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21 May 2022 22:34:58
I've seen a few mocks now that have Holmgren going to the Thunder. That would give them not one, but TWO seven footers weighing all of 190 lbs - the other being Pokusevski who averaged 20 mpg this season.

Presti's going to have to cash in some of those future picks to build a cushion around some of these guys.

1.) 22 May 2022 02:44:13
There has been recent reporting about Kings trading up to #2 from #4 for Holegrem. Haven't heard paiculars.

2.) 22 May 2022 04:54:15
He would definitely be better insulated on the Kings with Sabonis and Holmes (if they keep him) .



18 May 2022 01:58:35

Raptors get number 1 pick.

Magic get: Flynn, Signed Bargnani Knicks Jersey, Sack of door knobs

Raptors add to their young core

Magic get another PG, a rare collectible, and potentially some pretty nice new door knobs

But seriously. congrats Orlando!

1.) 18 May 2022 02:03:50

2.) 18 May 2022 17:55:46
Canada's doorknobs are just better lmao.



13 Apr 2022 22:02:48
Excluding examples from this season, what are the most hyped star duos or trios that have failed to live up to expectations, and the most underrated that overachieved?

1.) 14 Apr 2022 00:04:34
Underrated: Booker+CP3

Overrated: Lillard+McCollum, Beal+Wall, Westbrook+Harden.

2.) 14 Apr 2022 00:33:03
Wall/ Beal
Kobe/ Howard/ Gasol
Russ/ PG.

3.) 14 Apr 2022 01:10:00
first one i can remember is when malone and payton joined the Lakers but didn't win.

4.) 14 Apr 2022 17:37:06
Agree with all of the above. I would add:

Underachieved: Embiid/ Simmons/ Butler

These ones are arguable but not really fair due to injuries or past-prime players, but I remember the hype still being there:

LeBron/ Shaq (past prime Shaq)
KG/ Pierce with Brooklyn (both past prime)
McGrady/ Hill (Hill's injuries)

I'm not sure if I would consider these guys in the same tier, but as a Raptors fan I remember all the hype around when they brought in Jermaine O'Neal to play with Bosh as if it was going to catapult them, then traded O'Neal halfway through the season.

5.) 15 Apr 2022 00:08:26
J Kidd-K Martin-Van horn
that team was supposed to be the worst in the East and they mede it to the finals twice

R Wallace-B Wallace-Hamilton-Billups-Prince
that team had 0 all stars in 2003 and they won the title

Olajuwon-Drexler, they repeated with a sweep, hadn't home advantage in any series.

M Lucas and Bil Walton
Swept the Lakers and MVP Hakeem abdul jabar in the conference finals and beated the Sixers after a 0-2 start

They were to old

C anthony-P George-Westbrook
anthony should have been the sixth man

CP3-B Griffin-D Jordan
Never made a conference final

R Miller-R Artest-J O'neal-S Jackson
Why did they f*ck up Reggie's last year

They couldn't win one finals game.

6.) 15 Apr 2022 14:51:44
One that no one talks about that underachieved is AD and Jrue. 6 years, playoffs twice, only 1 series win.

I think Dirk/ Kidd/ Chandler doesn’t get the respect it deserves. That championship is often seen as “Dirk and a bunch of bums”, but that roster was loaded and fit perfectly together.

Fred sneaking Dame and CJ seems totally unfair. CJ is the only none all star anyone has mentioned in this thread. Also, the best forward they ever played with was Al Farouq Aminu. That team overachieved.

7.) 15 Apr 2022 20:11:02
@BMiller. Was the question about fairness? No. It was about hype. The Lillard+McCollum has often been presented as "contenders" in various sports medias. Since Lillard's arrival they have one conference final appearance in which they got swept. That is not living up to the hype.

If you have an issue with fairness, take it up with ESPN and Bleacher Report.

8.) 15 Apr 2022 23:49:03
I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lillard and McCollum hyped as true contenders. They’re always marked (correctly) as one major piece away. I can only recall one person picking Portland to win the west in any of those years. And that was Barkley, who notoriously has some of the worst picks.

9.) 16 Apr 2022 05:06:33
Portland was repeatedly reported as the team to "contend" with Golden State for the Western Conference for several years.

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18 May 2022 02:07:39
Shams now reporting a new in-season tournament that could start as early as the 23/ 24 season. We've heard rumblings about this before. No other details.

What is your best guess as to how this would play out? Who would be included? What would the winner (s) gain? Or would this just be a standalone tourney to crown some kind of "best of the regular season" team? Maybe a way to tie bonuses to contracts? Make the middle of the season more competitive?

1.) 18 May 2022 03:18:00
I personally don't know where the Commush is going with this. I heard him say something about the tournament being before X-mas which means it will be competing against the NFL playoffs/ Super Bowl.

