19 Sep 2020 16:51:08
I will write trades for gsw 2nd pick.

first trade
knicks: 2nd pick

gsw: 8th pick, 2021 knicks pick top 4 pretected (unprotected in 2022), 2021 dallas pick

second trade

boston: 8th pick

gsw: 14th pick, 26th pick, boston 2021 pick top 20 protected (2 second round pick if not conveyed)

third trade

okc: 14th pick

gsw: 25th pick, 2021 pick (okc has two most favorable of their pick, miami pick and houston pick. send second most favorable pick in this trade)

and use tpe for salary dump and take pick.

why gsw do this?

I don't think they will win another chip. they can select good players next year and build future while they still have curry and klay.

1.) 19 Sep 2020
19 Sep 2020 19:21:12
I don’t think those are unreasonable trades, but there is only a limited number of players you would have the minutes to develop.

Are you saying GSW isn’t going to use the pick to trade for a win now player, and try to win another championship?

2.) 19 Sep 2020
19 Sep 2020 19:55:25
I don't think any of them are unrealistic

3.) 20 Sep 2020
20 Sep 2020 03:44:20
Okc and Presti would do it, but only if there was someone at the 14th spot that he really liked, which isn’t super likely in this years draft.

Next years draft is going to be a much, much deeper draft, so even a later 1st Rnd pick should be pretty valuable.

4.) 20 Sep 2020
20 Sep 2020 06:16:21
I think they will want to trade a star but I don't think they will find a suitable one. giannis, beal won't be on trade market.