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19 Feb 2019 11:25:02
UTAH 2019


draft day deal

UTA sends Exum, Favors, 1st round pick 2019, 2nd round pick

MEM sends Conley

UTA sign Paul Millsap if declined by DEN 2yr/25mil with player option

sign Tyreke Evans

Pg Conley-Evans-Neto
Sg Mitchell-Korver
Sf Ingles-Oneale-Allen
Pf Millsap-Crowder
Ce Gobert-Bradley

19 Feb 2019 12:01:59
The deal isn’t bad, but this looks like the apparent pieces that were in the deal pitched before the deadline that one of the teams passed on.

19 Feb 2019 20:45:01
I think Conley can get more than that.

Soooo. Utah is going to pick up Favors option for next year?

Also, not sure Utah has the cap space to sign Millsap after picking up Favors option and taking on more salary in Conley.

Unless that is 2yrs/ 25 mil (12.5 per) which is low what Millsap should get.

20 Feb 2019 16:30:42
It has to do with Mitchell getting a shot at PG still. Conley would take away from Mitchell. Utah chose Mitchell over Conley. Conley is bad for Utah salary situation too.

14 Feb 2019 09:37:44
# Trade MIN-UTAH #

Wolves get D. Favors
Jazz gets G. Dieng + D. Saric

14 Feb 2019 12:57:26
Wouldnt it be smarter for the Jazz to simply not to pick up Favor's option for next year?

14 Feb 2019 13:29:21
Wolves say no.

11 Feb 2019 20:15:34
What Jazz can do for Mavs?

Mavs: Favors, Crowder, Ruio
Jazz: Jackson, 2nd

11 Feb 2019 23:43:01
Oh hey, drainer made another ad. Just keep scrolling.

12 Feb 2019 18:29:00
I know what the Jazz can do for the Mavs. Hang up the phone on that offer.

09 Feb 2019 22:10:16
What Donzingis needs are Players arround that can move the ball, defend and hit open Looks insinde and outside! And experience!

I would not go for Leonard or Thompson. Mavs have set their star player(s) - two of them. Not only the Spotlight also the scoring and to get become the go to guy in critical moments is part of it to be able to have the good chemistry.

Midterm Donzingis has 70m cap per year. So also the money should be considered.

God Thing to have Doncic on the rookie contract and Prozingis not such a high cap hit as he will get on money (30m ++).

So the Mavs should trade at the end of june for their player to be able to extend the contract for next season instead of sign FA, what would probably more difficult in view of CAP.

Experience, defense, skills to move and score the ball:

- Rubio, Aminu, Vucevic

- 2nd 2019
- Vucevic (Tradeexeption)
- Rubio (CAP)
- Aminu (Tradeexecption)
- Burke
- Broekhoff, future 2nd

Send Lee with 1y on contract and a 2nd to a team to free up the grid spot.

So with july 1 Mavs have all their player on the roster or at least some (bird) rights ot resign also over the CAP.

Sign Rubio 5y 60m
Sign Vucevic 5y 130m
Sign Prozingis 5y 158m
Sign Aminu (full MLE) 3y 23m

Resign Maxi, (Dirk to travel with the guys and shoot some 3s:), Finney-S, Harris, Barea for the money on the books.

And start to contend:

Vucevic, Powell, Antetokounpo
Prozingis, Kleber, Dirk
Aminu, Finney-S, Jackson
Doncic, Hardaway, Harris
Rubio, Brunson, Barea

Possibly and assumed Rubio, Amniu and Vucevic are happy and willing to sign at Mavs. Would be the oversee starting 5 : )

09 Feb 2019 23:46:40

10 Feb 2019 14:12:38
Soooo can you trade for players on expiring deals like Rubio after the trade deadline?

No, players must be under contract for the following year in order to traded after the playoffs and before the start of the next season/ free agency.

This applies to expiring contracts, upcoming RFAs, and players with team or player options for the next season.

10 Feb 2019 15:21:21
A) donzingis is the worst nickname I’ve ever heard. It’s like a porn super villain mixed with an STD.

B) Vucevic is one of a teams big 3? You want to max out Vucevic? That team will be a failure.

10 Feb 2019 16:10:08
Before the Kings tied up $25 mil of next year salary cap in Harrison Barnes, I was down with the Kings offering Vucevic 3yrs $60 mil.

10 Feb 2019 19:48:00
let’s try a different trade, every trade you post has Vucevic going to the Mavs.

10 Feb 2019 20:51:37
Sloth and unicorn 🤣🤣.

11 Feb 2019 00:33:34
Donzingis .

Worst ever? NO! Do you think:

Procic would be better? ;)

Don-Zingis maybe?
Lukaps? . alle oops =)

BTW the only smart guy here in is Fredman. You can trade players end of june . but as he told us, only with a contract for next year, so Mavs have to go with FA to accomplish my plan. If you guys think Vucevic could be signed by 20m per year . I take him.

