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21 Jun 2018 00:10:11
Lakers get Leonard Baker Burke 59
Spurs get Ingram Kuzma Kanter
Knicks get Knight Chandler Dudley
Suns get Ball Deng Noah

Suns have nice 5 starting at the cost of taking 2 bad contract


Lakers can assemble super team.


Spurs get get great value for Leonard.


Knicks move Noah without trading a pick and save 4 mil
Lee thomas for Faried Arthur
Knight for Mack Ross


21 Jun 2018 05:02:04
Suns are eating it in this.

20 Jun 2018 20:31:23
3 Team Deals

Cavs Get Kawhi Leonard & Patty Mill & Marvin William

Hornets get George Hill & Cedi Osman 8 pick

Spurs get Kevin Love & Kemba Walker

What y'all think??

20 Jun 2018 20:57:49
If Memphis wants to trade parsons and pick 4 for love so spurs get parson and pick 4 with Walker.

21 Jun 2018 01:08:01
Mike, Lebron is in LA already.

20 Jun 2018 17:13:58
3 Team deal

To SAS - Harris, Beverley, pick 13

To LAC - Leonard, picks 18 and 19

To ATL - Gasol, pick 12

Spurs get quality players, move up five picks in the draft and unburden themselves of Gasol’s deal.

Atlanta has stated that they would like to move into the lottery a second time, which they accomplish by dealing pick 19 and take on Gasol’s deal.

Clips get Kawhi while also keeping two picks in the draft.

20 Jun 2018 17:31:00
I can't see that being enough for Leonard.

20 Jun 2018 18:04:27
So Clippers take Leonard and retain two mid high picks? Too good for them.

20 Jun 2018 18:09:51
i don't think taking gasol merits moving up 7 spots. and this is just not enough for kawhi.

20 Jun 2018 17:07:57
Lakers Leanord (only if healthy)

Spurs Walker Ingram

Hornets Murry Deng 25th pick 47th pick

20 Jun 2018 17:31:22
How will anyone know if he's healthy? That can't be part of the equation at this point.

20 Jun 2018 17:32:44
Ingram and the 25 doesn't get you Leonard and might be what they would need to give up just to dump Deng.

20 Jun 2018 17:33:34
Reports are saying Leonard is fine.

20 Jun 2018 17:34:37
Hornets just did a deal for cap relief doubt deng is in their plans.

20 Jun 2018 21:40:11
With Murray in his rookie deal Deng be worth it though they just got out the tax so it shouldn't be an issue. Murray is a beast for losing Walker to Brooklyn nets next year where i assume he would sign if hornets keep him. But give the spurs Hart and a future pick.

20 Jun 2018 03:01:04
Cavs Dream off-season

Draft night

Grizzlies/ Kevin love+ante zizic

Cavs/ Chandler Parsons pick 4+pick 32

When popovich is ready to trade Leonard

Cavs/ Kawhi Leonard+pick 18

Spurs Jordan clarckson+Kyle korver+Cedi Osman+pick 4+2021 first rounder

Cavs DeMarcus cousins s/ t

Pelicans Tristan Thompson+Jr Smith+pick 18+pick 32

Draft Michael Porter

Resign hood 3/ 30m

Sign dedmon mle


20 Jun 2018 03:29:45
Stretch Parsons 5 yrs

20 Jun 2018 04:02:22
If you think that package gets you Kawhi AND pick 18, you’re nuts.

20 Jun 2018 04:45:30
Eh if I'm San Antonio there's probably much better offers for Kawhi, why trade 18 for pick 4 and role players when you can get Jaylen Brown (who would be a perfect fit on the Spurs) and at least another lottery pick if not a bit more from Boston. Also I would be shocked if Porter Jr. falls to 8, too many teams are interested in him ahead of the Cavs.

