01 Feb 2023 23:22:06
It is going worst for Ayton and Suns and it will not recover. Thinking about a trade to Dallas and a price tag, once, twice, thrice .. the following works well for all the teams and all become better - since NY is looking for Bullock and Suns have a look on Bogdanovic:

DAL Reddish, Rose
NYK Bullock, Powell, removed protection of the 2023 pick

DAL Noel, Bogdanivic
DET Bertans, McGee, 1st 2025

DAL Ayton, Crowder, Okogie
PHX Noeal, Wood, Bogdanovic

1.) 02 Feb 2023
02 Feb 2023 00:37:49
Knicks might say yes, Detroit and Phoenix both say hell no.

2.) 02 Feb 2023
02 Feb 2023 19:46:24
Doncic for crowder saric and shamet.