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12 Oct 2017 15:27:11
Bucks and Cavaliers

Greg Monroe for Tristan Thompson.

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12 Oct 2017 15:27:55
Part 3:

LAL: Lonzo, KCP and Lopez will start..
Ingram vs Deng for SF
Randle vs Nance vs Kuzma for PF

DAL: Smith, Matthews, Barnes and Dirk will start..
Curry vs Ferrell vs Noel for final spot

NYK: Hardaway and Porzingis will start..
Ntilikina vs Sessions vs Baker for PG
Kanter vs Hernangomez vs O'Quinn for Center
McDermott vs Lee vs Beasley for SF

BKN: Lin, Russell, RHJ and Mozgov will start..
Carroll vs Crabbe vs Booker for final spot

PHX: Bledsoe, Booker and Chriss will start..
Jackson vs Warren for SF
Chandler vs Len vs Jackson for final spot

SAC: Hill and Randolph will start..
WCW vs Koufos for Center
Jackson vs Bogdanovic vs Temple vs Carter for SF
Hield vs Fox for final spot

CHI: LaVine and Lopez will start..
Mirotic vs Portis vs Markkanen for PF
Mirotic vs Holiday vs Zipser vs Valentine for SF
Dunn vs Grant for PG

ATL: Schroder, Bazemore & Dedmon will start..
Ilyasova vs Collins for PF
Prince vs Belinelli for final spot

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12 Oct 2017 18:09:46
So many wrong starting lineups.

12 Oct 2017 15:08:27
Part 2

LAC: Danilo, Blake and DAndre will start..
Beverly vs Teodosic for PG
Rivers vs Teodosic for SG

DEN: Harris, Millsap & Jokic will start..
Murray vs Mudiay vs Nelson for PG
Chandler vs Barton vs Faried for final spot

MIA: Dragic and Whiteside will start..
Waiters vs Richardson for SG
Winslow vs McGruder vs Richardson for SF
Johnson vs Olynyk for PF

NOP: Rondo, Holiday, AD & DC will start..
Hill vs Cunninham vs Allen for SF

PHI: Fultz, Redick, Simmons & Embiid will start..
Covington vs Saric vs Amir for final spot

CHA: Walker, Batum and Dwight will start..
Marvin vs Frank vs Cody for PF
MKG vs Williams vs Monk for final spot

DET: Bradley and Drummond will start..
Jackson vs Smith for PG
Johnson vs Harris for SF
Harris vs Leuer for PF

POR: Lillard, CJ & Harkless will start..
Nurkic vs Collins for Center
Turner vs Aminu vs Davis for final spot

IND: Collison, Oladipo, Young and Turner
Bogdanovic vs Stephenson for SF

ORL: Payton, Fournier and Gordon will start..
Vucevic vs Biyombo for Center
Ross vs Simmons vs Isaac for SF

UTA: Rubio, Hood & Gobert will start..
Favors vs Johnson vs Ingles for PF
Ingles vs Johnson vs Mitchell for final spot

MEM: Conley and Gasol will start..
Green vs Parsons for PF
Parsons vs Ennis vs Evans for SF
Evans vs Selden vs McLemore for SG

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12 Oct 2017 14:33:24
Who will starts or not?? Part 1

GSW: Curry, Klay, KD & Dray will start..
Pachullia vs McGee/West or Iggy (going small) for final spot

CLE: LeBron & Love will start..
IT(inj) vs Rose vs Wade for PG
Wade vs JR for SG
Trist vs Crowder for final spot

SAS: Leonard, LA & Pau will start..
Parker(inj) vs Mills vs Murray for PG
Green vs Murray vs Gay for SG

OKC: Russ, George, Melo & Adams will start..
Roberson vs Patterson for final spot

HOU: Paul, Harden, Ariza and Anderson will start..
Capela vs M a Moute for final spot

BOS: Irving, Hayward and Horford will start..
Smart vs Brown for SG
Morris vs Tatum for PF

MIN: Jeff, Jimmy, Wiggins & Towns will start..
Gibson vs Dieng for PF

WAS: Wall, Beal, Porter & Gortat will start..
Morris vs Smith vs Oubre for final spot

TOR: Lowry, DeRozan and Ibaka will start
Miles vs Powell for SF
JV vs Siakam for final spot

MIL: Brogdon, Middleton and Giannis will start..
Maker vs Henson vs Monroe for Center
Parker(inj) vs Snell for final spot

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07 Oct 2017 15:06:50
OKC picks up Thomas Robinson as a good 2nd/ 3rd bench option for the Center position.
He's got all the attributes they will need from that spot.
He's got a high motor, good D and can score or finish in the post.
He's perfect for a good 10-15 mins a night, won't be a turnstile on defense and should be able to get him for the player minimum.

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07 Oct 2017 17:08:37
He signed a contract in Russia, playing for Khimki now.

