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21 Jul 2017 16:14:29

Detroit gets- Ed Davis, Kevin Seraphin

Indiana gets- Myers Leonard, Noah Vonleh, Pat Connaughton, Bryn Forbes

Portland gets- Lamarcus Aldridge, Davis Bertans

San Antonio gets- Thaddeus Young, Boban Marjanovic, Glenn Robinson III

Do you think there should be any draft picks moved? What do you think? Always appreciate the feedback!

21 Jul 2017 14:46:28

NYK get: Tony Parker (exp) and Cole Aldrich (waive)

pg. Parker/ Ntlilinka
sg. Lee
sf. THJ
pf. Porzingis
c. Hernangomez

MIN get: Lamarcus Aldridge

pg. Teague
sg. Butler
sf. Wiggins
pf. Aldridge
c. Towns

SAS get: Carmelo Anthony and Gorgui Dieng

pg. Mills
sg. Green
sf. Leonard
pf. Anthony/ Dieng
c. Gasol

21 Jul 2017 15:32:53
Throw in a first from Minnesota to Ny and a 2nd to both from the Spurs.

21 Jul 2017 16:26:29
Solid deal for the Knicks, but can't see why San Antonio would do that.

21 Jul 2017 02:48:08
Minnesota-San Antonio-Indiana

TWolves acquire : L.Aldridge


Spurs acquire : G.Dieng + T.Young + 2nd from Minnesota


Pacers acquire : Cole Aldrich , Shabbaz Muhammad (s&t) + 1st round pick from Wolves + 2nd from Spurs


21 Jul 2017 02:36:33
Indiana-Utah-San Antonio

IND trade : T.Young
receive : 2018 1st from Jazz + A.Burks

give way to their young forwards


UTA trade : D.Favors + Alec Burks + 2018 1st + 2018 2nd
receive : L.Aldridge

adds star power to still compete sans Hayward


SAS trade : L.Aldridge
receive : D.Favors + T.Young + Jazz 2nd

get some depth and line up flexibility getting 2 talented bigs


21 Jul 2017 13:12:50
I don't see the Pacers getting a first for Thad Young. I would say take out that pick and the deal may work.

21 Jul 2017 02:19:03
Cavs get green
Spurs get smith osman

Cavs get vucevic
Magic get shumpert felder Tavares 1st

Cavs get gasol
Grizzlies get love frye Jefferson 2nd

Sign rose bogut gasol motiejunas Allen ellis

Irving rose Calderon
Green Ellis Allen
James korver green
Thompson vucevic montiejunas
Gasol gasol bogut.

21 Jul 2017 14:50:04
I'm not sure why the Cavs would need 5 Centers.

20 Jul 2017 20:18:02
Spurs/ Grizzlies

To SAS - Jamychal Green (S&T), James Ennis

To MEM - LMA, Derrick White, 2018 2nd

Spurs get younger and more versatile with Green, and a solid backup SG behind Leonard.

Grizz pair an scoring big man with the strong defensive Gasol, and a young guard with potential in White. Based on a Green AAV contract of $17M per, the numbers work.

21 Jul 2017 02:23:00
Pretty bad value for Spurs I think they should be getting more especially if they are going to have to pay Green 17 mill per year.

For Grizzlies they might as well go for it with LA.

21 Jul 2017 03:21:59
Spurs should get more

20 Jul 2017 12:29:16
Boston: LM Aldridge

Spurs: A Horford

I believe both players are a better fit in those teams

20 Jul 2017 14:17:29
I disagree. If I am Boston, I would much rather have Horford. He is a much better defender and he is a good passer for a big (5 apg) . Aldridge is an iso player and him and Thomas together would really hurt the ball movement for Steven's system.

20 Jul 2017 14:43:44
Boston can use a strong inside scorer.
And LMA is on a cheaper and shorter contract.

But maybe the spurs can trow in a second round pick.

20 Jul 2017 17:19:27
Horford made a huge leap in the playoffs. He shoots well from the outside, he passes. He does everything Stevens asks him to do and more. He's not going anywhere.

