20 Nov 2020 00:38:30
GS: Bogdanovic s&t 4yr/80mil
SAC: Wiggins, MIN 1st 2021, 2nd rd pick

Warriors get Klay Thompson replacement (also can play with him when he's back)

Kings acquire asset for taking Wiggins (Similar to what OKC get for Horford)



1.) 20 Nov 2020
20 Nov 2020 04:05:30
Gsw can't do sign and trade.

2.) 20 Nov 2020
20 Nov 2020 05:04:28
Asdenam. Why?

3.) 20 Nov 2020
20 Nov 2020 05:18:22
when you do sign and trade, you are hard capped. gsw have to be under tax apron when they do sign and trade.

tax apron 138 million

gsw payroll: 170 million. they have to send at least 60 million to do sign and trade. they have to send wiggins, green and looney at least.