16 Sep 2020 09:35:15
GS: D smith+ #8+#27+1rnd pick Dal 21 and 2023

Knicks: 2#

Goldenstate already has three stars and they need a supporting cast.
Wiseman could be a hit, but a big man is a risk. And i don't think they want the Ball drama.
They could use the pick to unload Wiggins his contract, but they must propably include the wolves pick to get that done. And they would still have a weak bench.
So GS trades down in this draft to get Vassell, who has a great profile for this team, they can draft a prospect with the #27 pick (J ramsey). Smith get a chance to develop in a good team and GS get two assets they can use to trade Wiggins if he keeps struggling.

sign: M williams for the vet min

C: D Green/Chriss/Looney/ M williams
Pf:Paschall/smailagic/Looney/ M williams
SF:Vassell/Wiggins/ M williams
SG:K Thompson/Wiggins/Ramsey
PG:Curry/D Smith:Ramsey

Wiggins and D Smith should revive in that second unit and become Sixth man candidates.

1.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 14:17:59
Don't think can start at C.

2.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 16:34:29
Warriors front office- we view wiggins as a core peice
people on the internet- Wiggins and 2 first round picks for salary relief.

3.) 17 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 19:36:58
NbaDrarocess - What do you think the GS leadership is going to say? We’re hoping to sucker someone into taking him off our hands.