To have still a 30 of june trade, maybe Jackson for Crowder? Think Crowder would be the most perfect fit to Lukaps :=) )

11 Feb 2019 04:05:50
You are going to get a lot of disagree just becsuse you called me smart.

06 Feb 2019 07:17:09
Jazz Grizzlies

Jazz trade: R.Rubio D.Favors 1st round pick

Receive M.Conley J.Green

05 Feb 2019 23:26:41
(I know it seems fantastic but want to hear your opinion)

Lakers get A.Davis, B.Beal, E.Payton, J.Green, D.Melton, C.Diallo and K.Williams
Pelicans get B.Ingram, K.Kuzma, T.J.Warren, I.Zubac, T.Ariza, R.Rondo, LAL's 2023 1st round pick, LAL's 2020 2nd round pick and LAL's 2021 2nd round pick
Wizards get J.Jackson, K.C.Pope, M.Wagner, W.Johnson, S.Hill, LAL's 2019 1st round pick, LAL's 2021 1st round pick and LAL's $3.75M cash
Suns get L.Ball, L.Stephenson, M.Beasley and S.Decker

- sign C.Anthony
* Lakers acquire the stars needed next to James. They could've just traded for Davis, instead of involving Beal to the package, but it'd lower their chance of getting 3rd star in 2019 free agency (check out salary cap'19 and probable team salary otherwise). The trade costs much for LAL but the clock is ticking down for LeBron.

Payton - Melton - Bonga
Beal - Hart - Williams
James - Green - Mykhailiuk
Davis - Anthony
McGee - Chandler - Diallo

- trade N.Mirotic and F.Frazier to Jazz for T.Sefalosha, E.Udoh, R.Neto and UTA's 2019 1st round pick
* Pelicans get exciting young prospects (Ingram, Kuzma, Zubac), possible 6th-man on a reasonable deal (Warren), two veterans on expiring contracts, salary relief (bye-bye Hill) and multiple draft picks. Considering Davis' other preferred destinations (NYK, LAC, Bucks), this package is the best package they can get for AD.

Holiday - Rondo - Neto
Ingram - Moore - Clark
Ariza - Warren - Sefalosha
Kuzma - Randle - Miller
Zubac - Okafor - Udoh

* Wall and Howard are out for at least for a month now, so it seems that Wizards won't make it to the playoffs. This deal allows them to snatch two promosing youngsters on rookie contracts, avoid paying luxury tax (the team salary goes down ~$7M), get two 1st round picks and cash (for swallowing Hill's contract).

Satoransky - Randle - (Wall)
Pope - Brown - Jenkins
Jackson - Johnson - Hill
Porter - Morris - Wagner
Bryant - Mahinmi - (Howard)

* Even though Warren is pretty solid and Jackson has an upside, Suns desperately need a point guard. They already have good young forwards with better ceiling (Oubre and Bridges), and pairing Booker with a star-potential guard like Ball should be their priority. Ball-Booker would be good combo, and Suns will be super exciting if they land Zion Williamson in the draft too.

Ball - Okobo - Ewans
Booker - Crawford - Daniels
Oubre - Stephenson - Decker
Bridges - Anderson - Beasley
Ayton - Bender - Holmes


06 Feb 2019 06:13:42
it's to big of a trade that will never happen but dosnt sound bad.

05 Feb 2019 18:19:04
Trade MIN / UTAH

Wolves gets E. Udoh + T. Sefolosha

Jazz gets D. Saric + A. Tolliver

05 Feb 2019 18:24:42
And this helps Minnesota how?

05 Feb 2019 18:32:23
Utah tossing in a 1st?

05 Feb 2019 18:49:17
Utah would definitely need to include a first.

05 Feb 2019 19:30:52
Utah would have to include a 1st just to be turned down somewhat politely.

05 Feb 2019 16:01:14
Pelicans get Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Jerome Robinson, Danillo Gallinari, Derrick Favors, 2022 1st from Clippers, 2019 1st from Jazz

Jazz get Tobias Harris and Niko Mirotic

Clippers get Anthony Davis and Sefolosha

Pelicans get virtually 4 starters. 2 for the future, 2 future 1sts, a big man on an expiring deal, and Gallinari for this year and next year who can average 20ppg.

Jazz get 2 bigs that can spread the floor and help make their playoff push.

Clippers get AD and an expiring in sefolosha. It helps them attract free agents and clear cap space.

05 Feb 2019 17:56:59
If the Laker deals being floated are real, this isn’t getting it done.

05 Feb 2019 18:37:58
So Favors, Sefolosha and a 1st rounder gets Utah Tobias Harris and Mirotic?

Clippers and Pelicans would do better leaving Utah out of it.

