07 Nov 2020 23:43:12
Tweaked version of my last trade (new 3rd team)

Clippers get Chris Paul

-increases debt to Thunder but moves an unhappy Lou Williams and gets a huge upgrade over Beverly. Clippers have a scary big 3

Mavericks get Lou Williams

-gets a great 6th man and 3rd scorer behind Luka/KP

Thunder get Patrick Beverly, Delon Wright, Ivica Zubac, Rodney McGruder, the rights to the 18th and 31st overall picks from Dallas, and the Clippers' top 3 protected 2028 first round pick

-not as good of a package as if the Lakers were the third team, but still more picks for the rebuilding Thunder

1.) 08 Nov 2020
08 Nov 2020 05:45:48
Sometime couples get back together after a few years apart, but not when the bf is the clippers.