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15 Oct 2019 23:41:50
OKC: G Hayward+ Langford

Boston: Gallinari+Bamba+Augustin

Orl:Schroder+1rnd pick Denver (top 20 protected)+ 1rnd pick Boston(top 20 protected)


1.) 16 Oct 2019 01:21:20
Orlando is getting robbed.

2.) 16 Oct 2019 01:53:12
Why for Orlando? Schroeder and Augustine is a push and last year lottery pick (Bamba) is better than 2 late firsts.

3.) 16 Oct 2019 03:10:41
No from OKC and no from Orlando. OKC should get picks for taking Hayward. Langford isn't enough to equalize the contract.

Augustin is better than Schröder, and Bamba is worth more than two late first rounders.

4.) 16 Oct 2019 03:48:21
Orlando passes. They don't want any part of Schroeder and 2 late 1sts for Bamba and Augustin isn't enough. Bamba was 5th overall and has steadily improved.



14 Oct 2019 09:51:04
Atlanta: Drummond

Detroit:Vucevic+1rnd pick OKC 2022 (lottery protected from atlanta)

Orlando: C Parsons+ Reddish+ 1rnd pick Brooklyn 2020(lottery protected from Atlanta)

C: Drummond

Drummond would be a beast surrounded by all those shooters and Atlanta would improve on the defensive end too.


1.) 14 Oct 2019 15:14:13
Drummond+Collins pairing would concern me a little. Also, not sure Drummond plays well at the pace ATL plays.



07 Oct 2019 14:24:52
1) Washington-spurs
Was: LMA+ P Mills

Spurs: J Wall+ 1rnd pick Was+ 1rnd pick Was 2022 (lottery protected)

2) spurs-Tor

tor: Derozan
spurs: Ibaka+ Anunoby+ 1rnd pick tor 2021


1.) 07 Oct 2019 16:24:48
Thats laughable. Why would Popovi h take Wall and his ridiculous contract?
In my mind, there would have to be multiple unprotected picks and not a non-protected pick.
I love how everyone says that the Celtics need to add first round picks to trade Hayward. Yet you want to trade Wall for something good AND a protected pick, when his contract is far worse than Haywards. At least Hayward will be playing while Wall is out the entire season.

2.) 07 Oct 2019 16:33:12
Boston shouldn't trade Hayward for picks, the guy still has value.

Two picks for a bad contract isn't a bad deal and the Spurs can take it, if they go in rebuilt mode. and Wall is only 29, He can sit out this year, play next year and getting traded in 2021.

3.) 07 Oct 2019 17:17:51
Guys that shouldn't be traded this year: Hayward, Wall, Nurkic.

Never sell at the absolute lowest value.

4.) 07 Oct 2019 20:40:09
Never sell? Depends on what you got coming in to fill their cap space.

Was the price "low" on AD when NO traded him with Zion inbound?

5.) 07 Oct 2019 22:04:58
That definitely wasn't AD's absolute lowest value.

To clarify, don't trade guys when their value has cratered or even gone into the negative, when you know it can't go lower and that it more than likely will go up.

6.) 08 Oct 2019 18:56:14
In fairness, Hayward’s value was probably higher last year at this time than this year. You don’t really know what their value is going to be in the future. What if Wall isn’t even a starting caliber guy when he comes back? It’s not impossible.



04 Oct 2019 07:16:01
Portland: B Griffin

Boston: Nurkic

Detroit:Bazemore+ J Brown+1rnd pick Portland


1.) 04 Oct 2019 15:31:08
Seems like if that's the asking price, that Portland could get Griffin without giving up Nurkic (who to me has considerably more value than Brown when healthy) . Selling low on Nurkic and relying on Whiteside is a bad long term move.

Something like Whiteside, Simons, Little, and 1-2 firsts for Griffin, Morris, and Frazier. Seems like similar value to Detroit.

2.) 04 Oct 2019 16:42:29
gasupo the season is about to start Detroit is not trading Griffin.

3.) 04 Oct 2019 17:29:37
Shizzee: I would assume this is a post-Dec 15th deal, not today. I don't think any team is making a team changing trade the week before camp.

