06 Jun 2018 13:35:00

CLE get: Mike Conley, Dwight Howard, Chandler Parsons, and CHA 2018 1st DP (11)
Resign: LeBron (1 year MAX)
Sign: Ersan Illaysova and Marco Bellinelli

pg. Conley/ Clarkson
sg. Korver/ Bellinelli
sf. James/ Parsons
pf. Nance/ Illaysova
c. Howard/ Thompson

CHA get: George Hill, JR Smith, CLE 2018 1st DP (8), and MEM 2018 1st DP (4)
Luka Doncic (4)
Trae Young (8)

pg. Young/ Hill
sg. Monk/ Lamb
sf. Doncic/ Batum
pf. MKG/ Kaminsky
c. Zeller/ Hernangomez

MEM get: Kevin Love and Kemba Walker

pg. Walker/ Simmons
sg. M. Brooks/ McLemore
sf. D. Brooks/ Seldon
pf. Love/ Green
c. Gasol/ Martin

1.) 06 Jun 2018
06 Jun 2018 14:17:08
This would be huge for Memphis. Love and Gasol would be nasty. Kemba would be an upgrade over Conley. Plus they shed Parsons? Worth it giving up the 4th pick.

2.) 06 Jun 2018
06 Jun 2018 15:31:38
I think the Cavs say no. Too much money taken back, maybe if Tristan Thompson was sent out. Also not sure if the Grizz would trade Conley if they weren't going to blow it up, Cle trading for Kemba straight up seems easier.

3.) 06 Jun 2018
06 Jun 2018 15:38:32
Comley and the fourth pick is better than Walker and Love. Memphis says hell no.