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13 Apr 2018 17:17:09
Philly off-season

Renounce all right except Embiid

Sign Lebron to something like 2+ player option at 40 million per

Give Embiid the Max 5 years


Spurs get Fultz, Saric, McConnell(exp), Anderson(expiring), Korkmaz, TLC, the 17th pick, 38th pick, philly 19 and 21 1sts, and 2 future seconds from Philly

Suns get the Bayless, 10th, 56th and 60th

Philly gets the Leonard, Green, 15th pick, 31st pick

Draft 15 Robert Williams, 26 Kieta Bates Diop, 31 Brunson, and 38 Hamoduo Diallo

Sign Reddick with half their MLE
Sign Dedmon with half of their MLE
Sign illyasova with the minimum
Sign Mario Chalmers with the Minimum

B Simmons/(Lebron)/ Brunson/Chalmers/
Covington/ Reddick/Diallo
Leonard/ Green
135 million dollar roster this year approx
150 million dollar next approx
160 million the year after approx

If that team stayed even moderately healthy, it would roll through the East. Plus, Williams, Brunson, and Diop have a chance to come in and be really good role players from day 1. It would be an expensive team, but it would have a chance to dominate the league for years and none of the moves are even slightly unrealistic as long as Leonard does come available.

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This trade has been posted a few times/ Same person trying to see if it gets generally accepted by trying repeatedly?

13 Apr 2018 20:05:53
"None of the moves are even slightly realistic". The Leonard trade is very unrealistic. the Sixers give up only two guys that actually play, two late first, and get to get rid of Bayless and his contract, while getting Leonard, moving back only five picks, and getting an early second.

13 Apr 2018 20:06:14
Spurs could get a lot more elsewhere.

13 Apr 2018 22:17:32
Bayless is on an expiring contract and a lot of the players involved are only there to make the salaries match. The Spurs clear out 12 million immediately and 15 million the next year. Saric and Fultz have both played well and Fultz has started to flash his potential at a dominant pg. Both look to be at the worst long term starters. TLC and Korkmaz haven't shown much, but they're guys that San Antonio can take a look at and waive if they don't like them. Then they get 3 1sts and 3 2nds. Unless Boston offers something like Tatum, Brown, the Kings and Clippers picks, I'm not sure someone is beating that package.

14 Apr 2018 11:12:47
i think spurs much better in 10th pick not in 17th pick.

13 Apr 2018 04:01:10
The Spurs get Jokic, Beasley, Chandler(exp) and a Denver 18 1st

The Nuggets get Leonard

Malone wants a defensive minded team and has been at odds with Jokic. This clears that up and if you look at that teams, it should be really good with Leonard.

The Spurs get a young guy on the verge of being a super star that Pop can do ridiculous things with on offense. They also get a nice prospect in Beasley, a late lottery pick and open up some cap space next summer.

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13 Apr 2018 06:08:21
If Kawhi would resign DEN would consider.

13 Apr 2018 07:16:08
I'll keep a center that gets triple doubles over Kawhi.

13 Apr 2018 02:39:21
Suns offseason
Trade pick 15 to New York for Joakim Noah and pick 9

1-Deandre ayton

9-Trae young

17-chandler Hutchison

31-Theo pinson

59-yante maten

Free agency

Sign Deandre liggins 2yr 6mil

Sign Norris cole vet min

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13 Apr 2018 02:38:48
Im going to fix cav for rkenne.

Sixers get Thompson Jr Smith 7th
Cavs get Grant Mudiay Korkmaz Cabarrot 56 59th
Knicks get Hill Love
Bulls get Noah Bayless 19th 38th

Clarkson Korver to Suns for 31st & 59th

Off course Kanter would have to walk. Lebron opts out resigns 30 mil add George or Cousins and the Claw starts at 30 mil. Than MLE vet


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This is impossible as Kobe earns 26 mil, D12 earns 18 mill, CP3 earns 15 mil, Durant earns 14 mill, love earns 4 mil. Together, they earn 77 mil, added to that stuckey earns 3 mil, fisher earns 4 mill, redd earns 14 mil, prince earns 11 mill, landry earns 3 mill and nene earns 11 mil. If the bench is included, they will earn 123 mill in total and is way over the cap.

13 Apr 2018 02:29:03
The Cavs get McCollum, Aminu and Danny green

The Blazers get Kawhi and Korver plus cut 8 mill

The Spurs get Jr Smith(buyout), Clarkson, Osman, Zizic,Swanigan, the Brooklyn 1st, Portland's 18 and 20 1st, and Cleveland's 21 1st

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13 Apr 2018 07:17:44
I can't see Kawhi agreeing to POR.

13 Apr 2018 02:08:54
Denver Nuggets offseason moves

•Trads #14 pick and Darrell Arthur to Atlanta for #17 pick (saves 7.5m)

17: Troy Brown (Oregon)

-Decline Jokic's and Millsap's team options
-Wilson Chandler opts in
-Will Barton walks

•Re-sign Nikola Jokic 4yr max
•Re-sign Paul Millsap 2yr 42m
•Sign Cory Joseph 3yr 20m
•Sign Mario Hezonja 1yr 5m
•Re-sign Torrey Craig 1yr minimum
•Re-sign Monte Morris 1yr minimum

Pg. Murray, Joseph, Morris
Sg. Harris, Brown, Beasley
Sf. Chandler, Hezonja, Craig
Pf. Millsap, Lyles, Hernangomez
C. Jokic, Plumlee, Faried.

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13 Apr 2018 07:18:53
If ATL says yes why not.

13 Apr 2018 01:51:47
Denver Nuggets offseason moves.

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13 Apr 2018 07:19:41
Is that a dance camp?

13 Apr 2018 00:46:50
The Cavs get Whiteside, Dragic, Olynyk, Bazemoore and Aminu

The Hawks get Turner, Leonard, Swanigan, Clarkson, Zizic, Richardson, the Brooklyn 1st and a Portland and Heat 2nd

The Blazers get Love and Plumlee plus they save 3 million dollars

The Heat get Thompson, Jr Smith)buyout), Korver(buyout), Schroeder, and the 18 and 20 Portland 1sts plus they save 10 million this year and 30 million next year.

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13 Apr 2018 07:21:54
POR wouldn't do this. It dumps bad contracts, but costs a lot. Depends on the playoff outcome and how desperate Blazers are to overhaul, or go over the luxury like CLE.

12 Apr 2018 20:48:11
The knicks should hire Sam Hinkie

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13 Apr 2018 00:00:57
The Cavs should if Lebron walks. I can't see Dolan being willing to commit to tanking.

13 Apr 2018 07:23:55
Not a fan of the Hinkie, but Porzingis will be in his prime with a little luck in the draft pulling that maneuver.

12 Apr 2018 12:37:16
Heat / cavs trade

Heat get: lebron james
Cavs get : hassan whiteside and goran dragic and a future draft pick.

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12 Apr 2018 21:59:23
Lebron has a no trade clause, the Heat don't have a pick that's trade able until 2023 and the Cavs would just be a low end playoff team that is paying huge luxury tax.


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