:56:10
Sixers say no

20 Jun 2018 01:30:48
I would do Covington, #10,#26 for Mccollum.

20 Jun 2018 02:51:47
I’m definitely not mad at this as a sixers fan. An extra recruiting piece for lebron.

20 Jun 2018 02:54:28
Blazers need to shed salary, unfortunately. Noel is unrestricted, and I don't see any reason why blazers want him with nurkic and Collins and why noel would do a s&t. It's possible but unlikely. Turner and the 25th is not enough for his 36 mil owed I don't think.

20 Jun 2018 04:37:22
I don't think the sixers give up both assets for McCollum. If Mikal Bridges isn't there at 10 then maybe I do it but I think Bridges will be there and for me he is too good a fit here to trade away. Let Fultz develop his game while keeping the valuable 3 and D guys.

19 Jun 2018 20:05:22
Portland offseason

Trade w/Bucks
Bucks get Harkless, Aminu, 18' 1st rounder
Blazers get Middleton, Jennings, save 3.2M cap space

Trade w/Kings
Kings get Turner, 19' 1st rounder
Blazers get Faried, save 4.2M cap space

Let all free agents go, clear up 13M more in cap space, putting you right around the cap.

Sign Rudy Gay to 3 years

Lilliard, Jennings
McCollum, Baldwin
Middleton, Swanigan, Layman
Gay, Faried
Collins, Leonard

If you can swing it to resign Ed Davis and Rudy Gay, that'd be best, then you put Davis at starting C w/ Collins starting at Pf, Gay as 6th man.
Play with this lineup a few years, develop Collins and see what happens. In 3 yrs all you have left is lilliard, McCollum, Collins and Swanigan. If you want to hit reset button trade stars for draft picks then.

19 Jun 2018 20:14:16
That's a massive underpay. Middleton is probably one of the most underrated players in the league. Portland would need to add more.

19 Jun 2018 20:22:17
You're not getting Middleton for that. The Bucks aren't actively shopping him and he's probably the one player on that roster that is an ideal fit next to Giannis.

I also don't see that being enough to move salary this summer in the Turner deal. Few teams have cap and plenty of teams want to move it. Also, Faried is on the Nuggets and they're trying to move him to save money.

19 Jun 2018 20:37:33
No from Milwaukee, can’t trade two consecutive firsts and Denver would say no anyway. You’re name suggests why you came up with this post, and why you think it’s reasonable.

19 Jun 2018 20:37:47
Middleton like Giannis is pretty much untouchable! I believe Milwaukee will pass.

19 Jun 2018 20:42:19
That Bucks trade is really awful. Also hoy do with trade Faried with Kings?

19 Jun 2018 21:09:54
@milpso I had same question.

20 Jun 2018 03:01:16
How did faried make it to the kings was my question.

17 Jun 2018 15:36:38
Multiple Kawhi deals:

Just having fun with a couple of deals, let me know which ones, if any, you like.

#1 - To GSW

Kawhi for Klay and Jordan Bell

Kawhi moves to the two, Warriors and Spurs would have to sign either after next season, Spurs get young C, and if healthy, Claw makes Warriors unstoppable.

#2 - To MIA

Kawhi for JJ, Bam and Justise

Miami loves star players, and they get one in Claw. Spurs take on two years of overpaid but solid James Johnson to get two potential building blocks in Winslow and Bam.

#3 - To POR

Kawhi for Harkless, Aminu, Collins, 2018 1st, 2020 1st

Admittedly the worst player package, Spurs get only two solid rotation players and a young C with potential, but this is about picks and depth. Blazers tried their best to add a third star last year, but were unsuccessful. This year they get their guy.

4# - To LAC

Kawhi, Mills for Harris, Beverley, Johnson, pick 12

This is a popular rumour, and is one I like. Harris and Beverley are above average players who offer D and versatility. Johnson adds another shooter, and pick 12 brings a good rotation piece. Kawhi goes home, and Mills offers shooting at the 1. Yes, Clips dealt two stars last year, but I don’t believe it was for a rebuild, so adding a superstar while still keeping a lottery pick in this year’s draft is a win.

#5 - To BOS

Kawhi, Mills for Hayward, Brown

Both Claw and Gordon are coming off major injuries, so both teams are taking a risk. When healthy though, Kawhi is the better player, and Brown is needed to get this deal done. Mills salary matches, but also helps soften the blow should Smart not resign, or if Rozier is needed in a separate deal.