20 Jul 2017 19:06:14
I doubt Boston would trade Horford unless he's part of a deal for AD to make #'s work.

20 Jul 2017 19:44:54
Personally I think Celtics should try to deal Horford in a deal to get a better rebounding center (their #1 weakness last year and one they haven't really addressed this offseason and lost their 2nd best rebounder in Bradley; tells you how bad a rebounding team they were that a 6ft 2 guard was one of their top rebounders) . With the skilled forwards they've added in Hayward and Tatum I don't think they need quite as skilled a center and can go with a more traditional one.

Aldridge clearly isn't this type of guy and I think they are better of with Horford than him but if they could swing Horford and a non-nets pick or two for someone like Drummond (would be young enough to grow with Brown, Tatum and Smart) or Marc Gasol (equally skilled passer, shooter to Horford but bigger and better rebounder) .

19 Jul 2017 15:15:18

TOR get: Enes Kanter and Future SAS 1st DP

pg. Lowry
sg. Derozan
sf. Miles
pf. Kanter
c. Ibaka

SAS get: Jonas Valanciunas and Kyle Singler

pg. Parker
sg. Green
sf. Leonard
pf. Gay
c. Gasol/ Valanciunas

OKC get: Lamarcus Aldridge

pg. Westbrook
sg. Roberson
sf. George
pf. Aldridge
c. Adams

19 Jul 2017 18:45:41
Pretty bad for Toronto. The reasons to move Valanciunas are to potentially clear salary or so they can slide Ibaka to center and have a more versatile and athletic lineup. This trade does neither for them and Kanter makes more money (although he has 1 year shorter on his deal than Valanciunas) and isn't an upgrade on Valanciunas in the defensive or athleticism department. A future spurs pick which will likely be in late 20s doesn't compensate this.

Spurs aren't getting much back in return for Aldridge. Valanciunas is younger but there is a reason Raptors are trying to deal him and they don't even have him on the court down the wire in the playoffs. I think Spurs would need more to consider this type of offer. At this point they are likely stuck with Aldridge as I doubt a better option will arise now if it hasn't already.

OKC getting a complete steal. That team would be pretty good.

19 Jul 2017 14:21:44

Portland gets- Lamarcus Aldridge, Bryn Forbes

San Antonio gets- Andre Drummond, Darrell Arthur, Pat Connaughton

Detroit gets- Kenneth Faried, Danny Green, Ed Davis, Will Barton, Dejounte Murray

Denver gets- Reggie Jackson, Mo Harkless

What do you think?

19 Jul 2017 17:52:47
Denver and Detroit aren't getting nearly enough, and Portland is getting a steal.

19 Jul 2017 19:22:55
I think its not enough for Detroit. If they were to deal Drummond I think it would be to get a young piece or draft pick that could potentially be the franchise cornerstone that they no longer think Drummond is. Getting back a bunch of solid role players won't really help them at all since it'll keep them from getting a top pick but not provide them the upside to do much of anything. Pistons should probably keep Drummond unless they could get like a top 10 pick for him in the upcoming draft and not take back any bad contracts (and ideally rid themselves of Jacksons bad contract) .

Not a fan of Jackson and although Denver need an upgrade at point guard I don't think he is it (Bledsoe would be a good option imo) . They should try and move Barton (or Chandler if they want to slide him into starting lineup) and Faried tho.

I believe Portland would need to give up more for salary to work but for that little not sure why they'd be against bringing LA back.

Drummond would be a great addition to Spurs. He has the physical tools to be not only a monster on the boards but defensively. He has sort of plateaued thus far in his career but I think a great coach like Pop could help get the most out of him and help him on the mental side of things which is what is really holding him back.

19 Jul 2017 22:49:41
It's a steal for the Spurs, they should also give two draft picks to Denver

I like this for Portland, but i also think they should give a draft pick to Denver.

It's not a bad return for Detroit, but they better keep Drummond.

no idea why Denver would want R Jackson.

