30 Sep 2014 19:15:21
Top 30 when Healthy

1. LeBron
2. Durant
3. Harden
4. Westbrook
5. Melo
6. George
7. Davis
8. Curry
9. Aldridge
10. CP3
11. Lillard
12. Kobe
13. Griffin
14. Love
15. Noah
16. Irving
17. Bosh
18. Howard
19. Derozan
20. M. Gasol
21. Wall
22. Dragic
23. Big Al
24. Gay
25. Wade
26. Klay
27. Milsap
28. Randolph
29. Lowry
30. Ellis

1.) 01 Oct 2014
Top 10

Paul (Steph will catch him someday)
Anthony Davis

2.) 01 Oct 2014
My top 10 would be:
1. LeBron
2. Durant
3. Paul
4. Curry
5. Carmelo
6. Harden
7. Griffin
8. Love
9. George
10. Dwight

3.) 02 Oct 2014
Nevermind I'd go

Westy (or a healthy DRose)

4.) 02 Oct 2014
Westbrook is so much better than curry.

5.) 02 Oct 2014
Nah knickerbocker he's just a decent shooter and not that good of a passer while curry is the best shooter and a great passer

6.) 02 Oct 2014
^Warriorsalltheway its not just about shooting and passing, Westbrook can do better than Curry. Let's say defense, rebound, etc. Curry is terrific but Westy is a beast

7.) 02 Oct 2014
There isn't one gm in the league that would take curry over westbrook. the thunder wouldn't trade westbrook for curry.

8.) 03 Oct 2014
And there's no way the warriors would trade curry for Westbrook. It would actually make sense for the thunder to trade westy for curry because curry would pass a lot more than Westbrook, and stretch the floor more. But the Warriors wouldn't do that

9.) 03 Oct 2014
Westbrook is a freak, you can't teach that stuff. Westbrook> Curry all day.

10.) 04 Oct 2014
Most analysts agree Steph is better than Westbrook but I'm done with this argument we obviously have different opinions knickerbocker

11.) 04 Oct 2014
Agreed to each their own

12.) 04 Oct 2014
Warriors will never win a championship if their main way of offense is the three pointer. No team can stay hot from three the whole playoffs

13.) 05 Oct 2014
If Bogut is healthy yes they can. They are more than just a shooting team they have iggy and lee slashing and Bogut putting back missed shots. And they will actually have ball movement this year with a new coach, plus a much improved bench. @celtics4life And I have never seen a game where both Steph and Klay are cold at the same time

14.) 05 Oct 2014
Westbrook-better defender, more athletic

Curry-better shooter and passer

They're even

15.) 05 Oct 2014
I've seen multiple games where they both have been cold. One was against the Suns and another was against the kings I'm pretty sure

16.) 05 Oct 2014
Wow 2/82 games. They have plenty of other options (especially lee whos a great scorer

17.) 06 Oct 2014
Either way they are still not going to beat the thunder, spurs, or clippers in the playoffs

18.) 06 Oct 2014
Lol they would've beat the clippers easily with bogut healthy, but he was out the whole series and they still took them to the final seconds of game 7. Every thunder game was close last year too

19.) 06 Oct 2014
I agree Warriors > Clippers; but Thunder > Warriors & Spurs > Warriors.

20.) 07 Oct 2014
Yeah I can see that knickerbocker the warriors and thunder always play each other closely but they have trouble beating the Spurs. And @celtics4life go to bleacher report and search franchise players at each position. See what the experts have to say about if a team could only pick one player, who would they pick at that position

21.) 07 Oct 2014
Bleacherreports isn't experts, anyone can write on bleacherreport. Just look at the stats, Westbrook has Curry beat in Rebounding, Assists, Steals, Blocks. He trails Curry in ppg by only fractions of a point, mostly because he shares the ball with the leading scoring in the NBA (durant). Westbrook is better in the playoffs and is more successful is the playoffs. Obviously Curry is a better shooter, but there is a lot more to this game than shooting. I think Curry is an superstar, but Westbrook is borderline elite.

22.) 08 Oct 2014
^ 100% correct

23.) 08 Oct 2014
First off, if you play next to Kevin Durant you immediately have an advantage. Because of KD westy never gets doubled, unlike Steph. Also, I don't feel like looking up stats but I'd be surprised if westy had more assists, and if he did that was because he plays next to Durant. But again, this is all opinionated

24.) 08 Oct 2014
WESTBROOK Career Averages

ppg: 19.9
assist: 6.9*
rebounds: 4.8*
steals: 1.6*
FG%: 43%

CURRY Career Averages

ppg: 20.3*
assist: 6.7
rebounds: 4.1
steals: 1.6
FG%: 44%*

25.) 08 Oct 2014
I'm talking about last year Steph had 24+ points 8. 5 assists

26.) 08 Oct 2014
2013-2014 Stats


ppg: 21.8
assist: 6.9
steals: 1.9
rebounds: 5.7
FG%: 44%


ppg: 24.0
assist: 8.5
steals: 1.6
FG%: 47%

27.) 09 Oct 2014
See exactly.

Pts- curry
Ast- curry

28.) 09 Oct 2014
Yea that was last season with westbrook coming off an injury. let's compare after this season

29.) 09 Oct 2014
Ok deal knickerbocker