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20 Jun 2018 03:21:17
Pelicans do a sign and trade with Washington ( D. Cousins for Otto Porter and Ian Mahinmi )

Pelicans trade first round draft pick, Solomon Hill and Alexus Ajinca to Houston for restricted free agent Clint Capello so that Houston has cap space to make a run at Lebron or Paul George or Kawhi Leonard.

Pelicans then sign restricted free agent Dante Exum and if Utah wants something in return we give them our 4 million dollar cash MLE, Eton Moore and second round
pick for a sign and trade.

Pelicans roster then is!

PG Rondo/Exum
SG Holiday/Frank Jackson/Jordan Crawford
SF Otto Porter/ Darrius Miller/Deandre Liggins
PF Davis/ Nikola Mirotic
C Clint Capello/ Cheick Diallo

And the Pelicans then have cap room to sign more reserve players.

20 Jun 2018 13:13:43
The deal with Houston actually hurts their cap space, as Capela’s cap hold is less than Hill’s and Ajinca’s salaries. Makes no sense for the Rockets.

20 Jun 2018 13:40:28
I don't think that Capela thing is going to come to fruition, but I really like that Cousins idea! I think the one thing Washington has been lacking is a dominant center, even though I really like what Gortat brings. Cousins would also get to play with Wall, which both would love, and they do have Oubre who should be able to step up into the starting lineup.

For New Orleans, I think it was a good experiment, but Davis is better off as the lone tower. Mahinmi will be a guy who can come in and either play next to him for a little bit or provide that defensive presence when Davis is on the bench. Porter will give them another scorer, giving Rondo a plethora of targets on the offensive end.

19 Jun 2018 02:39:40
Cavs Trade Larry Nance Jr George Hill 8 pick Kyle Korver to Hornets

Hornets Trade Nicolas Batum Kemba Walker 11 pick to Cavs

Cavs Trade Tristan Thompson 2019 second round pick to Nuggets

Nuggets Trade Kenneth Faried to Cavs

Cavs Trade Jr Smith to Jazz for Salary Dump

Jazz Trade Tony Bradley to Cavs

17 Jun 2018 15:36:38
Multiple Kawhi deals:

Just having fun with a couple of deals, let me know which ones, if any, you like.

#1 - To GSW

Kawhi for Klay and Jordan Bell

Kawhi moves to the two, Warriors and Spurs would have to sign either after next season, Spurs get young C, and if healthy, Claw makes Warriors unstoppable.

#2 - To MIA

Kawhi for JJ, Bam and Justise

Miami loves star players, and they get one in Claw. Spurs take on two years of overpaid but solid James Johnson to get two potential building blocks in Winslow and Bam.

#3 - To POR

Kawhi for Harkless, Aminu, Collins, 2018 1st, 2020 1st

Admittedly the worst player package, Spurs get only two solid rotation players and a young C with potential, but this is about picks and depth. Blazers tried their best to add a third star last year, but were unsuccessful. This year they get their guy.

4# - To LAC

Kawhi, Mills for Harris, Beverley, Johnson, pick 12

This is a popular rumour, and is one I like. Harris and Beverley are above average players who offer D and versatility. Johnson adds another shooter, and pick 12 brings a good rotation piece. Kawhi goes home, and Mills offers shooting at the 1. Yes, Clips dealt two stars last year, but I don’t believe it was for a rebuild, so adding a superstar while still keeping a lottery pick in this year’s draft is a win.

#5 - To BOS

Kawhi, Mills for Hayward, Brown

Both Claw and Gordon are coming off major injuries, so both teams are taking a risk. When healthy though, Kawhi is the better player, and Brown is needed to get this deal done. Mills salary matches, but also helps soften the blow should Smart not resign, or if Rozier is needed in a separate deal.

#6 - To NYK

Kawhi for Lee, Frank, Dotson, 2018 1st, 2020 1st

Again, not a great player package, but Lee feels like a Spur, Frank and Dejonte are a defensive nightmare and two picks, including 9 brings quality youth. Sounds like Kawhi and his camp have at least a fleeting interest in playing in NY, and him with Zinger would be the foundation for the Knicks turnaround.

#7 - To UTA

Kawhi for Ingles, Thabo, O’Neal and 2018 1st

Claw with Mitchell, and Steiffel would be a scary threesome, though Jazz hesitate as this is the spot Claw is least likely to resign. Spurs get a really solid, underrated player on a good deal in Ingles, an expiring deal in Thabo and two young pieces.

#8 - To LAL

Kawhi for Ingram, Kuzma

Spurs don’t get pick 25, but also don’t take back Deng. Lakers give up two good building blocks, and keep 25 to try to tie to Deng for another trade.

