21 Jul 2021 21:15:05
Pelicans trade Alexander-Walker, Hayes, #10 Pick, #40 Pick, 2x future 1round picks (Most favourable LAL or own ones)
Pelicans get #2 Pick, Hood

Rockets trade #2 Pick, #23 pick
Rockets get #4 Pick, #10 Pick, #40 pick

Raptors trade #4 pick, Hood
Raptors get Alexander-Walker, Hayes, #23 Pick, 2x future 1round picks (Most favourable LAL or Pelicans)

- build around Elite Talent Zions, Ingram and Mobley. Also don't unterestimate Lonzo Ball
- within 1-2 seasons a contender for yeats to come

- fasten rebuild with 2 high lottery picks

- immediat Help from Alexander-Walker and Hayes for next Playoff Run
- add future assets, typical Masai move

1.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 00:27:17
alexander-walker is a nice young player and i'm sure nick nurse was happy with his performance trying to qualify canada for the olympics. but. NAW would be the 5th guard in your scenario, behind trent jr and flynn, or maybe take the 4th spot and development time away from flynn. and boucher is a backup 4 who can be effective from time to time as a small ball 5, but if Hayes isn't good enough to start here then there's not enough in this trade to justify giving up the #4 pick in a 4 allstar draft.

2.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 01:16:16
Not good for raps.