15 Sep 2023 09:25:15
Discussions ongoing:

IND Saben Lee, Metu
DAL Ayton, Damion Lee
PHX Holmes, Hardaway, McConnell

Embiid may not be available right now and Ayton is a better defender than Towns. Indy gets a younger talent and Suns improve their roster.

1.) 15 Sep 2023
15 Sep 2023 10:32:22
The Suns are not trading their star center to their (arguably) biggest rival. Especially not for Holmes/ Hardaway.

2.) 15 Sep 2023
15 Sep 2023 15:50:39
Are y online? Anyway, the question is not if Suns would agree, the question is, if Pacers would send McConnell for Lee or if Mavs would need to add something.

3.) 16 Sep 2023
16 Sep 2023 16:44:27
Discussions ongoing between the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

4.) 16 Sep 2023
16 Sep 2023 19:13:56
Dalcon is always high when he posts here, everyone knows that.