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14 Aug 2016 16:01:38
Sixers / Cavs

Noel on Cleveland and love on philly makes a lot of sense .

Sixers get: Love

Cavs get: Noel, Covington,

Noel, Thompson, LBJ, Smith, Irving is a balanced starting 5 that can represent the east easily. Covington adds a quality player on both sides of the ball that can play minutes at the 2,3,or 4. And he is signed to an amazingly team friendly contract. I think he barely makes the league minimum. And Cleveland owes us a small favor for the sasha kaun deal we helped them out with. Love is a poor fit 8n Cleveland, Noel is a poor fit in philly.
Embiid, Love, Simmons, Henderson, Bayless is a competitive starting 5. And Okafor, Saric, Grant, Rodriguez, Landry and Holmes should provide a solid bench.
I still think value wise sixers come out a bit ahead, but factor in getting rid of loves salary and getting a quality, not star but decent, cheap guy in Covington and a young tremendous defensive talent in Norl, it could be doable. Comments?


1.) 14 Aug 2016 17:14:06
I just can't figure out why the Sixers would want love. He's a big which we have a lot of already.

He's a talented big for sure but I don't see a reason to do a big for big trade.

2.) 14 Aug 2016 20:14:34
he can shoot and open up the middle. he's the perfect pf alongside embiid.

3.) 14 Aug 2016 23:40:51
Why is Noel a good fit for Cavs? He and Thompson can't be played together. I think Cavs can find a older and worse energy guy/ rim protector at a cheaper price which will justify the few minutes he'll play just to give Thompson a breather every now and then. Noel is also a free agent next year and will command a hefty sum so it makes no sense to invest that much money in Thompson and Noel two guys who can play virtually no offense and are just energy guys.

I don't think they trade Love for any single player. If they're dealing him it would like be for a starting quality sf/ pf that is more versatile defensively and can still shoot and then another solid player who can give valuable minutes off the bench.

4.) 15 Aug 2016 13:12:17
Love would be nice but we already have saric a stretch pf. Simmons a potnetial starting pf at least in the beginning and Okafor who I think people underestimate his ability to stretch the floor. He certainly has amid range jumper thAt looks solid.



01 Aug 2016 02:28:03
76ers / Nets

Sixers get: Bojan Bogdanovic
Nets get: Carl Landry, future 2nd, Stauskas

Bogdanovic could be a solid shooter for sixers. Maybe not a starter, but a guy on the bench who can come in and hit a three. Landry can still score inside and maybe Stauskas can get his game going in NJ. And NJ can use all the extra picks it can get. From Shawn Bradley, Tim Thomas, Armon Gilliam, Mike Gminski (the original G-man), Daryl Dawkins, and of course that Julius Erving guy, the sixers and Nets are destined to make a trade.


1.) 01 Aug 2016 10:57:14
I could see this happen.
But the Nets should ask for a little more.
Philly has second round picks enough, so they could give some more.

2.) 01 Aug 2016 23:30:41
The nets should try to get 2-3 2nd rd picks.



29 Jul 2016 21:52:13
76ers / Bulls / Nuggets

sixers get: Gary Harris, McBuckets

Nuggets get: Nerlens Noel, Stauskas

Bulls get: Kenneth Farried, Hollis Thompson.


1.) 29 Jul 2016 22:35:18
The bulls are getting to much.

Why would the Nuggets replace faried by Noel?
Faried is cheaper, Noel is going to ask a max contract next year. Farri is on 12 m for the next three years.

2.) 29 Jul 2016 23:15:29
I would do the deal for philly. Seems fair to me.

3.) 30 Jul 2016 00:36:33
This trade actually is pretty good. But it doesn't really make sense for the Bulls to have Faried Gibson Potis and Mirotic. Maybe send one of them to another team.



26 Jul 2016 00:47:03

But they are trading Noel.

76ers / Bulls

Sixers get: Denzel Valentine,2017 Bulls 1st (1-10 protected) .
Bulls get: Nerlens Noel

Bulls have Butler, Wade, and Mirotic to score. Also counting on Portis to supply some offense raise year. Rondo to distribute and Jermyn Grant to back him up. What's missing? Rim protecting stud in the middle who can start the fast breaks with the steal or blocked shot. Nerlens is a perfect fit. Sixers get Valentine who could help there backcourt and be developed into a solid offensive role player in the backcourt. Also a mid first rounders next year (likely between 15-23).