20 Jun 2018 13:15:27
lil j, you can’t stretch a guy you deal for.

19 Jun 2018 18:18:10
Cavs - Griz - Spurs

Cavs give:
Love, Hill, Clarkson, Thompson, Osman, Hood (S&T), 8 Pick
Kawhi, Pau Gasol, Patty Mills, Marc Gasol, Parsons,

Spurs Give:
Kawhi, Pau, Mills
Rodney Hood, Cedi Osman, Tristan, Clarkson, #4 Pick, #8 Pick

Grizzlies Give:
Parsons, Gasol, #4 Pick
Love, Hill

Only hard sell might be Memphis, but they shed Parsons for Hill ($1M guaranteed after next season, save $25M total), And Love is 4 years younger than Gasol.

JR/ Korver/ Parsons
Kawhi/ Jeff Green
Lebron/ Nance
Gasol/ Gasol

19 Jun 2018 19:01:16
Can't do a sign and trade with multiple people champ nice try tho.

19 Jun 2018 20:35:14
Teams can record trades however they want to once it is agreed upon, “champ, ” so assuming Hood gets about $10M a season it could recorded as him for Mills straight. You tried though.

19 Jun 2018 21:10:52

19 Jun 2018 21:11:26
And nice trade seems like the people love it.

19 Jun 2018 21:27:22
Laker fans.

19 Jun 2018 18:05:01
The Cavs get Whiteside, T Johnson, Leonard, Mills, Green, and Parsons

The Spurs get Smith(buyout), Clarkson, Richardson, the 4th and the 8th pick

The Heat get Hill(buyout), Thompson, Korver and the Cavs 2021 1st top 10 protected

The Grizzlies get Love, Osman and Nance

19 Jun 2018 20:04:26
I actually think this is very solid. It accomplishes a rebuild for Miami, a good return for Spurs, Cavs get a star and solid pieces in Green and Johnson, though they take a head case and a really really bad contract. My only concern would be Memphis accepting when perhaps they need a total rebuild as well. Other than that, nicely done.

19 Jun 2018 15:59:07
If Washington wants K. Leonard

Philly gets Beal

Spurs get Covington, Oubre, Luwawu-Cabarrot, Picks #15, #26, #39

Washington gets Leonard, Bayless, Korkmaz, Picks #10, #38

19 Jun 2018 17:49:35
Washington and Philly say yes, Spurs say no.

21 Jun 2018 02:20:22
Wizards would say no, wizards not trading Beal, or Oubre.

19 Jun 2018 07:34:50
LAL: K Leonard

SAS: K Walker, B Ingram, LAL '18 1st (via CLE)

CHA: L Ball, J Hart, LAL '18 2nd (via DEN), LAL '19 2nd (via CHI)

LAL sign PG, & LBJ

SF: K Leonard
PF: Kuzma
C: ?

19 Jun 2018 10:21:23
Lakers are doing great, they shouldn't hurry and develop the young talents.

19 Jun 2018 03:17:53
Only way to keep LBJ in Cleveland:

Spurs receive: Hill, Osman, Pick 4, '21 Cavs 1st
Cavs receive: Leonard, Parsons, 32
Griz receive: Love

Cavs receive: 12 & 13, Beverly (Irving Trade exception)
LAC receive: Pick 8, '23 1st (Top 5 protected), '20 2nd

Cavs receive: PG13 (S&T)
Thunder receive: Clarkson, Korver, Zizic, Pick 13

Cavs receive: MKG
Hornets receive: Smith (Exp), 3m cash

Cavs receive: Noel (S&T)
Mavs receive: Thompson, Pick 32, 3m cash

Draft 12 Sexton

Resign Hood 50m/4y
Resign Green Vet min

PG: Beverly, Sexton
SG: Leonard, Hood
PF: James, Green
C: Nance, Noel

19 Jun 2018 04:47:06
Stretch Parsons like 9 mil over 6 years.

19 Jun 2018 05:35:36
My bad, I meant to have Parsons as the back up PF.

19 Jun 2018 14:57:05
Clippers are not trading both lottery picks and their starting PG who they are very high on, who also has a very cheap salary, to move up 4 spots and get a draft pick years from now. If the clippers are going to trade both picks, they are getting into the top 5. If not, they stay put.

18 Jun 2018 22:57:04
Cavs get Parsons, Leonard

Memphis gets Love, Zizic

Spurs get Korver, Clarkson, Pick # 4, #8

Cavs do it to keep LBJ. Spurs can rebuild with two early picks and also get a good shooter in Korver.
Memphis get a great player in Love to have the chance to get to the playoffs again.