#6 - To NYK

Kawhi for Lee, Frank, Dotson, 2018 1st, 2020 1st

Again, not a great player package, but Lee feels like a Spur, Frank and Dejonte are a defensive nightmare and two picks, including 9 brings quality youth. Sounds like Kawhi and his camp have at least a fleeting interest in playing in NY, and him with Zinger would be the foundation for the Knicks turnaround.

#7 - To UTA

Kawhi for Ingles, Thabo, O’Neal and 2018 1st

Claw with Mitchell, and Steiffel would be a scary threesome, though Jazz hesitate as this is the spot Claw is least likely to resign. Spurs get a really solid, underrated player on a good deal in Ingles, an expiring deal in Thabo and two young pieces.

#8 - To LAL

Kawhi for Ingram, Kuzma

Spurs don’t get pick 25, but also don’t take back Deng. Lakers give up two good building blocks, and keep 25 to try to tie to Deng for another trade.

#9 - To PHI

Kawhi for Saric, Covington and pick 10

Philly gets their star if LBJ doesn’t land there. Spurs get an underrated 3 and D guy, and two young quality pieces.

#10 - To CHI

Kawhi, pick 17 for Valentine, Portis, picks 7 and 22

Chicago speeds up the rebuild, adding Kawhi to Lauri and Kris while keeping a first in this year’s draft. Spurs get youth and two picks.

17 Jun 2018 15:54:11
Outside of the Celtics offer here, most of these seem pretty short.

19 Jun 2018 03:27:19
I think the most likely of these in order are LAC, LAL, CHI. You could add PHI to that if you switched Saric with Fultz.

17 Jun 2018 06:43:42
Blazers get - Drummond Saric TLC and Bayless
76ers get - McCollum and Leonard
Pistons get - Turner 10th pick and 24th pick
*pistons trade Griffen and enter full rebuild*



Pistons TBD depending on picks received for Griffen

17 Jun 2018 14:02:31
Not sure I'd absorb Turner for 10, let alone give up Drummond.

18 Jun 2018 17:36:25
Detroit can find a better deal if they trade Drummond.
I was thinking brown, 1st and filler to send Dre to Boston.

19 Jun 2018 10:20:07

Sixers lineup
PG Simmons / McConnell
SG McCollum / Fultz / Korkmas
SF Leonard / Covington / Anderson
PF Illyasova / overseas stash PF (Bolden)
C Embiid / R. Holmes

Covington and Fultz can fight to be the 6th Man of the Year.

Bring back llyasova (3years-28Mil)

16 Jun 2018 06:46:14
Blazers: Lillard

LAC: Harris, beverly,12, 13, 2020 1st

17 Jun 2018 23:31:28
I just can't see the blazers trading lillard to the west.

16 Jun 2018 03:52:08
Blazers: Lillard, swanigan, Leonard

Suns: Warren, knight, 16, 2019 1st 1-8 protected

16 Jun 2018 05:02:19
suns would have to give the number 1 pick, dame had a fringe mvp season and is only getting better.

16 Jun 2018 06:24:13
No point in trading for lillard unless the first pick was staying with suns.

15 Jun 2018 21:40:42
Blazers trade:

CJ McCollum
Caleb Swanigan
Pick 24
2020 lottery protected first

Cavs trade:

Pick 8.

15 Jun 2018 05:25:27
Here another idea of block buster trade 6 teams
Atlanta , Washington, Cleveland , New Orleans , Okalhoma , Portland
Atlanta gets
Sg C.J. McCollum
Sf Otto Porter
C Jusuf Nurkic
Sg jr Smith
Pg Jordan Ckarkson
And 51 pick

New Orleans get
C Steven Adams
Sf Kyle singler
Sg Kyle Korver
C miles Plumlee

Portland gets
Pf Kevin love
C Alexis Ajinca
Sg Alex Abrines

Cleveland gets
Pf Markieff Morris
Sf Kent Bazemore
C Ian Mahimi
Sg Jodie Meeks
Pg Dennis Schroeder
3 pick
19 pick
30 pick

Wizards would get
C Demarcus Cousins
Pf Patrick Patterson
34 pick ,51 pick , 57 pick

15 sf Hutchinson
34 C Wagner
44- pg Brunson
51- sg Devon hall
57- Derrickson
Wizards sign
C Monroe 2 16,000,00
Sf green 1 3,000,000
Sg Curry 3 9,000,000
Pf Gordan 4 -60,000,000

Wizards roster
Pg wall , Satoansky ,Brunson
Sg Beal, Curry, Hall
Sf, Oubre , green , Hutchinson
Pf Gordan , Smith , Derrickson
C Couisin , Monroe , Wagner

14 Jun 2018 14:34:25
Cle: McCollum+pick 23

Portland: K Love

Indy:E Turner+ 8 pick

Indy can draft Porter, T Young, Sexton or Bridges

C: M Turner/Sabonis
PF: Young/ Leaf
SF:Bogdanovic/ Porter
Pg:Collison/E Turner

14 Jun 2018 15:48:27
Pacers is robbed both of them not going to happen.

14 Jun 2018 15:54:50
It's nice to unload Turner, but I think Portland would rather just cut Indy out, and take both Love and #8. Porter would be a great fit in Portland with Lillard, Love, and Nurkic.

