06 Nov 2020 15:51:40

Magic get Rudy Gay Chimezie Metu 11 pick.via Spurs

Spurs get Aaron Gordon 15 pick.via Magic

Magic trade up with Spurs for 11 pick

It's not bad to give up Gordon + 15 pick to get him

1.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 17:35:04
I like the trade, I guess it depends if Orlando has a player they really want who will be gone by #15. I suspect that the Magic would want more for Gordon.

2.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 18:48:50
Nice job copying my trade recommendation listed earlier in NBA Talk. SMH.

3.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 18:56:19
Who Magic going to draft 11 pick? Is Devin Vassell going to be available @ 11?

4.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 21:25:40
Personally I think this could be done without Orlando giving up their pick. Aaron Gordon is worth a mid to late first by himself. Rudy Gay's better years are behind him and Metu hasn't shown anything yet. If Orlando is willing to give up Gordon there would be better offers. Rumor out of Golden State is Wiggins and #2 for Gordon and #15, that would be better for Orlando. Adding Wiggins, granted bad contract but can still contribute, and #2 (Wiseman, Edwards, or Ball) would definitely be a better option.

5.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 16:55:56
What's wrong with Gordon, Fournier and the 15th. for Wiggins and #2.