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21 May 2017 22:28:21
Kings off-season

Trade Afflalo and Koufos to Hawks for Bazemore Dunleavy and a 2nd

Draft Isaac and Nkilitia


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21 May 2017 21:10:43
Suns - Victor Oladipo/ Enes Kanter/ Kyle Singler/ *21 pick round/ 2 pick round *2019 and *2020

Thunder - Jared Dudley/ Alan williams/ *4 pick round 2017

Get Malik Monk the Jayson Tatum

Free Agency: Ty Lawson

Westbrook / Ty Lawson / S Christon
Malik Monk / Alex Abrines
A. Robertson / Jared Dudley / McDermott
Jerami Grant / Domantas Sabonis
Steven Adams / Alan Williams / D.Jhonson

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21 May 2017 22:26:15
Nothing the Suns are getting is close to being worth the #4 pick.

21 May 2017 03:04:01
spurs 2017-2018

pg. hill/ collison/ murray
sg. green/ simmons/ sefolosha
sf. leonard/ anderson/ gerald green o jeff green
pf. aldridge/ bertans/ lee
c. gibson/ muscala or amir johnson/ jones or t rob.

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21 May 2017 04:12:14
Bringing back George Hill wouldn't be a bad move for Spurs. If Pacers move PG13 it would make a ton of sense for him as well. Not sure how much cap space Spurs have but with Parker, Ginobli and Gasol not on this roster they should have around 20 mill he should cost.

Obviously CP3 would be the preferred option. Not sure I'd want to rely on Gibson to be my starting center at this point in his career but he would give them some of the toughness inside they are currently lacking with Aldridge and Gasol.

19 May 2017 21:50:22

76ers get Avery Bradley, Jamal Murray, Tyler Zeller, and #13 pick (via DEN)
-Draft Harry Giles
PG: Murray, McConnell, Bayless
SG: Bradley, Luwawu
SF: Simmons, Covington, Anderson
PF: Saric, (Veteran), Giles
C: Embiid, Holmes, Zeller

Celtics get Kenneth Faried
-Sign Gordon Hayward
-Draft Markell's Fultz
PG: Thomas, Fultz, Rozier
SG: Hayward, Smart
SF: Crowder, Brown
PF: Faried, Yabusele, Mickey
C: Horford, Olynyk or Johnson

Nuggets get #3 pick and Jahlil Okafor
-Draft Josh Jackson
-Sign Kyle Lowry
-Re-sign Gallinari
PG: Lowry, Mudiay, Nelson
SG: Harris, Barton
SF: Jackson, Chandler
PF: Gallinari, Hernangomez, Arthur
C: Jokic, Okafor.

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20 May 2017 02:28:08
I'm not a fan of Farieds game and while he helps Celtics on the boards he is a tweener and provides little else. Also his contract complicates signing Hayward. As is if Celtics renounced all FA (including Olynyk and Johnson, waived Jackson, Mickey and Zeller and left Yabusele overseas they would still be short about 1.5 mill of the max contract Hayward would command that would start at 30.6 mill in the first year. This is due in large part to the contract they'd have to give Fultz as the #1 pick and have to factor in empty roster charges (holds when a team has below 12 players) . Therefore, getting Faried is unrealistic especially if they wanted to keep Olynyk, Yabusele, Mickey and Johnson and Bradley will likely have to be traded regardless to clear cap for Hayward.

For 76ers giving up the #3 pick and a prospect like Jackson hurts but Murray would be a much better fit and they can add another piece with #13 pick. If they could get Bradley too that would just be icing on the cake.

I don't think Nuggets would be able to attract Lowry but moving Murray and #13 to move up and get #3 pick and Okafor wouldn't be a bad move for them. Jackson would be a great fit for them and has more upside than Murray. If Mudiay could take the next step they'd be a solid team with a lot of upside.

19 May 2017 21:50:12
Just saw the trade on BR and liked it

Nuggets trade Faried, Murray, Mudiay, 13th pick
Pacers trade George

Nuggets sign Lowry 1y what's possible around 20m, resign Gallo 4y
Lowry/Nelson/vet FA
- immediat championship contender, one of the best starting 5's and benches

Also very good trade for Pacers who get 3 young talented starters for George who is going to leave Pacers at least in 2018
- with 13th and own 18th pick draft best possible SF (Jackson, OG Anunoby) and C/PF (Giles, Adebayo, Hartenstein, Rabb)

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20 May 2017 02:29:35
I don't think this offer quite does it for George but Nuggets have the pieces to make a convincing offer. The issue is George is unlikely to resign there so Nuggets would be foolish to trade for him unless they got some guarantee he'd resign there long term.

19 May 2017 21:19:30
Knicks trade Anthony, Noah
Knicks get R.Jackson, Harkless, Leonard, 15th pick

Blazers trade Harkless, Crabbe, Leonard, 15th pick, 26th pick
Blazers get Anthony, Noah

Pistons trade R.Jackson
Pistons get Crabbe, 26th pick

- draft #8 Monk or Nktikina and with #15 go after best avaible big Collins, Allen, Markkanen, Adebayo, Giles
- add NY native Harkless and good PG Jackson who needs a restart

- Blazers still have 20th pick (PF/C) but they are almost All-in with adding Anthony and Noah who will push Blazers over their current ceiling
- one of the best backcourts in the NBA with Lillard and McCollum, a good passing big at C with Nurkic who is still developing his potential and you add one of the best NBA scorer ever with Anthony...
- add vet FAs

- get another 3pt shooter (SG/SF) to pair with KCP and around Drummond
- also add another 1st round pick #26 to their own #12: draft best talents available

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20 May 2017 02:33:30
Teams are just swapping around bad contracts. Knicks would be the overall winners since they get younger pieces and end the Melo drama. I don't think Melo would want to go to Portland (he has no-trade clause) nor would he be a good fit with them already having two high-level offensive guards who leave a lot to be desired on the opposite end. Its a good return for Pistons on Jackson who looked bad coming back from injury this year.