14 Jun 2018 17:09:54
Poor defense added to poor defense? It's only a good fit for the cavs wanting blazers stars and not being able to offer much besides the 8. Aminu is ten times the defender love is, and shoots the 3 at a good clip. Makes 3 times less @ 7 mil. I just don't see love being a logical choice for the blazers for fit salary and age.

14 Jun 2018 19:01:39
Btec: Define "poor defense", because Portland was top 6 this year in defense. Love would add much needed offensive punch outside of their guards, which they've lacked since Aldridge left.

15 Jun 2018 00:34:33
@ bmiller I must have watched a different playoff series where the blazers allowed 110+ pts in nearly every loss to the pelicans. I think it would also put them around 16 if compared to the other playoff teams. Yep, picking up a often injured 30 year old for 23 mil. is exactly what blazers should do.

15 Jun 2018 00:36:48
Indy isn't robbed.
Porter is the most talentedd player in this draft. He was the consensus 1rst pick before his injury.

And E Turner would be a great sixth man, having shooters as Bogdanovic, Oladipo and Porter arround him.

13 Jun 2018 21:42:52

Portland gets Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Deng

Lakers get Lilard

LAL make their Big 3 with Lillard, George, Lebron. They keep only Hart and Zubac, so they have to spend wisely MLE and BAE. Also, they need to find value in 25th - 47th and buy 1-2 picks more to try their luck.

POR get potential all stars to rebuild with McCollum instead of Lilard. They could make a big hit in 2020 with all the bad salary gone and Ball - Kuzma still in rookie contracts.


13 Jun 2018 22:33:29
Ball and kuzma aren't potential all stars to anybody but laker fans. Ball isn't top eight pg in the west.

13 Jun 2018 06:56:41
Lakers trade

Portland trade

Portland needs to go in a different direction after getting swept and this allows them to get a rebuild jumpstarted with two young talented pieces.

13 Jun 2018 13:16:33
Portland’s offseason plan will be to move McCollum, not Lillard.

13 Jun 2018 16:11:24
Ingramhas hopem nobody wants lonzo.

13 Jun 2018 17:07:42
Hard pass on Ball. He's not talented enough for the baggage he brings. Ingram also doesn't seem to have the high end potential that Portland would want to trade Lillard.

13 Jun 2018 17:29:18
Already reports about noboding being untouchable from Portland and ball has some baggage but he’s going to be a very nice player especially if he gets his shot down. He did Average 10 7 7 as a rookie.

13 Jun 2018 06:08:59
3 team trade

Bulls get howard and cj McCollum

Blazers get #11 pick and valentine

Hornets get #7 pick,lopez.and felicio

15 Jun 2018 23:05:29
Blazers could get a better deal.

12 Jun 2018 18:40:15
Knicks - Trail Blazers

Knicks gets:
24th pick
2019 2nd rd pick (Lakers or Timberwolves)

Trail Blazers gets:

Knicks take on Turners contract for some picks, while Portland save 4,5 million this year and even more money next year.

12 Jun 2018 20:07:36
It takes more than that to dump Turner.

12 Jun 2018 16:43:33
Portland Trail Blazers offseason moves

-Trade Mo Harkless, Meyers Leonard, #24 pick, and a future 2nd rd pick to Cleveland for Kevin Love

-Buy the #45 pick from Brooklyn for $2.8m cash

45: Hamidou Diallo

-Let Jusuf Nurkic walk
-Waive Jake Layman (non-guaranteed)

-Re-sign Shabazz Napier 3yr 18m
-Re-sign Ed Davis 2yr 13m
-Sign Jeff Green 1yr 5m
-Re-sign Pat Connaughton 1yr 2.5m
-Sign Omri Casspi 1yr minimum

Pg. Lillard, Napier, Baldwin IV
Sg. McCollum, Connaughton, Diallo
Sf. Aminu, Turner, Casspi
Pf. Love, Green, Swanigan
C. Davis, Collins, Papagiannis.

12 Jun 2018 17:16:15
That would be an absolute dream trade for Portland. Get an all star without losing either of their guards and unload two bad contracts (or one bad and one not good) . Maybe Portland includes swanigan as well.