Not sure players are interested in playing more games for a trophy that will be on par with the Summer League Championship.

This just seems like a revenue grab by the League.

2.) 18 May 2022 13:37:40
It’s not more games. They’d basically play the same amount of games. And I think the eliminated teams would continue playing “regular season” games to keep up with total games played. But they’d reduce the regular season by a few to compensate from what I’ve read.

3.) 18 May 2022 14:59:49
Curious to see what the eventual format is and what the motivating factor would be for teams and players. If it's literally just a tournament for another trophy mid-season. who cares? I guess the thought would be to try and make mid-season games more competitive, but really, what player or team is going to care about a mid-season trophy unless there are financial incentives attached to it? They'll still be more focused on the end goal.

Maybe the winner or top (insert number here) are guaranteed a playoff spot (doesn't make sense if it's early in the year)? Huge $$ bonus to the winner? Replaces all-star weekend festivities somehow?

4.) 18 May 2022 15:03:53
Winner gets home court in the playoffs? More cap room? Extra draft pick? I'm sitting here scratching my head as to what the point could possibly be.

5.) 18 May 2022 15:30:46
They talked about a big bonus for the winning team.

I could maybe see adding maybe 2-4 picks between the first the second round for the teams that win the tourney? A nice asset that doesn’t really break anything.

Zach Lowe also went crazy a while back and proposed a hockey type point system, where you get the equivalent of 2 or more wins (I think he had like 5 points for the championship game) for the tourney. And each eliminated team plays a losers bracket to keep the number of games played equal across the league. I like that idea. It gives a real strong reason to take the tourney really seriously for teams, players, and fans.

6.) 18 May 2022 16:13:27
I like the idea of the points system to pick up an extra game or so in the standings, and handing out extra picks.

I think whichever direction they go there would have to be multiple incentives attached. For example, if the top team already has a five or six game lead in the standings, they won't care about picking up an extra half game by winning the tournament. But if they ALSO got an extra pick and/ or more wiggle room under the cap they have something to play for.

Then you have to consider how they structure it as far as seeding. There would have to be some parity otherwise any incentive just makes the rich richer. Something like this (just an example) :

Tier 1 (top 10 teams) winner: more cap room (or their tax gets waived or something), extra second round pick, guaranteed home court in playoffs

Tier 2 (6 thru 10 in each conference) winner: gain a game in the standings, extra late first round pick

Tier 3 (lottery teams) winner: extra lottery pick

Having a tiered tournament creates more parity so every team has a chance to walk away with something valuable, based on their position in the standings.



02 May 2022 17:23:39
Raptors Big Picture:

Even if the Raptors are committed to this young core for the time being, they're going to have to start making some tough decisions in the next couple of years.

Siakam and FVV are extension eligible starting this offseason, GTJ has an 18M player option after this coming season I imagine he'll decline for a bigger payday.

IF they extend Siakam and FVV and give GTJ the raise he'll likely be looking for, that means those three players alone will be carrying a pretty hefty price tag going into the 2024 offseason, which is when OG will be a UFA and Barnes will be eligible for a max extension of his own.

Who knows what the cap will be by then, but logic says you can't have five players potentially making 25M+ on one team. There's just as good of a chance that GTJ and OG don't hit that number, but for argument's sake, let's say they do. Changes seem inevitable.

So the question is; how many more seasons do you think they can afford this lineup before they HAVE to make changes simply for financial reasons, and who are you prioritizing if you're Masai?

For me the only obvious one is Barnes.

1.) 02 May 2022 19:32:41
If they want to win now, I believe they should package Trent and OG for a big time player. FVV/ Siakam are both in their prime years @28 and could give each a 3/4 extension to have them throughout the rest of their prime.
I would look at packaging Trent/ OG (plus picks if needed) for a star such as Mitchell or Lillard.

If they want to stay young that pretty much obviously mean they should build around Barnes/ OG. I still have a hard time seeing them keeping Trent for that price. I think if they go this way Trent/ Siakam will be out. Look for good young players and picks.

2.) 04 May 2022 01:37:39
I really think that this year was a "prove it" year, and the success they had means they get another "prove it" year next season. Depending on how far they come along next year will inform the decision of "right now" or on Scottie's timeline.
This summer will be trying to establish depth they were sorely lacking, and it will be interesting if FVV's request for more diversity (read a real 5 and a sniper) is respected.
I'd bet they would extend FVV if he isn't expecting max dollars and signs for an amount that keeps him in trade asset territory.
Next year if they continue to develop as a core group and take a top4 seed into at least the second round, they'll probably double down on what they've got. but if the team is pretty much status quo record wise and seem to hit a cieling, while Scottie convinces them he is a future top5 player they'd be better to get young assets and good early picks to supplement the build around him.

