03 Jun 2020 17:30:53
offseasons moves

blazers trade for Love

Lakers trade kuzma and others. for Oladipo

rockets trade for horford as there anchor down low

rockets trade westbrook for horford and simmons.

philly has westbrook Embid and others role players to make a real push.

rockets go younger and bigger with Harden and Simons as ball handlers and good role players.

Raptors resign freddy Ibaka. bring in some toughness and rebounding
trade Powell and OG for a starting scoring wing.

heat bring in a PF and jure holiday
trade for Aaron and holiday.

orlando gets gragic and first round from heat for aaron.

knicks trade everyone but barrett and Robinson and draft best players available. bring in vets and other role player.s
bring in sam Michell as there head coach.

1.) 03 Jun 2020
03 Jun 2020 18:02:38
Powell and OG are too good to trade.

2.) 03 Jun 2020
03 Jun 2020 19:40:12
Who do heat give up for Holiday and dragic for Gordon is insulting.

3.) 03 Jun 2020
03 Jun 2020 21:39:14
No way the Lakers can get Oladipo, they have no major asset to trade.

4.) 03 Jun 2020
03 Jun 2020 22:30:13
I think the Love to Portland ship has sailed. They’d have to give up too much now that Whiteside can’t be put in a trade.

5.) 05 Jun 2020
05 Jun 2020 00:19:39
whitesides and draft picks and other salaries.

love is useless there

but even more interesting would be love back to Timberwolves. for some dead salary and draft picks.

wolves would be a much better team with KAT love and Russell and young role players.