11 Jun 2019 17:22:00

The Hawks are a team to watch this off-season. They're loaded with draft picks and have cap space for a Max FA. If they want to take a chance, I can see them making a solid offer to NO similar to what Toronto did for Kawhi.

ATL- Anthony Davis
NOP- John Collins, Kevin Hueter, Allen Crabb, #8, #10, 2021 first (top 10 protected)

NOP requirement for Davis
All-Star (check)
Young Player (check)
two firsts (check)

Sign Demarcus Cousins to MAX

17- Romeo Langford, SG
35- Naz Reid, PF
41- Carson Edwards, PG
44- Kris Wilkes, SF

PG- Trae Young/Carson Edwards
SG- Kent Bazemore/Romeo Landford
SF- DeAndre Bembry/Kris Wilkes
PF- Anthony Davis/Naz Reid
C- Demarcus Cousins/Alex Len

1.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 17:32:15
No all-star in that package.

2.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 17:37:19
Collins is close enough. He clearly has the upside and already isn’t far off.

3.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 17:50:34
Yeah, Collins has star potential, and that's two top 10 picks. If anything, that's an overpay by Atlanta.

Also, a max deal for Cousins is a horrible horrible decision.

4.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 17:54:29
Magsnusarn, He may not be a voted All-Star, but he is better than anything NY or LA would offer. No one outside of those two teams would offer them their asking bc of his looming FA status and desire to play in either of those cities. With Durant getting hurt, i think he stays in GS one more year (accepts his $31 mil option) and changes this off-season. Making a few teams change paths, especially in the East.

5.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 18:23:28
Bmiller66, I can't see Cousins going there without the Max. So while i agree it is an overpay for him, it would be the only way to lure him there imo. I also don't think it is too bad seeing how he is only 29 and a year removed from a dominant Big man.

6.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 18:24:56
Not to mention Davis enjoyed playing with Cousins. It is more about giving Davis a reason to re-sign.

7.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 18:41:07
Insider, it felt they minimized each other’s games. They were just redundant and that was ore injury Cousins. He’ll like never be that guy again.

8.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 18:54:07
Watching him play with GS, he's a shell of his former self. He's not a top 10 center. Defensively, that injury turned him from average to horrible. I think he's pretty comparable to Kanter at this stage.

And yeah, I think the Davis/ Cousins pairing was unsuccessful. NO was better without Cousins.