30 Jun 2020 02:11:45
NYK Knicks realistic moves

The pick is at #6

Send the pick, Portis (team option), Wayne Ellington & 2 2nd round picks to NOLA for Jrue Holiday

I think this is a fair value. Jrue is getting older though he's still a very good player. Since the Pelicans is going younger, they might love to have a lottery pick even in not so strong draft. NYK is in desperate need of a leader and Jrue fits in right there.


saw something like this here. Credit to the poster

DAL: Julius Randle, Frank Ntilikina & Reggie Bullock

NYK: Seth Curry, Dwight Powell & 2nd round pick

DAL-NYK trade partnership continues as DAL gets a native in Randle. He fits well with Kristaps and Doncic can make him work in pick and roll. Knicks add shooting.


NYK: Mo Bamba

ORL: Dennis Smith Jr & 2nd round pick own

Both players haven't been showing great potentials but they still have the chance to improve maybe a change in scenery. Bamba covering up minutes as Robinson's back up maybe play 20 plus minutes consistently while Smith Jr can be a good partner for Fultz.

NYK-PHX (the least possible to happen but i'll try)

NYK: Kelly Oubre

PHX: Kevin Knox, Taj Gibson, Ignas Brazdeikas & DAL '21 1st round pick

NYK signs Davis Bertans 3yr/30mil

NYK roster

PG Jrue Holiday-Elfrid Payton
SG RJ Barrett-Seth Curry
SF Kelly Oubre-Reggie Bullock
PF Davis Bertans-Dwight Powell
CE Mitchell Robinson-Mo Bamba

can't do any better

1.) 30 Jun 2020
30 Jun 2020 04:15:25
They overpay for oubre, underpay for Bamba, and will not sign bertans for that amount given that there are many teams willing to offer more. All 3 scenarios are unlikely.

2.) 30 Jun 2020
30 Jun 2020 06:27:44
U traded bullock bbn to dallas.

3.) 30 Jun 2020
30 Jun 2020 08:33:23
Barrett for Ball
Knox for Oturu
Smithjr for I. Joe
Ntilikina for Bane
Brazdeikas for M. Howard
6-Vassell 27-Pokusevski 38-Nwora

Cut Payton Randle Portis
Sign Morris Brother and C. Wood

Ball/ Joe/ Howard
Vassell/ Bane/ Ellington
Marcus/ Nwora/ Bullock
C. Wood/ Markieff/ Pokusevski
Robinson/ Oturu/ Gibson.

4.) 30 Jun 2020
30 Jun 2020 08:33:29
DAL doesn't need Randle and they want to stay far away from him. We wouldn't give up Seth for a chump player like Randle.

5.) 30 Jun 2020
30 Jun 2020 21:32:53
Good Try Knickjoker. Knicks need to do somehting bold. Biggest problem with all of these deals is that they would require imagination by Knicks managment, something that is soreley lacking in NY.

NO trade is bold, but Holiday is still very good. NO has Ball, so they might do the deal.
DAL trade is neutral at best for Dal. Depoends on Mark Cuban's mood.
ORL trade is good for both teams, but not too bold.
Bertans will get more than 3/ 30mm.