14 Jan 2021 05:54:01
If Irving doesn't want to play with Harden should they trade him for more depth? I don't think another team would trade a star for him imo.

Which one is most interesting?

Knicks - Irving
Nets - Toppin Ntilikina Bullock and 1/2 1sts (could do 1 NYK 1st & 1 Dallas 1st)

Bulls - Irving
Nets - White Thad and Satoranksy

Mavs - Irving
Nets - Richardson Johnson Brunson and WCS

Pels - Irving and Brown
Nets - Bledsoe Hayes and Reddick

1.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 06:44:54
I don't see Brooklyn trading Irving, not yet atleast. I'm sure they want to see how their big 3 perform together before making any additional moves.

2.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 07:01:16
they should trade him but most teams won't bite. bulls, magic, pistons, knicks can accept him.

3.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 07:13:14
As long as Kyrie is a primadonna and doesn't want to commit to full time playing, maybe GM's would be hesitant to trade for him.

4.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 08:00:29
I like the Knicks trade

The Bulls trade would be good, but the Nets should get a pick from the Bulls.

The Mavs trade can only work if Dallas finds thre 1 rnd picks

I don't think Irving is a good fit in NO.

5.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 11:52:55
ok another idea tick me off, You can't get front runner to play with Durant or Lebron, you think he will play for ny or any other team. smh.