1.) 26 Jul 2016 01:38:45
Bulls already have a solid starting center in Robin Lopez but this price isn't terrible for Noel.

2.) 26 Jul 2016 02:21:38
I'm not sure the Bulls do this, I mean they do have a rim protector that's still pretty good in robin Lopez.

3.) 26 Jul 2016 03:12:07
Bulls not doing that.

4.) 26 Jul 2016 13:24:52
Who would say no to this? Noel is better the anyone the bulls would draft next year by a large margin and Valentine is a role player. As a rookie, would he even play over Snell?

On the other hand this is prolly best case scenario for the Sixers value wise.

5.) 26 Jul 2016 13:59:08
As a Sixer fan, I would want Sac 2017 1st (1-10 protected) included. Which would be a second if it doesn't convey. I might be over valuing Noel, but I don't want him traded to begin with. Noel and Okafor must stay.

6.) 26 Jul 2016 14:32:22
Your capitalized rant - do you have an in with the front office? If not, stop. Okafor is just as likely to be traded as Noel. It's that simple.

That said, this deal isn't so bad.

7.) 26 Jul 2016 14:52:36
It wasn't a rant. It was one sentence. But still true. You have no inside knowledge which makes you attempting to yell for us to stop a valid statement.


8.) 27 Jul 2016 13:16:49
I'd pass. Valentine was a mid first and the top ten protected is a mid first. Why trade Noel a proven Nba player for mid round picks? I'd rather have him as a back up.



23 Jul 2016 13:37:08
76ers / Celtics

Simple trade.

sixers get: Bradley

Celtics get: Noel.


1.) 23 Jul 2016 14:35:18
Quality for quality, it makes sense.
But Boston's problem is on the offensive end. Trading Bradley for a non-scoring big man makes things worse, because none of the players who would replace Bradley (Smart, Rozier, Hunter) have shown they can score consistently.
I would prefer Okafor, whose low-post scoring can take pressure off Thomas and Horford, especially when the 3-balls aren't falling.
Not sure that Ainge is going to pay heavily for Okafor, though, given the myriad off-the-court issues.

2.) 23 Jul 2016 15:16:21
I don't think the sixers would trade okafor for Bradley. Noel is a Massachusetts kid and would pair up nicely with Horford. And you have to start giving some responsibility to all you #1 picks to produce (young, hunter, rozier, smart) . That's 4 #1 picks all at the guard position. Time to can Ainge if he struck out on all these guys. They aren't replacing MJ, it's avery friggin Bradely.

3.) 23 Jul 2016 15:26:52
Young was a flat-out mistake.
Hunter was late first round.
Rozier looks like a solid rotation player.
Smart doesn't start only because IT and Bradley are better.
And Avery Freaking Bradley is a first-team all-defense player who can also score.
Noel being a Mass. native is irrelevant. Celtics sell out just about every game without him.

4.) 23 Jul 2016 15:35:14
I like Noel, but i won't give up Avery for him. I would give Smart, Young and a couple 2nd Rounders.

5.) 23 Jul 2016 15:39:16
I don't give up Bradley for Noel.

6.) 23 Jul 2016 15:54:28
supercollider. I have been posting on this site for about 2 years, and I have never came across a celtic fan that is as ridiculous as you are.
1. I never said Noel being a mass kid would help sell tickets. It was in response to you posting the immaturity issues surrounding okafor in Boston.
2. I never said avery Bradley wasn't good, I said he wasn't MJ.
3. If you think ainge did a good job on those 4 picks, it's useless for me to try to reason with you. If you can't trust them to replace Bradley, then you made some poor choices.
4. In a trade you have to give up something to get something. By improving the interior with Noel, a 22 year old center with defensive numbers that haven't been matched by many, you give up some by trading Bradley and replacing him with maybe one of the fantastic guards Ainge has chosen in the past 3 years.

7.) 23 Jul 2016 16:20:12
5. Celtics just signed Gerald green. Maybe they too are realizing the mistakes they made. Green helps out whoever steps in for Bradley. Makes the trade even more sensible now.

8.) 23 Jul 2016 17:56:42
JV -
1. How is being a Mass. kid help with maturity? Hanging in the hood is a bad thing.
2. Saying Avery Freaking Bradley indicates to me that you don't think he's all that good. No one compares well to MJ
3. Smart was an OK pick, Bradley a steal, Young a mistake and Hunter about what you can expect for a late first-rounder.
4. Okafor, yes. Noel no. Celtics have problem scoring in the half-court as it is now.