#9 - To PHI

Kawhi for Saric, Covington and pick 10

Philly gets their star if LBJ doesn’t land there. Spurs get an underrated 3 and D guy, and two young quality pieces.

#10 - To CHI

Kawhi, pick 17 for Valentine, Portis, picks 7 and 22

Chicago speeds up the rebuild, adding Kawhi to Lauri and Kris while keeping a first in this year’s draft. Spurs get youth and two picks.

17 Jun 2018 15:54:11
Outside of the Celtics offer here, most of these seem pretty short.

19 Jun 2018 03:27:19
I think the most likely of these in order are LAC, LAL, CHI. You could add PHI to that if you switched Saric with Fultz.

13 Jun 2018 23:16:46
Cavaliers Receive: SG Alec Burks/ Jonas Jerebko/ Ekpe Udoh/ No. 21 pick 2020 1st round pick

Utah Jazz Receive: Kevin Love

14 Jun 2018 02:17:36
That'd be pretty solid for the Cavs.

05 Jun 2018 22:08:42
If Lebron leaves:

Cleveland trying to trade Kevin Love to restart, but due to lack of cap space across the league there isn't much interest.

Cleveland Sends: Kevin Love
Utah for: 22nd pick, Jae Crowder, and Alec Burks, and a 2019 first rounder lottery protected.

Cleveland gets a 2 picks for the rebuild, an expiring contract with Burks, and one of the best deals moneywise in Crowder that they could flip to a contender for another youndre piece.

Jazz are a great fit for Kevin Love as they are one of the few teams teams that still use a traditional 4 and now the Jazz wouldn't have to resign Favors due to an upgrade that gives them more 3 point shooting. I think Love would thrive on a team that slows it down a little more. Plus if the Jazz want Love, they have to trade Crowder because those 2 can't be on a team together again after Cleveland, lol.

05 Jun 2018 22:51:35
crowder didn't work out the first time, why would they bring him back for the rebuild?

06 Jun 2018 00:51:32
Kevin Love isn't worth that package. Even despite a Crowder reunion being highly unlikely.

06 Jun 2018 02:49:32
Because last time they were trying win, this time it's just about having an asset.

03 Jun 2018 05:27:18
Cavs Trade Kevin Love & Rodney Hood
Cavs 2021 first round pick 2019 Minnesota second round pick 8 pick
Jr Smith

Jazz Trade Alec Burke

Pelicans Trade Anthony Davis

Cavs get Anthony Davis & Alec Burke

Jazz get Jr Smith (buyout)

Pelicans get Kevin Love & Rodney Hood Cavs 2021 first round pick 2019 Minnesota second round pick
8 pick

03 Jun 2018 14:12:40
Absolutely laughable for the Pelicans.

03 Jun 2018 16:00:19
Actually think the trade is fair.

03 Jun 2018 21:02:30
Anthony Davis is one of the most valuable players in the league.

I think if CLE offered this to NOP, BOS would step in and outbid them.

04 Jun 2018 14:09:09
Wow, Another Cavs get a Superstar for nothing trade idea. Gee how original Man get real.

19 Jun 2018 17:21:45
So Jazz trade Burkes for nothing?

24 May 2018 17:49:01
Trades for Melo, give thoughts

1.Okc trades - Melo
Ind trades - Thad(opts in) and Joseph


2.Okc trades - Melo
Utah trades - Favors and Burks


3.Okc trades - Melo
Clips trades - Teodosic and Gallonari


24 May 2018 18:33:41
Thunder win all three by a huge margin.
GMs of Indiana, Utah and Clippers all get fired within minutes of making the deal.

24 May 2018 18:53:49
I actually like the first and third trade, 2nd can’t happen Bc Favors is a free agent.

24 May 2018 19:24:54
Carmelo can come to Indy.

Maybe we can get a second round pick from OKC too.

24 May 2018 19:33:37
Carmelo would get to start in Indy and be the 2nd scorer. Only problem is if he’d want to live there.
I think he’d definitely accept a trade to LA.

24 May 2018 21:26:17
Nobody wants melo for his contract. He plays no defense and his shooting was suspect last season.

24 May 2018 23:56:38
I could see at leastnone of these trades work out.

25 May 2018 00:18:51
Shiller, the only thing appealing Melo at this point is his expiring contract and the Korver being better stuff proved that. Just being able to compare the two (Korver is so much better for a good team) proves that he isn't getting that money if he opts out (and probably that a lot would need to change if he turns that down to try to win) .

