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06 Apr 2018 16:14:36
If Spurs really consider moving Kawhi, why not look at Sixers?

Spurs get: Bayless (expiring after next season), Fultz, Saric, Philly 1st

Sixers get: Leonard, Forbes, Paul

Spurs move Kawhi out East, grab 2 young guys with huge potential, a first, and expiring money. Saric feels like a Spurs type guy and Fultz could be the next superstar under Pop. Not bad if Kawhi really wants out.

For Sixers, a core of Simmons, Leonard, Embiid, Covington is incredible. They can bring back Reddick at a discount, go grab some vets, and make a run at a Title.



1.) 06 Apr 2018 16:22:42
Undervalue of Leonard.

2.) 06 Apr 2018 18:01:31
Leonard will cost simmons.

3.) 06 Apr 2018 19:22:23
Leonard doesn’t have anywhere near the value of Simmons. Leonard has one year left, simmons still has two years left on his rookie deal. Huge difference.

4.) 06 Apr 2018 21:30:11
It's ridiculous to think the Sixers would give up Simmons for Leonard, regardless that currently Kawhi is the better player when healthy.

I think Fultz and Saric are a good start, but just Philly's pick alone won't entice San Antonio. The Lakers/ Kings pick would also need to be in the deal, and probably Luwawu-Cabarot.

5.) 06 Apr 2018 21:35:15
How about Kawhi Leonard to the Milwaukee Bucks for J. Parker, M. Brogdan (Dellavedova? ) and a pick? Then keep Giannis A. at the PF position, Middleton at SF/ SG, K. Leonard At SG/ SF and Bledsoe at PG. The Bucks still need a Center no matter what. Parker wants to leave Milwaukee, Leonard wants to leave San Antonio.


6.) 06 Apr 2018 22:58:51
The problem is that Parker is a FA, so it’s an impossible trade.

7.) 07 Apr 2018 00:02:17
@Bmiller66, What about a Sign and Trade? Would it work then?

8.) 07 Apr 2018 00:49:38
S&T only works for Parker for a package, not Parker in a package with other players. Can't see Kawhi staying MIL either. (signing extension this summer)

9.) 07 Apr 2018 01:19:37
Nope, can’t sign and trade unless they’re the only playing from that team in the trade.

10.) 07 Apr 2018 06:04:49
Triangle O i think fultz saric and covington are a good start and i think TLC is not good he is out of rotation now in 76ers because of signing of marco belinille TLC out of rotation and maybe 76ers add 1 or 2 highly lottery picks.



24 Feb 2018 14:56:17
I'm seeing all these Leonard posts and it has me dreaming. I know this post will get bashed, but oh well. Here goes.

During free agency.

Spurs get: Andre Roberson, Alex Abrines, Stanley Johnson, future OKC first

Pistons get: Kyle Singler, OKC second (chi)

Thunder get: Kawhi Leonard, Luke Kennard, Brandon Paul

OKC won't win a title this year. But instead they go out in the second round leaving lots of doubt on keeping George and Melo. Instead, they pounce on the uncertainty in San Antonio. They get George to opt in. They get Melo to opt out, resign with a longer team friendly deal.

Spurs swap out a disgruntled Leonard with Andre who is awful offensively but an awesome defender. Pop would love him. They also get some young guys and a pick.

Pistons get Singler who played well for them when they drafted him and shed a bit of salary which will help payroll.

Everyone laughed when I posted saying the Thunder could get George. They stopped laughing when it happened. This could actually happen. If it does they could trot out this lineup.


Try and beat that team in a five game series.


1.) 24 Feb 2018 16:36:23
The Claw top 5 player league that package. U are dreaming.

2.) 24 Feb 2018 16:48:16
Why would the Pistons give up Kennard and Johnson for a second that doesn't even offset having to eat Singler?

3.) 24 Feb 2018 16:54:30
There’s a huge difference between two young solid players vs the junk in your trade.



03 Feb 2018 14:19:02
2 Thunder trades for playoff push.


Okc gets: Stanley Johnson, Anthony Toliver
Det gets: Kyle Singler, Jeremi Grant


Okc gets: Jonathan Simmons, Mo Speights
Orl gets: Alex Abrines, Josh Huestis, 2nd

OKC needs a little shakeup to help them for a playoff run. Biggest needs taken care of in the second trade: backup 5 and a Roberson replacement. But the first one also helps them moving forward. They won't be able to pay Grant this summer. They want to get rid of Singler. Singler played well in Detroit and could be a nice add. Grant can do what Toliver and Johnson do but better. Okc tries to hit on a buy low guy in Stanley and get an expiring deal as they approach the summer.