3.) 06 May 2022 21:17:57
I definitely agree @windrapsfan. My question isn't so much about short term philosophy, but that regardless of what their immediate plans are, at some point they're going to have to make some tough choices given the contracts this core will be carrying/ expecting in the next few years. So even if they continue to improve with this core and can take steps deeper into the postseason, one or maybe two of them will have to go at some point, simply for financial reasons. Unless they're SO much closer to contention that management feels like it's worth going way into the tax to retain everybody.

Also consider that any upgrade for a "real" 5 and a sniper who will actually get meaningful minutes most likely means $$ that they don't have without shipping someone out. Not sure they're getting much of a difference maker with the money they have to work with this summer via free agency alone. Looking at available FA's that fall within the "we can afford them and they actually might consider playing here", the options are pretty limited. From what I can see, they're MAYBE looking at guys like Joseph, Harris, Forbes, J. Smith, Dedmon, Naz Reid as guys who could fall within their budget and fill a need, but none of those guys are earth shattering additions. But who knows? Someone like Hart would fill a couple of needs, but who are you willing to ship out (and who would Portland take) for a guy like that?

I think they're just in this weird little pocket of having assets that are too good for a player in a tier they actually need, but their financial flexibility (without making a trade) lands them in a tier even lower than that one.

4.) 07 May 2022 14:49:47
I think they'll fill the 5 with a low cost option like DJ Wilson or Jalen Smith. Maybe bring Delon Wright back as Freddy's backup? I always hated that he seemed to be more interested in making the highlight reels than actually winning, but if he's matured he'd probably be decent for that role.



26 Apr 2022 16:22:19
Which recent high lottery picks (last five years give or take) do you think will be the next to be out of the league within the next few years, whether due to injuries, fit, overhyped, etc.

Think along the lines of guys like Oden, Bennett, Beasley, Morrison, Milicic, D. Williams, Thabeet, etc.

Is it a stretch to think Simmons could be on the brink based on the last year and change?

What about Zion? Embiid missed his first two seasons due to injury and is now an MVP candidate. Greg Oden couldn't stay healthy and was eventually cut by the Blazers. If Zion can't stay healthy will we be looking at Oden/ Durant 2.0?

1.) 26 Apr 2022 18:03:46
Simmons won’t be gone. He’s got a long contract and wants to get paid. Also, the last time he played he was an all star and DPOY runner up. Teams will keep giving him opportunities.

Similarly, Zion is too talented to see leave this young. Oden missed 4 seasons and still got signed. Zion is a 3+ years away from thinking he could be out of the league.

Fultz could happen though. He’s played over 20 games once in 5 years.

Josh Jackson is a FA and his production has tanked.

Dunn could be gone. He only had a few 10 days this season.

2.) 26 Apr 2022 20:23:12

3.) 27 Apr 2022 01:15:32
Hunter and Okoro are very bold/ hot takes.

4.) 27 Apr 2022 02:16:04
Hunter and Okoro may not be "out of the league", but I don't think they will be playing significant minutes.

5.) 27 Apr 2022 14:06:03
Hunter just dropped 35/ 11 last night.

6.) 27 Apr 2022 16:15:13
Do you want me to quote you some top nights for Jimmer Ferdette when he was in the league?

7.) 27 Apr 2022 16:43:30
+1 Fultz. I was thinking about Bagley and Wiseman but feel like they could be serviceable in the right situation if things don't pan out in the next couple of years. Think McGee/ Horford - Bouncing around until they find the right situation.

I only bring up Simmons because of desire and mental toughness. If he had a problem in Philly I don't imagine New York will be much better for him. So maybe not "out of the league", but I wouldn't be shocked if he ends up in a smaller market with less media attention in the next couple of years. Sac, Indy, OKC, or somewhere similar.

8.) 27 Apr 2022 18:21:41
Yeah, I think NY playing with Kyrie and KD was a terrible idea. They could look to trade him, but what return is he getting? It’s not much.

I think Bagley earned himself 2-3 more years with his short stint in Detroit.

Wiseman could be the answer. He hasn’t shown any flashes of greatness and he can’t get healthy. That’s a bad combo. He’ll still get to year 5 at a minimum though, I think. I can’t see GS cutting bait on his rookie contract options. And he would get at least one min deal elsewhere if he totally failed in GS.

9.) 28 Apr 2022 03:55:07
Fredette came into league only being good at shooting, and that didn’t hold up.

Hunter plays the most valuable position in the league as he can play 2-4 and he also brings really good defense. At worst he’ll turn into a career 3&D player which can last for a long time.



17 Apr 2022 01:38:33
What are your thoughts on overall quality of officiating across the league? Every game has bad calls. Some, though, are borderline unwatchable.

What are some practical solutions to help improve the quality and parity? It's a fast-paced game, they're human, they make mistakes. Consistency I think is the biggest issue, and giving leniency to star players has to stop. No one should be able to "earn" the right to skirt by certain calls. A foul is foul, a travel is a travel, etc. And the inverse is also true. If you're not going to call it on one guy or team within a game, you can't call it on anybody in that game.