19 Jul 2017 14:18:22
boston: A Davis

NO: J Wall+D Green+ T Parker (release)+ 1rnd pick Clippers 2019

Was: JR Holiday+ 1rnd pick Nets 2018+ 1rnd pick Vancouver 2019+ 1rnd pick Spurs 2018 and 2020

Spurs: A Horford

19 Jul 2017 14:43:55
Beyond ridiculous that an aging, overpriced Horford, 2 mid to late firsts, and the nets pick gets you one of the top 5 players in the game who is under contract for 3 more years, and is only 25. Celtics are committing robbery.

19 Jul 2017 15:17:57
This trade is beyond stupid. The Pels give up AD for Wall basically. Nope.

19 Jul 2017 22:36:19
Boston fans need to stop thinking AD is coming, he's locked up long term and you don't trade locked up under 25 yr old top 5 player. keep dreaming Boston fans, go have another sam Adams.

20 Jul 2017 02:30:00
Agree with all the comments. Washington isn't moving Wall unless he asks out at some point, Davis is even less likely to get moved, and Boston isn't giving any where near enough in this trade to get anyone's attention.

The Wizards are the 3rd best team in the East and are still pretty young. The Pelicans have a chance to be solid this year and even if they aren't they have time to blow
It up and build around Davis.

19 Jul 2017 04:40:15

* PF Lamarcus Aldridge
* SG Danny Green

PG Rubio , Exum
SG Hood , Mitchell
SF Green , Johnson
PF Aldridge , Ingles , Jerebko
CE Gobert , Bolomboy

* CE Andre Drummond
* SG Alec Burks

PG Parker , Mills , Murray
SG Burks , Ginobili
SF Leonard , Anderson
PF Gay , Bertans , Lauvergne
CE Drummond , Gasol

* CE Derrick Favors
* CE Tony Bradley
* UTA 1st round pick
* SAS 1st round pick

PG Jackson , Smith , Galloway
SG Bradley , Kennard
SF Harris , Johnson , Bullock
PF Leuer , Ellenson
CE Favors , Marjanovic , Bradley

19 Jul 2017 05:02:27
I don't think Detroit makes this trade but Pop and Kwhai would make this kid a superstar!

20 Jul 2017 19:47:52
pistons will only trade drummond if their season is really bad or they get. a very good offer.

19 Jul 2017 04:28:15
The Cavs go all in.

The Cavs get Marc Gasol, Melo, Bledsoe, Chriss, Danny Green and a Phoenix 1st

Phoenix gets Irving

Memphis gets Love and a Cavs 2nd

Ny gets Thompson, Bender, and Felder

The Spurs get Shumpert, a protected Memphis 1st, and a Cavs 2nd

19 Jul 2017 06:03:00
I wouldn't trade Irving if i were the Cavs. If james leaves again, he's still young enough to be their cornerstone.

19 Jul 2017 12:01:08
As the corner stone they got the 1st pick overall. Besides he already said if lebron goes, he wants to go.

19 Jul 2017 16:30:46
This one is a fantastic trade for almost everyone involved. Memphis doesn't really get any better, but Love is 4 years younger than Gasol, so he should be around longer.

It's especially good for the Cavs, as it takes away their number 2 star, but gives them a ton more depth, which is more important to have around James. so I really don't want anyone to see this and make it a reality.

Phoenix gets a legit star to pair with Booker, and he's young enough that he will still be there when Booker is a top guy and Jackson comes into his own. They give up a lot of potential in Bender and Chriss, so they're going to need help in the frontcourt, but it's the beginnings of a solid squad.

NY gets Thompson to play alongside Porzingis, and Bender to back him up. More importantly, they're getting anything of real value for Melo, which is all they can ask for at this point.

19 Jul 2017 16:35:05
I think the Cavs have to commit to winning titles in the short term and worry about the future when that day comes. If they could get significantly better by trading Irving now, they should do it. Since he's still young enough to go to a team that's been rebuilding the past few years and he has 3 years left on his contract, his value is never going to be higher. Obviously, if they only get low ball offers for him there is no point in trading him, but if they could get something like I wrote here it would definitely need to be considered. After this trade, the team would
take a half a step back on offense to take a giant step forward on defense. They also end up with a few pieces to make a second trade.