18 May 2017 20:33:07
trade the 2017 #9 pick plus powell to portland for the #15 pick(Kyle Kuzma) and the #20 pick(hami diallo).

then try to sign:
Danilo Gallinari (P), or Blake Griffin (ETO), or Jrue Holiday, or Bojan Bogdanovic.

then resign: noel

2017 - 18 starting lineup:


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18 May 2017 23:16:21
Unless Dirk takes a major paycut Mavs won't have the cap space to make these signings with him and Barnes making over 20 mill, Mathews making close to 20 mill and Noel due an extension which will be close to 20 mill.

Moving Powell's 9 mill contract helps but they can't move it to Portland who is set to be in the luxury next year. Even so I think they should be able to get more for the #9 pick than that. I wouldn't spend a lotto pick on Kuzma. He is skilled but an undersized pf who can't shoot, is an average athlete and a junior.

18 May 2017 18:12:16
Denver dream offseason

Pre-draft trades:
Darrell Arthur, Jameer Nelson, 49th and 51st picks to BKN for the 57th pick
Wilson Chandler and 57th pick to OKC for 21st pick
Kenneth Faried and 13th and 21st picks to MIN for 7th pick and 2nds in 2018 and 2019 (from MIA)

7th pick: Jonathan Isaac

Pre-free agency:
Resign Plumlee for 2 years, 16 mil
Gallo declines player option, let Hibbert walk, and Mike Miller retires
Cap room heading into FA: 72.8 million

Free agency:
Sign Blake Griffin to max contract.
Sign Gordon Hayward to max contract
Cap room to spend on additional free agents, such as signing an additional backup big: 11.6 mil

PG: Mudiay/ Murray/?
SG: Barton/ Harris/ Beasley
SF: Hayward/ Isaac/?
PF: Griffin/ Hernangomez/?
C: Jokic/ Plumlee/?

It is unlikley Denver will sign Hayward and Griffin, but with a desirable young core and 72 million in cap space entering FA, who knows?

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18 May 2017 17:59:49
Nets busy summer. Continuation to my last post about Blazers.

Nets/Blazers trade

Blazers pick (15th), Cavs pick (26th), Turner, Crabbe, Napier for Wizards pick (22nd), T. Booker, Lin, Whitehead and Celtics 2nd round pick (56th).

Trade Lopez, McDaniels, Acy for Bucks 1st rounder (17th), Delavedova and Henson.

Sign Ibaka 3 year 60 million ( don't think anyone will offer him more ).

Waive: Dinwiddie, Harris and Goodwin before their contracts become guaranteed.

15: Leaf
17: Adebayo
26: Dozier
27: Iwundu


Obvious goal here is to develop younger players and IMO this team won't be nearly as bad this years team.

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18 May 2017 10:23:46
Portland clearing cap space.

Blazer/Nets trade

Blazers pick (15th), Cavs pick (26th), Turner, Crabbe, Napier for Wizards pick (22nd), T. Booker, Lin, Whitehead and Celtics 2nd round pick (56th).

16.4 million saved

Blezers/76ers trade

Grizzlies pick (20th) and Leonard for Mavs 2nd rounder (39th) and Hawks 2nd round pick (50th)

9.9 million saved



Blazers are just slightly over the cap here and IMO improve from last year with better backup PG and a starting PF who is bringing much energy in the paint. That 56th pick is used for draft and stash.

Nets get two players that could potentialy be leaders in their young squad and get Napier who is still young and IMO still hasn't shown what's he capable of doing, more importantly they get 1 more first rounder in this year draft and assuming that they will get one more when they trade Lopez, they will have 4 1st rounders in this years deep draft and it speeds up their rebuilding.

76ers take that horrible contract for that 1st pick that could be used for drafting some guard depth, by the time 76ers will have to resign all of theirs young talent that contract won't look su terrible or they could even unload it in a trade similar to how they acquired it.

I believe that this is a scenario where everyone has improved teams.

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18 May 2017 18:07:26
If I'm Blazers I'd first try to make a move for Butler centered around McCollum and include Crabbe, Leonard (although bad contracts they are relative young so could be used to rebuild) and as many of their 3 draft picks as it takes.

If they can't make that work I'd explore options like these trades. However, I think Blazers would need to give up more in that first deal and I wouldn't want contracts like Lin or Booker back in return. Blazers are at 133 mil already and need to seriously clear cap space especially since next offseason Nurkic will be due an extension.

18 May 2017 19:28:12
Booker and Davis will be free agents after next season and Lin has a player option which he will probably decline to chase a long term deal. Those three players open up around 27 million, and when you count in salary rises from Lillard and McCollum it make around 23-4 million in cap space.

I like your idea about Butler tho.


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