06 Sep 2020 19:51:17
Minnesota gets pick 10, C. Payne and M. Bridges

Phoenix gets pick 1,J. Evans and O. Spellman

1.) 06 Sep 2020
06 Sep 2020 20:41:49
Yeah, Bridges doesn’t bridge the gap between 10 and 1. He’s only got one more season under rookie scale.

2.) 07 Sep 2020
06 Sep 2020 23:27:44
Shrink in most drafts maybe, this one he does. 2 good roles players is better than the 2 high risk guys at the top of the draft.

3.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 02:44:16
That’s not true, for two reasons.

First, we can debate whether the #1 pick has a player with star upside. I believe there are three that do, LaMelo probably the highest ceiling and the lowest floor of those three. I think we can all agree Bridges is a good player, but he’ll never be a star.

Second, the first pick in any draft has marketing value. His name and image leads off stories of draft day, one of the NBA’s most visible events and better chances to find new fans/ customers in a city with a woeful franchise. I think we can agree that there aren’t going to be any new season ticket holders arising from adding the #10 pick or Bridges.

4.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 07:12:42
First pick has very high value even in this draft. it isn't only a player. You can find a superstar to lead your team. You can't jump from 10 to 1 with bridges. Maybe 10 to 6 or 5.