19 Jul 2017 20:35:43
Phoenix gets a steal!

19 Jul 2017 02:52:20

Pistons get L.Aldridge & D.Arthur
- add a star to push for a playoff run


Nuggets get D.Green , R.Jackson & 2nd round pick from DET
- take a chance on Jackson while getting a stability on perimeter defense


Spurs get T.Harris , K.Faried , W.Barton & 1st round pick from DET
- youth movement and add athleticism
- sign Ellis


19 Jul 2017 12:07:51
Drop the first round pick to the spurs and I think this is a good deal for all teams involved.

20 Jul 2017 19:49:37
detroit wouldn't do it, no one wants lamarcus unless they are a contender.

18 Jul 2017 12:55:07
Im a fan of these 2 teams but i'm very Dissapointed on their offseason moves..

Cavs signed Calderon, Green and Osman.. resigned Korver

Spurs signed Gay and resigned Mills, lost Simmons and Dedmon..

Both facing salary cap problems and they need to upgrade their lineup to beat the Warriors..

18 Jul 2017 16:11:42
Agree that they've both had disappointing offseasons.

The Cavs have been pretty confusing so far. I liked the Green signing. He's long, athletic and can score. He's not a heralded defender, but he has the size and athleticism to guard Durant and Draymon Green. It feels like they could have done better though and they missed out on some really solid perimeter defenders. The only thing I can think of is possibly they think Cedi can come in and play right away. They were trying to move Shump for a pick and that makes me think they're pretty high on Osman. He was a defensive stopper in the 2nd best league in the world, but we'll see how he can respond to the athleticism and speed of the nba. I hate the Calderon signing. They need a guy who can defend at the back up point. They missed Delly last year. The biggest disappointment is obviously not landing any of the two way stars who were available and the possibility that Gilbert getting rid of Griffin might be the reason why. There's obviously still some hope of a trade or signing after a buyout to improve the roster, but so far it's been pretty frustrating. The big question is are the Cavs afraid to get rid of Love, Irving, and picks because they think Lebron is gone. I'm not really buying the media reports yet. I mean we saw how fast the Paul George stuff changed and I don't think there are many teams out there that really give Lebron a better chance to win and he's a mega star to the point where market is completely irrelevant.

I'm not a Spurs fan, but I trust their front office. I think they idea right now is to try and open up cap space to add another star before Pop retires. They can't do that if they're handing out big long term contracts to marginal players. Pop some how makes players like Dedmon and Simmons out any player with athleticism and a decent work ethic. For the Spurs they seem replaceable. What they can't make are players with the raw talent to become offensive super stars and that's really what they need right now. They have Leonard who is great and they have Aldridge who just isn't the player we saw in Portland, but he's solid, but they need another guy who can give them 30 on any given night and create his own offense. If he can create offense for others that would be even better.

17 Jul 2017 07:10:22

ORL get Derrick Favors & 2018 1st from UTA (lottery protected)
- get a 1st for basically swapping a similar type of player

Pg Payton/Mack/Augustin
Sg Fournier/Simmons/Iwundu
Sf Ross/Hezonja/Georges-Hunt
Pf Isaac/Gordon
Ce Favors/Biyombo

SAS get Nikola Vucevic , Alec Burks & Tony Bradley
- i like Vooch on a Spurs jersey , he is younger and i think will be more effective under Pop. Burks provide wing depth especially when Ginobili is gone

Pg Parker/Mills/Murray/White
Sg Green/Burks/Ginobili
Sf Leonard/Anderson
Pf Gay/Bertans/Lauvergne
Ce Vucevic/Gasol/Bradley

UTA get LaMarcus Aldridge
- get a star to replace Hayward as the leader of the team and i think will fit very well with Gobert

Pg Rubio/Exum/Neto
Sg Hood/Sefolosha/Mitchell
Sf Ingles/Johnson
Pf Aldridge/Jerebko
Ce Gobert/Bolomboy