Reviewing any questionable call would slow the game down too much. Fining or otherwise disciplining officials who consistently show poorly in the last two minute reports after the fact would do little to no good. Is this just a problem the game has to live with?

There are always rule changes in every sport that help speed up the game, increase or decrease scoring, crackdowns on "unnatural basketball moves" etc. Not much in terms of improving the quality of calling a fair game though.

1.) 17 Apr 2022 04:44:05
I think you have to toss in the fact that the 3 referees on the court may have differing interpretations of rules that impact "consistency" of what is being called a foul.

2.) 17 Apr 2022 16:40:32
I agree with you @Fredman, but I think it's on the league to establish one and only one interpretation to be used. It's getting to be like baseball, where an umpire claims a pitch is not in "his" strike zone. The strike zone is defined by the rules, and this interpretation crap is going to result in computerized ball and strike calls in the near future. It's getting to the point where it's unwatchable. I turned the game off least night when Harden took 4 steps to the basket and the Raptors got called for a foul. And what Embiid got away with was ridiculous.

3.) 17 Apr 2022 19:58:00
Seems like it's become standard operating procedure that a guy drives to the bucket, gets clobbered by 4 guys collapsing on him, resulting in a loose ball that goes the other way for an easy layup +1 on a soft touch foul by that defender. Not to mention the fact that most take fouls at the end of a close game are WAY softer than almost anything that happens in the previous 46 minutes. This is every game too.

I watched the 4th quarter of Grizzlies/ TWolves last night before the Raps game started and I swear the last 2 minutes took as long as the previous 10 just on soft touch take fouls alone, even though the Grizz were down double digits. I'm not saying guys should be run over like a freight train in the last couple minutes for a foul to be called, but it's a perfect example of how silly the differences are in what constitutes a foul in most games.



29 Mar 2022 20:36:49
How would you prefer to see All NBA voting go in the future? Best 15 players or continue to go by position?

I'm on the fence. The way the game is played these days, seems more fitting to lose the positional voting, but in doing so, you potentially leave a lot more deserving players off the list.

Maybe something similar to how All Star voting has changed and just eliminate the C in favor of three F's? I don't know.

1.) 29 Mar 2022 21:46:18
Is the system broke? Why are we trying to fix it?

2.) 30 Mar 2022 01:59:44
The system is absolutely broken Fred. Centers don’t deserve their own category. Go to the all star style and do front court/ back court. I don’t have any problem with going to positionless, but I don’t think they’d go that far.

But eliminating positions is the best system. It should be the 15 best players.

3.) 30 Mar 2022 22:51:19
So you are saying that there are not 3 All-NBA centers this season? Embiid, Jokic and KAT? Guess they don't deserve recognition. What a joke.

4.) 31 Mar 2022 16:29:27
Pretty sure he's not saying they don't deserve recognition. Read the post again. Frontcourt and backcourt, like all star voting. None of the three you mentioned play as traditional centers anyway, hence the original question. so many point-forwards these days, how can you lump them in to specific "traditional" positions? Embiid and Jokic at least arguably deserve first team. So one of them should miss out based on a technicality (how they're listed on a depth chart)?

5.) 02 Apr 2022 23:25:02
There are two centers that are top 5 players in the league right now. In the past there were zero centers that were top 10 players in the league. Embiid shouldn’t be a second team player, and deandre Jordan should have never been first team.

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22 May 2022 04:54:15
He would definitely be better insulated on the Kings with Sabonis and Holmes (if they keep him) .



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11 May 2022 16:51:59
Value-wise it seems about right. Realistically, probably not happening.



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06 May 2022 21:27:05
Adams doesn't fit their style of play and the late first rounders don't seem all that valuable (to this team) . They just gave up a mid first in the Young trade and got a high second to go along with it. Webster even said straight up in a presser that they don't see much difference in value between a late first and an early second, other than the fact that you don't have guaranteed money attached to a second.

The only real value would be trying to flip those expirings and firsts for a star from a rebuilding/ retooling team, but in that case, why not just package Siakam for that star to begin with (Mitchell, Beal, Lillard)?



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03 May 2022 03:21:09
I don't hate it. But I think I'd rather have Mitchell (younger, fits with timeline of core, better contract) .



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02 May 2022 22:44:55
Obvious defensive improvements aside, I'd be most worried about any mental toughness issues you might have in swapping out Simmons for FVV. What might that do in the locker room? The Raptors have other guys that could/ would step up but that's a big shift. Raptors fans support their players, but you've got the added pressure of an entire country watching you, so how would Simmons fare going from pressure cookers like Philly and Brooklyn to Toronto - still a large media market and a major sports town. Just some food for thought as minor as it might seem.
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