4.) 05 Oct 2019 02:23:57
Yeah Boston shouldn't be in this trade. Griffin to Portland only sense only if they keep their core.



03 Oct 2019 14:32:24
Detroit: G Hayward+ 1rnd pick Denver

Boston: M Turner+ TJ Warren

Indy: B Griffin+ 1rnd pick Memphis

Drummond is a double double beast, but he need shooters arround him, Hayward would be a good scoring option in that team.
C: Drummond
PG:D Rose

C:M turner/ Kanter

PF:B Griffin/Leaf
SF:McDermott/J Holiday/Lamb
PF:Brogdon/A Holiday


1.) 03 Oct 2019 14:49:35
The only first not owned by Denver is owned by OKC so I do not understand why there is a Denver first involved in this trade.

2.) 03 Oct 2019 21:37:57
* milwaukee pick.




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07 Oct 2019 16:35:25
Wich teams should go in rebuilt mode?


1.) 07 Oct 2019 16:45:48
Minny, Washington (but keep Wall), Detroit, Miami, Toronto, SA.

2.) 07 Oct 2019 19:08:20
Raptors, Pistons, wizards, wolves, thunder, spurs.

3.) 07 Oct 2019 22:34:48
New York should go in rebuild mode on their rebuild.

4.) 08 Oct 2019 02:47:04
For the 4th time Freeman?

5.) 09 Oct 2019 16:05:31
Aren't the Thunder already in a rebuild smunro?

6.) 09 Oct 2019 23:59:03
Currently i would say Thunder is in more of a retool than rebuild. They could be a sneaky team and slip into that 8 or 7 seed like Clippers last year of they keep the current team and play to win. In my opinion once they trade CP3, Adams, and Gallo then they have officially entered rebuild right now i would say they aren't in full rebuild mode.

7.) 10 Oct 2019 01:42:27
Spurs are in a rebuild as well. Just doing it while Derozen and LMA carry the team.



02 Oct 2019 14:09:45
Whats the most likely to happen?

1) M Porter Jr becomes Rookie of the year.
2) Zion becomes a bust
3)M Conley becomes an all star
4)L Ball makes an all NBA team
5) Utah becomes Champion
6)Westbrook and Harden win the MVP together
7) C Anthony plays in the NBA this year
8) B Simmons develops a descent 3-point shot.
9)The Knicks make the playoffs
10) Golden state misses the playoffs
11) Minnesota trades KAT
12) Wiggins becomes a 20 point scorer
13) LBJ doesn't make the All star game
14)The Clippers keep a team under 50 points


1.) 02 Oct 2019 15:09:44

Utah will be scary to face in a 7 game series

Wiggins was already a 20 ppg scorer I believe. I can see him doing it again however it might not be efficiently.

2.) 02 Oct 2019 15:25:27
I'll just go High/ Medium/ Low I guess:

1) M Porter Jr becomes Rookie of the year.
Medium - that team is too deep.

2) Zion becomes a bust
Medium - No one is a sure thing, especially if you count injuries as "busts".

3)M Conley becomes an all star
Low - The west is too deep, and he's the third best player on his team.

4)L Ball makes an all NBA team
Low - I just don't see him as a top 15 player in the league. How does he pass Curry, Lillard, Harden, Butler, Westbrook, Holiday, McCollum, Simmons, Russell, Kemba, Irving, Beal, Mitchell, Booker, and probably more?

5) Utah becomes Champion
Medium - That's the highest I'd give anyone this year. I don't see a favorite. Utah is going to play amazing defense.

6)Westbrook and Harden win the MVP together
Zero - I think there's a better chance they miss the playoffs.

7) C Anthony plays in the NBA this year
Zero - I don't think he has another chance.
8) B Simmons develops a descent 3-point shot.

Medium - It wouldn't be a new happening. Guys learn to shoot in the league. If decent is low-mid 30's, he could do that this year.

9)The Knicks make the playoffs
Medium - The east is horrible past the top 5 or 6. The Knicks have just enough vets to do it and screw the future of the team.

