22 Apr 2022 07:27:14
Lakers: G Hayward+ Brogdon

Charlotte: M Turner+ Horton Tucker

Indy:Westbrook+ #13+1rnd pick LA 2027

1.) 22 Apr 2022
22 Apr 2022 08:44:31
I have no idea how everyone thinks Westbrook has this kind of value. He has failed wherever he's gone. I get that his contract expires after next season, but the Lakers should never get that kind of value for him.

2.) 22 Apr 2022
22 Apr 2022 11:29:11
The Question is not what's Westbrook value, the question should be: Doe every team get what they want.

Would you rather deny another team making a good trade and getting nothing or make a good trade yourself?

Indy can use a late lottery pick, that Lakers pick could be good and Westbrook is an expiring contract. So i like this as an Indy fan. I think Brogdon is worth more, but i understand LA wouldn't trow in two first round picks for anon all star that had some healty issues.

Hayward and Brogdon are good fits with LBJ so the Lakers should do this.
PF:A Davis

I can see charlotte do this. They could draft a big with that #13 pick, but there's a big chance that player need time to develop. Turner is a proven player. Jordan would like to make the playoffs and they can dump Hayward's contract.
Sixth: Oubre.

3.) 22 Apr 2022
22 Apr 2022 13:09:43
Indy is getting decent return for Brogdon and Turner.

What are they getting to take on Westbrook?

4.) 22 Apr 2022
22 Apr 2022 17:45:23
Is Westbrook a negative asset if you get two first round picks in a trade?

Westbrook can sell shirts and he's on an expiring contract. Indy will have capspace in 2023

Capspace+ many young talented players = bright future.