18 Jun 2018 23:49:14
In what universe does Love and Zizic get you pick 4 in the draft? Hilarious.

19 Jun 2018 02:51:34
Docca gizz are looking to trade parsons and #4 for an impact win now player. Love fits perfect.

19 Jun 2018 02:55:19
Parsons' contract is that bad. May have to give up an extra future 2nd to get rid of him as well. And you would hope that anyone you draft at 4 becomes as good as Love is.

19 Jun 2018 04:02:48
They take on parsons contract.

19 Jun 2018 01:52:30
Docca - with Parsons contract it could happen.

18 Jun 2018 21:32:11
Knicks - Raptors - Spurs

Knicks gets:

Raptors gets:
9th pick (Gilgeous-Alexander)
2019 2nd rd pick (Knicks)
2020 2nd rd pick (Hornets)

Spurs gets:
2020 1st rd pick (Knicks, Top 5 protected)

Knicks gets a star to pair with Porzingis and Ntilikina. Scary defensive team and with Fizdales toughness they can compete in the east.

Rumors say that Raptors want Gilgeous-Alexander bad. By getting the 9th pick they can pick him and save some money as well.

Spurs move Leonard to the East and can continue to compete with Derozan. They also get a cheap PG in Mudiay and a future pick.


18 Jun 2018 22:23:08
If you get Leonard, you make cap space to get Lebron and George also. Forget Ntilikina and Porzingis.

18 Jun 2018 22:31:19
Cap space and realistic chances of landing a free agent aren't the same shizzee.

18 Jun 2018 20:44:17
Three way deal

Cavs recieve kahwi Leonard,chandler parsons

Grizzlies recieve Kevin love

Spurs -George hill,Cedi Osman,Larry nance jr,pick 4

Spurs draft Jaren Jackson jr

Cavs draft Trae young

19 Jun 2018 01:53:45
Cavs can't fet leonard with giving up their pick.

18 Jun 2018 16:49:33
Wizards get Kawhi

Spurs get Beal and the 15th pick

18 Jun 2018 17:23:22
Kawhi might not be worth that much right now.

18 Jun 2018 11:44:02

DET: 12th pick + 13th pick + 18th pick + P.Gasol + D.Gallinari
- get 3 1st round picks as compensation for those bad contracts

draft Williams, Knox and Z.Smith

PG: Jackson-Smith-Thomas
SG: Galloway-Smith
SF: Bullock-Knox-Johnson
PF: Griffin-Gallinari
CE: Gasol-Williams

SAS: A.Drummond + T.Harris + L.Kennard
- get 3 young quality players

PG: Murray-Forbes-Parker
SG: Green-Kennard-Manu
SF: Harris-Gay-Anderson
PF: Aldridge-Bertans
CE: Drummond-Lauvergne

LAC: K.Leonard + P.Mills
- get a superstar

PG: Mills-Beverley-Teodosic
SG: Bradley-Williams
SF: Leonard-Dekker
PF: Johnson-Harrell
CE: Jordan-Marjanovic

18 Jun 2018 14:39:09
The clippers are being rumored to being offered either 12 or 13 and tobias. Tobias is an expiring contract. Kawhi could opt out after this year and is coming off of an injury that kept him out all season. His value is not as high as many believe. Blake got Tobias, 1 pick, boban and an expiring in bradley. Kawhi who will leave SA after this next season will get around the same or less.

18 Jun 2018 15:58:51
I read 12 + Harris and others. It'll be a bidding war between the 2 l. a. Teams if Leonard really wants out.

18 Jun 2018 15:59:00
Leonard will get more than Blake. Blake has just as many health concern as Kawhi, he never has been declining the past few years, Kawhi can fit on any team unlike Blake, there has to be real concern that Griffin won't be worth his huge contract and Kawhi is so much better than Griffin.

19 Jun 2018 14:59:56
@rkenne_16 a big difference between the 2 is the fact that leonard is a free agent after this season. who is willing to give up more to get a 1 year rental if he wants to come to LA anyway? An expiring contract who averages 19ppg and a lottery pick? I would say it's going to be tough to beat that. maybe they even throw in fillers like Dekker and thornwell.