9.) 23 Jul 2016 23:05:14
Supercollider is actually spot on. I'm not a Celtics fan but his response was absolutely on point. Sorry jvoug, he is about as spot on with everything he's said as anyone has been on here.




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08 Aug 2016 01:56:01
Sixers have a keeper is Dario Saric. The guy put up 18 and 8 in a win over France, and just blocked pau gasol at the buzzer to save the win verse Spain. Saric had a bad offensive day, only 5 points, but showed off some excellent passing ability and finds ways to contribute even when his shot isn't falling. The guy just has "it". I don't think he will be an all star, but I do think he's a guy that every team would love to have. And sixers fans Sergio (Spanish Chocolate) Rodriguez looked good for Spain at pg. I could see 25-35 wins if everyone stays healthy. And still could have 2 lottery picks nrxt year with the Lakers #1 and the kings pick swap.


1.) 08 Aug 2016 12:25:10
Sixers Finally have a sense of direction in 2 years a core resembling Fox, Simmons, Jackson, Embiid, Noel, Okafor, Luwawu, Korkmaz and Saric wpuld be the best young core in the league.

2.) 08 Aug 2016 21:59:53
HA, they have a winner. from one game. Simmer down.

His shooting was terrible. And he played 35 minutes and go 7 boards. Let me play a minute in the nba. Gasol went off in that game. And the rest of the starters. rubio, mirortic, fernendez and another guy that couldn't make it in the nba.

See how dominant he is against the US team. Perhaps he will go 2 for 7 then! and then its greatness!

3.) 09 Aug 2016 02:51:25
never once did I declare greatness. I even stated I don't think he will ever be an all star. Never did i say he would be dominant. He just seems to find ways to help his team's win. He's clutch. Not great, not dominant. That's all.

4.) 09 Aug 2016 15:19:17
He's a back up to start his career. Not fair to throw him right into the starting group. But he's a solid hustle player who does. A lot very good. Idk if he does anything great yet though.



07 Aug 2016 00:06:46
76ers / Bulls

Sixers get: Valentine, McBuckets

Bulls get: Noel, future 2nd

This trade makes sense for both teams. With Rondo, Wade, and Butler, Valentine will see very little action. And Lopez, although serviceable, is nowhere close to Noel as a defensive presence. The sixers improve their rotation in two places. Valentine is a better backup sg then Stauskas, and McBuckets is a better backup sf then Thompson. And both can shoot.
Pg: Bayless, Rodriguez, McConnell
sg: Henderson, Valentine, Luwawu
Sf: Simmons, Covington, Grant
pf: Okafor, Saric, Landry
C: Embiid, Holmes, Okafor.


1.) 07 Aug 2016 00:49:16
I forgot McBuckets as my back up sf.

2.) 07 Aug 2016 01:07:50
Bulls then lose depth on the wings and are thin.

3.) 07 Aug 2016 02:57:58
nba : Then make it Noel,2nd Rd pick, and Thompson, who is a wing, for Valentine and McBuckets. You do have to give up something to get something of value.



30 Jul 2016 00:42:17
76ers / Lakers

Sixers get: Russell

Lakers get: Noel, own #1 back.

Laker fans, please here me out about this, and tell me which way your team will lean this year.

With a very young brand new head coach, the pressure to win in LA, and the ability to lure in some top notch free agents, is tanking the best option? People forget the situation the sixers were in after the disaster of the Bynum trade, leaving them void of talent and draft picks. The lakers are no where near that bad, and an all out tank to save the protected pick may prove to be hugely counter productive in the long run. This is why I think a Noel and return of your pick for Russell trade is an excellent fit for both teams. Noel is the perfect center next to randle up front, and with Ingram and clarkson, the fast breaks and interior defense will be so much improved. And Mozgov should not be the reason you don't make this deal, if so, you wouldn't last a second as a gm. You can't let a mistake dictate your ability to make a beneficial trade. Mozgov will be a back up, and expensive one, but exactly what he is, a back up. Lakers get there pick back, and even if they finish in the bottom 3, at least they get there 2018 #1 unprotected back from philly.


1.) 30 Jul 2016 05:26:10
And once again, Lakers say no.

2.) 30 Jul 2016 06:54:24
only if you think the pick can be a top three.

3.) 31 Jul 2016 12:40:30
I think the Lakers pick go's to Orlando, if they get it back from philly
So it doesn't have that much value for them.

I also think Russell is going to have a breakout year
On the other hand, there going to by many good PG available and little biggs.

