21 Sep 2020 13:45:00
New York-Minnesota

To New York: 1st pick

To Minnesota: 5th pick, Barrett

To Cleveland: 8th pick, New York 2021 1st top 5 protected

1.) 21 Sep 2020
21 Sep 2020 16:22:42
I think the Wolves would rather have Barrett, pick 8 and the top 5 protected 2021. I don’t think they would value #5 over #8 enough to bring Cleveland into it.

2.) 21 Sep 2020
21 Sep 2020 17:24:33
I have heard the Knicks front office wants Ball, and vice versa, but I don’t think they’d give up Barrett, plus #8, plus 2021 NYK 1st, top 5 protected.

If they would, BeerBrewer is right - MIN would cut out CLE.

3.) 21 Sep 2020
21 Sep 2020 20:05:54
Agree with both of you, Cavs out and the Knicks aren’t doing that. Maybe you could talk them in yo both Dallas picks or a Dallas and clippers pick. I don’t think they’d have much competition trying to move up.

4.) 22 Sep 2020
21 Sep 2020 22:31:35
Personally, I think the price tag for the #1 is #8 plus a significant asset (Barrett, Robinson, Future 1st with light or no protections) .

If the Knicks got to choose, I think they’d send Robinson. If they put the ball in Ball’s hands, that 2021 NYK pick is going to be very valuable.

I mentioned in another thread, with a package of #8 and Robinson, both assets are more valuable to GSW than MIN, maybe they could work a three-way.

5.) 22 Sep 2020
21 Sep 2020 22:36:39
I forgot to mention, those future DAL 1sts don’t look all too valuable. Thanks Luka.