I also think green would be a good fit. They haven’t had an irrational confidence, score first bench player for a few years, and it’s been bad.

12 Jun 2018 23:42:00
Agree with Bmiller, going to need to add one more asset to the Love deal. Leonard’s deal forces it.

12 Jun 2018 16:08:32
The Rockets get Lebron

The 76ers get Gordon, Korver, Aminu, and Nance

The Blazers get Love and the 39th pick via Philly l

The Cavs get Anderson, Leonard, Collins, the 10th pick via Philly, the 24th pick via Portland, the Houston 19, 21, and 23 1sts

12 Jun 2018 17:51:39
Remove Collins, there's no way Portland includes him unless it's for a superstar. Go with Swanigan instead, and move 39 to Cleveland.

12 Jun 2018 18:55:51
So the Sixers are going to help facilitate an LBJ trade to Houston? And give up the #10 pick in the draft for a bunch of role players? C'mon man. Philly is not going for this . Really?

12 Jun 2018 05:31:00
Here another 4 team trade for all to knock
Orlando, Washington , Portland , memphis but to help you all understand better I will break each one more
Ok it projected that salary cap is going to be 129,000,000 .so all understand this .

Orlando salary cap holds before this trade is 84,225,564 million
Orlando would trade
C Nikola Vucevic -$ 12,750,000/
sf Terrance Ross - $ 10,500,000
Pg Shevin Mack - $6 million
Pf Aaron Gordan - $7, 260, 329 cap hold
C Bismark Biyombo -17 million
This would leave them cap at $31,048,568
Orlando will get
Sg C.J. McCullum - $ 25,759,761
Sf Chandler Parsons - $24,107,257
Pg Mike Conley -$ 30,521,115
C Marcin Gortat - $13,565,218

This put Orlando cap hold at $125,001,940
Leaving Orlando with cap space $3,998,060

Portland Salary cap holds before trade is $111,299,249
Portland would trade
Sg C.J. McCullum- $25,759,761
Sf Evan Turner-$ 17,868,852
C Jusuf Nurkic - $ bird rights last season contact was $2,947,305
Pg Shabaz Napier bird rights last season contact was $2,361,360
And 24 pick
This would leave Portland $62,361,971
Portland would get
Sf Otto Porter - $ 26,001,913
Sg Ben Mclemore - $5,460,000
Pf Markieff Morris - $8,600,000
C Nikola Vucevic - $12,750,000
Pg Shelvin Mack -$ 6,000,000
This put Portland cap at $118,579,272
Which leave Portland with 10,120,728 cap space

Memphis cap space before trade $103,259,866
They would trade
Pg Mike Conley -$30,521,115
Sf Chandler Parsons-$ 24,107,258
Sg Ben McLemore -$ 5,460,000
4 pick
This will leave Memphis $43,201,493 cap hold
Memphis would get
Sf Evan Turner-$17,868,852
Pg Shabazz Napier bird rights say sign him 2years 8 million
C Ian Mahimi -$15,944,154
Sg Jodie Meeks -$ 3,454,000
Sf Terrance Ross 10,500,000
C Jusuf Nurkic bird rights sign him 4 14,million year
Pg Tim Frazier bird right 2 year 6 million
Pf Chris McCullough bird right 3 years 6 million
They get 15 pick from wizards 24 pick portland 2021 wizards 1st round pick lottery protected 2023 1st round pick top 5 protected
This would put Memphis cap at $117,969,499
Would leave memphis with $ 11,030,501 in cap space

Wizards cap hold before trade is 124,023,510
Wizards would trade
Sf Otto Porter-$ 26,011,913
C Ian Mahimi-$ 15,944,154
C Marcin Gortat- $13,565,218
Pf Markieff Morris- $8,600,000
Sg Jodie Meeks -$ 3,454,000
Pf Chris McCullough bird rights his $ last years was $1,471,382
Pg Tim Frazier bird right $ last year was $2,000,000
And 15 pick
This would wizards with cap hold of $52,976,843

Wizards would get
Pf Aaron Gordan $ 7,260,329
C Bismack Biyombo $17,000,000
4 pick and 6 pick
This leave wizards cap hold of 77,236,843
Cap space would be $51,763,157
Then wizards sign
C Cousin, 4 30 million a year
C Monroe 2 8 million a year
Pf Mike Scott 2 years 8 million
Pg Seth Curry 2 years 5 million
Sg Avery Bradley 2 years 20 million
Sf Jeff Green 2 years 6 million
4 pick wizards draft pg Trae Young 4 years 24,118,800
6 pick sf Micheal Porter J.R. 4 years 20,129,572
44 pick Pf Marcus Derrickson 2 1,5 million

