18 Jan 2024 22:11:28
Siakam was not the good shooter and 3 x1st is a lot - too much.

Mavs go young and build, 76ers and Warriors try to win:

PHI Irving, Wiggins, Curry, Powell, Saric, Curry, Payton II, 2x2nd Mvas
DAL Kuminga, Maex, Bamba Martin, (Batum House, Korkmas)
GSW Morris, Covington, Jones Jr, Prosper, Reed, 1st Mavs, 1st PHI

1.) 19 Jan 2024
19 Jan 2024 04:59:16
Lmao so you didnt get siakam now he's not good shooter lol.

2.) 19 Jan 2024
19 Jan 2024 07:03:35
I would have taken him at a lower price. Siakam is a great player. But he needs the ball in his hands, he creates for himself, he is not the greates outside shooter. So to try Maxey and Kuminga with Luca, Green, Lively may not immediatelly succeed like Kyrie, Luca, Siakam - but may growth to something special, long term successful - when Siakam costs 50m + a year and is not available anymore.