1.) 03 Feb 2018 14:55:37
Detroit won't do that

2.) 03 Feb 2018 15:06:45
Tolliver is 6-8 guy off the bench for Detroit doubt if they want to trade him. OKC needs to add more incentive if Abrines, and Huestis are their offer to Orlando. Recent report has them eyeing Bradley. Maybe something materializes?

3.) 05 Feb 2018 02:15:17
Don’t like it. No way Singler comes back.



22 Nov 2017 18:35:07
OKC gets Jahlil Okafor

Det gets Kyle Singler, two 2nd's (Philly)

Philly gets Stanley Johnson


1.) 22 Nov 2017 20:20:58
I think Detroit is going to hold onto Johnson for the year to see if he continues his improvement, and then make a decision in the offseason.

2.) 22 Nov 2017 20:23:37
Mil. gets Okafor,

Philly gets Vaughn and Milws. 2nd rd. pick.



15 Nov 2017 23:52:37
So Bleacher Report drops this article today about how the Lakers are going to land multiple superstars in free agency by extending Deng. I feel like they could definitely make that happen. But what if they aimed higher?

OKC is off to a rough start. They also have reported that upper management won't overdo it next summer in terms of going into the luxury tax. If George is to opt out and earn more (which he will), the Thunder can't afford him. If we hit December and OKC still isn't putting things together, why not capitalize on moving George to a team that he's rumored for?

Lakers get Paul George, Kyle Singler, Zach Collins
***Lakers get their guy. They've been after him and he's been after them. They preserve all expiring deals and take on minimal contracts with him.

Blazers get Jordan Clarkson, Alex Abrines, Julius Randle, OKC 2nd, 2 Lakers 1sts
***In this deal, Blazers move CJ. He's a great talent but doesn't necessarily fit next to Lillard. Getting Clarkson isn't a bad get, but getting 3 picks is great. Abrines can spread the foor, and Randle could fit well there.

Thunder get CJ McCollum, Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance Jr.
***Thunder don't get any picks, but they add a great scorer in CJ. They slide Roberson back over to the 3. Ingram can start at the 3 once he develops a little more. Nance is a nice prospect.

Lakers can still extend and stretch Deng. They still have big expiring contracts. They can actually build around their free agents. More than that, though, they can already have George there to use in talks with free agents next summer.

Thoughts? How far off am I?


1.) 16 Nov 2017 05:11:13
i like the idea, but i don’t see cj working out that much better next to russ than dame.
but its a pretty good salvage for pg if they are letting him walk, honestly might be too much getting him and ingram. maybe move around some of the assets between la and por.
and i read the br article, streching deng is still a second option to trading him, and if they are giving up ingram, i would think deng have to be would be included with him.

2.) 16 Nov 2017 15:42:10
I actually like this idea for everyone involved. As OKC, you're pretty much turning Oladipo and Sabonis into those three. Not bad at all. As far as McCollum's fit next to Westbrook, I think it would be fine. The big issue with the Blazers is the rest of the team's fit. With the Thunder, you'd have Roberson, Ingram, Nance, Melo, Adams, Grant, Patterson. that's a much more well rounded roster. With the Blazers, the big issue is they need a SF for the starting lineup and need to bring Turner off the bench as a facilitator with shooters.

Clarkson and Randle would fit in nicely with the rest of the roster in Portland, and those picks will come in very handy.

3.) 16 Nov 2017 16:23:12
That is an absolutely horrible move for Portland. Really really horrible. Those two picks are late firsts if George and Lebron go to LA. None of the players are much of anything. And Portland gives up a recent lottery pick?

Portland won’t give up McCollum without getting an elite asset back. All of that is average at best.

Also, okc is getting way too much back for George. He’s not worth McCollum alone. Look at the return Indy got for him a couple months ago. No one is giving that kind of talent for an expiring contract.




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16 Jun 2017 02:17:35
OKC needs a shot blocker, stretch 4, versatility, size on the wing, etc...

If they get lucky, they find a team to take Kanter without getting much else back. Stretch Singler. Renounce Roberson.

Two guys who make a lot of sense on the current roster (don't laugh): Serge Ibaka and Jeff Green.