08 Oct 2017 00:04:05
Wouldn't the 1st player to leave the Euro league to come back to the NBA.

05 Oct 2017 19:04:56


MEM get: 2018 1st DP BKN (VIA CLE), 2019 1st DP DEN, Tristan Thompson, Gary Harris, Emanuel Mudiay, Jamaal Murray, Channing Frye (exp), Jameer Nelson (exp), and Will Barton (exp)

pg. Evans/ Mudiay
sg. Harris/ McLemore
sf. Parsons/ Ennis
pf. Martin/ Frye
c. Thompson/ Wright

DEN get: Mike Conley and Iman Shumpert

pg. Conley/ Morris
sg. Shumpert/ Beasley
sf. Chandler/ Lyles
pf. Milsap/ Lydon
c. Jokic/ Hernangomez

CLE get: Marc Gasol and Kenneth Faried

pg. Thomas/ Rose
sg. Wade/ Smith
sf. James/ Crowder
pf. Love/ Faried
c. Gasol/ Tavares

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06 Oct 2017 02:44:46
Denver is giving up to much.

07 Oct 2017 01:19:39
I agree. Denver giving up too much in this deal.

05 Oct 2017 19:01:13
Cle: Whiteside+ Dragic

Miami:Shumpert+ smith+ thompson+ 1rnd pick Nets+1rn pick Cleveland 2021

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05 Oct 2017 06:30:52
Cavaliers and Pelicans

Tristan Thompson for DeMarcus Cousins.

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05 Oct 2017 11:23:19
Come on.

05 Oct 2017 11:52:40
Pelicans call for counter offer

CLE get Solomon Hill

NOLA get LeBron James.

05 Oct 2017 12:12:34
@USA Asik should be included too.

04 Oct 2017 10:25:49
Cle: Russell+ Y Lin+ booker

Nets:Shumpert+ smith+ 1rnd pick Nets

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04 Oct 2017 14:35:34
My NBA 2k18 Allstar Game:
East: LeBron, Irving, Giannis, Embiid and Wall
West: Durant, Westbrook, Leonard, Harden and Davis

E: Lowry, DeRozan, Hayward, Love, Porzingis, Whiteside and Beal
W: Curry, Paul, George, Green, Towns, Butler and Lillard

Team LeBron vs Team Durant
LeBron picks first:
1. Leonard - Davis (LBJ picks his stopper & KD picks the allstar MVP)
2. Westbrook - Giannis (LBJ picks the MVP & KD picks the MIP)
3. Harden - Irving (LBJ picks the next great player available & KD picks their PG)
4. Embiid - Wall (LBJ needs a center & KD gets the remaining)

Durant picks first in Reseves:
1. Curry - Paul (KD picks his best teammate & LBJ picks his close friend)
2. Green - Love (both picks their teammates)
3. Towns - George (KD picks the best center available & LBJ picks Russ teammate)
4. Butler - DeRozan (KD picks Towns teammate & LBJ picks athletic wingman to neutralize the Butler pick)
5. Porzingis - Lillard (KD picks the sensational Unicorn & LBJ picks the high scoring PG)
6. Hayward - Whiteside (KD picks Kyrie teammate & LBJ picks another center)
7. Beal - Lowry (both of them agreed to pick their teammates' teammate)

LBJ: Westbrook, Harden, Leornard, James and Embiid
KD: Irving, Wall, Durant, Antetokounmpo and Davis

LBJ: Paul, Lillard, Lowry, DeRozan, George, Love and Whiteside
KD: Curry, Beal, Butler, Hayward, Green, Porzingis and Towns

Top 2 coaches in the league are Coach Popovich and Coach Kerr and are both in the West so i put an asst coach so
Team LBJ will be coach by Coach Pop and his asst Coach Lue
Team KD will be coach by Coach Kerr and his asst Coach Stevens

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04 Oct 2017 16:19:11
If both Captains are going to be LeBron and Curry (the top voters last allstar game)

LeBron choose 1st,
1. Leonard - Durant
(LeBron takes his defensive stopper and Curry picks his teammate)
2. Davis - Giannis
(LeBron know that they will not take Westbrook and he picks Davis, Curry picks the next best player left aside from Russ)
3. Westbrook - Embiid
(LeBron picks the MVP and they know they will not pick kyrie between the two Embiid and Wall, they mostly need a center)
4. Wall - Irving (LeBron obviously picks Wall than Kyrie)

Curry choose 1st,
1. Harden - Paul
(Curry choose the 1st runner up MVP, LeBron choose his close friend)
2. Green - Love
(Both pickng their teammates)
3. Towns - Porzingis
(Curry picks the best center, LeBron picks the sensational big man)
4. Butler - George
(They already have a post defender Green, they need a perimeter defender which is Butler and LeBron picks a scorer/ shooter to equalize the opponents 3pt shooting)
5. Hayward - Lillard (curry love shooters, LeBron picks a high scoring pg)
6. DeRozan - Whiteside (curry picks the best athletic wingman, LeBron needs a big body to face Embiid and Towns)
7. Lowry - Beal (Curry picks the better player)

Team LeBron: coach Lue
Wall, Westbrook, Leonard, James and Davis
Paul, Lillard, Beal, George, Love, Porzingis and Whiteside

Team Curry: coach Donovan
Curry, Irving, Durant, Antetokounmpo and Embiid
Lowry, Harden, DeRozan, Butler, Hayward, Green and Towns.


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