05 Feb 2019 19:05:26
@rkenne_16 the pelicans are only asking for 4 1st rounders because they don't want to deal with the lakers and the only way they will is if they fleece them for everything. But even then, how appealing is it to do the lakers deal? lonzo doesn't want to be there, ingram, and kuzma, it would just make the pelicans the same team the lakers were the past couple of years.

@fredman the jazz are very interested in Tobias, it would help facilitate another 1st going to the pelicans, the pelicans would get favors as an expiring deal and hold favors bird rights if they want to keep him. The other option is to take Mirotic out and replace him with Solomon hill and i think all 3 teams still do that deal.

05 Feb 2019 20:46:17
Nobody wants to be in Lebron's shadow. Davis would not resign.

05 Feb 2019 09:22:36
Utah Jazz

N.O. Pelicans

05 Feb 2019 09:32:29
Why would Utah do this?

No way Davis would resign with them.

05 Feb 2019 06:13:12
Some trades for the Grizzlies:
•Trade 1
*Spurs get: Marc Gasol
PG White/Mills/Murray
SG Derozan/Belinelli/Walker
SF Gay/Cunningham/Pondexter
PF Aldridge/Bertrans/Moore
Ce Gasol/Poetl/Metu

*Grizzlies get: Pau Gasol, Bryn Forbes, 2019 1st (via TOR), 2019 2nd

•Trade 2
*Jazz get: Mike Conley, Shelvin Mack, Omri Casspi
PG Conley/Mack/Neto
SG Mitchell/Korver/Allen
SF Ingles/O'Neale/Casspi
PF Favors/Crowder/Niang
Ce Gobert/Udoh/Bradley

*Grizzlies get: Ricky Rubio, Dante Exum, Thabo Sefolosha (waive), 2019 1st

•Trade 3
*Nets get: JaMychal Green, Chandler Parsons
PG Russell/Dinwiddie/Napier
SG Harris/Graham/Levert
SF Kurucs/Hollis-Jefferson/Musa
PF Green/Carroll/Parsons
Ce Allen/Davis/Williams

*Grizzlies get: Allen Crabbe, Jared Dudley, 2019 2nd, 2020 2nd (via DEN)

•Trade 4
*Bucks get: Garrett Temple
PG Bledsoe/Hill/Duval
SG Brogdon/Temple/DiVincenzo
SF Middleton/Snell/Brown
PF Antetokounmpo/Illyasova/Wilson
Ce Lopez/Maker/Wood

*Grizzlies get: Jason Smith, Pat Connaughton, 2019 2nd

New Lineup:
PG Rubio/Exum/Carter
SG Forbes/Crabbe/Connaughton
SF Anderson/Holiday/Brooks
PF Jackson Jr./Rabb/Dudley
Ce Gasol/Noah/Smith

03 Feb 2019 19:49:25
Jazz receive: Mike Conley, JaMychal Green

Grizzlies receive: Derrick Favors, Ricky Rubio, Grayson Allen, 2019 unprotected 1st round pick, 2 future 2nd round picks

Conley gives the Jazz their 3rd star and Green is a better frontcort pairing with Gobert than Favors.

Grizzlies clean up their cap sheet as they enter a rebuild while getting a few draft picks.

03 Feb 2019 15:25:33
Mavs moves that should happen:

- Hardaway OR Lee
- Chriss, Knight, 1st 2019

- Chriss + future 1st and 2nd 2019
- Vucevic OR Bamba

C: (or Maybe try on Knight as fast player and 3 point shooter)
- Knight, 1st 2019 (Rockets)
- Rubio

It works for all Teams!

03 Feb 2019 07:02:23
Jazz Trade Ricky Rubio Grayson Allen Ekep Udoh 2019 first round pick

Nets Trade D'Angelo Russell DeMerre Carroll

Nets receive Ricky Rubio Grayson Allen Ekep Udoh 2019 first round pick from Jazz

Jazz receive D'Angelo Russell DeMerre Carroll

Salary Match

03 Feb 2019 14:25:51
Why is playoff bound Brooklyn trading its best player?

02 Feb 2019 22:57:03
If Grizzlies finally decide to rebuild and to go for a as bad as possible pick this year:

-Lee, JaMychal Green
-Knight(15m Buyout from Mavs), Favors(exp), for 2019 1st Jazz, 1st Houston, 2nd Mavs
-Conley, Chriss

03 Feb 2019 00:46:02
Even if bought out, Knight will be a $15 mil hit to Memphis 2019 salary cap. Be better to see if you can flip his expired contract next year for more assets.

I think that Memphis can get more for Conley.

03 Feb 2019 00:59:20
Drano trying to make the best euro team in dallas 🤣. Defense wins championship drano, smh. Hardaway for Fournier next.