Sure, Ibaka wanted out and wanted a bigger role. Well. He can have it now, AND go back to the team that drafted/developed him.

Next you have Green. He showed promise for the Thunder but was never a four despite being stuck there for OKC. He can come back and slide into a more natural position at the 3. He'll be way less expensive after disappearing a bit in Orlando but still has some talent.

Resign Taj and convince him being the big off the bench in Kanter's role is the right move for him. Cut Christon and Cole and hope you get a solid point in FA and draft one at 21.




1.) 17 Jun 2017 06:24:49
Not bad but I don't think OKC has cap for this and where's McDermott?



08 Jun 2017 19:33:28
Whats the best return OKC can get for Russ?


1.) 08 Jun 2017 20:39:40
LAL- #2, Russell, and Ingram
BOS- #1, (Thomas to a 3rd team), Nets 2018, Yabusele.



03 Jun 2017 18:18:38
Let me see your best Russ Westbrook trade scenario.

Russ to Wolves?

Russ to Lakers?

Russ to Sixers?

Russ to Boston?

Russ to....?


1.) 03 Jun 2017 23:21:35
2nd pick, Russell and Clarkson for Westbrook?

2.) 04 Jun 2017 11:27:22
Russ to OKC for more years.



02 Jun 2017 15:49:53
Whats the best OKC could do on a Westbrook return? He's a top 10 player and deserves more than what the Thunder can give him.

OKC could restock and bide their time developing young guys and wait until things open back up. So many other teams in win-now mode. Russ has that killer instinct and endless motor.

They could call teams like Boston, LA, Spurs, Sixers, etc. What could they get back? what's the best they could do?

Lets see in the comments.


1.) 02 Jun 2017 16:59:34
I think LA and Boston would be their best bet.

Boston would probably be something like 2 of the Brooklyn picks, and Brown and then whatever a third team would give up for Thomas (something like 3 solid picks or young players) .

The Lakers would give Igram, Russell, the 2, and then one of their lesser prospects and maybe a little more if they were willing to take on Mozgov or Deng.

I don't see many other teams with the young talent and picks and current roster/ ability to sign a free agent to team up with Russell to make the price worth it to make an offer attractive enough to pull Russell under the current circumstances. Obviously if he says he's walking things change.

2.) 02 Jun 2017 17:19:57
Church ---
All the teams you mentioned have assets, but at what cost?
Boston has draft picks into the next century, but is not going to give all of them up. And all that would do is drop OKC to Phoenix level for 3-4 and depress the fan base.
The Lakers would do something, but the cupboard would be bare when Westbrook gets there.
San Antonio plays team ball and would not abandon that to become The Westbrook Show.
Philly won't give up Simmons or Embiid, and anything else they have won't get the trade done.



27 May 2017 16:20:47
If this Kanter accusation gets serious, do the Thunder look to wipe his salary from the books (either getting an exemption from the league or waiving him)?


1.) 28 May 2017 04:50:00
Hahahah a be quiet. A ridiculous dictator made a bs accusation. Just stop.




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27 Oct 2017 16:22:14
Would rather have Jokic over Cousind tbh.




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28 Sep 2017 04:06:45
That's not even the chandler they need. Try putting together a respectable and doable Tyson chandler deal. He'd be a fantastic backup 5.




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03 Aug 2017 14:16:28
Appreciate the shoutout! Just can't see us moving Adams unless it's a younger, more locked in star. He's very valuable.




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05 Jul 2017 18:02:21
Sick of hearing about losing Harden.

We offered him the deal he wanted. He didn't accept because of his role. We in turn hit the phones. Called GSW first. They wouldn't give up Thompson. We called Wiz second. They wouldn't give up Beal. We called Houston third. We landed Martin (stop gap), Lamb (bust), and the pick that turned into Steven Adams. None are equivalent to Harden. Sure. But all that crap about not paying Harden is incorrect.




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05 Jul 2017 15:27:47
Supercollider and SimmonsOrBust:

I'm assuming you completely missed the of OKC grabbing George for Oladipo and Sabonis and no picks.

And you obviously missed numerous reports saying Gordon Hayward was signing with Boston. despite them not yet having sufficient room yet.

Point being: OKC is savvy in trades. AND OKC is one of the few teams with an exception equivalent to relieving the cap room necessary to bringing in Hayward. Boston still has Rozier to play behind IT. This deal makes sense.





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