08 Dec 2021 11:31:50
Boston gets-
D. Sabonis
J. Lamb or J. Holiday

Indiana gets-
R. Williams
A. Nesmith
J. Richardson
2 first round picks.

Trading Robert Williams is tricky because his current salary will count for Boston, but for the team getting him it's the average salary for his extension. The solution is Boston absorbing Holiday or Lamb into their Fournier TPE.

1.) 08 Dec 2021
08 Dec 2021 14:19:35
Not sure Sabonis is a good fit. His defense is a question mark to me. I’d rather pay less for Turner, despite de injury history.

2.) 08 Dec 2021
08 Dec 2021 14:31:05
Celtics issue is defense in the paint, so long term, this is bad for Celtics. I think if they want someone from Celtics, that should be Myles Turner.