Rubio Fournier Sloth Dirk Porzingis

02 Feb 2019 20:46:37
*Grizzlies get: Ricky Rubio, Dante Exum, Thabo Sefolosha
PG Rubio/Exum/Carter
SG Temple/Brooks/Cabocolo
SF Holiday/Anderson/Sefolosha
PF Jackson Jr./Green/Parsons
Ce Gasol/Noah/Rabb

*Jazz get: Mike Conley, Shelvin Mack, Omri Casspi
PG Conley/Mack/Neto
SG Mitchell/Korver/Allen
SF Ingles/O'Neale/Casspi
PF Favors/Crowder/Niang
Ce Gobert/Udoh/Bradley

02 Feb 2019 20:50:50
How about adding some picks for Memphis?

02 Feb 2019 17:00:35
Houstons is looing for a 3 & D, Utah for more scoring on 1 and 4, Memphis wants pick to build arround Jackson. Mavs need sidekicks, experience defense beside their dream duo!

So play out the offseason - now! : )

Basically since both are UFA and can sign where they want for next season and if Vucecic and Rubio would wish to join Mavs and stay long term, there may be a change for:

Mavs would get their Center and Magic something for Vucecis to try to trade Burke, their own and the Mavs 1st for Russell.

- Burke and a 1st (yes it is 2025 : )
- Vucevic (via Tradeexception)

Send 3 & D to Houston and jump in the Memphis - Jazz trade:

-Chriss, Conley
- Lee, 2nd 2019 from Mavs
- Knight, Favors, 1st Rockets, 1st Jazz, 15m cash from Mavs (buyout)
- Rubio

Vucevic, Powell
Porzingis, Kleber(Dirk)
Barnes, Finney-S
Doncic, Hardaway
Rubio, Brunson(Barea)

Should work fine, for the next 6 years without picks : )

02 Feb 2019 18:27:58
Magic say hell no. They aren't trading an All Star Vucevic for sorry azz Burke and a 1st 6 years from now.

02 Feb 2019 20:48:28
Again . IF . Vucevic tells them, he will leave in the summer to join Mavs . in this case, they should do it. If not Mavs wait till summer and keep there asset. If Vucevic doens`t intent to join the Mavs -- forget it. The same on Rubio. So Magic and Kings would get some low 1st now instead of nothing in 4 month - Mavs would secure their needs now instead of have more chances but also more risk to get such players in free agency, win win approach.

02 Feb 2019 20:51:26
P.S. if Orland plans with Vucevic and he wants to stay in Orlando Mavs could offer the same for Bamba.

02 Feb 2019 23:08:25
Your offer was too low not they are going to keep him. Burke is garbage. I'm sure they'd rather lose him for nothing over that.

02 Feb 2019 16:07:47
Grizzlies - Jazz - Wizards

Grizzlies gets:
Rubio (expiring)
Favors (team option)
2019 Jazz 1st (lottery protected)

Jazz gets:
Porter Jr.

Wizards gets:
Green (expiring)
Sefolosha (expiring)
2021 Jazz 1st (top 17 protected)

02 Feb 2019 18:17:35
Conley + J. Green >> Rubio + Favors + draft pick in the 20s.

02 Feb 2019 21:26:24
Fredman it opens up cap space to a tanking team giving them a pick.

01 Feb 2019 22:05:26

UTAH get: Mike Conley and Kevin Love

pg. Conley
sg. Mitchell
sf. Ingles
pf. Love
c. Gobert

MEM get: Derrick Favors, Ricky Rubio (exp), David Nwaba, and Channing Frye (exp)

CLE get: Dante Exum, Garret Temple (exp), JaMychel Green (exp), Thabo Sefolosha (exp), Grayson Allen, 2019 1st DP UTAH, and 2021 1st DP UTAH.

02 Feb 2019 01:08:57
Memphis get screwed.

02 Feb 2019 02:27:34
Utah get 2 firsts for love? Lol.

01 Feb 2019 20:03:23
Three team deal.

Utah gets Mike Conley
Memphis gets Derrick Favors and a 2019 1st from Utah, and Jeff Teague and a lottery protected 1st from Minnesota
Minnesota gets Ricky Rubio and Justin Holiday.

01 Feb 2019 18:54:09
Utah - Love

Cavs - Favors Sefolosha Allen and future protected 1st or just 2nds


01 Feb 2019 19:16:12
It’s solid. I think it’s an easy deal to bring a 3rd team in to make it better for the Cavs and Jazz.

01 Feb 2019 19:42:09
Love 8s overpriced hurt and can't play defense.

01 Feb 2019 23:55:58
Favors >> Love.

03 Feb 2019 14:42:18
Favors has a per of 21+ Love isn't an upgrade for his paycheck next season Conley is a little better problem as Love for money.

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