23 Nov 2022 02:30:59

BKN gets Moody, Wendell Carter

ORL gets Harris, Wiseman, Thomas, Baldwin Jr and 2023 FRP via BKN

GSW gets Issac and Mortiz, 1st rd pick via ORL (they own CHI's pick) & 2027 1st rd pick via BKN

GSW does this as its clear as day wiseman will be a multi year project and its for sure certain that this is the last run with this core.

Without any actual D this "last run" wont run long. They not only build for the future with this trade but they also nab a monster in issac who I will assume make a return later this year will be a huge asset when it comes to running that death line up as he can guard 3-5. 6'11 with 7"+ wingspan. He will fit in well.

Curry/ Poole
Klay/ Donte
Wiggins/ Green
Dray/ Kuminga
Looney/ (Issac come mid Jan. )

As for Orlando- I don't think they'd have done this trade without the FRP but with t he addition of Wiseman- they'd be more than happy to let Wendell join a contender. Getting a solid shooter in Joe Harris and an exciting talent in Cam Thomas will definitely help that team move in the right direction. They're def going to have to make a decision about Bamba soon that's for sure.

Suggs/ (Cole Anthony)
Wagner/ Ross/ (Fultz)
Joe Harris/ Cam Thomas
Paolo/ Okeke
Bamba/ Wiseman/ Bol Bol

This is BKN's last roll of the dice I believe. They need Defense and they need it now. Moses moody is a versatile defender and was an outstanding shot blocker at Arkansas and can actually rebound he's (6'6) who also makes cuts and moves off the ball.

Wendell is also a very good defender and can bring stability in the rebounding dept as well as intensity down low. He's improved vastly at ORL and this is a chance to be a part of something special.

Kyrie/ Patty
Moody/ Curry/ Sumner
KD/ Royce
Simmons/ Watanabe
Carter/ Claxton.

1.) 23 Nov 2022
23 Nov 2022 02:54:56
Magic definitely say no!

As Magic fan hell no.