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24 May 2017 08:43:04

MIA : W.Cauley-Stein + J.Clarkson + J.Randle + 10th pick

PG : T.Johnson
SG : J.Clarkson
SF : J.Winslow
PF : J.Randle
CE : W.Cauley-Stein

SAC : 2nd pick + L.Deng + G.Dragic + future 1st from MIA (protected)
draft J.Jackson

PG : G.Dragic
SG : B.Hield
SF : J.Jackson
PF : L.Deng
CE : S.Labbisiere

LAL : 5th pick + H.Whiteside + A.Afflalo + A.Tolliver

PG : D'Russell
SG : M.Monk
SF : B.Ingram
PF : L.Nance
CE : H.Whiteside

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24 May 2017 07:31:19
Celtics perfect offseason

1. Draft Markelle Fultz, trade our 2nd Rounders

2.Trade Avery Bradley to Sacramento for Willie Cauley-Stein and a 2nd Round Pick - sorry Avery, i love him as aplayer but we need the cap space

3. sign Gordon Hayward, Chris Bosh(if healthy), Gerald Green, Andrew Bogut

4. Bring in Yabusele and Zizic

5. Let Johnsin,Jerebko, Olynyk and Young walk in FA

Celtics 17-18 Team

PG: Thomas - Rozier - Jackson
SG: Fultz - Smart - Green
SF: Hayward - Crowder - Green
PF: Horford - Bosh - Yabusele
C: Zizic - Cauley Stein - Bogut

This is a realistic scenario that would give us a great present and a bright future.

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24 May 2017 07:39:20
So you start Zizic over WCS?

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24 May 2017 06:35:25
Boston celtics offseason

Trade #1 pick,Avery bradley,jae crowder and tyler zeller to chicago for Jimmy butler

Gordan Haywood- 5yr max
Chris Bosh- 2 yr 12 mill

Re sign
Amir johnson
Kelly olynk

2017/18 Lineup

Isiaha Thomas/Terry Rozier
Jimmy Butler/Marcus Smart
Gordan Haywood/Jaylon Brown
Al Horford/Kelly Olynk
Chris Bosh/Amir Johnson

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24 May 2017 07:20:41
Joke, right?! Celtics NEVER make that trade. Butler is not worth a Nr. 1pick. We see that in the Playoffs. Celtics only trade the Pick for a player like Anthony Davis.

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24 May 2017 03:46:24
Lakes trade D'Angelo for the Sixers #3 pick&Okafor.
Trade Randle-Ingram and #3 for Anthony Davis
Draft: Ball with #2
2018-sign PG13

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24 May 2017 04:31:58
It's nice to dream! None of that happening. Smh!

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24 May 2017 04:59:00
Maybe you could also ask for a pony for Christmas.

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24 May 2017 03:16:38
Lakers are dangling Russell...
Philly-LAL trade for the #3 pick would be great.

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24 May 2017 05:44:47
He isn't close to worth the #3 pick. Maybe a pick in the 8-13 range.

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24 May 2017 03:06:06
Paul George Celtics #1

G.Robinson III, M.Ellis,Pick #18 Suns #4

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24 May 2017 04:33:25
Garbage trade for Suns!

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24 May 2017 02:52:22
Lakers trade DAngelo to Sixers for the #3 pick.
Get Ball and Josh Jackson with 2-3 picks!!!

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24 May 2017 02:00:46
Sixers fan & not sure I would make this deal. But this is what I feel would be needed to get Porzingis..

Sixers get: Zinger, Noah, #8 pick

Knicks get: Saric, Okafor, #3 pick, '18 Sixers 1st, '19 Sac 1st

Sixers add a young stud & get a decent prospect at #8..

Knicks get 2 young players , 3-1sts, & rid of Noah contract..


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24 May 2017 04:47:41
Not bad. Knicks could then trade Melo, draft Fox or Jackson at #3, and sign a 3pt shooter at shooting guard.

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24 May 2017 01:52:51

DET : I.Thomas + BKN 2018 1st from BOS + 2nd round pick BKN

BOS : A.Drummond

BKN : R.Jackson + BOS own 1st 2018

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24 May 2017 04:48:55
Who's Detroit's Center then?

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24 May 2017 05:02:38
BOS wouldn't do this.

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24 May 2017 01:36:41

SAC : 2nd pick + J.Randle + T.Mozgov + 2nd round pick
draft L.Ball

PG : L.Ball-E.Moore
SG : B.Hield-G.Temple
SF : A.Afflalo-A.Tolliver
PF : J.Randle-Papagianis
CE : S.Labbisiere-T.Mozgov

LAL : W.Cauley-Stein + 5th pick + 10th pick
draft J.Tatum & L.Markannen

PG : D.Russell-J.Clarkson-T.Ennis
SG : B.Ingram-N.Young
SF : J.Tatum-L.Deng-C.Brewer
PF : L.Markannen-L.Nance Jr
CE : W.Cauley-Stein-I.Zubac

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24 May 2017 05:44:56
Bad move for Lakers. lakers going after pg13 It Will be a waisted pick.

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