21 Mar 2021 10:37:20
Boston gets-
A. Gordon

Magic gets-
T. Thompson (flip)
R. Langford
G. Williams
2021 1st

Boston gets-
D. Wright (TPE)

Pistons get-
2 2nds

Celtics get a starting 4 and a solid bench player while staying under the hard cap and tax line. Both players signed for next year and they still have 19.5 mil TPE to use in the offseason.

1.) 21 Mar 2021
21 Mar 2021 12:40:34
Love it for every team involved.

2.) 21 Mar 2021
21 Mar 2021 16:56:43
I honestly don't think this will make them better. Gordon is only signed through next season, then it's back to the same position they're in now. Gordon will command a good raise, and if I'm Ainge I'd rather give that raise to Collins long term.

3.) 21 Mar 2021
21 Mar 2021 17:58:37
I don't think they're going to sign anybody to a big long term contract right now because otherwise they can position themselves to have a max slot available when Kemba's contract is up. There are scheduled to be several major free agents that year including Tatum's bud Bradley Beal. With that, it probably does make more sense to go after Barnes rather then Gordon.