Wizards 2018/19 roster
Pg J. wall,Seth Curry ,Trae Young
Sg B. Beal , A.bradley , Thomas Satoansky
Sf k Oubre ,Micheal Porter , Jeff green
Pf A. Gordan , m Scott, Derrickson
C D. Cousin , G Monroe , J Smith

Trade Biyombo to any team for future 2 round pick
Now I think that fair trade

12 Jun 2018 13:50:13
As said on every one of your trades, you can’t sign and trade 5 guys in a trade. It’s just too much. Try breaking it apart into many smaller trades. 4 team, 20 player trades are just simply impossible.

10 Jun 2018 17:52:29
Cavs Trade Jordan Clarkson & Rodney Hood & Larry Nance Jr & 8 pick to Portland

Portland Trade Damian Lillard to Cavs

Sign and Trade Tristan Thompson & Jr Smith & George Hill for DeAndre Jordan

Cavs Trade Kevin Love & Jeff Green 2019 second round pick & 2021 first round pick for Paul George Otp In 1 year

LeBron James Opt In 1 year 35.6 million

10 Jun 2018 18:37:33
Mike that not going to get you jordan or lillard0.

10 Jun 2018 18:46:49

10 Jun 2018 18:47:32
Trade one. Portland easily passes

Trade two. JR is not an asset, take him out and instead Cleveland takes on a bad contract and then maybe its a go.

10 Jun 2018 19:28:40
Yeah, the first two trades are just bad.

Portland gives up a superstar for a pick and bench players? Replace Lillard with McCollum and Portland at least thinks about it before they decline.

The clippers trade a FA for three bad contracts? Why not just let Jordan walk? What do the clippers get here?

I actually think Cleveland overpays in the third. Love for George straight up feels fair.

10 Jun 2018 05:50:01
Portland Trail Blazers offseason moves

-Trade Mo Harkless, Meyers Leonard, and #24 pick to Cleveland for Kevin Love

-Buy the #45 pick from Brooklyn for $2.8m cash


-Let Jusuf Nurkic walk

-Re-sign Shabazz Napier 3yr.

10 Jun 2018 06:14:08
That's about the only way I can see blazers picking up love. On the cheap. It still causes salary issues and I think blazers would sign nurkic or e. davis before Napier. Baldwin is a pretty good up and comer to take Napier's spot.

10 Jun 2018 06:36:35
I accidentally hit post before I was finished. Sorry about that.

10 Jun 2018 15:31:47
If Cleveland was willing to let go of love for that little, Portland should jump all over it.

09 Jun 2018 18:25:14
SA Spurs offseason moves

-Trade Lamarcus Aldridge and Danny Green (opt-in) to Portland for CJ McCollum and Meyers Leonard

-Trade Patty Mills and #18 pick to Denver for Kenneth Faried and #14 pick

14: Lonnie Walker IV
48: Kevin Hervey (2-way contract)

-Rudy Gay opts in
-Joffrey Lauvergne opts out

-Sign Kyle O’Quinn 2yr 11m
-Re-sign Kyle Anderson 3yr 24m
-Re-sign Tony Parker 1yr 5m
-Re-sign Davis Bertans 2yr 7m

Pg. Murray, Parker, White
Sg. McCollum, Walker, Ginobli
Sf. Leonard, Gay, Hervey (2-way)
Pf. Faried, Anderson, Bertans
C. Gasol, O’Quinn, Leonard.

19 Jun 2018 19:05:35
I love that idea it needs to happen. Then with that roster for the nuggets that makes them easy championship contenders.

08 Jun 2018 23:18:22
Mavs trade - Matthews (exp) and late 2nd

Blazer said trade - Turner (2yrs left) and 2018 1st

Mavs draft - Mo Bamba and Khyri Thomas
Blazers draft Malik Newman 2nd round



09 Jun 2018 04:01:05
It's possible. Mavs claimed they liked Mathews a lot last season but a 1st round for his aging behind is pretty good even with turner. Blazers could use cap relief a. s. a. p.

09 Jun 2018 12:33:36
I like it a lot. Wes Matthews is a shell of himself, but he is still an upgrade over Evans for the playoff Blazers. More importantly, POR is clearing $17 mil in 2019-20 cap space for the #24 pick, which might help them jump back under the lux if they can find a way to clear Myles Leonard. It also improves their flexibility if they decide to blow it up next year.

For DAL, this seems like a fair price for that 2019 cap space, and Turner helps the tank. Adding the late first now is good timing, as they start their rebuild.

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