10) Golden state misses the playoffs
Low - They still have 4 all stars (come all star break) . They're not head and shoulders above everyone else, but they're still probably the most talented starting lineup when healthy.

11) Minnesota trades KAT
High - Long term (next 18 months) I think it will happen. Maybe not this season, but it feel inevitable.

12) Wiggins becomes a 20 point scorer
High - He's done it two of his five years, why not again?

13) LBJ doesn't make the All star game
Medium - If he missed 20+ games again, sure. The west is loaded, if you can't stay healthy, you won't play in the all star game.

14)The Clippers keep a team under 50 points
Low - In the age of scoring, it's hard to see this happening. Maybe against Memphis? But it feel like a really low chance.

Overall most likely: Wiggins, because he's done it 2/ 5 seasons. He won't do it efficiently, but they don't have many other options to score a lot.

3.) 02 Oct 2019 17:04:37
4 has zero chance as All-NBA means that Lonzo becomes a top 6 guard in all the NBA (All-Star would be top 15). Better than the following?

Curry Lillard Kyrie Walker Harden Westbrook, Beal

That ain't going to happen.

But I am really feeling 12. 20 points on 30 shots per game.

4.) 05 Oct 2019 09:31:14
Decent or descent?
They have opposite meanings.

5.) 05 Oct 2019 19:51:46
Doesnt a decent 3pt shot usually have a descent through the hoop snd netting? 🤪.

6.) 07 Oct 2019 10:04:33
sorry guys, we can always talk in Dutch or French, my native languages, if you don't understand my English. :-p.

7.) 07 Oct 2019 14:12:14
No worries Gasupo. It seemed obvious that it was a "typo". Descent is a noun but was being used as an adjective in the sentence, so most non grammar-persons translated it to decent with no issues.



02 Oct 2019 08:41:31
What team has the mos chance to get into the playoffs?

Dallas vs Kings
OKC vs San Antonio
Suns vs Memphis
LA Lakers vs New Orleans
Charlotte vs Knicks
Orlando vs Detroit
Nets vs Washington
Chicago vs Miami


1.) 02 Oct 2019 11:58:59
SA (by a mile)
Suns I guess, but the chances for either is zero.
Lakers (by a mile)
Nets (again, not very close)

2.) 02 Oct 2019 14:51:11
Spurs for sure
Lakers (are you kidding me? )



24 Aug 2019 09:34:12
Should the Clippers rename?
And what should be a good name for them?


1.) 24 Aug 2019 10:12:02

2.) 24 Aug 2019 10:22:18
No. Never forget where you came from.

But LA Boardmen has a funny sound. LA Waves?

3.) 25 Aug 2019 03:59:44
LA immigrants, agents, liberals.



12 Aug 2019 12:46:39
should C Anthony play for team USA?


1.) 12 Aug 2019 13:32:42
Anthony seems like an odd fit with this young, running, athletic team. Plus, this team does have some questions on the defensive end of the court and Anthony just makes it worse.

2.) 13 Aug 2019 09:47:25
Hope not he destroyed my Aussies last World Cup the guy really grows a leg playing for team USA.

3.) 13 Aug 2019 12:44:10
Its because these are the only championships Anthony can win.




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15 Oct 2019 12:55:15
I would like to see Ingram play before we would trade for him, but i like a healty Ingram for Indy.




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15 Oct 2019 12:53:59
I like this for Indy.




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15 Oct 2019 07:39:56
Only the Gobert for K Love and the pick is really out of proportion (just my opinion) (And i believe K Love still has some positive value)




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14 Oct 2019 18:13:48
It's not a comparison.
I only believe that Indy wouldn't be a better team if we have to give up more than Turner.

And i'm an Indy fan, so that's what i would be prepared to give up to get Gobert.

And other teams would propably give a better offer, if Utah considers a Gobert for Turner trade :-)




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14 Oct 2019 16:55:01
for now Gobert is the better player and the better defender, but M Turner is a good defender has a better 3- pointer, is younger and has a cheaper contract.

I would like Gobert on my team, but i rather pass if we have to give up more than M turner.





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