07 Aug 2017 13:33:29

Cleveland gets- Eric Bledsoe, Willie Cauley-Stein, 1st rd pick (SAC)

Sacremento gets- Kyrie Irving

Pheonix gets- DeAaron Fox, Garret Temple

1.) 07 Aug 2017
07 Aug 2017 14:16:35
Don't think Kings should go after Irving since the Kings are young and not very good. I like this return for Cleveland more than the one Suns have offered (Bledsoe, Bender and Miami 1st) since WCS can contribute right away better than Bender and Sacramento's pick even with Irving should be better than Miami's.

Phoenix is getting a steal by nabbing Fox for Bledsoe (Temple although just a salary filler could provide minutes at backup sg now that Knight is out) . They should be giving up more than that.