16 Jul 2017 20:40:08
Spurs - T. Harris, R. Bullock

Pistons - L.A

16 Jul 2017 22:15:50
Like it because we get L. A, but don't like it because Stanley Johnson is not ready to start.

17 Jul 2017 01:42:02
Tobias is a nice start, but Bullock can't be the only other piece.

16 Jul 2017 16:25:52
Chicago Bulls moves

•Trade: Bulls-Pistons-Spurs
-Bulls get Tobias Harris, Tony Parker, Boban Marjanovic, and a 2nd rd pick (via Pistons)
-Pistons get Lamarcus Aldridge and Jerian Grant
-Spurs get Dwyane Wade and Robin Lopez

-Buyout Tony Parker

-Trade cash considerations to OKC for Kyle Singler and own 2018 2nd rd pick back

-Sign Derrick Rose 1yr 8m
-Re-sign Nikola Mirotic 3yr 31m
-Sign Antonio Blakenley to 2-way contract

PG: Rose, Dunn, Payne
SG: LaVine, Holiday, Nwaba
SF: Harris, Valentine, Zipser
PF: Mirotic, Markannen, Singler
C: Felicio, Portis, Marjanovic.

16 Jul 2017 17:12:21
Swap Leuer for Tobias and it's a deal.

16 Jul 2017 17:50:14
You Pistons fans act like Tobias Harris is a superstar.

16 Jul 2017 17:58:17
Stanley Johnson or Tobias Harris must be on the deal for Bulls

And NO to Rose. rather develop Dunn.

16 Jul 2017 20:12:00
I think its still solid value for the Pistons with Harris involved although since they likely aren't going anywhere with Aldridge I could understand the desire to just keep the younger Harris that is a better fit at pf in today's NBA than Aldridge is especially as he continues to age into his 30s.

Not crazy about this deal for Spurs since Wade is a shadow of his former self although Lopez is a solid starting caliber center that Spurs could use in the wake of Dedmon going to ATL.

16 Jul 2017 20:37:33
The Spurs won't trade Parker and the Bulls don't need T. Harris.

16 Jul 2017 23:15:55
NBA. He's our top player.

16 Jul 2017 10:50:14
Final Pelicans moves

Trade #1

Pels - Danny Green SG/ SF

Spurs - Quincy Pondexter (waive) Alexis Ajainca, 2nd round pick

Pels get a spot up shooter while Spurs clear cap to resign Pau Gasol

Trade #2

Pels - Wil Barton SG/ SF

Nuggets - Future Protected 1st Round

Trade #3

Pels - Future protected 2nd round

Nets - Omir Asik (stretch waive) 2018 top 10 protected pick

Nets gain a first rounder while Pels clear cap

Sign Maurice Speights 3 yr 24 million

Pels lineup

PG - Holiday - Rondo - Jackson
SG - Green - Moore - Crawford
SF - Hill - Barton
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Speights.

17 Jul 2017 15:58:57
Spurs aren't giving up Green for that. And I'm a Pels fan.

16 Jul 2017 06:02:48
Spurs moves

•Trade: Spurs-Bulls-Pistons
-Spurs get Dwyane Wade and Robin Lopez
-Bulls get Tobias Harris, Tony Parker, Boban Marjanovic, and a 2nd rd pick (via Pistons)
-Pistons get Lamarcus Aldridge and Jerian Grant

-Tony Parker gets bought out by Bulls, clears waivers, then re-signs with Spurs on 1yr minimum

-Sign Luc Mbah a Moute 1yr 3.3m (BAE)
-Re-sign Pau Gasol 2yr 20m

PG: Mills, Murray, Parker
SG: Wade, Green, Forbes
SF: Leonard, Anderson, White
PF: Gay, Moute, Bertrans
C: Lopez, Gasol, Lauvergne

2 way contracts: Brandon Paul and Nikola Milutinov.

15 Jul 2017 23:43:13

IND- green rights for mulitilunov
SAS- t. young
spurs sign tony allen.

16 Jul 2017 00:44:03
Like it, get it done.

17 Jul 2017 20:22:03
Ok for Indy.

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