25 May 2018 04:13:45
If the Knicks plan is cut payroll and pursue it. OKC couldn't decline this

OKC get Hardaway Arthur 43rd
Nuggets get Thomas Lee Noah Sexton-9
Knicks get Chandler Melo 14 58

Kanter tofor 16th pick

Mudiay/ Burke/ Martin-37
Ntilikina/ Dotson/ Martin-58
Melo/ Chandler/ T. Williams
R. Williams-14/ Faried/ Hicks
Robinson-16/ Kornet/ Porzingis-ir

Melo retire get s 30-35 a game and Knicks loose 60 games in style. 2019 6 guys under contract 90 mil in cap top 5 pick.

25 May 2018 13:50:57
The deal to LA is only one in which I could see the other team making the deal, Gallo's contract vs. health makes him low value enough to give up Tedo for Melo.

25 May 2018 17:54:22
If the clippers are going to take on melo and give up gallo, they are going to want to package wes johnson with him. Teodosic has a player option and can choose to be a free agent before any of this even happens.

24 May 2018 01:31:36
Jazz - Rockets
Burcs , O'Neale , Crowder , 2018 1st , 2019 2nd
Gordon and Tucker

Jazz add bench depth
Rockets get 2guys with 1yr left and another on rookie contract while gaining 2 picks

24 May 2018 01:51:46
Why does Houston want a 2 picks and some expirings, if it means giving up 2 players that are playing heavy minute in their rotation?

24 May 2018 03:05:17
Gordon would be a sign and trade so tucker couldn't be included. Jazz are happy with crowder and o'neale. They are the right price right now.

24 May 2018 04:58:44
Thought it was Aaron Gordon. Excuse my earlier reply. Rockets would be reluctant to lose both Gordon and tucker. Tucker more so probably. Jazz would be better, give up a lot with the picks. If favors leaves, tucker would be awesome.

15 May 2018 19:24:04
Jazz receive Dennis Schroder

Hawks receive Joe Ingles, Tony Bradley and Pick 52 in the 2018 draft (or future second round pick)

Pros Jazz receive a 20 point scorer which they really need as they rely heavily on defense and need another shot creater that not donovan mitchell, as well as the fact he's only 24 and still has plenty of time to develop

Pros Hawks receive a veteran presence in Ingles as well as a young piece in Bradley and a second round pick as well as a small amount of cap space.

For those of you who immediately disagree with this as maybe an over pay for someone who isn't great on defense and whos in legal trouble you also need to remember that even tho he did great in the playoffs going for 27 points at time you also need to remember he's 30 and under contract for 3 more years and with that come decline while on the other hand you might get a guard who develops quite well under quinn synder and he still has plenty of time before and during his prime. but tell me what you think and what should be change to make this work if you think something need to be tweaked.

15 May 2018 19:47:43
Magic need a point. Indy might swap their pick and collison. Collison is a better ball handler though. Ingles is untouchable fan favorite and Jazz have three guys to run the point.

15 May 2018 22:04:43
Riiiiight. The Jazz have no need for a possession heavy pg, who is a terrible shooter, a bad assist to turnover ratio, and well. just not that good.

What the Jazz give up is a great team player, ELITE shooter to spread the court and allow mitchell to do his work, and an incredible high basketball iq.

Remind us again, why in the world would the jazz say yes? But even better, you think the jazz should give up a pick and another player for that albatross of a contract. Dude is not good. Worst team in the league and he scored 19 pts a game. awesome, passssss.

15 May 2018 22:14:56
Yeah i have to go along with what probably will be the majority take on this trade. Simon Phoenix, err i mean Dennis Schroeder is an over paid Player on a bad team.

15 May 2018 22:45:32
Demolition man, weapons of mass destruction. Watched the other day. Good stuff. Movie not so much.

15 May 2018 19:09:30
Spurs get Damian Lillard

76ers. get K.Leonard and Sixers second rounder

Blazers get D.Saric,M.Fultz,Patty Mills,J.Bayless(buyout/stretch)and Sixers first rounder

-Second Trade-

Spurs trade J.Murray,D.Green (s/t) and future second rounder to Jazz for Alec Burks,Royce O'Neal and future protected first rounder.

15 May 2018 19:33:22
Lillard for Leonard is fair.

15 May 2018 21:41:41
Sixers package starts with Simmons and add pick. saric and Fultz suck.

15 May 2018 22:00:23
K. Leonard hasn't played for a year and is on an expiring contract. If any report that he wants/ demands to be traded surfaces, Spurs would be lucky to get Saric and Fultz, much less Lillard.

