03 Dec 2019 15:22:15
First trade
Phx x Gsw
Phw draymond green
Gsw dario saric, kelly oubre jr and cam johnson

Second one
Gsw x Min x İnd
Gsw in myles turner and Min 1st
Min in deangelo russell
İnd in robert covington

Final rosters for 2020-21 season
Sign korkmaz, vanvleet and harrell with salary cap
Ayton, Kaminsky
Green, harrell
Phx 1st rnd, bridges
Booker, korkmaz
Rubio, ty

Turner, willie
Saric, paschall
Gsw 1st rnd, oubre
Klay, cam
Steph, min 1st rnd

Sign shane larkin
Sabonis, goga
Warren, ind 1st rnd
Covington, holiday ||
Oladipo, holiday |||
Brogdon, larkin

Sign isaiah thomas and juancho hernangomez
Deangelo, isaiah
Culver, okogie
Wiggins, bates-diop
Juancho, bell
Kat, dieng


1.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 16:07:32
I hate the first trade for GS. I wouldn't give up Draymond, he just fits their team perfectly.

2.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 17:54:11
Are you really valuing Turner higher than Russell? Hard no from Pacers.

3.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 18:47:30
Raps WILL resign Freddy.

4.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 19:38:14
He's an unrestricted free agent, there's no guarantee Darry. Whoever signs him is going to pay a pretty big contract, but in the end, it's his choice. And if Toronto is in the middle of a rebuild, he might want to go elsewhere. I can't see him going to Phoenix though, as I assume he'd like to start.

5.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 19:39:47
Turner is fitting the system more than russell plus for the first times warriors create deep bench through last 5 years with these trades and last but not least russell being so overvalued in these days.

6.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 19:42:22
Freddy state that he expect a contract at almost 25 m € band as well as harrell too so phx can create that salary cap next year wit these trades.

7.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 19:43:44
About draymond some picks also could threw from phx to gsw.

8.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 20:36:24
How is Minny taking on Russell's $27 mil salary and only giving up Covington's $11 mil in salary?

9.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 06:56:48
salary issues can be solved with teague and mcdermott.

10.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 11:38:29
Only a few teams have the CAP to sign freddy. None of them need a starting pg. Freddy can start SG for the Raptors or maybe start at pg if raptors trade lowry.