29 Sep 2021 18:58:24
phi gets: dinwiddie , neto, advija..
2022 1st (was), 2022 2nd (lac) 2023 2nd (lac), 2024 2nd (lac) 2025 1st (was)

was gets: simmons, kennard

lac gets: shake milton, kcp

philly gets dinwiddie who when healthy puts them in championship contention still pretty young. advija high upside. neto in case injury

washington bets on simmons. needs shooting around simmons ie kennard. they have stretch bigs good fit for ben

clippers get off kennard s contract and get a ball handler in milton. kcp proven winner adds sg depth. can play pg at 3 and kawhi at 4 sometimes

1.) 29 Sep 2021
29 Sep 2021 20:02:19
I’m in. Again.