21 Feb 2017 05:22:15
Pelicans get Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson, and Luol Deng (worst contract in the NBA)

Lakers get Jrue Holiday (expiring), Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, and Soloman Hill

Pf. A. Davis/ D. Montejunas
Sf. L. Deng/ D. Cunningham
C. D. Cousins/ A. Ajinca
Sg. L. Williams/ E. Moore
Pg. J. Clarkson/ T. Frazier

1.) 21 Feb 2017
21 Feb 2017 05:27:09
1. Just a bad trade
2. Deng is not the worst contract in the NBA (but his contract is bad)

2.) 21 Feb 2017
21 Feb 2017 08:59:01
Mozgov is probably the worst contract and Noah is second ;)