14 Jan 2022 10:54:14
Clippers: Juancho Hernangomez (salary), Aaron Neismith, 2023 lottery protected first

Celtics: Marcus Morris Sr.

1.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 12:16:36
No chance Boston has interest in Morris Sr.

2.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 13:00:27
@ Nightcap

Why not? He’s still pretty good. I don’t think he’s worth 2 firsts like someone suggested, but 1 protected first although a bit steep, seems feasible to me. I’d expect next year’s pick to be a late one anyway. Maybe we should try getting Ibaka back from the Clippers as well (Kanter going to them and using the TPE to absorb Ibaka’s expiring contract), but I guess I’d still do it only to get Morris, who already knows the main guys on the roster and can provide much-needed offense while adding toughness to a team that at times looks soft.

3.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 13:22:18
Morris isn't worth his contract. You'd have to attach picks.

4.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 13:54:02
They could have spent similar money to re-sign Fournier who provides more of a need and wouldn't have cost anything in the form of assets. It's not just value you have to gauge, but direction of the team as well.

5.) 15 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 23:39:08
yeah boston isn't ready to win now so why trade young player and pick.