19 Sep 2020 20:26:37
Clippers get Chris Paul and a return on one of their first round picks

Thunder get Paul George and Patrick Beverly

The Clippers get exactly what they need: an elite playmaker to complement Kawhi. The Cavs had Bron, Warriors had Green/Curry, Raptors had Lowry. The Clippers need a guy like that to win a chip with Kawhi. Remember: the Clippers only traded for PG to get Kawhi. Now they must do whatever it takes to keep Kawhi. Getting one of their draft picks back gives them a tradable asset to improve depth, and this deal gives them some cap relief.

The Thunder are reunited with virus P. Although he's a playoff choke artist, he's a phenomenal regular season player who thrives off-ball. He could be a great mentor to guys like Shai and Lu Dortz, and his star presence helps to keep the Thunder relevant. The Thunder replace CP3 with a scrappy defensive guard in Beverly who can also mentor youngsters. PG and Bev could rehab their trade value in OKC, and then be traded for more draft picks and young players down the line.

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20 Sep 2020 04:03:00
Clippers get 3 picks back.

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20 Sep 2020 04:13:57
Ok Rerur

From a 2020-21 season fan’s perspective only. IF all players in this trade were excited about playing for their new teams, then yes, I would like to see something like this happen & I would enjoy watching both teams compete in the regular season. Clearly this wouldn’t be enough for Okc to make a championship run, but they would be fun and competitive during the reg season.

But realistically this could NEVER happen. You are talking about 2 players who asked to be traded from the teams you are trying to trade them to.

Kawhi WANTS to play with PG. they are lifelong friends that have been playing with each other since before college. He requested to have PG there, not CP3.

PG asked to be traded from Okc & wanted to go back to LA to live and play in front of family & friends. He liked Okc, but he loves LA.

CP3 and the Clippers, including their coach, have bad blood between them = bad team chemistry. CP3 forced his way out of there, demanding a trade from them.

Pat Bev is an alpha that would not want to play for a middle of the road, small market, possible playoff team. He would pull an Igoudala and pout at home until he got traded somewhere he wanted.