So, i like this trade.



27 Jul 2016 22:29:32
76ers / Raptors

1.All delusional sixers fans, We are not making the playoffs this year. Too many rookies, it just doesn't happen in one year in the NBA.

2.Sixers get: Ross, Clippers (protected 1-15) #1 next year.
Raptors get: Noel (a better Biyumbo), future 2nd rounder.

Sixers have a promising future, but they desperately need shooters. It's such a glaring weakness. Ross can shoot ok, probably better then anyone philly currently has on the roster. Speaking of the roster, Please cut Marshall and Stauskas immediately. They are horrendous.


1.) 27 Jul 2016 22:50:11
Noel is worth more than Ross who hasn't really improved in his years, and a likely late first, I agree with the other points you made.

2.) 28 Jul 2016 06:16:41
As a Raptors fan I'd take that deal, not sure Sixers would have to include a 1st, maybe Ross, Wright, 2017 1st for Noel, Covington, Holmes/ Stauskas or Thompson. Gives Sixers versatile shooter, pg prospect, late first (throw in for trades), Raptors get young replacement for Biz, depth players with some upside and term (not sure they'd want to move Ross for a free agent they might lose), save some money.



12 Jul 2016 18:06:46
76ers moves :

1. This one will probably get me crucified, but I think Kevin Martin is a possible stop gap solution at sg. He actually can shoot. I don't care that he's 33, a one year deal I think would help the team tremendously. Not asking him to play 30 minutes a game, but 15 minutes should work.

2. Cut Stauskas. He's terrible. also cut Marshall. He's worse.


1.) 12 Jul 2016 18:54:53
I just don't think that at this stage in his career he would want to go to a rebuilding team. He wants a ring.

2.) 12 Jul 2016 19:12:40
nobody has signed him. the spurs are not giving him an offer. unless warriors or cavs can make room for him, where's he getting that ring?

3.) 12 Jul 2016 19:22:35
Probably with a team that is guaranteed a playoff berth? Either that or he doesn't even play. He has played less and less minutes a game the past few years and hasn't been the same player since he left Houston. He has no ties to Philly and in my opinion no reason to go there unless they are paying a boatload of money (and by that I mean like close to 5 or 6 million a year) . I definitely understand your reasoning behind the signing I just don't know why he would want to go there.

4.) 12 Jul 2016 19:24:36
He could sign on with the Rockets, Pacers, Dallas, Memphis? All those teams made big strides to make playoff noise this offseason and could use some shooting off the bench.

5.) 12 Jul 2016 20:50:45
You'd have better luck with Chris martin. Kevin martin was so bad last year the Timberwolves, in desperate need of shooting released him outright, paying him 5 mill to please go away.

6.) 12 Jul 2016 20:53:14
Raptors might be interested if he's willing to sign for room exception, looking for more shooting off bench.

7.) 12 Jul 2016 22:53:42
Stauskas is so awful. It was painful watching him during the SL league between Sixers and Lakers.




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14 Aug 2016 20:14:34
he can shoot and open up the middle. he's the perfect pf alongside embiid.




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09 Aug 2016 23:55:32
Tom Tom : there is no penalty for not getting to the salary floor, the money you are "short" of the floor is divided amongst your current roster. that is not an incentive to make a poor trade. your reasoning is flawed and borderline ridiculous.




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08 Aug 2016 02:24:23
I don't think Boston will go for this offer.




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05 Aug 2016 23:01:34
terrible trade proposal. No way Lakers trade Ingram for their pick back. ridiculous. Makes philly fans look bad.




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03 Aug 2016 14:21:30
Some mocks have Fultz, a pg, as the top pick. Jackson, Giles, and Fultz are top 3 at this time, but that's all too soon to predict. but 1-10, there are probably 5 guards.





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09 Aug 2016 02:51:25
never once did I declare greatness. I even stated I don't think he will ever be an all star. Never did i say he would be dominant. He just seems to find ways to help his team's win. He's clutch. Not great, not dominant. That's all.




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07 Aug 2016 02:57:58
nba : Then make it Noel,2nd Rd pick, and Thompson, who is a wing, for Valentine and McBuckets. You do have to give up something to get something of value.




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07 Aug 2016 00:49:16
I forgot McBuckets as my back up sf.




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17 Jul 2016 12:59:02

I'll take Greg "the hammer" Valentine if he can hit a three.




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17 Jul 2016 01:41:24
wasn't Michael Westbrook a hell of a back for the Eagles?