15 May 2018 22:06:13
Lol the sixers are not trading Simmons for anyone not named Anthony Davis and I don't even think that would happen. Not for Kawhi, not for Lillard, not for Klay, nobody. And no, Saric and Fultz do not suck.

15 May 2018 22:07:39
um, it clearly doesn't start with simmons. and add a pick? riiiiight, simmons, rookie contract, actually played this year. leonard, expiring contract, constantly injured. You are a moron.

Saric clearly does not suck and fultz played like 10 games all year, one of which was a triple double. Seriously, you are a terrible knicks fan and clearly don't watch any basketball. ever.

13 May 2018 20:16:39
Deng hart and KuZMA plus two first for derozan.

Sign James and George plus Noel

Ingram sixth Man

Trade Lowry to Utah

13 May 2018 15:53:53
Bucks offseason, upgrade point guard,all around toughness and find a true big man.

Bucks get S. Adams

Thunder get J. Parker (s/t)

Bucks get K. Walker

Hornets get E. Bledsoe, 17th overall, DJ Wilson

Bucks get J. Crowder

Jazz get T. Snell or M. Dellavedova and future 2nd

Any of them realistic?
Thunder get a young star to pair with Westbrook
Hornets get a change at PG with a decent first round pick and a young PF
Jazz get a wing or back up PG with a future asset in a 2nd rd pick

13 May 2018 16:18:34
All of them are pretty big stretches.

13 May 2018 17:33:49
the kemba deal is prob the most realistic here, i don't like the okc deal, russ and adams play so well together that it’s not worth the risk on jabari.

13 May 2018 18:03:15
Dona, I thought the Kemba one was the least realistic. If Charlotte is trading Kemba, they're going full rebuild. Unless they can find a third team willing to give up something significant for Bledsoe, I don't see them doing this.

12 May 2018 18:28:32
Knicks get Howard Schroder Bazemore Sefalosha
Hawks get Kanter Burks Mudiay Baker
Jazz get Hardaway
Hornets get Plumlee Lee

Knicks get Faried Arthur Chandler 43 58
Nuggets get Bridges-9th Noah Thomas


12 May 2018 07:42:33

UTA- D.Derozan

PG- Rubio-Exum-Neto
SG- Mitchell-Stockton-Sefolosha
SF- Derozan-O'neale
PF- Ingles-Favors
CE- Gobert-Bradley

TOR- A.Wiggins + 1st MIN 2019 lottery protected + 1st UTA 2018
- get hometown kid + 2 1st for their star

PG- Lowry-VanVleet-Wright
SG- Wiggins-Powell
SF- Anuonoby-Miles
PF- Siakam-Poeltl
CE- Ibaka-Valanciunas

MIN- A.Burks + J.Crowder + J.Jerebko + UTA 1st 2020

PG- Teague-Rose-Jones
SG- Butler-Crawford
SF- Crowder-Burks
PF- Gibson-Bjelica-Jerebko
CE- Towns-Dieng-Patton

12 May 2018 12:06:33
Don't think Minnesota should be giving up a future first in this deal.

12 May 2018 16:51:19
Rather have Crowder DeRozan and wiggens.

12 May 2018 17:07:47
Jazz should sign ed Davis keep crowder trade burks at the deadline for a j. Johnson deal. Let favors go.

10 May 2018 23:25:51

Spurs get:
Tatum, Brown, Rozier

Celtics get:
Leonard, Mills

- - - - -


Spurs get:

Jazz get:
Gasol, Murray

- - - - -


Spurs get:

Kings get:

- - - - -

Spurs sign Milutinov


C Gobert, Lauvergne, Milutinov
F Aldridge, Bertans
F Tatum, Gay, Anderson
G Bogdanovic, Ginobili
G Rozier, Parker, White

11 May 2018 02:21:51
Horrible for Utah Jazz.

11 May 2018 04:12:30
Horrible for Boston. Giving away future "young" stars for a couple of guys, one didn't play and the other didn't play better than Brown, Tatum, nor Rozier.

10 May 2018 16:02:26
Charlotte Hornets offseason moves

•Trade Kemba Walker to New York for #9 pick, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Lance Thomas

•Trade Dwight Howard to Phoenix for Tyson Chandler and #31 pick

•Trade Marvin Williams and #31 pick to Utah for Jonas Jerebko, Ekpe Udoh, and a future 2nd rd pick

9: Collin Sexton
11: Miles Bridges

-Buyout Tyson Chandler
-Waive Jonas Jerebko (non-guaranteed)

-Sign Aaron Brooks 1yr minimum
-Sign Brice Johnson 2yr minimum

Pg. Sexton, Mudiay, Brooks
Sg. Monk, Lamb, Bacon
Sf. Batum, Bridges, Thomas
Pf. MKG, Kaminsky, Johnson
C. Zeller, Hernangomez, Udoh.