18 Jun 2018 08:38:17
Suns: Irving+ Leonard

Boston: T Chandler+ 1st pick

Spurs:J Jackson+ Warren+Chriss+ 1rnd pick Miami+ 1rnd pick Miami 2021+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2019

Offer Cousins a 58M 2year deal, with a team option for a third year. (force NO to give him a big contract)
Offer C Capella a 80M 4y deal (force Houston to match this)
Offer D Jordan a 75M 3 year deal and sign him.
Offer Ilyasova a 30M 2y deal

C: D Jordan
PF: Ilyasova/ Bender
Sf: Leonard
SG: Booker
PG: Irving

18 Jun 2018 14:25:52
This one is actually very interesting. It completely re-shapes the Suns into a win now group with some serious pieces. You mix some crazy scoring in the backcourt with solid defense on the interior.

The Spurs are going full rebuild here, but they get back a lot of interesting pieces. I think they would push for one of the other picks from Boston instead of the Clippers pick though. That one has a really good chance of just becoming a couple of second rounders. I don't think they get Sacramento out of this, but they should be able to get the Memphis pick here.

For Boston, it really all depends on three things. Do they have someone they're in love with at the top again this year? Do they think Kyrie is planning on leaving? Do they think Rozier in the playoffs is sustainable?

In this case, I would think that they would draft Ayton at the top, and allow him to backup right away. You wouldn't be able to bring back Baynes, but Chandler should be able to do most of what he brought.

I feel like you're left with:

Rozier/ Smart/ Draft?
Hayward/ Brown/ Nader
Tatum/ Morris/ Semi
Horford/ Theiss/ Yabusele
Chandler/ Ayton

If you're thinking Kyrie is gone and that Rozier is capable of being the full time guy, this is a stacked, young roster that can compete for a long time. Horford and Chandler are also the perfect guys to teach a kid like Ayton. Between the two of them, he can learn every possible aspect of styles on the offensive and defensive end, and the work ethic of Tatum and Brown will hopefully be infectious.

18 Jun 2018 15:32:52
They should trow in the Memphis pick indeed, if Irving wants out.

19 Jun 2018 15:47:04
No one, especially Kyrie, says he wants “out”. You’re not paying attention or reading with comprehension. The concern is for after NEXT year and signing long-term.

18 Jun 2018 05:59:33
Cavs/ Spurs

Cavs Leonard+18+bertans

Spurs love+Smith+8+crdi+2021 first

Cavs trade nance+zizic to bulls for pick 22+'20 second

Cavs trade tt+bulls second, Minnesota second

Mavs trade Noel

Trade clarckson to nets for pick 45

Cavs/ OKC

OKC s/ t hood 2/ 30m+Irving trade exception+pick 22 +45

OKC sends pg (opt in)

Buyout hill

Draft divincenzo


18 Jun 2018 06:13:19
Just stop. If Lakers have a very slim chance to land those 3, Cavs absolutely have zero.

18 Jun 2018 06:22:12
As far as the cap situation it'll be tough but Cavs already have Bron,Lakers tryna get all three

18 Jun 2018 08:39:54
Leonard is going to be traded, because he rather plays in a big market than signing a max. So this would be a one year rental for Cleveland.

18 Jun 2018 03:22:18
Cavs Trade Larry Nance Jr & Cedi Osman Kevin Love 8 pick & 2021 first round pick

Spurs Trade Kawhi Leonard & DeJounte Murray

18 Jun 2018 00:22:37
Cavs Trade Kevin Love & Rodney Hood & Cedi Osman 8 pick 2021 first round pick

Spurs Trade Kawhi Leonard & DeJounte Murray

Cavs Waive Jr Smith & Tristan Thompson of Buyout

18 Jun 2018 02:45:06
Hood is a FA.

17 Jun 2018 22:04:16
Game plan 2 knicks keep their youth

Spurs get Hardaway Kuzma Ingram
Lakers get Leonard Burke Baker
Knicks get Ball Deng

CP3 george lebron 2yr 50 mil, than resign Randle, Melo-mle




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