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20 Jun 2017 23:56:14
After the Russell/Lopez trade i think it's pretty obvious that Clarkson, Randle, #27, #28 will be offered to get Paul George.

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21 Jun 2017 01:02:13
How do they dump Deng's contract, if that's the offer.

21 Jun 2017 01:31:46
The fact that Lakers gave up that much to dump Mozgov makes me think they intend to keep Lopez. As an expiring contract and Cali native he probably would've been interested in resigning with LA next summer and Lakers dealing for him now in a vacuum doesn't help them that much (his cap hold would be over 33 mill so it wouldn't give them any additional flexibility;

in fact could hurt if he delays signing since doubt he gets that much) . For this reason I think they went ahead and got Lopez since they also plan on getting George this season so that they can assess what that team looks like and can fill the holes next offseason in addition to signing both longterm (assuming they play well together) .

Clarkson, Randle, #27 and #28 I think would be a competitive offer for George and would help Lakers save cap space with Clarkson's contract and on Randle who is an expiring contract. The only concern is they'd be essentially stuck with Deng's contract which is worse than Mozgov's unless a team will take it for a future pick (unlikely given Lakers trajectory) .

20 Jun 2017 18:23:12
Kings gets its 2nd overall pick and doesn't get screwed, Lakers get ride of a big contract while adding another top10 pick and Bucks raise their talent by a risky move (2 picks, fewer flexibility)

Kings trade 5th & 10th pick, Afflalo, Richardson
Kings get 2nd pick Lakers, 17th pick Bucks

Lakers trade 2nd pick, Russell, Mozgov
Lakers get 5th & 10th pick Kings, Monroe, Afflalo, Richardson, future 1st round pick (lottery protected) Bucks

Bucks trade 17th pick, Monroe, future 1st round pick (lottery protected)
Bucks get Russell, Mozgov

- draft future franchise player Fox and best avaible SF in NCAA Champion Justin Jackson
- young talented starting 5 to build around

- get ride of Mozgov's contract in order to add another major pieces in FA 2018
- more flexible with Afflalo's and Monroe's contracts
- add future 1st round pick Bucks
- with 5th pick select PG Smith (or Ball when he slips) and Z.Collins with 10th, Lakers have 2 very talented Center to develop

- Russell gives Bucks more outside shooting-power and ball-handling/playmaking to take pressure off Giannis
- build around Giannis, Russell, Maker, Parker, Middleton, Brogdon

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20 Jun 2017 16:36:51
Lakers Fans Question: Would you be satisfied if you don't offer up one of russel, Ingram, or 2nd pick for PG this year and he goes to Cleveland due to best offer and he resigns there after next season? Or looking back would you pull the trigger?

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20 Jun 2017 01:00:57
Just caught the final details on the sixers/celtics trade. realized that if the lakers pick is #1, or #6-30, sixers keep it. What i didn't know was that the 2019 kings pick has some protection as well. If the pick is the first overall pick, sixers keep it and biston gets the sixers 2019 pick wherever it falls. Trade looks even better for the sixers. But I still think it good for both teams.

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20 Jun 2017 16:38:15
I don't think its that great of a trade for the Celtics. Just look back at other trades where teams trade the number 1 pick for future picks. The Magic got the #3 pick that year as well as 3 other future picks. The Celtics are getting the #3 pick this year and a pick in the future that can't be #1. not good value in my eyes. Definitely would have preferred having Fultz on our team rather then playing him 4 times a year for the next 10+ years.

20 Jun 2017 16:38:15
I don't think its that great of a trade for the Celtics. Just look back at other trades where teams trade the number 1 pick for future picks. The Magic got the #3 pick that year as well as 3 other future picks. The Celtics are getting the #3 pick this year and a pick in the future that can't be #1. not good value in my eyes. Definitely would have preferred having Fultz on our team rather then playing him 4 times a year for the next 10+ years.

20 Jun 2017 00:42:06
Blazers trade Allen Crabbe 15 and 20th pick
Pacers trade Paul George.

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19 Jun 2017 23:48:02
Clippers Love Shumpert

Cavs Griffin S&T Max

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20 Jun 2017 02:16:09
Lateral move at best for the Cavs if not a worse fit.

19 Jun 2017 22:29:55
Celtics Mega Offseason

Celtics convince George to remain with them after the trade (assuming this goes down)

Celtics: Crowder, Zeller, Memphis pick, clipper pick, 2 2nd rounders

Indy - George

Celtics - Bulls
Bulls: Butler
Celtics: smart, rozier, johnson, No 3 pick, and laker/sac/philly pick (whichever it winds up becoming)

pick up Zizic, yabusele contracts


granted this will be a team that will have to pay insane amounts of money for the luxury tax in the years to come but I think they give both cleveland and gsw a run for their money. possible draft selection michael porter jr in 2018 to make this a contending team for the next 6 to 7 years.

Again, assuming george agrees to this, who says no and why?

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19 Jun 2017 23:42:16
Trading for George while trading away enough space to stil sign Hayward makes more sense, but with how much young talent and picks the Celtics have I don't think they should trade for George. There is to much risk and the team may still lose to the Cavs or Warriors.

20 Jun 2017 16:35:14
I agree with rkenne_16. I think trading for George (and hope he resigns) or Butler and signing Hayward is the better route. But the way I think we should try and go about it is to do what the Cavs did when they resigned LeBron. Draft the player at 3 and then wait until we can trade him. That way we already have enough to sign Hayward (or Griffin who I think would be a better fit) and then trade the player we got at 3 (probably Jackson) as well as players (Smart, Bradley or Crowder; two of them) and future picks.