10 May 2018 16:45:40
Jazz can't take on williams salary. Favors, Exum are due for new contracts.

10 May 2018 18:23:02
Pretty funny. Howard to PHX. no thanks the Suns would say. laughing.

19 Jun 2018 17:49:07
Trade 31st pick twice great deals.

09 May 2018 03:17:49
Jazz put to present

Send Burks and Sefolosha to Hawks

O´neal and Jerebko 1rd 2018 and 2rd 2018 to Chicago for Markkanen

S/T Favors 1rd 2020 and for J.Paker
for max deal

10 May 2018 00:02:06
Chicago wouldn't do that deal.

Markkanen showed promise during his rookie year and trading him would only make the Jimmy Butler trade seem like even more a disaster. This trade would probably end the tenures of Hoiberg and GarPax.

05 May 2018 01:45:05
The Cavs get Batum, Walker, Williams, Ingles, Bazemoore, and Dedmond

The Hornets get Hill(buyout), Clarkson, Korver(buyout), the Jazz 18 and 20 1sts, and the Cavs 2021 1st plus save 10 million now and 37 million next summer

The Hawks get Jr Smith (buyout), Nance, the Cavs drop the protection on the 2019 pick to top 5 and they save 8 million now and 22 next summer

The Jazz get Love and Osman

05 May 2018 02:48:37
The way Ingles is playing, it will be hard for Utah to do this even though they get an all star in Love, i think Ingles is a vital part of that team and they also gave up 2 1sts?

05 May 2018 03:23:41
I just see it partly as Ingles is expensive and Crowder, Burks, a healthy sefolosha, and with some development. Osman can all replicate a lot of what he does. Love can bring something new to the table. He could be huge in that offense as a second option, he can create space for Mitchell and Gobert inside at a position that has struggled to do that for them. He and Gobert would dominate the boards. I also think a real system and change of scenery could get Love closer to what he was in Minny. That's not even to mention that I think he would thrive in their defensive system.

Maybe, I should have made it Sefolosha and Burks, and taken out Osman though.

30 Apr 2018 00:19:02
More options for NY

Hawks get Kanter Ntilikina Mudiay Thomas 11th
Knicks get Schroder Crowder Howard Batum Bazemore 19th 30th 33rd
Hornets get Plumlee Burks Sefalosha Baker 9th
Jazz get Hardaway Lee

Burke for 42nd D.Carter


Jazz fill their void Hayward at SG depth. Mitchell and Rubio at PG. gives jazz depth in their backcourt better than most.

Hornets get better pick, cut payroll next yr and future yrs

Hawks cut payroll and future payroll, get younger swap lotto pick for 3 picks

30 Apr 2018 01:09:57
Wow great trade! Keeping it original. how bout Porzingis for batum and Howard since you love them so much. Ntilikina and 5 1st unprotected for Marcus smart that should solve your defensive obsessions. you’re a broken record and the Knicks suck.

30 Apr 2018 13:03:16
Wanna a hug heat fan, your team is capped out with an avg roster no future. U and fellow fans can't even support your team in playoff games. Express anger towards that not me.

01 May 2018 00:45:42
I’m a twolves fan.

25 Apr 2018 19:28:58

LAL get: Demarcus Cousins (s&t)
Sign: Paul George
Resign: KCP and Isiah Thomas

pg. Ball/ Thomas
sg. KCP
sf. George
pf. Kuzma
c. Cousins

NOLA get: Rudy Gobert, Luol Deng, Brandon Ingram, and Donovan Mitchell

pg. Holiday
sg. Mitchell
sf. Ingram
pf. Mirotic
c. Gobert

UTAH get: Anthony Davis and LAL 1st DP 2018 (if received) or 2019

pg. Rubio
sg. Burks
sf. Ingles
pf. Crowder
c. Davis

25 Apr 2018 20:53:52
Lol haha.

25 Apr 2018 20:57:21
I’m sure most will disagree, but I think that’s an overpay for AD.

25 Apr 2018 20:57:21
I’m sure most will disagree, but I think that’s an overpay for AD.

25 Apr 2018 21:56:21
It's an overpay for AD indeed.
And both NOLA and Utah get worse.

26 Apr 2018 00:59:57
Utah will end up having Davis and nothing more so Davis will become unhappy and walk away. Utah gets screwed eventually.

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