14 Dec 2019 06:41:04
Gsw moves.

Magic- Russell

Gsw- Gordon, bamba, first round pick top 10 protected.

Magic need a point guard immediatly and Russell is the best one on the trade market. He is also young. And they need to send Gordon because Isaac is better and younger. And no player in this draft better than Russell.


Mavs- kevon Looney

Gsw- Brunson, gsw second round pick back, Utah 2020 second via mavs

Dallas has trade exception, salary isn't problem. Looney can help Dallas on defence. He has 3 years 15 million contract. Bargain for NBA.

After this moves they have 2 first 2 second in this year draft and 15 man on the roster. And they are almost under the tax line. They can send some players if they wanted from contender teams. Burks and Robinson III playing not bad. For a late second round pick from contender teams or for cheaper minimum contract. If gsw want to be under the tax line they can trade them for almost free.

1.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 07:05:59
Sir, it is unfortunatelly a crystal clear no from the Mavs. Neither it is to value Looney over Brunson, but vica versa and Mavs also no interest in Looney. Since you have nothing to offer beside Green for the Mavs, you need to pick elsewhere.

2.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 10:36:49
Vucevic for deangelo?

3.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 12:50:14
Drainer you value your role players too highly it’s funny.

4.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 13:18:37
Vucevic for Russell straight up would work for both teams. Not getting Gordon, Bamba, and a 1st from Orlando, sorry.

5.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 13:39:43
Bamba birch
İsaac aminu
Gordon ross
Deangelo fournier
Fultz mcw

Exciting team in the east.

6.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 16:04:32
Gsw can't take more salary than they send. I didn't write vucevic for that reason. Gordon bamba first round isn't too much for Russell. You will see how the prize will rise.
Orlando, Minnesota, Newyork, New Orleans, Miami, Detroit, Oklahama (if they send Cris Paul somewhere) all of them will think about it. He is talented 23 years old Allstar player under 4 years contract. I will be here when the Russell trade done. You will see minimum 2 maybe 3 first round will be in the mix. Just wait.

7.) 14 Dec 2019
14 Dec 2019 17:33:35
Trade exceptions cannot be used as you are trying to.