Have a nice line up of:
Thomas/ Rozier
Bradley/ Free Agent
George/ Brown
Griffin/ Yabusele
Horford/ Zizic.

19 Jun 2017 21:39:35

A plan for Brooklyn to continue to build with limited assets while taking on useful large salaries and gaining intriguing assets


Brooklyn: Reggie Jackson, Nemanja Bjelica
Detroit: Ricky Rubio, Number 27, Quincy Acy
Dallas: Number 12, Jon Leuer
Minnesota: Wes Mathews, Devin Harris

Brooklyn gets serviceable PG for let pick while adding Bjelica who is pretty good all the way around
Detroit gets their two way PG plus a first still and replaces Leuer with Acy so that Ellenson gets more time
Dallas unloads Mathews contract to spend money on Noel and Teague while have two top picks to do as they please. Probably Monk and Justin Jackson. Dallas would flip Powell to ATL for Sephalosha
Minnesota gets some defensive help while giving them the opportunity to give Dunn or Jones their time at point


Brooklyn: Allen Crabbe, Number 20
Portland: KJ McDaniels, Andrew Nicholson

Brooklyn gets a shooter and another pick while letting go of two rather useless guys to them
Portland sheds salary while getting two guys that could still be rotation pieces


Brooklyn: Enes Kanter, Number 21
OKC: Trevor Booker, Sean Kilpatrick

Brooklyn gets another scoring big and someone that they can pair with Lopez plus another pick
OKC sheds some salary while getting a Gibson replacement and a playmaker. Vets will help them win more than that pick


Brooklyn: Demarre Carrol, Number 23
Toronto: Justin Hamilton, Joe Harris

Brooklyn gets their starting SF or PF and another pick
Toronto sheds cap to hell resign their guys. Both can replace guys that leave as well

Brooklyns Picks

20- Justin Patton
21- Terrance Ferguson
22- Harry Giles
23- Derrick White


C- Brook Lopez, Justin Patton
PF- Enes Kanter, Nemanja Bejelica, Harry Giles
SF- Demarre Carroll, Caris Lavert, Terrance Ferguson
SG- Allen Crabbe, Archie Goodwin, Derrick White
PG- Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lin, Isiah Whitehead

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20 Jun 2017 04:35:41
You said, "letting go of two rather useless guys". Then your next sentence selling the same two guys to Portland, "two guys that could still be rotation pieces", to garner Crabbe and a first round pick. I'll trade you a box of dirt for a bucket of gold.

19 Jun 2017 21:59:02
My first idea was to trade PG13, because giving him a 200 M dollar contract would make it impossible to compete for a championship.

So i hoped the Lakers would offer the 2nd pick and Ingram+ bad contracts (Mozgov and Deng) for him.( I stil hope they get nervous and do this)
Or Boston would give a Nets pick(2017 or 2018) and another pick (Memphis or Clippers) for him.
I still think he would look good in green, but D Ainge doesn't believe he would stay.

So we should go all in in this year's free agent market, if we fail to make a good deal for PG13.

1)Indy- Denver
Indy: Farried
Denver: T Young+ 2rnd pick

2) Indy-Nets
Indy: 2rnd pick
Nets: Jefferson+ M Ellis+1rnd pick 17 and 19

This would give Indy enough capspace to sign 2 max contracts

Sign: G Hayward and a PG (K Lowry, G Hill, Teague)
Sign Z-Bo for the vet min
sign Stephenson for the Vet min
Sign Rondo with the MLC

C: Turner/Z-Bo
PF: Farried/ L Allen
SF: P George/ L Stephenson
SG: G Hayward/ Miles
PG: Lowry/ Rondo

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19 Jun 2017 18:49:33
Pelicans offseason

Resign Jrue holiday using their bird rights allowing them to go over the cap

Cap Room : roughly just under 14 million

Trade #1

Pels - Tim Hardaway S&T

Hawks - Solomon Hill, future 2nd round pick

Trade #2

Pels - 2018 top 10 protected that turns to 2019 unprotected 1st round, Omir Asik (10.5 mill contract which becomes non guaranteed after next season)

Sixers - pick #36 (2nd round)

Pels shed Asik's contract by sending a pick that Sixers lost in Celtics trade, sixers could just stretch waive Asik and let the young guys play

Trade # 3

Pels - Wilson Chandler (12 mill)

Nuggets - picks number 36 and 40 this years draft

Sign CJ Miles to MLE
Sign Kyle Korver to 2 yr 14 mil
Resign Jrue Holiday putting them prob 10-14 mil over the cap

If Mr. Benson wants to win he's got to pay like every other owner


PG - Holiday - Moore - Frazier
SG - Hardaway - Miles
SF - Chandler - Korver
PF - Davis - Diallo
C - Cousins - Ajainca.

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19 Jun 2017 22:15:38
This loophole doesn't work (unless you are playing NBA 2k) due to cap holds. Free agents even if unsigned have cap holds to prevent this type of behavior which could easily get out of hand and have teams in all sort of salary cap trouble. Holiday's cap hold is about 17 mill so Pelicans will indeed have no space and if they renounced his rights they would have some space to sign free agents but would lose Holiday's bird rights and wouldn't be able to resign him.


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