18 Jun 2016 02:17:48
Read a rumor the rich paul wants to push a trade of Eric Bledsoe. coincidentally, rich paul is also Ben Simmons agent. Sixers need a pg, and Bledsoe won't split minutes with knight. All signs Paul will help motivate a trade. Maybe even give the sixers a little bargaining power.

Sixers get: Bledsoe, #13
Suns get : Okafor

I know this is an anti okafor and pro Bledsoe site, but really. I think it's a more then fair deal for both sides. If suns fans try to say they wouldn't trade Bledsoe for okafor, I say hogwash (oops, that catch phrase is already used) . suns have an abundance of smalls, Sixers have an abundance of bigs. I think with okafor upside and bledsoe's injury history, this is a fair deal.

1.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 04:44:47
It isn't anti okafor and pro Bledsoe. It's a stop posting the exact same trade multiple times a day, acting like drainer, then claiming everyone is a hater. You wrote it. We saw it. Move on.

2.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 07:57:08
More realistic would be Sixers get #5 and Brandon Knight or Bledsoe (#13 is not enough) . To get #5 sixers may need to include a player such as Hollis Thompson or Kendall Marshall.

3.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 15:45:49
Scuba pro. Put down the bong. You also say okafor is worth more than the 2 pick because Ingram is a multi year project and okafor is already the greatest center to play the game. Seriously. Do you watch basketball?

4.) 18 Jun 2016
18 Jun 2016 17:17:26
i like this trade. Bledsoe I can see filling two needs of a vet and future pg. Sixers should jump on a. Eric Bledsoe for Okafor deal. If the Sixers can get the 13 I think that works out well for both teams.

Suns can draft brown or heild and immediately move booker to sg next to knight. Okafor is their inside force and it all makes sense to me.