30 Nov 2014 14:36:02
Early prediction for NBA awards:
MVP: LeBron James
DPOY: Anthony Davis
ROY: Jabari Parker
COY: Steve Kerr
MIP: Jimmy Butler
6 man: Lou Williams


1.) 30 Nov 2014
Mvp: marc gasol
dpoy: anthony davis
roy: jabari parker
coy: kerr
mip: reggie jackson
6th: I like the lou will call

2.) 01 Dec 2014
MVP : LeBron James
DPOY : Anthony Davis
ROY : Jabari Parker
COY : David Joerger
MIP : Jimmy Butler
6th : Lou Williams

3.) 02 Dec 2014
So far:

MVP- Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, or Lebron James

DPOY- Anthony Davis, Andrew Bogut, or Serge Ibaka

ROY- Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, or Nerlens Noel

COY- Steve Kerr, Dwayne Casey, or David Joerger

MIP- Jimmy Butler, Anthony Davis, or Klay Thompson

6th Man- Jamal Crawford, Lou Williams, or Mareese Speights

4.) 02 Dec 2014
^LOL you had to fit a Warrior in everywhere

5.) 02 Dec 2014
All of its true though that's why they're so good

6.) 03 Dec 2014
Im very sure
LeBron wins SEASONS MVP. Avg 25+ppg and 5+ each in reb and ast.

Davis wins Defensive POY. Top 5 in shot blocks and steals.

Parker wins Rookie of the year
Kerr wins coach of the year

Klay could snag MIP and Thomas for 6th man

7.) 03 Dec 2014
Jimmy Butler all over Klay Thompson, Anthony Davis all over Curry as long as Pelicans could make playoffs (doubt)

8.) 04 Dec 2014
@warriorsalltheway do you really think speights is in the top 3 for 6th man an bogut top 3 for defensive player of the year come on!

9.) 04 Dec 2014
Top 3 6th man are J. Crawford, L. Williams and I. Thomas

top 3 defense are A. Davis, M. Gasol, J. Noah

10.) 05 Dec 2014
Look at the numbers. Speights has the 2nd highest PER in the league and bogut is anchoring the #1 rated defense in the league. Look at the numbers of the warriors defense when bogut is on the floor compared to when he's not. Bleacher report has an article on who they would currently choose for end of year awards. They have Bogut as DPOY and Speights in the top 3 for 6th man. I know bleacher report isn't made up of experts, but the article has the numbers to back them up.