10 Jul 2019 20:04:07
If Raptors year it down at midseason

Twolves - Ibaka(exp)
Raptors - Wiggins 2020 1st and future 2nds

Magic - Lowry (exp)
Raptors - Fultz Aminu and Fournier

Celtics - Gasol (exp) and McCaw
Raptors - Hayward and both 2020 1sts (Bos and Mem)





1.) 10 Jul 2019
10 Jul 2019 21:50:29
How is Aminu traded and in magic starting 5?

2.) 11 Jul 2019
10 Jul 2019 23:44:13
Meant to put Isaac in the lineup not Aminu.

3.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 10:07:21
The Memphis pick is off the table in any tradee offer, unless it's for a Superstar, which of course can't happen.

4.) 11 Jul 2019
11 Jul 2019 12:34:05
Why would Toronto want Wiggins deal if they tear it down? Raps primed for major cap space next year, would want lesser quality players on expiring deals, decent prospects and picks if they are moving guys like Lowry.

5.) 13 Jul 2019
13 Jul 2019 21:38:17
love the idea of having Wiggins for Ibaka.

if they do a straight swap Raptors would be a better team. not championship but playoff team with potential. then next year use siakim and Wiggins as there core with freddy and og.